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Oh, the parties this past week! The martinis flowed like the Rio Cuale after a good rain. The eye candy was everywhere (much of it not wearing a great deal: Hey! It’s hot out. There was a pool and a Jacuzzi.) The first party was the Second Annual Red, White and Blue Fourth of July Extravaganza. (The last word is mine.)
Ten gay and slightly mad guys got together a year ago, each threw in equal amounts of money for food and drink and threw a party to celebrate the U.S. Independence Day. It was so successful; they did it again this year for more than 175 of their closest friends. Much to my delight, I was invited by ex-pat Ron Spencer; writer, actor, director and good papa to his dogs. It was an ‘invite only’ event, naturally, and I did wonder out loud on their Facebook page if I might not be out of place for a number of reasons. While I was being reassured (this was a Gay Men’s party) it was also announced there would be a cash prize for the ‘Best Costume’ as in red, white and blue.
It took me a couple of days to put together/make what I thought would be suitable for a late afternoon soiree. Judging was at 9 pm and guess what? I won! The irony was/is hilarious: a single, middle-aged, straight, CANADIAN, WOMAN winning the prize. Which I gratefully accepted. Three cheers and much thanks for a great party, gentlemen!
Party Number Two was at Garbo’s to celebrate Alain Perreault’s birthday. The birthday cake was yummy, fabulous martinis, the company exemplary; good to see so many of us here all year round.
Speaking of Paco Ojeda! Yes, he was at Alain’s party (looking lean and trim!) and will be presenting another of his fabulously interesting talks/lectures/audio-visual delights at Los Mangos Library this coming Thursday at 7 pm. This particular event “El Placer de Escuchar” is all in Spanish, however, when I warned him I was going to attend, he said he would make it bilingual, just for me. And for you, too, so join me. Paco plans a musical event all summer long, every second Thursday of the month so this week, the 14th and the next, August 11th. A full report to follow…
I will be heading to Los Mangos Library before Paco’s event Thursday, to attend the Writer’s Group weekly meeting on Wednesday morning. My old friend Frank Meyer has been filling my ears lately about Fred Jacobs who writes such wonderful essays each week in the Vallarta Tribune. Mr. Jacobs is currently writing his memoirs and I dearly want to meet him – his life story makes mine sound like I have done nothing and have gone nowhere.

Until next time, that’s it From Here.


  1. Hi Marcia,

    Nice picture of you … you look most happy and healthy … but why not, you are living in paradise, where it is now hot as h**l .

    In this mornings San Francisco Chronicle daily newspaper. there is a front page story where the California schools now will have compulsory classes regarding transgendered people’s rights. I think this must have something to do with the United Nation’s homosexual rights.

    How many people will die before AIDS is eliminated ?

  2. Marcia,

    My former Engineering office project manager , who has also since retired, has sent me interesting e-mails weekly over the past six years. This one entitled, “As you slide down the banister of life in 2016, you should pray that the splinters are pointed the other way”. Here are two of the 10:

    Definition of a teenager : God’s punishment for enjoying sex.

    Definition of a Transvestite : A guy who likes to eat, drink and be Mary .

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