Fly Trampoline Park

With all the decadent dining and drinking I do for this gig, a little exercise is an ideal way to ensure I remain only fat enough to retain credibility for professionally spotlighting deliciousness.
Apart from other physically active pursuits I’ve mentioned before and others I probably shouldn’t in this space, a good bounce at an all-ages trampoline park has to rank among my favorites. That’s why when I got wind of one opening in Macroplaza, the first thing I did was figure out how to make it as work-related as possible so someone would pay me to do it.
The Vibes: I accomplished this end by arranging a “networking event” at the park under another of my job titles, chief social coordinator at Vallarta CoWork. My duties in this role include ensuring people who work at the space actually talk to each other sometimes as well as helping to facilitate the coworking community’s engagement with Vallarta…I suppose you could say I deal with the goddamn customers so the engineers don’t have to.
Anyway, in the fullness of time the jumping-off point arrived and our party walked through the doors of the (wisely) air conditioned space to learn that we could purchase an hour of bouncy time for 120p, but could also have an unlimited session on the springs at the same price. Obviously we opted for the unlimited option, with collective fantasies of taking to the skies for an indefinite period through the thrust of the limitless arc reactor posessed by our inner child.
And so, the assembled coworkers and colleagues donned our required non-slip socks in preparation for our scheduled summit.
The Vices: The delight of discovery is at least as intoxicating as anything served in a bar, and it gives me great pleasure to report that learned a lot about the people I work with that afternoon.
Steve impressed everyone with some surprisingly competent gymnastics, including a standing backflip with excellent form. Sasha turned out to be an aerial ace of a different kind, pulling out various high flying attacks lifted from the squared circle. John used his powerful legs to reach a height where he could put a firm bear hug on some apparatus suspended from the ceiling.
I also learned Rachel could do some weird, core-strengthy thing where she bounced high in the air from side to side on her aft end. Not sure what you call that, but I can’t do it at all.
Oh, but I did a special skill of my own to put on display. You see, my background in youth basketball makes me a highly experienced trampoline dunker, and happily the bouncing grounds were equipped with a couple of hoops built to withstand the fury of my finest skywalker stylings. There was only one feat worthy of the occasion: the 360 Vince Carter 2k Supreme.
Now, to draw a clear distinction between myself and an 8-time NBA All-Star, the namesake Mr. Carter performed these mind-boggling maneuvers from a standard hardwood playing surface to win the league’s annual dunk contest way back in the year 2000. Nevertheless, the inspiration he provided enabled me to impress a room full of children in a bouncy house on this day. After relieving some sleepy kid with slow reflexes of a ball, I faced the rim and prepared for liftoff.
One step, then another, then a Super Mario mushroom stomp to achieve the appropriate altitude. The scarf I wore around my waist specifically to catch the wind as I bounced flowed obediently as I twisted my body into a full rotation at the peak of the bounce, transferring the ball betwixt my legs from left to right in midair before windmilling the arm and jamming the ball through the rim with the utmost enthusiasm.
Obviously the crowd went wild and I somehow lost one of the several party store rings I was wearing in the excitement, but at an appraised value of 10 pesos, the sacrifice was well worth the success of the endeavour.
As much fun as it was, after almost exactly 60 minutes, just about everyone had had their fill of frolicking for the day, reinforcing my belief that even if people could fly, almost no one would actually do it on a regular basis due to the level of exertion that would likely be involved. Think about it…according to the existing factory specs for our species we specialize in marathons, so you could probably jog to Bucerias…betting you won’t this year tho.
All that typed, it can be very adult to behave like a child every now and then.
The Verdict: If you’re looking for something different to do with a group of friends or a fresh idea for a date, a trip to the trampoline park could be just the ticket. It’s also a solid workout which is less torturous than something like running to nowhere, so fitness minded folks will find added appeal here. All told, there are plenty of high times to be had at Fly Trampoline Park…maybe I’ll catch you there.

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