From Here

Happy Canada Day to the ‘Old Country’ of my birth and Happy Independence Day to the US, where I lived for a while and have visited often in the past.

Act II Entertainment is back in full swing with Karaoke every Tuesday night at 8 PM, in the gorgeous Encore bar. It is hosted by Marsha Ross, whose presence at Act II has her on stage, backstage, writing, singing, and acting with her number-one fan—‘Mr. Marsha’, her affable husband Howard—always close by. It was lovely to see owners Danny and Oscar with Alex behind the bar again after their month-long hiatus.

A ‘Tribute to Pink Floyd’ happens at Act II, Thursday, July 4 at 8 PM. I have heard the ‘Pacific Rock Company Band’ before at a different venue and am looking forward to the comfortable, air-conditioned, smoke-free atmosphere in the Main Stage theater. A full report next week on how it went.

Friday, July 5 will take me up to Insurgentes street to Incanto to hear soprano Mary Porter’s very first concert in Vallarta. She has promised Broadway tunes interspersed with operatic arias and a surprise guest or two. Her show is at 8 PM. Make sure to bring a shawl or something to cover your shoulders—the theater is cold. Mary will be accompanied on piano by Derek Carkner, the new Director of the Gay Men’s Chorus here in Vallarta. Again, a full report next week!

Then, Saturday the 6th, my sister Patrice is back in town after a six-week absence! Seems she lost a great big filling, needs a crown, did some math and learned she could fly down here, stay in a hotel, have her dental work done, eat at all her fave places, fly back in a week and pat herself on the back for still being ahead by about $2,000 CDN. Bad news for the big dental biz in Canada and hooray for me, my great dentist Orlando on Libertad and my kitties get pedicures from their auntie!

I had the pleasure of lunching at Co-Exist Café twice last week. First with Georgia Darehshori of Casa Karma; she received her winning certificate from the Vallarta Tribune’s Pata Salada People’s Choice Awards. The second luncheon was with Bill Makley of Vallarta CoWork. It has been too long between sightings of these two wonderful friends. Bill and I had a brief, happy visit by AJ Freeman, a gifted contributor to the pages of the Vallarta Tribune.

This week began with a sumptuous, intimate dinner party, overlooking the city at sunset and far into the night, celebrating Jovany’s birthday. Surrounded by candlelight and red roses, we feasted on salad first then pasta with shrimp, baby asparagus tips and button mushrooms. Dessert was homemade chocolate ice cream. The food was as divine as the company… If you’ve not yet been into ‘Ropero de Jovany’ to see the array of vintage clothes, shoes, furs (yes!), handbags and precious gems, get over to the corner of Constitucion and Venustiano Carranza if only to browse. Men and women’s clothes—most of which are brought in from places like Rodeo Drive and Hollywood—are personally selected by Jovany and authenticated before anything hits the shelves. Lots of changes coming to this beautiful corner of the city. Stay tuned…

Tons of great things to do in Vallarta this week coming. Starting with the Mango Festival in Parque Lazaro Cardenas then a concert at Babel Bar featuring Moruno with flamenco and belly dancers. And that’s just Saturday afternoon/evening!

Updating the Artist’s Co-op, I wrote about last week, our proposal has been presented in writing, and now we wait. The collective energy surrounding this property is so strong and so positive it seems impossible we won’t get it. If—no, WHEN—we get it, I believe it will become one of the most vital art installations in the heart of the city. Please keep praying right along with us…
Pray for rain, too; our water levels are way down from last year. Take care of one another; freely give away hugs and smiles, and help our tourists any way that you can, From Here.

Marcia Blondin