Free From Sciatic Pain

In March, I published an article about my efforts to banish my back pain caused by the sciatic nerves. I was tired of constant back and leg pain so decided on a stem cell and ozone therapy treatment available in Vallarta by Dr. Jose Manuel Hernandez. The treatment has an eighty percent success rate, with additional treatment available if required for the less fortunate twenty percent who still experience pain after the treatment.

Initially, I was pain-free for several weeks after the surgery. But gradually, the pain returned, a nearly constant pain that was always there.

I underwent an additional four weekly ozone injections in my buttocks as well as injections of platelets from my blood during the visits. Every week, I felt a little better, but there was still pain.

The ozone actes as an anti-inflammatory, producing a micro-oxidative stimulus that induces auto-repair, modulating the immune system while the blood platelets release growth factors that attract stem cells to initiate healing processes.

Doctor Hernandez was not about to settle for “almost better.”

With much poking and prodding and stretching, the doctor identified my piriformis muscle and sacroiliac joint as the possible culprits.

The piriformis muscle runs from the base of the tailbone, across the buttocks and across the sciatic nerves. Stretching of the piriformis muscle was an option, and there was an endless supply of exercises on YouTube. With continued weekly ozone injections (four) into my piriformis muscle and the exercises, I continued to feel better, but there was still some pain and discomfort.

The exercises helped and felt good. Therefore, I decided to increase my exercises and do three reps a day. I proudly told my doctor how much I was exercising, but the pain still persisted. With a smile, he told me to rest a few days, and then exercise no more than five times a week.

Following the doctors’ advice, I had several pain free weeks over the past months, and it always comes as a surprise when I realize “I’ve had no pain today, never even thought about it.”

Thank you, Dr. Jose Manuel Hernandez, and your staff, for your attention, care, and your never-quit attitude.

Dr. Hernandez is located in the Vallarta Medical Center, next to Plaza Caracol, and is assisted in his daily work by Ana Rodriguez, a psychologist also trained in ozone therapies. Luisa Benitez, an anesthesiologist, assists in the surgery and some follow up office procedures.

As is to be expected, Dr. Hernandez and his staff like getting paid, so there was an additional charge for the follow-up procedures, but, to be pain-free after seven months was worth the additional cost. Time will tell if I experience sciatic pain in the future.

One of the issues I contended with was the location of my pain: in my buttocks. I was always asking my wife for a bum rub. Bless her heart, she never refused. Although, to be honest, some of the rubs were very quick and short.

After many months and visits, when it came time to say “thank you,” I included a hug for the doctor as I skipped out the office, pain-free.

With the hot humid weather finally arriving, I have convinced my wife it is too hot to dance, so we will wait for the cooler weather to see if Dr. Hernandez performed a true, dance-allowing miracle. I couldn’t before the treatments, but with modern medicine, I tell my wife there is always hope, once the weather chills a little.

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