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Coco Tropical has been one of my favourite restaurants in Vallarta since it opened more than 20 years ago. Still owned – and more importantly – still operated by Heinz Reize and Andres Famania. Last week I had the pleasure of having lunch at Coco T. with Suzanne Goldstein who moved to Vallarta even before me! We had not seen each other for far too many years and lost touch completely until a chance Facebook posting recently reconnected us. Visiting from San Miguel de Allende which is now home to her, Suzanne and I spent hours talking, trying to put a year’s date on events past. She remembered some things; I remembered others; we laughed and we cried and shut up long enough to eat always-superb cuisine and the day flew away. Suzanne is now one more reason for me to get to San Miguel de Allende to cool off this summer…

It’s getting hot Vallarta! Summer arrived seemingly overnight, however, I have news of a great way to keep your cool. Sandra Cesca and I try to get to the beach once a week. TRY is the operative word and we usually fail miserably due to conflicting schedules.

When we have managed to get out into the sun, close to some water – either fresh or salty, there have always been tiny disturbances that have kept us on the look-out for exactly what we both want to have on our day off: Peace and quiet, lounge chairs, tables, a restaurant if we decide to eat, a bar, of course, and, in a perfect world a shower to get rid of sand and a swimming pool and good waiters that look good and are attentive and happy in their work. We found it: Sapphire Ocean Club this side of the Blue Chairs so almost at the end of Los Muertos beach. What Sapphire did NOT have last Sunday afternoon: dozens of children screaming and laughing and running after their dogs and siblings; no music…it was awesome. AND, along with our complimentary beach towel and choice of table and chairs or comfortable lounge chairs poolside or the beach, yes, all with umbrellas, we were served freshly made ‘green juice’ in very cool tall bottles with big glasses of ice on the side. Also complimentary! And, because neither of us is drinking alcohol just now, it made the day very affordable. The Sapphire Ocean Club menu is huge in size and content…everything looked wonderful that came out of the kitchen. Sandra and I have made a pact to go back every Sunday (schedules permitting) or at least once a week AND if you look through this issue you will find a coupon for 50% off the Day Pass price. Take that with you, present it to the ever-lovely Luz Maria at the door and be prepared to be pampered any day of the week, all summer long at the Sapphire Beach Club. Just lovely!

Marcia Blondin