Fer Cavalcanti Canine Aesthetics a story of overcoming and recognition

I am originally from Brazil, but I live in this heavenly Puerto de Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico. This story begins when I got a job at a vet to bathe dogs. About a month later, a co-worker asked me to help her cut her hair on a dog. I grabbed the machine and did well to be my first experience.

From there I spoke with the owner of the canine aesthetic and asked him for the opportunity to learn how to do this job. Back then there was no internet and I took a copy of a manual and started studying at home at night; the next day I would arrive at work and ask permission to cut the Schnauzer breed which is what I had been studying and it suited me well. From there I began to bathe them and give them haircuts.

I worked in several different places practicing and learning the art of haircutting and thanked each of the people I learned with for sharing their wisdom with me.

As time went by, I began to meet the people who later became my clients outside of my working hours.

So, I started handing out my personal cards and now with the internet I have shown the world my work especially on social networks.

Also my clients were recommending my work since each animal is different and each one is a different experience since it is with home delivery and then I do what I love to interact with them when doing their haircut.

In addition to this, I am dedicated to helping animals, be it cats or street dogs, I joined an association that is dedicated to helping these beings with food and the rescuers of Puerto Vallarta due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be noted that I have complied with all the rules of health and healthy distance in relation to COVID-19 with the use of mask and antibacterial gel as well as not entering the clients’ home with shoes.

I love my clients who are already my friends, it makes me sad to see some animal leave when it dies but I do my best to help them and when it is not possible at least I know that I did everything possible to help.

I like to be present in the lives of animals, at the time of the most crucial pandemic I supported by cutting the hair of animals even when they did not have money to pay for the service due to donations made by friends for the cause.

Thanks to my experience throughout my life, today I am a Canine Stylist, Masseuse and Animalist thanks to God and the support of my family and my clients. Today we are a big family.

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  1. Felicidades Fer, yo soy una clienta de Fer, tengo 6 perritas y me gusta el trato que da a mis perrihijas cuando las baña además de que las deja hermosas!

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