From Here

Moruno, the amazing gypsy jazz trio, is still playing Saturday nights at El Patio de mi Casa. If you’ve never had the pleasure, get over to Calle Guerrero and give yourself a weekend treat; three brilliant musicians.
The Sapphire Ocean Club provided another fabulous day at the beach for me, Sandra Cesca and her yoga teacher daughter, Emily. I cannot impress upon you this oasis of peace, quiet, calmness and great service in the commotion that is Los Muertos beach any day of the week and particularly on Sundays.
Sandra, who gives guided walking tours ( almost daily in the city and will continue until the end of May (and will do private walking tours during the summer), relishes the chance to be quiet, to sleep in the sun, to swim in the ocean or the pool. It is wonderfully restorative.
The 50% off Day Pass continues until the end of October so ex-pats and tourists reading this can clip the coupon within the pages of the Tribune and go get recharged. The ‘fruit waters’ are made fresh – Jamaica (made from hibiscus flowers), melon and often a green juice with pineapple, basil leaves, lime…yummy. Oh, and they are included in the Day Pass along with a fluffy towel for your lounge chair. Maybe I can find an afternoon this week to go again. The coupon is useable every day of the week!
The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club members are hard at work building planters around the bougainvilleas in the Romantic Zone.
This amazing group, started by Robert Price, founder, and curator of our lovely Botanical Gardens, is tireless in trying to make Vallarta more beautiful. Support them whenever and however you can: cash is always good!
The administrator of the Friday Market at the Marsol Hotel by the new Pier is in the hospital recovering from a broken hip and leg. All of us Marsol Market vendors send ‘get-better-fast’ wishes to Barbara Peters. We hope to see you dancing at Market soon!

Marcia Blondin