Feliz Año Nuevo!

If you don’t know, you should, Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas is one of the most spectacular places (in the world) to celebrate the New Year. Around the bay, resorts, restaurants, clubs and homes shoot off an abundance of fireworks and with a prime spot you can see just about all of them. My first year here I went back to Canada for a New Years wedding and didn’t know what I had missed but the next year I was on the beach at Barracuda’s and it was stunning. I just sat in the sand, drink in hand, in awe of the beauty of these lights and so thankful that I could call this place home and that, unlike my friends visiting from Vancouver, would not need to get up early to catch a plane back to Canada.
This year I live up on the hill overlooking the malecon and I am so excited to be able to stay home and avoid the whole ‘New Year’s Party’ thing and that I get to experience the lights with those I love in the comfort of my home. Plus, this years display should be even more spectacular with the International Fireworks Festival. Here’s praying that the clouds stay away. Check page 21 for the schedule of events for the Int’l Fireworks Festival.
Now, in addition to letting go of 2014 in a bang, there are a few superstitions you should consider to bring in 2015 at its best. Sweep your floors and outside area before (and definitely not after) 12:01am January 1st to sweep away the negative build-up of 2014, sprinkle lentils over your door to attract good fortune and perhaps the best reason to go shopping for new underwear – yellow for (gold) money and red for love. Last year, I wore a pair of each and, in all honesty, both love and a few extra pesos found me, so you never know.
Whatever colour underwear you choose, I wish you a happy, healthy, bright and prosperous New Year and everyday. See you in 2015!

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  1. Women who still wear underwear ?!? I thought that the G string was in vogue. You know, from dippers to panties to G-string to pampers, etc.

    Regarding the fireworks shows , its a no-no-no for me. After seeing the war over Iraq skies when the U.S. forces bombed Saddam Hussein’s military forces back to the dark ages, like what happened in Germany during WWII, the fireworks display is not for me, nor for people with lung problems, children or all things that live in the sky.

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