Foot Care

Fungus tends to be a common problem here in the area due to high humidity, which results in sweaty feet. Our feet seem to always be moist, which makes for the perfect storm for fungus to grow! When it comes to caring for your feet, there is no one better in the area than Paty Villanueva and her team of medical pedicurists. If you have never had a medical pedicure, try one and you will never go to another kind! It is an exceptionally sterile procedure, very clean and very gentle. And now, Paty has laser treatment for foot fungus! Often times, toenail fungus is treated with medication (pills) which wreak havoc on the liver. Now, there is another option.

How does this work and what is it for? Laser treatment can be used for nail fungus and plantar warts. It takes 6 to 12 sessions, depending on how severe the problem is and how many toenails are affected. Since every patient is different, sessions can take place once a week, twice a month or monthly.

The best part is, there are no side effects. This is not an invasive treatment. The patient might feel a bit warm during the treatment, however. Previous filing of the toenails is required before each session and they take care of that for you as part of the procedure. It is very important to follow all of the instructions and complete all of the sessions in order to have successful treatment. Paty also handles any and all kinds of foot issues, not just the fungus. We will soon be doing a medical pedicure demonstration so keep an eye out for this date and time! For more information, please send me an email.

Our July newsletter will go out shortly and if you would like to receive a copy, just send me an email. We have a great men’s and women’s check-up/physical that includes a follow-up consult with a bilingual general practitioner.

There are plenty of places open to enjoy an air-conditioned meal. I cannot wait to go to Archie’s Wok and savor their light summer menu. Yesterday I took a panga to Ocean Grill in Playa Colomitos. Not air-conditioned, of course, but what a heavenly day I had. I was stuffed to the gills when I left from a massive amount of delicious array of food. This is a definite ‘must do’! Grab some friends, make the reservation (3 seatings per day and only via reservation) and head on over there. You will love it!

Here’s to a snappy week! And keep your fingers crossed for a gully washer soon!

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