From Here

A couple of important announcements before I start the weekly ramble: a huge apology to Jenny Gomez who so kindly gifted me with a fantastic photograph of the Malecon during Hurricane Kenna in 2002. I screwed up her last name in this column. I have no idea what I thought when I didn’t type G-O-M-E-Z. Unthinkable error and I am sorry! More about Jenny GOMEZ next week, right here!

Second thing – Cheryl’s Shoebox ended last Sunday with a grand total of 93,780 pesos; almost 10k more than what I initially reported. That’s a good boo-boo.

Rodolfo, Vallarta’s Andrea Bocelli, had his second-biggest night last Wednesday at Katana Sushi & BarLydia and Joyce preceded even David and me when we went to set up Rodolfo’s sound equipment; they stayed for more good food and drinks when they found out Rodolfo would be singing. Dona and a group of her friends from Molino de Agua were there as well as our two gym buddies, Michael and Larry, and dear Sandra Cesca just back from a month-long photo shoot in France, Spain, and Morocco. Everyone is invited to enjoy sushi at Katana and listen to three hours of Rodolfo’s sweet tenor voice from 6 to 9 pm, every Wednesday, all summer long. And, yes, there is air conditioning! See our center Map Page for reservation details!

My keyboard died suddenly so off I went planning to go to Soriana to replace it (FYI, I heard they were the least expensive in town). A little more than halfway there when the bus passed the new Office Max, and more importantly, the next-door Party Store. I jumped off and backtracked. Bought a killer new fabulous keyboard at Office Max for twice as much as Soriana but this one is smaller and wireless!! I went up and down every aisle in the Party Store amazed at what they had in stock. It almost made me feel like entertaining again like in the old days. But no. However, for those of you who do have dinner/theme parties, get over there and check it out. They had things I haven’t even dreamed of like candy floss machines!! Tablecloths, napkins, glasses, cutlery, all matching! In dozens of colors. They have costumes, face paint kits for adults and some for kids, bulk candy, things with which to decorate cakes, cake pans and serving pieces in all shapes and sizes. Birthday candles and birthday signage: ‘The party is here,’ and more. Masks, leis, boas, bulk necklaces for Mardi Gras, a special section for kid’s parties, balloons, streamers, wowie, it was pretty exciting stuff.

And there’s the segue to a birthday celebration which took place last Sunday: My partner David’s 50th birthday. We started at La Palapa on the beach early morning for arrachera: exquisite. Late afternoon was spent at the other end of the Malecon down by the Rosita Hotel at a funky beachfront resto that is the antithesis of dining at La Palapa and as Mexican as can be. A trio wandered by and stayed at a table next to ours for an hour and sang like angels. Every lovely Bolero out there until I snagged them for Las Manañitas. The highlight for David was checking his phone and found his new brother, Hugo Guerrero, the King of Tejano music, had sent him a video singing an extraordinary Happy Birthday to his new brother, David. The ‘new brother’ is a long story – a love story, which I will tell soon.

Hug someone hard that’s close to you and keep up the kindness, From Here.

Marcia Blondin