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A recent transplant from the US, Mary Porter, has made quite a splash since she moved to our lovely seaside city. She has appeared as a guest singer onstage with Alejandro Peña and Enrique de Allende. Audiences loved her! Her Southern charm and grace coupled with a soprano voice that can lull a newborn softly to sleep and shatter glass with its power in the next breath, has created her own show! Be there July 5, 8 pm at the theatre at Incanto. I snuck into an early rehearsal with her and the incomparable Derek Carkner on piano. Get tickets fast, it’s going to be one hell of a show!

About a year ago, I met Kim Wilson, who had a dream—more vision than a dream—of putting a group of artists together and from there actually making money. She circulated a self-made YouTube video, and one thing she said stood out like a blinking neon sign. In a nutshell, she wondered out loud, why do artists always have to be ‘starving’? Why can’t they be paid well for their intense creativity? This got my attention. We met and began looking for a home for this burgeoning cooperative. We started last summer searching downtown Vallarta, where we all know there are dozens of closed, shuttered, vandalized, neglected empty buildings just begging for a makeover. We were stymied at every single potential property by realtors, rental agents, city hall, CFE and astronomical prices if we could even get a ballpark figure on rent. Then season interfered, and we all drifted into our creative niches so busy that the Artist’s Co-op had to take a back seat.

Until last week.

I bumped into Kimberly McDaniel (see her videos on on the street where she had just come from viewing a property and getting all the information we needed to make a proposal for the Artist’s Cooperative. Within days, Kim Wilson, Kimberly McDaniel and I were brainstorming again, taking notes, writing down names, making lists of improvements we had to make to the building. We worked on contract wordage, tried to figure out what membership fees should be and how they would be paid. Also, what our store hours would be: seven days per week in season and hopefully 365 days a year. Three hours flew by with some very definite, all positive groundwork being laid.

Now, we wait for approval on the proposed property. We need all your brilliant energy thrown out into the universe to make this happen—the place we have found is so perfect. We will have time to renovate and be open before the season rolls around so kinks will be gone and we’ll be ready to welcome hundreds of visitors.

We also need artists. Nothing recycled from China, first off. Everything must be handmade, and while we want primarily local artists to help with running the store, we are not averse to arts and crafts from beyond Banderas Bay. We need everything: clothing, painters, sculptors, basket-weavers, consumables, website/Facebook page-makers, and more. If you are not mainstream? Even better. We want a space that screams (joyously) creativity. Everything and everyone will be juried so that our collective energy moves in a kaleidoscopic atmosphere of peace, love, good vibes with a healthy dose of capitalism. Anyone interested can send me an email. And suggestions are happily entertained as well!

Demetro Galeria on Lazaro Cardenas has closed for the season as some repairs need to be done before the rains begin.

The sun is out. The days are glorious. Be sure to smile at strangers and help any tourists who look puzzled as they stand on the corners of our city. Hug your family, friends, and love your kitties every day, From Here.

Marcia Blondin


  1. Hi Marcia, Im very inspired by this idea and like to know more about the Artist’s Co-op and how to be part of it. How to contact you?

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