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This week I will combine this column with Comings and Goings…
I was walking down the Malecon around 11 in the morning last week, taking care to not stray into the bicycle lane that needs paint/roping off/something to make it more distinct for bikers. At any rate, a young man was coming towards me on his bicycle with an attached child seat so not sure if he was a local or a tourist who maybe rented the bike. As he was aiming straight for me, I pointed to the bike lane and said in Spanish, something like “this is where you should be riding.” He flew by me and said in perfect English, “I so don’t care.” Apparently not.
Our city, over the past four years, has made major strides to encourage bike riding, which is great but we all – walkers and bikers – need to share the space we live and move on. Be aware, please: don’t walk in the bike lane and the reverse goes without saying.
I headed to the Krystal Hotel last Friday to catch the continuing Michael Jackson Tribute show at the X-Tine Nightclub. I had no clue what to expect: Someone imitating Michael Jackson? Someone singing a bunch of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits? Dancers and/or acrobats?
What happened on the relatively small stage at X-Tine was a minor miracle. Parts of this production made me feel like I was in Disneyland. The one in Anaheim, California that I didn’t get to until I was in my late 20’s where everything around me shouted out happy childhood memories. The expense of costuming and puppetry alone cannot begin to be covered by the relatively high entrance fee (about $400 pesos per adult and slightly less for kids) and paying for a dozen professional dancers and then there is the actor/dancer who so skillfully portrayed Michael Jackson. Lip-synced, of course, but ask any drag queen if it’s easy and then do it in a foreign language (I am assuming he is a Latino).
I did not catch an error right down to and including the fact that the King of Pop almost never got through an entire song without adjusting his microphone with his band-aided fingers. I really appreciate those small but significant touches. The video work in this project was extensive and must have taken weeks of research and editing.
Without giving any magic away, the finale was so big, so bold and ultimately so sweet it could have been – and should be – played in Vegas. The song was on the list that Michael Jackson would have performed in “This Is It”; the Tour that never happened.
Take a walk on Friday night, starting appropriately with the Jackson Five, through nearly five decades of ground-breaking/award-winning music and visuals that will knock your white socks off: “Will You Be There?”

Marcia Blondin

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  1. Hi Marcia,

    I know that it is unfortunate that many bicycle riders are clueless regarding their responsibility towards safety to pedestrians when riding on sidewalks or crossing intersections on the streets, or avoiding the use of dedicated bicycle lanes . The mentioned bicycle rider with an attached child seat .. was likely avoiding the bicycle lane to protect the child because of the bicyclists who speed, or make quick turnarounds , etc.

    Unfortunately , it appears that when cycling in the pedestrian lane, he expected you to get out of his way because of the child, as is normal in San Francisco sidewalks where baby buggies have the right-of-way over pedestrians.

    Because bicyclists in many countries do not have to take a test for a riders license , pay for a bike license plate, or pay a gasoline tax for road maintenance, cyclists attitude has resulted in injuries to themselves, and those around them.

    However there is a good to be received for the pending summer rain and flood season … it is a both dangerous and unpleasant time to be riding a bicycle.

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