From Here

By the time you read this, CK Productions ‘Splash and Dance’ will be history. I will have a full report next week on all the splashing and dancing but have high expectations of another great concert thrown by CK Productions. This year – 2016 – is their first and with each successive concert, lessons have been learned and every event gets better and better. Coming season (from rumours….) is going to be simply spectacular!
Paco Ojeda’s series El Placer de Escuchar continued last week with the history of the saxophone. Always the purist, Paco had not one, but two, saxophonists on hand to demonstrate. One of Paco’s guests from the Orchestra School of Vallarta answered a peculiar question for me: I wondered aloud after the seminar if the sax was difficult for left-handed people to play. In fact, Victor Kris told me the reverse is true with the right hand becoming engaged only when the left one is completely occupied. Thanks for another great, informative evening, Paco. I will keep you informed of his next musical feast.
Money continues to come into the fund for Cheryl’s Shoebox but please don’t let that stop you from donating! There will always be needy, barefoot kids.
I have to repair a mistake I made in last week’s column:  Lupita’s amazing shrimp quesadillas can be had on Francisco Madero Street and Constitucion NOT Lazaro Cardenas. She is the second stand closest to Constitucion Street. My apologies to all.
La Ley del Ranchero continues every Friday and Saturday night at 8 on the Main Stage at Act II Entertainment. This engrossing tale even has the gringos discussing on Facebook how much they enjoyed the play; even without full grasp of the language. Support is support so, Go! Dionisio Theatre Group is beginning their fifth year with this production. It is excellent!

And that, my friends, is that, From Here.

Marcia Blondin