From Here

We who are fortunate to live in Vallarta have an extra ordinary community of sharing individuals. For a rather small city we have a very long list of legitimate charities. They tend to get a lot of press and money and people and places that donate time and energy and that’s great for our community as a whole; this is not about them.
This is about two business women, both Americans who live and work in Vallarta that have been here and have been friends of mine for roughly the same amount of time.
They have helped with small things – fabrics for furniture in my house, bits of jewellery useless on their own but combined with other pieces to make new ones possible. Draperies, pillows, clothing and racks to hang them on; I can’t look anywhere and not think of them with gratitude for all they have given me.
Jobs, when I was in need, answers when I had questions and always, always love and smiles on rainy days. So, a big shout out to Sherry Vallarta and Kathleen Palmer – two strong, independent, lovely women to whom I owe so much; thank you both for being in my life. Have you seen the Segways on the Malecon?
If you’ve ever thought about trying one, we will have one, along with an instructor from Wheeling Vallarta, at the Bazaar next Tuesday the 17th at the Marsol Hotel Lobby. Going to be a super opportunity for people who are renovating their condos or houses – either buying OR selling things. And you can try a Segway! Sean will be there cooking up Gyoza which is the Japanese version of pot stickers made with pork, carrots and cabbage.
Gabriel Reyes will entertain. With that voice all will be well with the world!

Marcia Blondin