You could imagine that a library has no future other than being a library. But the case of Los Mangos Library in Puerto Vallarta is different. After years more than 20 years being a protagonist of the cultural life of Puerto Vallarta, Los Mangos Library presents VallArte Festival. 

VallArte Festival Born with the intention of gathering expressions and artistic projects under one name to enhance its visibility, redirect the eyes of those who reside in the city and position Puerto Vallarta as a modern cultural destination and with a high sense of the search for common good and development through art. 

Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Music, Installation, Art Object, Dance and much more will be seen in different parts of the city between January 23 and 27, 2019 in the first edition of VALLARTE FESTIVAL. Check out and share the program. Attend and be part of the evolution of a cultural organization that is alive, inclusive, proactive and inspiring for new generations. 

January, Wednesday the 23rd, Official opening: Alejandro Colunga author of Rotonda del Mar at the Malecon (those quirky huge chairs in a round setting…) will cut the ribbon right in the middle of the rotonda and Art Walk on, streets and galleries will be dressed as never before. If you don’t go out to the Art Walk often, make sure you do not miss this one. You will not believe it’s free! 

January Thursday 24th, The Annual Auction and Art Sale at Library Los Mangos will be on, will astound you! Students of art at the University of Guadalajara will intervene the library’s classrooms. The garden will have an amazing piece of contemporary art by Davis Birks and Galeria Omar Alonso,  food , beverages, art in all its form at amazing prices and the selection made for the Live Auction will delight you. 

This is our best event ever! Do not miss it! 

The library has made an incredible effort to bring together all the art patrons, gallery owners, artists and art students together, the result should be seen by everyone! 

Free of charge, donations accepted. Starts at 6pm. 

Then for Poetry and literature lovers on Friday the 25th, we will have an amazing performance by Patricia Bernal, that besides being an outstanding actress on her own, is mother to Gael Garcia Bernal. She will read modern poetry in English and Spanish.  

Mexico’s most famous living poet, Eduardo Langagne will read love letters of well known artists throughout time. 

If you should choose one event, choose this one, with these remarkable artists! 

Our generous patrons at The Jazz Foundation will host this event which will include music,  snacks and two drinks. 

Cost $600 pesos 

Then on Saturday the 26th of January, a small, hand selected group of artists will present their pieces to a gathering of only 70 people. The best curators and auctioneers will  allow for the bidding of up and coming artists, well known ones and out of the box items.  

This intimate gathering is open to only the cultural shapers and art lovers of this town, they will be swept away by the talent that will be present on this night. 

At La Nata by La Leche.  6:00 p.m. Cost $1500  

Then finally on Sunday the 27th at the Library, we will have the closing of the week with an amazing fun and inspirational children´s art work auction, music bands, food and a picnic and literary day for our entire community. Do not miss any of it. 

Free of charge from 11 am to 3 pm. 

Visit bibliotecalosmangos.org 


Buy tickets at Cassandra Shaw Jewelry and at the library.