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Ropero de Jovany is OPEN! The new space, twice as big as the old location, will be glorious once it’s completely finished. (Fabulous things take time!) The good news is, Jovany is open for business with two entrances – one on Venustiano Carranza (# 300) and the other on Constitucion, down the street from Los Muertos Brewing Company. If you love vintage clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, movie posters go and see Jovany. Jovany will also take vintage items on consignment: but, be forewarned; he won’t simply take your word on the age or authenticity of anything until he verifies.
So, if you want a real Coco Chanel handbag, for example, and Jovany has one for sale, you are assured due diligence has been done, and it’s genuine. Or he won’t sell it.
I spent a day at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens last week. New buildings have opened (it’s been over a year since my last visit), new plantings have been started, the early afternoon mist clung to the sides of the mountains covered in every shade of green.
That this is a sacred and revered space for Mexico’s indigenous people is celebrated at every glance.
Turn your head and a new delightful color/shape/size of something growing pops into vision. I was going to say “It’s so quiet” but it isn’t; not when you can hear Mother Earth creating.
The sounds are different from the city, of course – combative hummingbirds, caciques, rushing river water, rumbles of thunder far, far off but coming; no, not quiet. But, peaceful? Yes. Rejuvenating? Yes. And delicious!
My dear friend, founder and curator, Robert Price, shared with us a taste of the chocolate he MADE from the cacao beans he grew from seed.
Seven years in the making and well worth the wait, I might add. Thanks, FB, for another magical day in your exuberant gardens!
In a couple of weeks, CK Productions is having another concert, but with a twist: there will be dancing; there will be Cuban food.
There will be swimming and sunbathing. As with all CK Productions – expect and receive the very best. More info as the date (August 17th) gets closer.
Next week, August 11th, Paco Ojeda presents another of his brilliant vocal essays on music featuring the inventor of the saxophone.
This interesting audio/visual journey will take place at our wonderful library, Los Mangos. You will be enthralled for 90 minutes, trust me!
Please, leave at least $30 pesos to help defray the cost of renting the space from the library and find out everything you will ever need to know about Adolfo Sax and his amazing invention. That’s at 7 pm, August 11.
This weekend, Sunday the 7th from
4 to 9 pm, is the First Annual Summer Beach Bash to raise money for Cheryl’s Shoebox. In a nutshell, in memory of Cheryl, please attend what is sure to become another “RIVERFEST -type ” celebration in Vallarta but with salt water!
Entry fee is $100 pesos to fund school supplies and yes, shoes, for hundreds of children. Please note this well: even though the schools are remote there are still very strict criterion on school uniforms (including shoes) and on school supplies that are enforced.
So, instead of trying to figure out boy/girl sneakers/’school-type shoes’…sizes, colors, shapes and so on: give money, please!
It’s easier than packing up a bunch of workbooks that will be the wrong brand.
Seriously – the organizers know precisely what to buy and for whom so please, at the entrance, drop an extra few pesos into the donation box and have yourself a helluva great Beach Bash!
I will see you there and that’s it From Here.

Marcia Blondin


  1. Hi Marcia,

    This article reminds me of one I read over a decade ago in a San Francisco newspaper regarding a club of people who decided not to purchase anything new , not only to save money, but to help save the environment … both a good thing to do for the average person. Oh yes, the one thing that they did not purchase used was toothbrushes, toothpaste and toilet paper. Which was good thinking don’t you agree ?.

    As you may remember, last year I made a New Years resolution to purchase gold. Since I do a lot of my collections purchases at the local Goodwill Store, and at our Flea Market (collectibles also ) I have dome quite good so far. Perhaps the best purchase for $3.00 was an antique silver plated serving tray made by the Wilcox International Silver Co, the style named Joamme, ( is quite decorative ) and numbered 7291. It is 14″X20″, and weighs 9.4 pounds, and polished up like new.

    In gold, I have from the Flea Market, purchased three sets of 24K gold plated non-steel goldware, with all the large serving knives , forks, ladles and berry spoons. Also four 22K gold plated cups and saucers , one each of a suggar and creamer , and a gold plated metal covered butter dish. The three boxes for storing the three sets (I now have 6 sets) were all acquired for free from our local Gold store. Many of these individual goldware pieces were acquired at a cost of from 50 cents each to $2.50 for the large serving pieces. . The suggar and creamer, plus the cups and saucers were 2 for $5.00. So my investment is quite low. However they are all very decorative and beautiful.

    An example of current prices for these goldware sets in the antique store and the Goodwill stores: one set of 7 knives, forks and spoons plus small plain box at the antique store is $175.00 , and it is not stamped gold, nor are there any of the large serving pieces which I collect the most of. In the Goodwill with for pieces of knives, forks and spoons. with none of the large serving pieces is $139.00 , and also does not say gold. Also so a less plane storage box.

    The three hand carved red amber jars, actually tea pots , my cost was $75.00 each, however in the Sadigh Gallery catalog of New York , New York, they cost $500.00 each, and are Asian and made in the 1700 s.

    So you can see, our San Francisco Goodwill and Flea Markets are like shopping in Paradise. Oh, the two 5″X 6′ and 7″X 8″ carved Egyptian pieces of wall plates I purchased at the Goodwill store several years ago for $15.00 each , are listed in the Sadigh Gallery for $1,200.00 and $1,4,00.00.

  2. Bad news from the folks that determine the Earth’s available resources for 2016 … they say we used up by August 8th, last year it was on August 13th. With the present world population, we need the resources of 1.6 Earth’s. Also that Americans use one third more resources than the other folks on the Planet.

    Each year this date arrives earlier in the year as the available resourced for the increasing population decreases. If more people purchased second hand used items, and had less children, we could extend next years date.

    Did you hear about a new farming practice in Mexico that uses one tenth the water used in growing corn ? It involves adding 10 percent more farm animal waste to the soil , and will permit several corps grown per year. At these experimental locations in Mexico , people are even growing corn on their roofs … and thus have more food for the table.

    I wonder if the practice of adding solar cells on one’s roof, and anything to do with this ?

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