From Here

No parties this week (well…). I tried exercising different parts of what’s left of my brain but before I forget – a very important move is happening before the end of July: Ropero de Jovany will be opening their new locale at 300 Venustiano Carranza, Thursday, July 28th, right on the corner of Constitucion. Jovi told me of his exciting expansion plans for his new space (remodeling as we speak) over pizza and French fries at Los Muertos Brewing Company. We talked so much – and had a meeting with Kathleen Palmer at her super-busy Deja New store – that we created leftovers; I do love pizza for breakfast. I’ll keep you posted on how the renos are coming in Jovi’s great Everything-Vintage store.
Wednesday mornings there is a Writer’s Group meeting at the library Los Mangos on Francisco Villa. I had hoped to meet Fred Jacobs but, alas, he was unwell and could not attend. I did come away, however, with the first three chapters of Fred’s autobiography, thanks to my dear OLD friend Frank Meyer. Full report next week.
Back to the library the next evening for Paco Ojeda’s informative, serious-yet-fun talk/lecture on stringed musical instruments focusing on quartets. Paco is managing director responsible for the uber-sleek Vallarta Lifestyle magazine among others. Where he finds time to create these 90-minute pieces of monologue that include audio-visual, recordings, Q and A, and discussion and only asks a $30 peso donation for the library, is beyond me. His deep love of music is evident in every aspect of his well-researched and interesting programs. Paco sets aside the first Thursday of each month to bring us his take on some aspect of music that you have quite possibly not even thought about. Like: who invented the saxophone? Find out at El Placer de Escuchar August 4th at 7 pm at Los Mangos library. I will see you there.
Earlier last Thursday, the day was sunny and bright so Sandra Cesca and I set out, with 50% off-coupons in hand, to the Sapphire Ocean Club. It had been weeks of colliding schedules that had kept us away from this quietly wonderful spot near the end of Los Muertos beach.
Our waiter kept our ice bucket full of bottled water and freshly blended agua de melon, all day long. Batteries recharged, vitamin D topped up, we left happily cooked by the sun and soothed with ocean sounds. No music, no screaming kids, no beach dogs running around (darling Anais is away with her papi in Italy); just blissful.
The coupons are good every day until the end of October and include beach towels.
On that note, that’s it From Here.

Marcia Blondin