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Last week I had the good fortune to meet with Brett LaMar to talk about Health Insurance specifically for my upcoming trip to Canada, Europe, and Russia next spring. A few days later, I saw a seminar happening a couple of blocks from my house at Vallarta CoWork about health insurance for expats, starring Brett and his colleague from We Expats and Novamar. The information was well-delivered, and there was much of it. I am so grateful I have Mexican insurance (IMSS), but so many expats are not eligible for one reason or another, and often, they find out they do not qualify until AFTER they have paid the yearly fee. I left Co-Work that night feeling like these folks would work very hard to find a plan that would cover pre-existing conditions and not take your grandchildren’s legacy while doing so. It was very informative and delightful to see my colleague AJ Freeman using his Vallarta CoWork “event specialist” talents to make sure everyone had enough pizza and beer. Once I get a bit closer to being able to make flights and applying for a Russian visa, I will keep you informed on what I end up buying for my trip next year. As I paraphrase what Brett says, “don’t leave your healthcare in the hands of a Go-Fund-Me page.”

Saturday afternoon at BabelBar was a fantastic celebration of autumn, el Dia de Raza, Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving all rolled up into a Latin music love fest. We were treated to hours and hours of Tatewari, Moruno, Tajin, La Boquita, Raul, Oscar, and Bobby on flute and backup vocals. So lovely to see the resto/bar packed halfway through October. Loads of new faces! I didn’t know three-quarters of the people there; evidently, I don’t get out much?!

I had a long conversation with Barb Bremner today. She is still in Canada but couldn’t wait to tell me about some of the ongoing work to benefit Vallarta’s favorite charity – Pasitos de Luz. I can’t go into details because I don’t have enough space BUT, let’s just say it involves flowers, great painters, some very cool events that will make everyone happy they went. How ambiguous is that? Closer to the November 16th first great event for Pasitos is the grand opening this coming Saturday night of Abbraccio Sicilian restaurant at 8:30. Abbraccio is located right behind Outback Steakhouse, and yes, it is owned by them. The night will benefit Pasitos. Contact them just in case there is a table or two available

Artist’s Co-op Update: We have narrowed down our choices to a street in downtown Vallarta and are negotiating with two landlords for two separate but similar locales. They each have their good qualities, of course, and both are not exactly what we want, but season is like, this weekend so we are picking one or the other within hours. I am awash in ambiguity today; we have got to get started! I should have some hard data soon, but we plan to be open by November 15th.

Drop by Marsol Friday Market by the Pier Hugs are free, hope reigns eternal, and the music plays on, From Here.

Marcia Blondin