From Here

The Boutique Theatre starts its new season November 3rd, with “A Two-Scented Rose”, translated from the Spanish and directed by Orchid Maestro, T.J. Hartung. A sneak preview starring Catalina Meders and Catherine Beeghly unfolded onstage last week in the Boutique’s new-and-improved theatre. This intimate space is ideal for this look into a what-would-happen-if scenario taking place in a waiting room of a men’s prison. Two women – diametrically opposed in character and manner – are thrown together in a mess of delicious deceit. And, that’s all I am going to say….
The importance of voting is a no-brainer these days but voting at Casa Karma’s bar starting October 26th is downright intoxicating! One hundred ceramic skulls are numbered and posed to receive your money – votes as being the most fabulously decorated. All the money generated by this ‘funraiser’ goes to the new infant literacy program scheduled to begin early January at Los Mangos Library. Owners of Casa Karma, Gholi and Georgia Darehshori, have underwritten the entire cost of the skulls so, the literacy program begins with our library receiving a minimum $25,000 peso donation. And it won’t stop there! Georgia has ideas on how to raise even more money after the Grand Prize winner is announced November 2nd at 8 pm. Before that date, stop in, chat with Manny behind the bar, have some drinks and put some pesos down on your favourite skull (it can be your own!). Whichever has the most votes (i.e. MONEY: one peso = one vote) will win a two-night stay at the magnificent Casa Karma resort. The real winners will be those chosen children who will learn to decipher the mystery of the alphabet and its yet-untold stories. To be continued!
Deux Mec on Olas Altas is open for business. The ‘soft opening’ last week was enjoyed by dozens and dozens of locals and ex-pats. Ron Morgan brought himself and some staff, restaurateurs and a few tourists sitting inside and out sampled tastes of Chef Andreas Fischer’s new menu. The concept of Deux Mec is exciting and challenging. Chef Fischer will work with university trainees in the kitchen – they will discuss menus, shop together for ingredients then combine said ingredients…all the while learning: To create a school within a kitchen with the menu changing every two weeks. I sat at the bar with a professional Foodie at Gena Guarniere’s restaurant Di Vino Dante’s anniversary re-opening party. He loved everything at Deux Mec AND Di Vino Dante. The gazpacho – served in a small glass – was made from beets topped with a bright yellow splash of mango. A brilliant color and taste combination. Look for it on Di Vino Dante’s new menu.
When old friends come to visit Vallarta, a re-visit to familiar places to play catch-up is always in order. El Mole de Jovita was first last week to meet up with Susan after more than a year’s absence. So many people I knew passed by while we had drinks on Basilio Badillo, chatting with owner Sergio and listening to Carmen sing, we opted for Susan’s choice for dinner: Nacho Daddy’s. Where, everyone who had passed us, were sitting waiting for the final Clinton/Trump debate. “Should we stay or should we go?” We stayed…the token Canadians, enjoying our dinner immensely – the outstanding beleaguered waiters were swamped by a decidedly democratic American crowd. After dinner we retreated to the third-last Karaoke party at Encore up the street. There was no clamour (no TV’s!) just cool A/C, some great voices, more old and dear friends. The Scorpio birthday parties have begun and that is it, From Here.

Marcia Blondin