Voices of Vallarta… Track Two by Marcia Blondin

Voices of Vallarta…Track Two

By Marcia Blondin


Interest is growing as the search continues for The Voice of Vallarta at Act II’s Main Stage. For $100 pesos every Sunday at 8pm you will be intrigued one minute by the richness of a voice and the next, sit through an entire song gritting your teeth watching a contestant struggle with notes beyond their capability and range. You will hear singers with the horrible flu/cold that has arrived early this winter and has hung on like the plague. But the show must go on and they do, sweating with fever and tension and nerves jangled beyond belief. And some get through it and others just don’t. The point being: they TRY.

The stakes are huge for the winner and just being on that stage is an answered prayer for many. It was interesting to see most of the contestants that did very well last week fare not so well in the mandatory Latin Pop category they had to sing this week. That is, they were supposed to. Only a couple of them nailed the genre which goes to prove you can take the Babe out of the Ranch but you can’t take the Ranch out of the Babe. The judges are nearly as entertaining as the contestants and often more so.

In every contest someone has to lose and the end of the second week had Valentin drawing the short straw. It was announced, however, that he would sing for us one last time. He stepped up to the mike, strummed his guitar and began “My Way” in English then Spanish. One of the contestants (a woman) stepped out of line, reached forward and gently rested her hand on the back of Valentin’s shoulder while he continued to play and sing. As one all of the contestants moved forward nearly surrounding their compadre and joining him in song; the audience rose and sang along, too. When “My Way” was done, Valentin was hugged and kissed and cheered on by those of us watching; it was a delightful, spontaneous, heartfelt and moving finale. Valentin may have lost the battle but he won the war. Bravo.


Marcia Blondin

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