Forever Plaid opening next week

Forever Plaid opens in the Main Stage Theater March 10th under the direction of Alfonso Lopez and performed in English.
Relive an era when doo-wop was king, big hairdos were in, cars had enormous fins, and the harmonizing bands of the 50’s were all the rage. This hallmark jukebox musical comedy by Stuart Ross centers on a quartet whose dream of recording an album ended in a bus collision while on their way to their biggest gig. Now they’ve been miraculously revived for the show that never was.
You’ll be humming along with the great nostalgic pop hits of the 1950’s and rollin’ in the aisles from the delightful patter of the original clean-cut boy band – The Plaids.
Featuring such hits as Sixteen Tons, Chain Gang, Three Coins in the Fountain, Perfidia, Cry, Catch a Falling Star, Day-O, Gotta Be This or That, Matilda, and Heart and Soul.
The Plaids get a chance to look back at their lives, and they discover that they didn’t just have wonderful lives; their lives were wonderful, because they lived them together.
Together they can achieve the unimaginable, the unexplainable.
Starring local performers, Elvis Martinez, Alfonso Lopez, Roberto Duran and Jose Maria Caudillo with Bob Bruneau at the piano. Forever Plaid is produced by Act II Entertainment and Mary Amelotte .
The Main stage theater is located in the Act II Entertainment STAGES complex at Insurgentes 300 (corner of Basilio Badillo & Insurgentes) 2nd Floor, Zona Romántica Puerto Vallarta, Tel 322.222.1512

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  1. You are talking of the best times , music and cars in the United States of America .
    It was a time following WWII, when America was rebuilding; the largest private electric and gas utility in America ( serving some 70 percent of California with the lowest electric rates in the Nation ) was rebuilding its electric and gas transmission and distribution infrastructure … I graduated from High School and was hired into the PG&E engineering department, and for 55 years until retirement , worked in construction, design , system standards and engineering; also got married, and had two of my thee daughters. It had to be the best of times for it was the time I purchased a brand new two story house in a new subdivision that had a high school at the end of the block, and a grammar school down one block and over one.

    Unless you have driven in a 1950s car, body by Fisher, stick shift, 8 cylinders, and made of steel , iron motor and chrome bumpers , and fueled with leaded gasoline, with the windows open and the analog radio playing all the hit pop songs of the day … perhaps you have probably really never lived like we did back then.

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