As a relative newbie to Vallarta, it is with eager anticipation that I (still) look forward to the rapidly approaching winter season. I saw a couple of snowbirds, pale-skinned, cart overflowing at Costco this week and if the general chatter on the street and on facebook is anything to go by this season is going to be a raging success.

As editor of the Tribune, I am personally looking forward to attending the many world-class events, covering the deliciously awesome gourmet festivals, reintroducing myself to the vendors at the Old Town Farmers Market and really, just getting involved in the goings-on around town.

We have some excellent events coming up this month including the Russian Ballet at Teatro Vallarta on October 9th, with Don Quixote, Gary’s Groupies are heading to Layla’s Restaurant on October 11th, and the Vallarta-Nayarit Gastronomica from October 17-20th.

Consider working off some of those extra calories by strolling through Centro and visiting the many shops and galleries that rely heavily on your support. This year’s Historic Centre ArtWalk begins on October 30th.

As always, this paper is your paper and if you have events to share with our readers, or thoughts on the articles we have published or would like to contribute something yourself, please send me an email.

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  1. How about that dinner get-to-gether we agreed to back in May, at Captain John’s Fish Shack in Centro PV? I will be leaving PV this Saturday, and there is not much time remaining. Last week I visited the Tribune printing shop and the former school house you work at , that was built by my neighboor Steven Bruno with the PV Rotary Club back in 1989, but apparently missed you.
    Since you have changed your residence, you may find another place to eat closer to you a better choice. If you will give me a location, time and day. I will meet you there. Although I know you are very busy with the Vallarta Tribune, and would not feel bad if you cannot have dinner with me to talk about the Vallarta Tribune and Puerto Vallarta. I have gathered so much information from the busineses and friends this past week.

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