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Pride Celebrations were all over the place the past week(s). The most impressive and important part to me took place in Parque Lazaro Cardenas. Nope, not the end of the parade or music or dancing…it was the Health Fair sponsored by SETAC. Director Paco Arjona showed me around the various booths and was a wealth of cheerful information and condoms. The whole point behind SETAC and the entire Health Fair was to support, educate and eventually stop the spread of HIV infections and the eradication of AIDS. And guess what, people? It’s working. Public Health in Mexico is winning! AIDS – once a truly horrible death sentence – is now considered a chronic but manageable condition. After an hour with Doctora Susie – whose English was superb – I had an AIDS and Syphilis test, on the spot and results in three minutes! Both negative, I am happy to report. And FREE. All AIDS/HIV/Hepatitis C testing, monitoring, drugs, counselling is FREE in Mexico. No, routine blood tests do NOT include HIV testing under normal circumstances. You have to ask, fill out a confidential questionnaire and you should. As Doctora Susie says, if you are having sex you need to be tested, and annually. Just do it. I remember (about 12 years ago?) when Puerto Vallarta was reported to be Number One in the entire world for AIDS cases. We are now way down, at 18th place in the Republic of Mexico; Public Health works.
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The life you save just might be your own.
Another stop during Pride was at Villa Savana for an afternoon of delicious canapés, entertainment by Eduardo Leon and a tour given by Marketing Directors Bill and Suzie Langford. A spectacular Old-Vallarta guesthouse overlooking the city, it was so refreshing to see lovely tile work, parota wood counter tops and doors; no granite anywhere and the odd piece of traditional equipal furniture. No amenities are missing in the luxurious 18,000 square-foot villa. What a place for a wedding or family reunion or a weekend escape away from the rigors of Vallarta living! Go to to feast your eyes on the fabulous views. And start planning!

Marcia Blondin


  1. The ongoing engineering, design, and creation of lifeforms is in motion with every new birth. Why the two sexes, when man, like the mosquito, are the two most dangerous lifeforms on Earth, and man plays such a small part in the fertilization , gestation, and care for the new human life?

    Actually, man , besides providing variation in the genetic makeup of the new born, is at constant war with other males. It is in the number of sperm cells injected into the female, like an army of little ants, there are the workers to find and infuse with the egg chromosomes, and the majority to fight off and kill the sperm cells of another males.

    To help keep separate genetically the different species of animals ( yes, most sexual diseases in man are from other animal species) different animal species have sexual diseases to eliminate cross breeding of species.

    The HIV virus is thought to have come from a green monkey through sex or from haven been eaten. The monkey is immune to their form of HIV, however viruses also are changing with each new interaction and duplication.

    This morning a woman shop owner on our shopping avenue, was sweeping the leaves up from the sidewalk trees, that had blown in from the open door, out of her shop and off the sidewalk, along with the garbage left by the homeless. I mentioned that in the past it was the cities job to maintain the trees and droppings. She said yes, and San Francisco used to be known as the best dressed citizens in the United States, but look at it now.

    It is interesting how a city known for its gay population and gay pride ( so many have fallen), has become known as the city of the worst dressed and of character people.

    Folks of Puerto Vallarta, there is a message here.

  2. The obsession of human beings to change species is another version of the insanity that is effecting the LBGQT self-identifying people living in western countries. Many of these human beings believe that they not homo sapiens (humans) but are Felis catus (cats) or Canis familiaris (dogs) … which are also mammals.

    They believe that they were born in the wrong species, and that they are trapped in a human body instead of another species body.

    There are also other people called fuzzies , who believe that they are other animals of fur, which they have seen in comic books and cartoon videos.

    On the other hand, they may just be animal lovers or human haters.

  3. We were lucky enough to be invited to Villa Savana during the pride fest as well and found Bill & Suzie Langford to be amazing hosts and the Villa to be a lovely gem in the beautiful Vallarta hills, we enjoyed its spectacular view as well as the tour of its beautiful open spaces and rooms, what a grand Villa she is and yes, the perfect place for a wedding or gathering, very private, a lovely pool surrounded by cascading flowers awaits. We would highly recommend!

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