Famous Mosaics—Havana Cuba’s Fusterlandia

This summer the Tile Park is taking the show on the road! We’re paying a virtual visit to the most famous mosaics of the world… from China to Spain to the US… tile parks, record-breaking installations, ancient murals, points of interest and so much more. Join us!

Tucked in and throughout an old Havana neighborhood called Jamainatas is where you’ll find a little piece of mosaic heaven known as Fusterlandia. Begun in 1975, it now represents more than 40 years worth of work… and still counting.

In the 60s, Jose Fuster studied at Havana’s Art Instructor’s School, continuing his studies abroad in Europe, where he encountered the work of many great artists, masters of all artistic mediums. So, within this whimsical and haphazard-looking little neighborhood, is some serious inspiration and vision.


Though you can see a lot of Cubist inspiration, and the homage to Gaudi is hard to miss since it’s literally spelled out on a wall… the Carribean influence… an ever-present nod to Jose Fuster’s roots, is always right there alongside it. Childlike molded concrete palm trees stand out in the yard like real palm trees, covered with mosaic on all sides and dazzling in the sun. A proportionally distorted face with odd coloring seems attached to… what is that? A mermaid?

Upon returning from his time abroad, Jose returned to Jamainatas, bought a house, and went to work. Now well into his 70s, and with 80+ buildings, pathways, and structures done, the “Picasso of the Carribean” is still going strong.