Faralae, Moruno and Tatewari—What’s New?

A month or so ago I talked about Liliana of Faralae from Mexico City being in town for a brief visit. Well, she did indeed create a stir with her great jazz numbers and incredible scat that astounds and thrills audiences.  To our delight she is back with Faralae for the Cuates y Cuetes Jazz Festival and a few months of wonderful entertainment. 

Liliana is from a very large musical family in Mexico City, not professional musicians but those who at every family event would burst out in song.  So from an early age she has been performing.  Later she studied voice in high school at Bella’s Artes in Mexico City.  She received her degree at UNAM in Opera, the only track available for study of voice at the time so you can tell where her incredible range and discipline come from, as well as her mastery of several languages.  When she met jazz guitarist Alexander Martinez Gil from the famous trio family of the 1950’s, she switched over to jazz and are we ever happy about that.  The group Faralae was formed around the concept of jazz extrafalario which according to them consists of a fusion of bossa nova, blues and country “with the sexy voice of Liliana Buneder”.  The result is absolutely enchanting.  From the energetic rendition of Putting on the Ritz that I heard the other night at Cuates y Cuetes to the French favorite Juste quelquun de bien, they set the house on fire with excellent guitar and Liliana’s beautiful voice and inventive scat.  This is music you can’t talk about, you just have to experience it!

Another favorite we have been dying to see more of is Moruno.  Diego Mateo and Nacho Flores are incredibly talented musicians focusing on music from around the Mediterranean Sea.  With their recent addition of talented belly dancer Aisha Santy they have been attracting large audiences at Babel Bar on Friday nights and they also create a wonderful atmosphere with their music at Eclécticos Greek restaurant where they play a couple of nights a week (Saturdays and Thursdays). Cuates y Cuetes gets them Sunday and Tuesday nights for lively sessions including Oscar Terrazas on sax.

Saturday night Tatewari gave a delightful show at Babel Bar with invited guest the expressive flamenco dancer Gaby Raygosa who really won over the audience.  Add to that, renowned flamenco guitarist Lobo played with the group giving even more pizzaz to the already enchanting evening.  The show was a huge hit showcasing the evolution of this tremendous group over their 12 years together.  The crowd was so impressed that I am certain Arancha of Babel Bar will want to repeat this show in the future.

All three of these groups will be participating in the upcoming 23rd Annual Jazz Festival on March 21.  You don’t want to miss them.

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