Finding a Pet-Friendly Condo or Apartment in Puerto Vallarta

A new challenge in the rental and sales market here in Puerto Vallarta, is finding a spot that will allow pets. Dogs, in particular, can be a major issue, but our other furry and feathered friends are also no longer welcome in many of developments in the Bay of Banderas.
Sadly, negligent pet owners are often the reason. Who can blame owners and neighbors who’ve tolerated constantly barking dog, wandering cats and the other messes (that I won’t mention) left by unattended mascots. That being said, Vallarta is an animal lover’s paradise. I’m not sure, but at last count I think we have a least 8 rescue and adoption organizations around town. We ADORE our animals! And you will find a lot of like-minded animal lovers willing to assist you in finding a nice home, for you and your furry companion.
If you’re new in town, get to know some of the local shelters and rescue organizations. Mex Pup and the SPCA are two that have helped place a lot of animals, and they may have the inside track on buildings that are more pet friendly.
Steer clear of anyplace with a “no pets” policy. They’ve instituted this for a reason, and will not make concessions, no matter how adorable Fifi is.
Many complexes are willing to take an animal that is smaller. Or, they may have criteria in place with guidelines regarding animal ownership. Which means that the other tenants are animal lovers, and understand how important your mascot is to you. Normally they will guide you regarding their rules and regulations for responsible pet ownership.
Also, it doesn’t hurt to get some proof that your animal is up to snuff. Ask to get couple of letters from previous landlords or neighbors attesting to how well behaved both you and your animal are. Ask your veterinarian to write a letter regarding the type of care that you’ve taken with you pet. Is he/she sterilized? Spayed and neutered animals are usually less rambunctious. Are you keeping up with shots and regular veterinarian visits? Go to the HOA (Home Owner’s Association) and talk to them about you and your pet. Maybe even bring him or her in for a visit during an HOA meeting, so people can see how well you’ve trained your animal. This way they can interact with him. I hate to be biased, but often times pet owners are extremely nice people, and in the long run can make great neighbors and tenants.
Offer to pay a special pet deposit (this may, or may not be refundable), in the event of any potential damages.
Be sure to get everything in writing, just in case there is a future dispute. This goes with EVERYTHING, by the way. If it’s in your signed contract, you have definitive proof!
Under no circumstance should you try to sneak an animal into the condo or rental. People always find out, and you could have some major problems in the future.
Homeaway, the online vacation rental site, has a good filter on their search function, which will allow you to see if a property is pet friendly.
Also, other sites, such as Craigslist and TripAdvisor can be helpful.
Last, but not least, be sure to talk to your real estate agent. G3MEX has placed numerous pet owners in homes here in Vallarta. We can help guide you through the rules and regulations, and find out the real scoop (no pun intended!)
If you have real estate questions, contact me anytime at G3MEX Real Estate Group: 322-209-0832. Saludos!


  1. It is understandible why this situation has arisen as it has become a city overrun by dogs and cats that some people want to save so that they can continue to disturb and disrupt the vacations that people come here to enjoy.. We have had irresponsible pet owners renting a Condo in our usually enjoyable neighbourhood that have a small dog that is left out on the balcony and barks continusally for hours non stop all hours of the night and day.. The owners of the dog have been talked to and refuse to do anything about their dogs barking. Other tenants have moved out due to this problem.. Now I hope that the Association now adopts the no pet policy after these disrespectfull tenants move out… I do understand that all pet owners are not like this and do have respect for others and take measures to control their pets but as it shows to much of the opposite…

  2. This can definitely be a challenge as we’ve all seen over the years. As you mention, having a smaller dog certainly can help. You offer some other helpful advice that readers should be sure to reference.

  3. My husband and I have been staying in L Penita now for 3 years with our dog.

    She is 10/10 on the requirements to have a successful stay wherever we are. She is clean and well behaved and especially quite. We have trained her not to bark only if a strangers are in the complex.

    I know irresponsible pet owners have ruined it for those of us who are responsible.

    .we would like to rent something nice for about 6 weeks and want to stay close to PV.
    Thank you

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