Farmer and Artisan Markets in the Bay (and beyond)

For great fresh produce, baked goods, organics, crafts, jewelry, unique finds and much more, please support the local producers. There are also plenty of other tianguis around the bay that carry clothing, household supplies, tools and more.

Old Town Farmers Market
The largest Farmers Market in Vallarta Now located at Lazaro Cardeñas Park 9-2 every Saturday from Nov 2nd

Paradise Co-op Market
Local artists, food and unique items On Calle Pulpito at the Paradise Community Centre
Saturdays 9am-1pm year-round
FB / saturdaymarketpv

El Tuito
Artisan Market
In the main plaza
Sundays from 9-2pm
High quality crafts and food
Located at Rosa Mexicano, Lazaro Cardenas 90b.
Every Wednesday starting Oct. 23
9am to 1pm

La Cruz de Huancaxtle
La Cruz Farmers & Artisans Market Excellent market with dozens of vendors
Located along the marina
Every Sunday from 10-2pm
starting Nov. 3rd

Local artisan, food, and household supplies
Fridays from 10am-2pm

La Peñita
Everything you could want and more. Huge year round market along the main street
Every Thursday year round from 9am -2pm


  1. I came in from my San Francisco backyard yesterday with a bucket full of three kinds of apples. Weeks earlier it was several kinds of summer pears. The winter pears are not yet ripe. Earlier the boysenberries were harvested, as were the quince, blackberries and elderberries. No blueberries yet on the young bushes, nor apricots on the Black Apricot tree this year due to the weather. My two remaining avocado trees are also having a pollination problems likely due to one of the trees I planted from seed in my youth when my grandfather showed me how to sprout a seed by sticking three toothpicks in its side and putting it on a glass of water. I have gotten a few avocados off the tree before, but it is very tall . However the Medlar tree is full of fruit (Medlars are an early apple fruit that grows inside out, that is, the seeds are on the outside. When full sized, they are picked and are allowed to ripen – blet- in a paper bag. The fruit is then like eating spiced apple sauce . A favorite of the ancient Romans. The beets, Swiss chard and strawberries in the small greenhouse are finished for the year, and the tomato plants still have fruits ripening, and additional flowers.

    In my youth in San Francisco , during WWII, my dad taught me farming in another back yard where we also had chickens, ducks , Canada geese, and rabbits. The geese were great watch dogs for they made noise when anyone came near.

    Since I normally eat an apple a day, at the food supermarket in PV, I purchase red and yellow delicious apples that were imported from the U.S. I wish that they imported their oranges also from the U.S., for the yellow and green oranges were very stringy this year and left strings in my teeth whenever I ate them, which was not as much as I have in past years there.

  2. I went to El Tuito this past Sunday expecting to find a farmer’s market. All that was there in the main plaza were a few people selling used clothing. I don’t know if it is that way every Sunday but on November 10, 2013 that is the way it was. I was disappointed as I had brought a friend. There really isn’t anything to see or do in El
    Tuito other than a few restaurants and look at the square. It could be a cool space but there aren’t enough tourists to support anything. The locals are probably fine with that. Machi, who used to be in Puerto Vallarta, is there and has a bar on one corner of the square. His micheladas were great.

    1. That’s too bad. Hopefully they will come up with some creative ways to draw more people to town for a visit. It’s a great drive regardless.

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