From Here

There’s a beautiful shop close to my house called “Corazon Vallarta” that is filled with handmade boxes, magnets, curios and more, made by hand and decorated by my lovely friend Paola. You can see her paintings every night on the Malecon across from McDonald’s. Her first store, at Augustin Rodriguez 253, by the Municipal Market was not sufficient to supply her fans, so she naturally opened another, also in Centro at Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez 129. If you love hearts and whimsical keepsakes, do check out both stores. Let Paola know I sent you!

Speaking of artisans living in Vallarta and our bay area, I am working with a small group of them to start an Artist’s Cooperative. We are looking for handcrafters; it can be anything as long as it’s handmade. We are avidly hunting for a retail space so please, if you know of something that could hold works by 30 or 40 artists, please let me know. We would like to be right downtown, and with all the vacant buildings, you’d think it’d be a snap. It isn’t. We will also align ourselves with saving cats. Dogs may be included in the future but not just now.

If the Artist’s Cooperative had been up and running, I would have known what to do with the adorable kitty that tried to adopt me last Friday afternoon. He was either lost or dumped in my doorway. Panic set in immediately knowing full well what my three grown, darling felines would have to say about the newcomer. I kept him safe overnight, housed in an old but secure pet carrier. Facebook is such a godsend for these things: within half an hour word had gone out and shared and shared. I soon found the greatest foster mom since Heather Wilson saved what eventually became two of my three kitties. And that was a decade ago. One Mexican gal thought for sure my stray was her ‘Luna’ and posted photos on Facebook of who I assume, was her young son gently cradling his female kitty. But she was a girl with a black tail, and this boy clearly didn’t fit any of the criterion being absolutely pure white. He had (has!) one blue eye and one green and someone counted six toes. A special little guy? Oh, man…what a sweet boy. My vet, the best ever with cats, Doctora Claudia, and I both showed up at Trisha’s house in Gringo Gulch at the same time. After a sad and swift goodbye, I left the little boy clinging to Claudia’s shoulder like a gecko; no hands needed. She sent a couple of photos later that afternoon which made me cry again. Claudia’s words to me about the little kitty that created such a social media swarm, “Yes, he is a heart thief.”

He has a new home and a new mom. Keep the love and the kindness going, From Here.

Marcia Blondin