From Here

A big shout-out to Christine Conger who gave me a ticket to see “Billy Elliot” at Incanto last week. I was not prepared for such magnificence; I had heard nothing about the film, so it was really a pleasure to have my socks knocked off!

The history of “Billy Elliot” is unusual: The movie inspired a novel not the other way around, and it caught Elton John’s attention at Cannes in 2000. He thought it would be a great idea to make the movie into a musical for which he would write the score. It opened in London’s West End a few years later then Broadway. The U.S. version cost a cool 18 million dollars to produce on stage – three times the funding of the original movie. What we saw was a brilliantly filmed version of the musical whose finale included all of the principals from past stage productions gathered together. A genuinely engaging movie so thanks again, Christine. Thanks also to Dennis Crow for hosting Incanto’s “Summer Stock” Dinner and a Movie series.

I have spent many days lately putting together ads for the Tribune’s upcoming magazine “The Best of Banderas Bay & Riviera Nayarit.”

The winners were all chosen in last season’s Reader’s Choice Awards. The second edition will be bigger and better and on the streets by November 15th. It will be strategically placed in hotel rooms; condominiums; our advertisers’ businesses, of course; tourist offices, golf courses, and Farmers Markets throughout the Bay. With prices as low as 500 pesos why would you not take advantage of getting your name out there to the tens of thousands who read the Tribune every month?

Imagine yourself in a foreign city – don’t know the language or the culture or one street from another.
You see a beautifully put together magazine that contains all the information you need to know for your holiday week or two: where to eat, to shop, to hike, what tours to check out, a terrific dentist if you lose a filling, and what kind of shows are playing where. The Best of includes critical information for expats or wanna-be expats – best bank, realtor, gym, spa, best mechanic, developments around the Bay, and much more.

The winners were chosen by you, the readers of the Vallarta Tribune who filled out our survey online last spring. One email address/one vote, none of that stuffing-the-ballot-box! So, if you have dinner at Bravos, your pedicure done at Metamorfosis Spa, buy your condo with help from the bilingual folks at Intercam Bank you know you are dealing with the best…all winners for two years in a row! We still have a bit of time left – advertising must be in by the end of August. Drop me an email if you’d like to be a part of this excellent publication.

I want to thank Paco Ojeda for yeoman’s work for eight weeks at the editor’s desk of the Vallarta Tribune. It was a decade-long/ dream-come-true for me to actually work with him, even for a short time. I told him once that I learn something every time I am in his company; a rare gift of friendship for which I will always be grateful.

And with that, I will put this column “From Here” aside for some time while I attempt to fill some pretty big huaraches and start next week as the Tribune’s interim-editor.

Why wait a week? Anyone have gardening questions? Like why won’t orchids grow next to the beach? Oh, how I tried; oh, how they died. I have experts standing by from the Vallarta Botanical Garden to answer your queries. Email me and read your answer next week in a brand new column!

Time to tidy up Vallarta, our guests are already packing and ready to visit us soon. Keep those cards and letters coming and be kind to one another.

Give away more hugs than you receive and always believe in Peace and Love, From Here.

Marcia Blondin