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    1. Never did I realize back then while eating Canadian food at the Net Loft Restaurant in Vancouver , during our trip to the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair – from San Francisco – that I would find two Canadian woman Editors of English speaking newspapers in Puerto Vallarta. Our itinerary then also included Victoria.
      My wife Loretta was very concerned since we left our infant daughter at home with her parents. Consequently , thereafter, we took our three girls most everywhere we went. Also to our many vacations in Puerto Vallarta, even though we were the only ones to do so in the early years. Also our grandsons came with at the ages of one.
      One beach vender remembered some 25 years later when he come up to me and said: “Are you the man who brought the one year old boy to the beach, and he followed the wave up and down on the sand?”. The vender never forgot, but my grandson does not remember it, even when he came with us several years ago, and we told him the story how he went wave chasing on the beach, and diving head first into the adult swimming pool.

    2. If one looks at the downtown maps in the various free English visitor newspapers available in Puerto Vallarta, one sees the extent of the city streets and buildings, and from a line east of the freeway Libramiento, is shown green as representing the Puerto Vallarta Mountains as a protected zone. It is part of the Tropical Rain Forest Zone in Mexico, that runs down to South America, and historically was used by the Olmec and Maya cultures.

      Much has changed in PV and in these protected zones in the 30 plus years my family and I have vacationed at the Canto del Sol Timeshare Resort. From the top of the new tower at the Plaza Pelicanos Timeshare Resort, one can see the much of the construction of houses going up the western side of the PV Mountains. This is what Jalisco State Gov. Aristoteles Sandoval is wanting to protect against. With the removal of the vegetation, road building construction, will come greater erosion from the almost nightly rains.

      It would be sad to lose the charm of the small fishing village and old downtown area, that so many us vacationers come to see every year. There are so many big cities in Mexico to see, but so few small cities like Puerto Vallarta.

    3. Learning is a lifetime endeavor. Studying without developing associated useful skills are soon lost. It is important to choose the school with students like you, and with the most electives; like sports, shops, music, art, and singing. The three Rs are basic, but the electives will develop skills necessary for a verity of occupations and hobbies. On average , a worker will have some 14 different jobs during their lifetime. Today a woman may have more.

      Make every thing you do a game. Play to win. Listen to the instructor, but ask questions, for knowledge is ever changing and the next textbook will have new information. The latest information is updated on the internet, so use it for your research.

      The most important thing a teacher taught me, in the 3rd grade world history class, which I will never forgot, was about the “Great Lie” governments tell to the people to keep them in control. That was almost 68 years ago. Today in the U.S., the government has classified so much information as secrete or top secrete, that millions of government workers require security clearances to do their jobs.

      So believe what your teacher tells you, but check out the facts.

    4. For many men, Mother’s Day is everyday. For my mother , Mother’s Day ceased when I was thirteen years old. My father’s mother, my grandmother , became my acting mother. When I courted my wife for seven years, her mother also became another acting mother. Me without a living mother, my wife at 19 years of age, took the place of my grandmother, and her mother.

      This may seem strange – for a mother, grandmother , and great grandmother, have been identified as passing on through their epi-genome, to you, their genetic changes acquired during their lives, that transfer inherent characteristics that effect your personality, behavior, feelings, and appearance; that carry with you your whole life. Your mother, even gave you your immune system from the milk in her breasts.

      So every day, a part of your mother is with you, physically, mentally, and spirituality . Because no man is a mother, on Mother’s Day, all men are reminded of the contributions of their mother, and have an occasion to tell them how important they are in their life, either in person, or in spirit.

    5. The end of summer in PV, our three weeks vacation beginning the last week of September, has been our favorite since the late 1970s. Quiet beaches, no beach vendors, empty pool, big discount prices in stores, and a balance of sunny days and rainy nights, to provide lots of water in the rivers and natural water falls; and warm bay waters for day and nighttime swimming.

      When we doubled up on our vacations in the winter season on other months, the cool offshore winds made the pool and bay swimming so cold, that by 1:00 PM, everyone was out and away from the water. My days were also spent playing tennis, and going shopping for the great off season sales. And at the poolside under the overhang where the sun never shines, nor the rain falls, is spent reading a book, or books that I never had time to do at home.

      The only disadvantage was that our vacation time did not occur when school was out, so our children could only attend before they started school, or after they graduated, unless we took them out. But three weeks away from the kids – – is a vacation by itself.

      1. I am very surprised that you can’t find Borax in PV? I was told it is acido borico and that you can find it Farmacia Guadaljara or at any hardware store – being a very common insecticide. I was wanting it to make my own laundry soap while in PV

    6. Despite my insane jealousy that you live in paradise and my unbelief that sweating is a bad thing, I can imagine (when I try hard) that summers would be stressful in that it is too hot to do much. It takes more than a few brain cells for me to imagine that, as we flood out in Canada and rain/snow is imminent. I hope you find something to occupy yourselves this summer and keep from maiming small, sweaty people.

    7. Interesting, Marcy’s commit. I live in San Francisco, under the summer blanket of fog, where the yearly average temperature, day and night, is 50 degrees F. Some three years ago while on vacation in PV, during October, a heat wave of between 100 and 106 Deg. F. hit for several weeks. The local newspaper report said that the water on the top of the bay was near boiling. The locals in the downtown area complained that they never felt it so hot and so long before. In my mid seventies, I walked each day on the cobble stone streets and concrete sidewalks window shopping up and down the lines of stores. I did not feel the discomfort of the heat as did the locals. Why? It may be a case of perception, since the body metabolism maintains a body temperature of around 98.6 Deg. F. I learned back in the 1950s when in a SF movie theater watching the wrap around screen of Cinemarama , the temperature in the theater seemed to change when the pictures on the screen changed from a desert scene, to an ice field or galacier scene. A strong and healthy body and a strong mind is most helpful in these situations. Same when swimming in cold water.

    8. Dear Madeline,

      Great to see the Vallarta Tribune back on the Internet. The last time for me was the October 17 -23, 2011 issue 758 when I got back to SF from my PV vacation.

      Another column? How about Letter to the Editor. I know of my letters in issues 758, 808,809 & 810. Your Editor’s Notes on May 20 , June 7 and Editorial on June 21 was interesting and informative.

      Regarding my reading the Vallarta Tribune, I have picked up copies at the Canto del Sol lobby the three weeks of my yearly vacations since the Vallarta Tribune began printing. Everyone I know in PV was amazed last year that my letters were in the paper all three weeks of my vacation. The Manager of the Canto del Sol was excited (impressed), as were the workers there; and the owner of Jimmy’s Jewelry store took a picture of the letter with his camera, as I have been a customer there for some 12 years or more.

      I am looking forward to my return to PV this September 28, and perhaps we can talk about your paper and my thoughts on PV at Joe Jacks Fish Shack – a favorite – as suggested.

      1. Great to have your comments Frank! We have had some glitches and lags but for the most part the site is back up and functioning much better than its previous incarnation. As the Tribune goes through all these changes I expect we will face a couple more challenges, but with support from avid readers, such as yourself, it makes the tribulations much more bearable. (Not unlike bearing the heat.)
        Please do let me know when you are in town next, I’d love to meet at Joe Jack’s.
        Enjoy your day, Madeline
        Editor, Vallarta Tribune.

    9. The three articles on school selection are very detailed, and I think for a beginning level child just entering school, the requirements for preparing the child for school are on the parents. For example, when we visited the school for admission for our 5 year old daughter, she ran into the building ahead of us to meet the teacher, and as my wife an I entered the building, my daughter Lynn walked hand in hand with the teacher and introduced us. The teacher asked what grade Lynn was in, and we explained that she was entering kindergarten , and that this was the first time she had been to a school. The teacher said that she did not have students in the second grade that could speak as well as Lynn.

      You see, we had taught Lynn to speak in sentences with adults, read, count to 100, and know her alphabet. You see, both my wife Loretta and I had gone to U.S. public schools from kindergarten through high school, and knew what was required. The lesson here , is , of what purpose is there of selecting the school, if the student is not prepared for school? Or if the parents are unable to assist in the child’s education at home? So many parents put the cart before the horse when it comes to sending their children to school, and drop the reins when it comes to helping their child with homework in the home.

    10. My thoughts on your article, Joel, is that life for many is too short to make mistakes, and to recover – and sports are too important in one’s life to be used for an escape.
      It is said that in each generation there are but a few that contribute something new to society, and the number of successful persons are relatively few. Thus the saying: to error is human. Every decision you make , every thing you do, should be looked at as a matter of life or death, for in our modern world there are over 7 billion persons competing with you for survival.
      My wife says that I have lived a charmed life. In the sense that we have been married for 59 years , it is likely true. But I think before I make a decision, think before I make a move. This includes taking all the course in school that I needed through my working career, including shops and sports. I made a living on all of them. I had paying jobs since the second grade. Worked one job through middle school, left home, with two jobs through high school, became a machinist , design engineer, electrical engineer, tennis pro, president of professional corporation, musician , and a writer.
      My friends and co-workers called it genius. Degree in electrical engineering and business, and two plus years of Law study and Computer science. Nothing was left to chance. No bad choices, nor an escape in sports!
      Learning is a lifetime journey, that we take with us in spirit, and program in our genes that we transfer to our children, and they to their children. Nothing in this universe is ever lost.

    11. It is the adults – locals and likely visitors – that cause much of this debris , yet it is the children who are asked to clean up the mess. Where are all the adults without jobs? Would they work for free also? When I worked before and after school , weekends and summer school vacations beginning in the second grade, I always got paid. My parents did not give me an allowance that I can remember, but I always had money in my pockets to buy kites and kite string, glass marbles , comic books, and fishing tackle, softball bats and balls. Today in San Francisco, there are many adults, and school students during the summer school vacations, without jobs. Since the adults get unemployment insurance or welfare money from the government, they do not want to help in the cleanup of our beaches, parks or playgrounds. This is left to people with jobs who volunteer through their company employers , or school children volunteers. The city used to pay workers to do this cleanup work, but the city says it can no longer afford to pay for this service, and thus asks for volunteers. Why should children be subjected to the dangers of picking up garbage? Because adults will not volunteer to do this task? Put up signs that say discarding garbage is prohibited, and the fines are so much pesos. Then at least the children could be compensated with money to take home to their families.

    12. The study of ecology and conservation in light of the 7 billion plus people habituating the Earth’s continents, islands and in the International Space Station , is not one of conservation, but one of resources needed for civilization’s continued existence. The approximately 2 million persons that die of starvation each day would be only one example.

      I have traveled to PV and other Mexican cities over 40 times. Each time I brought a part of that experience by the souvenirs I collected. Boats in glass bottles, colored yarn dolls, carved wooden parrots; and from the beaches – copal (young amber), black coral plants, a small bottle of beach sand, shells of many kinds, polished colored glass, polished pebbles, pieces of drift wood; and from the many stores: amber, gold, silver, carved jade stone tools, molded clay Olmec and Maya heads, and a dolphin skill.

      Many of these I spend time on doing research. However, in all these years, I have seen only one turtle on the beach – which was laying eggs. My research here, is the notion by some scientists that the turtle and other species that go back hundreds of millions of years, that the reason for their continued existence in the same or similar form today, like the human species, is that they may have been brought back after extinction by genetic engineering in the past to maintain the life supporting environment. Whether this is true, may be determined when our current genetic engineering experiments to bring back certain extinct species are successful.

    13. Regarding teaching the student to be an open thinker, here is a letter to Dear Abby published in the San Francisco Chronicle. The female student still living at home , wrote that although both her mother and the teacher taught her that she should think for herself, but every time she did or said something different from the teacher or her mother, she got in trouble. She is now confused.
      The Dear Abby reply was that most all of the great inventions are made by the free thinkers. However, as long as she is living in her mother’s house, and going to school, she must conduct herself by their rules. When she is on her own, she is free to express her views and make her own decisions.
      There is a thin line for the student living at home regarding their actions. My father was a free thinker and a bully. He got thrown out of every school he attended. But was successful in his working career. I was raised a free thinker, and debated everything with teachers and family, and left home at 15. but continued attending school in a number of forms for another 20 years. Being a none bully, I was never sent to the Principals office, but received a number of requests from teachers to attend their class, and I would receive an automatic automatic A grade in a number of the K-12 school classes.
      For 55 years my career employer tried to have me fired, because I had a mind of my own. Since I was indispensable and a key player , I kept my job, and the supervisor generally lost his job. I was the project design engineer for much of PG&E’s electric substations, distribution & transmission projects, and the Gas & Electric Computer Supervisory Power Control Center, and Supervisory control systems (SCADA).
      I was complemented for my great empathy , and willingness to help anyone – and known by many engineers to be more like a scientist than an engineer. You see, being a free thinker really works, when you are on your own, and in control.

    14. I have seen the silver plated cutlery fashioned and crafted into rings, bracelets, earrings and so on at craft fairs and flea markets, but never of gold plated cutlery. There must be some reason, for all of our silver plate cutlery , serving trays , bowls and chalices, and charm bracelets, require annual polishing. Our 24K gold plated cutlery and gold charm bracelets, and so on , does not. The older silver plate covered copper, whereas today other metals are used. Our three sets of gold plated cutlery covers stainless steel , which is the material required for the knife portion of the cutlery.

      Is it the strength of the stainless steel cutlery that prevents its use? Or the weight of the stainless steel and the gold plate? I purchased a new 56 piece, 12 serving gold plated set in a wood and felt lined storage box with lid and a pull-out tray, for $65 at a Goodwill store. Allowing a small sum for the box, the average cost of the 56 piece set was only around $1 each. Should I consider making jewelry out of this investment and the other two gold plated cutlery sets for a profit higher than could made from my old silver plate cutlery?

    15. All life on Earth are dependent on migration to avoid extinction due to climate changes, and finding environments with suitable weather and natural resources. Extended drought was the reason for the Maya civilization in the eastern Mexico migrating north into the Mississippi River Valley of the U.S.

      In the U.S. states of Georga and Alabama, are found stepped pyramids and the culture of the Creek American Indians who apparently integrated with the Maya and incorporated the Maya culture and traditions into their Creek Confederacy and Muskogean language. The Creek Indians eventually migrated to Oklahoma.

      A greater story was of the Maya ruler Hanab Pakal LL, the “Navigator” [or astronaut] , and his tombstone of the sarcophagus in the temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque. The question of where he flew his rocket flying ship, may have been answered when the American Astronauts during the Apollo LL moon landing, while flying their space module around the back side of the Moon, photographed a large stepped pyramid on the equator, so positioned to be on a line through the center of the Moon and Earth.

      Who could have built a half mile high one mile wide on each side, ancient Ziggurat , with a domed temple on top, with steps, and surrounded with a walled dam? And why did the ancient Maya on Earth build the same structures in so many countries, but with the walled dams removed? More information regarding the Moon pyramid may be found in the Oct. 8-14, 2012 Issue 809 of the Vallarta Tribune.

    16. The land crabs found in San Francisco, I think, are those found on certain persons. The water crabs are found on the beaches as Sand , Fiddler and Hermit crabs, and off he ocean beaches and in San Francisco Bay are the large Dungeness crabs that take your fishing bait off your hooks before the Striped Bass can find it, and in the San Francisco Bay are also Rock and Green crabs.

      That said, I found the bay water, beach and crab picture – on the cover of the Vallarta Tribune – quite interesting, and brought back memories of my youth fishing on the San Francisco Ocean Beaches for 30-40 pound strippers in the heavy serf, all the while avoiding the pesty sand crabs and sand fleas around my bare feet.

      I would agree with Adrian’s comment on your writing. It was interesting and informative about the Land crabs.

    17. Education revolves around the difference between literacy and illiteracy – the ability to read and write, have culture and experience. Besides PV schools, millions of Mexican children are schooled in U.S. schools that have adopted the Common Core program of teaching , where the cursive handwriting with the flowing connecting letters is no longer taught.

      In it’s place is the printing style of block disconnected upper and lower case letters. Gone is the fine penmanship of connected letters and the stylized Calligraphy. With well over 1 million current words in American English language, with word processing computers, laptops and cellphones, along with spellcheck, printing , and not penmanship has become the norm in a diversified society of second language learners.

      Of the signers of the U.S. Constitution, only General/President George Washington could both read and write, but all the signers penned their signatures in cursive style writing, and not with the usual X marking.

    18. Do grades depend on your IQ level, on your natural ability for a subject, such as spelling or athletic ability, or a decision by the teacher? While the average IQ for an American adult citizen is 100, the method of evaluating one’s IQ is changing, since the average IQ has been going down some 1.4 points per decade, for some time. Today one’s IQ is related to how fast decisions and actions can be made in the brain.

      Not included in measuring your IQ level is empathy, morality, and natural ability. Plus the fact that the brain is not good at being able to play chess, and solving logic problems. Computers are more capable at these things.

      Does education increase one’s IQ level, or does one with a higher IQ level able to achieve a higher level of learning? Attempts are being made to increase IQ levels, but concern is that an excess of intelligence could result in negative consequences for the individual and cause maladapted anti-social behavior, and even psychosis.

      So to be an over achiever or just go with your natural skills? Doctors will say an over achiever leaves one open to medical problems. I was an over achiever who got medical problems , and was ordered to stop what I was doing. By adding vitamins and food supplements to my diet, I upped my goals, and have had a successful, rewarding career, and life.

    19. Dear Editor – Madeline,

      Your Editorial “What I find amazing about ex-pats in Mexico” and about the huge amount of human capitol they bring to Mexico, is right on the mark
      However, there is another, just as important side to this story.

      No one should deny our obligations to give back to our culture, in excess of what we have benefited from it, the truth is, not all are able to accomplish this. Whereas charity should begin at home, and provide an inheritance to our family members in our demise – for their future, the heavy tax burden in the U.S. for the welfare state, for some of us, is over 50 percent of our income, even after retirement.

      Many of us in addition to our taxes, donate our time as volunteers in the Public School system as teachers aids, Junior Achievement, or in our company employer Employees Associations – or even writing letters and opinions to the Editors of local and national newspapers.

      In Puerto Vallarta, where jobs are mostly low paying, but provided by government for all who ask, and many single mothers who are responsible for raising their children, or helping to support their mothers, charity from tourists and ex-pats are an important part of their income.

      So, when you visit, or move to PV, remember your purchases contribute to the income of the people who were born and grew up in this most beautiful small city, that once was just a small fishing village, and today are your hosts to their culture and homeland

    20. Dear Marcia,

      Please do not sell Canada short: Canada is number one among nations in educated people, over 50 percent educated past the secondary level; and has the most lakes in the world. The first in educated people likely accounts for the two women Canadian newspaper Editors in Puerto Vallarta. The United States has the most people beyond bars. And no, Mexico is not the most dangerous country. Neither is Iraq – it is Afghanistan.

    21. Madeline,

      This morning I showed your editorial page to a neighbor across the street who had vacationed in Puerto Vallarta last month, since we often discuss PV and also my articles in the local newspapers. What he said , almost floored me!

      Apparently , some years ago, working with the Rotary Club from Calastoga , CA, his son helped build two of the schools in PV. That was why the family vacationed last month there to see those schools. His son is currently a policeman with the San Francisco Police Department, and was formerly in the U.S. military.

      My neighbor, the father, is a army veteran of the Iraq war. How small is this world, and how giving are the American people.

    22. Of course there are two sides to every story, and the story of this article is the promotion of tequila, Mexican beer, and wine – all a sizeable portion of revenue for Mexico.

      Then there is my side of the story, which is that the only time I have ever tasted any of the three, was when I was around 8 years old in an Italian Tavern on the coast of California during a rabbit hunting trip, where all the men in the group drank Dago Red wine around the dinner table.

      Since most all of my family members were alcoholics, I guess that makes me one also, except that I have not swallowed a second time. Same with cigarettes . I never took a second puff, after not inhaling the first. Both alcohol and nicotine are poisons in our system, in that they destroy our bodies.

      My mother died when I was thirteen, my dad twice, at 60 and just before he was eligible for Social Security at 62, from smoking and drinking. My grandfather, uncle and aunt died of cancer from them also. After life at over 70 years, all my medical tests are normal, and with a body of one some 20 years younger, according to my doctors.

      As I, so is my wife. We have noticed that friends who have smoked and drank most all their lives, are eventually told that they must stop, or suffer the consequences.

    23. Madeline (a continuation to my comment above) :

      Today I met Steve my neighbor’s son digging up the sidewalk and replacing a copper water pipe. Steve said that it was in 1989 when he worked on the two schools alongside the river in the town of El Pitillal. The many times I have ridden the bus through El Pitillal to the end of the road, and also when my family took the jungle excursion and stopped there to see the Church, however I do not remember seeing the schools.

      Steve said that the owner of the Firestone tire store across the street form the Sheridan Hotel in PV was at that time the head of the PV Rotary Club, and would visit Calastoga to recruit Rotary Club to members to volunteer their services in building the two schools in El Pitillal, the location now of the Vallarta Tribune office.

    24. This world continually amazes me at just how small it is… As I write this from the offices of the Vallarta Tribune it is apparent that this used to be a school. Amazing. Thank you for your comments Frank.

    25. I vaguely remember hearing or reading about this a long time ago. This picture looks like a former volcanic cinder cone , and in a much larger scale, but with the seaward side of the possible volcano cone not yet fully eroded away, it looks like the Bay of Banderas.

      Actually when I first arrived at Puerto Vallarta over 30 years ago, I met a man with a boat who took us on a trip down south of Puerto Vallarta, and landed on a beach were he had built an adobe block house partly on the side of the hill, and on the beach front. When my wife Loretta and I were shown through the small house, we were told that the Bay of Banderas formed when the ocean eroded away the western side of the ancient volcano, and that there were several small sections of the wall remaining on the ocean side of the bay.

      I have not seen him, or heard that story since, and I am not shore which beach it was. It may have been a private beach, I do not remember for sure him saying so? Perhaps some of your readers may know more about this. And perhaps some day, Marietas Island(s) will also have a bay like Banderas Bay, as it already has a beautiful beach like the eastern side of Puerto Vallarta, and the western wall is eroding away.

    26. I LOVE Mascota!! I have a lot by the river on the road to the lake for when I retire. You can sleep with the windows open during the summer, it is that cool at night. The people are all super friendly.

    27. Dear Madeline,

      Rub-a-dub-dub , two women in-a-tub at Laguna de Juanacatlan, the location of the worlds largest Mokajete (lava stone mortal), and a nice picture of our Vallarta Tribune editor.

      In Mexico, the land of many volcanos (and Banderas Bay), the mortals and pistols are made of the low weight lava stone, whereas in California, many of the mortals and pistles are made out of hard and heavy river and glacier stone.

      My collection of river stone and lave stone mortals and pistols are lined up along my brick fireplace, and were purchased from a San Francisco flea market over time. The four old and worn Mexican Mokajetes were from an estate sale collection, half of the rock mortals and pistles (plus all four donut shaped Indian fishing net weights) came from a cataloged surplus collection from the De Young Museum when they closed to rebuild their building in 2004-5, and the largest were either fished out of Clear Lake in California, or dug up in yards around the lake.

      Your trip described here, will be my trip, when I return to Puerto Vallarta this October, so I can get my picture sitting in the worlds largest Mokajete.

      1. Frank, it is such a charming town I am sure you will enjoy it. There are about half a dozen lovely (affordable) hotels just of the plaza and I can pass on their details to you if you like. Oh! and October will be a breathtaking time to visit, the Lake will be full, the fields abundant and weather perfect.

    28. Keith, you may be right, but the dictionary says: Baja California, peninsula, in Mexico, between the Pacific and the Gulf of California.

      There may be another cause. All along the coasts in the U.S. , Mexico and along other continents, there are half moon shaped bays which are thought to result from eroded asteroid craters eon’s ago, and the ocean side eroded away from storms and wave actions. Oregon’s Crater Lake in California is surrounded by high mountains, is very deep, and not near any coastline.

      With all the volcanos in Mexico, and the few asteroid craters, I favor Banderas bay as an old eroded volcano, with all the lava rock used by the native Mexican tribes in making their Mokajetes.

      1. The tip of the Baja once resided right inside of what we refer to as Banderas Bay today. It’s simple plate tectonics…the geological evidence supports this in both Vallarta and La Paz.

        Take a look at Los Arcos and note that the rock formations are pulled to toward the NW…another indicator of plate tectonics in action. What is now the Baja pulled out of here and moved to the north west. In fact, it continues to move to the north west today.

        Banderas Bay is not the remnant of an ancient volcano…although the lower “mountains” on the north shore, the extension of the continental shelf and the formation of the islands were born from a later volcanic event in the valley between here and GDL. That event flooded this area with lava giving the effect of a caldera. But, the two events are from two different periods of time.

        There are several scientific publications that can be found online regarding this discussion. You can start with a Google of “Jalisco Block” and “Mexican Volcano Belt” to get you started.

        Enjoy the reading!

        1. Great job! I think all will be satisfied with this history description of Banderas Bay and surrounding mountains, and why they are so fertile.

    29. My name is Gurmeet owner of India Gate Restaurant. I am glad to hear you liked our restaurant.
      Looking forward to seeing you in our restaurants again.

    30. Madeline, in researching your article “Mascota – a step back in time”, I have teased out a somewhat different history of the area described. First, regarding the proclaimed world’s largest Molecajete: What was the size of the pestle? The largest I have been able find described are two giant pestles, one some 20 pounds, and another around 40 pounds. Both were found in a bat guano filled cave in Lovelock Texas in 1911, along with giant mummies 6′-6″ to 8′-0″ , that had red hair.

      The Piute Indians called the giants Si-Te-Cah Cannibals. and their legends say how they were killed by trapping them in caves, by building fires outside the entrance and killing them with arrows as they ran out of the caves.

      My smallest lava stone pestle is 2 inches long and weighs 3.8 ounces, and my largest river stone pestle is 10 inches long and weighs around 4 pounds. My largest mortals are very heavy, and I would think that a mortal for a larger pestle would be very heavy and likely carved in an unmovable bolder, or rock river bank ledge.

      Then, in the State of Jalisco, within a cave that had been blocked with a wall of stones, was found in a spacious apartment beyond the entrance, a pile of bones sufficient for some 200 individuals, the largest assembled skeleton measured just 8′-11″, and it appeared that the cave was burial place.

      Being cannibals, it was unusual to find pestles with these giants, and large stone hatchets to 30 pounds and other hunting and fighting tools are the norm. These giant burial sites have been found on every continent, and on many islands.

    31. I also have a story to tell regarding a Saturday Farmers Market, but this case one in San Francisco California, that sells Mexican food cooked and ready to eat by Mexicans, from motorized restaurant vehicles. Many of the vender growers are also from Mexico. Actually it is a little like Mexico especially with the Mexican music played there.

      Up until the 1920s, this large piece of property was my ancestral ranch and farm on the outlands of downtown San Francisco. But alas, it was lost during the great depression and stock crash, only to be acquired by the city of San Francisco.

      On Sundays it is used as a flea market, and during the week is vacant except for the vender stalls, and the administration office. Here venders of many nationalities bring items have acquired from all around the world, or from estate and auction sales.

      Imagine purchasing a seven foot tall Canadian or Indonesian wood totem pole, an Alaskan fur sealskin ceremonial face mask, ivory or carved black rock figurines ; Or stalactites , stalagmites – some to 3′-6″ high and so heavy that they are difficult to move – and giant crystals, all from the high caves in the Himalaya Mountains; or black coral and snail eyes from Tahiti ; carved amber statues, red and butterscotch amber teapots, bowls , cups, spoons, and fossilized dinosaur eggs and teeth, plus meteorites, all from China; or a blue amber beaded necklace from a Buddha Monastery in northern Manchuria, or a fossilized dinosaur feather in clay from the south. I have bargained for each of these treasures and more since there is no fixed price, and added them to my collections. Same with the full size Museum created mounted T-Rex head with its glaring eyes, open jaws, extended red tongue, and long sharp teeth.

      Yes, San Francisco is one amazing place to live and to visit, as so many Mexicans have. And the ranch and farm has become a more interesting place, with the removal of the house and barn, the horses, cattle and chickens, the stream and garden. If one came here every weekend, they would not have to travel almost anywhere else.

    32. Your article “PV Sea Dive – The wonders of Los Arcos” was very informative for me because I live in San Francisco, between the San Andreas and Hayward fault lines, which is is considered to be earthquake country. During the 1989 earthquake, the San Andreas fault line moved some 35 feet north on the north side of the bay in Marin county. To the south in San Mateo county, is the miles long Crystal Springs Reservoir occupying part of the San Andreas fault line, and provides a backup water supply for the San Francisco.

      To think, we got away from San Francisco and the San Andreas fault when we vacation each year in Puerto Vallarta, and then went snorkeling at Los Arches and the “Turtle”, at the “Devils Mouth” . . . and beginning of the San Andreas fault, is unbelievable. The largest earthquake we have experienced was in Puerto Vallarta, a 7.5 that lasted over two minutes, and resulted in the removal of a new high rise timeshare hotel that, we had visited the day before.

      Between vacations, my family and I are safely enjoying San Francisco, the location of the 1906 earthquake – that with the resulting fire – destroyed the whole city.

    33. I love to see people helping animals and I really love seeing kids involved and teaching them how to care and be kind to them. Great work!

    34. Every story has a bright side, and a not so bright side. The bright side began when my father brought a cocker spaniel puppy home when I was around 7 years old. The not so bright side was when he got bigger, and I had to take care of him. Of course, being an annoyed boy, I threw him down the cloths shut.

      My wife’s bright side was she was raised with a pet cat she was close to and always kissed it on the nose. The not so bright side was when we courted for seven years, and she realized that I did not like being kissed by lips that had been kissing a cat’s nose. We did not test this out with our three daughters and they did not have pets.

      San Francisco is a city of 47 square miles with more than 70,000 pet dogs and some twice the amount of cats. When time get tough and owners cannot afford to feed their pets, they send them to the city pound. When the pound exceeds its capacity, the city gave a dog to the homeless folks, thinking that the homeless would have companionship. The city streets, front lawns, and parks are a mess.

      Some of these dogs run wild and kill the quail and rabbits in the parks. The feral cats have reduced the song bird population. City ordinances have been passed not to feed the wild birds and animals because if you do, there will be a problem with them. Skunks , raccoons, squirrels , and coyotes have come into the city searching for the cat and dog food. Since they cannot be killed, property owners have to hire trappers to catch them and take them elsewhere at a large cost.

      Pet dogs have even killed strangers that come near the home, and had to be put down.

    35. A most interesting article regarding alcohol, that does not use the word once. In it’s place it is called “the elixir of the gods”, that has sent many of a man and women to either the underworld, or the upperworld of the Maya. It has been postulated that the Maya used alcohol to make their water drinkable when water contained in their earthen dams and waterways made it undrinkable during the ravaging droughts.

      The problem with alcohol is that it makes the blood acid – thus the name firewater. The pH value of blood normally is around 7.635 . If it goes down below 7, it becomes acid and begin destroying the brain and organs. When overly acid , the blood becomes poisonous and begin destroying the activity of enzymes in the body.

      The body keeps the blood at a constant alkaline value up to certain limits. A diet of green vegetation will provide for an alkaline pH value above 7, and red meat and alcohol will tend to make the blood acid below 7. Myself, I never drink alcohol, nor do I worry about the Maya upper and lower worlds.

    36. The twentieth century saw the worlds largest increase of energy output, increase of industrial growth and population, the world has ever known. Mexico has contributed its share to this also.

      When I arrived in Puerto Vallarta in the third quarter of the twentieth century, the city and Bay of Banderas vicinity looked much different. Timeshares led in the growth and development of the area bringing in the tourists. Timeshare presentations would offer free tours of the city and area. My third timeshare presentation, following the two prior boat trips offered, was a free jeep for the day.

      Yes, we drove the length of the bay shoreline and jungle where roads were passable. My wife Loretta even yelled “don’t go in the jungle because of the highway robber warning!”. The trip was so fascinating and beautiful, that she soon calmed down, and soon we came to the end of a side road at a river, waterfall, and a restaurant that hanged partly over the river.

      Yes we ate our cooked whole fish to the sound of the running water, and marveled that there were so few people seen on our drive. Undaunted by the end of the road, we traveled to the north end of the Bay to Punta Mita and the beach of little finger sized white coral . On the way beck we took the branch road to the town of San Francisco, which at the time was not much to see.

      It is said the twenty first century cannot see the energy growth as the twentieth, since the availability of oil and coal supplies are diminishing, such as are the other natural resources. Also because of climate changes and the unavailability of a new low cost energy source.

      As with my home city of San Francisco, I look back to the early days in Puerto Vallarta. We cannot ever go back, but going forward into the future . . . we see that more, is often less.

    37. Wonderful share! I’m in tears feeling your sentiments! If only more people felt the way you and your family does! Thank you for giving back… it takes so little and means so much … to the animals and the staff! Nicole Martin is one unsung hero in Vallarta without question! !

    38. This article “Fact or Fiction: . . .? ” posted by the Editor, is certainly providing much surprising information. But then it is about a conscious quantum universe and planet that has a memory that does not forget any prior information.

      Take for example the Mexican oil, silver, gold , amber and jade so important to the countries economy. With the special Chiapas amber, one can go back between 22 and 28 million years to the Himenaea Coubaril tree forests, that went extinct after being submerged under dirt and a saltwater ocean, that heated and pressurized the tree resin long before the land was pushed back up, and became the mountainous jungle from the State of Jalisco all the way down to Guatemala .

      These jungles contained the Olmec jade trade routes that existed in back of Puerto Vallarta. Jade is produced in various types- jadeite , nephrite empirical green, and serpentine – called California Jade. Jade is formed by land subjection under a crustal plate, that cooks the rock, which is later is pushed up to the surface.

      The gold was formed in a collision between a giant star with a neutron star, and after our planet was forming, the gold dust settled into the Earth’s molten interior. Later it was ejected by volcanism thru cracks in the earth’s crust with quartz to form gold veins.

      Same with silver, except silver is thought to be produced by the explosion of a smaller sized star.

      Oil like amber, is a product of carbon that was formed in the nuclear reaction within a star. When the star burned out and exploded, the carbon accumulated in the Earth’s crust, where it was pressurized and heated to form either oil , or to form amber if first was contained in tree resin, and became associated with saltwater, heat , pressure, and time.

      These additional conditions, can tell us much about Puerto Vallarta and Mexico’s ecological and geological past, and of our galaxy and solar system. Such a big order for such wonderful small article.

    39. Hey, looks like you made a brave decision and a great one! Good for the Tribune and good for you too. And your son will thank you one day…

    40. THE SATURDAY MARKET CO-OP is another such ‘Tianguis’….open year round every Saturday from 9 till 1……smaller and different in that it is in a large courtyard under a Palapa and fans…located on Pulpito [off Olas Altas…near La Palapa and Coco’s restaurants!] A wide and wonderful array of clothes, jewelry,food! And a comfortable courtyard to enjoy a beverage or food!

    41. Hi Madeline,

      Good post and direction of the Vallarta Tribune. Regarding the distribution locations of the newspaper, I noticed that the lobby of the Canto Del Sol Time share Resort is not on your list. The past several years it has been the only location that I have found copies of the weekly paper except for one at the Airport of the week prior to my arrival – and at the travel agency lobby. (Last year they were delivered to my Hotel site were I have vacationed for the past 30 plus years, and had letters to the Editor, all three weeks of my vacation). If I have to, I can come by your office and pick them up.

    42. Dear Madeline,

      Haven vacationed in Puerto Vallarta for so many years, I was not surprised to read what you wrote in your Editors Note. However, I was first dismayed, and later my blood began to boil, and finally my heart began to weep. Single women with children seem to be in the majority in Puerto Vallarta, with these women working at low paying jobs in order to support their children(s), that their men have abandoned.

      In America, some 86 percent of mothers are now single parents struggling to raise their children. It used to be the black mothers, but now the white mothers have caught up.

      I can understand your struggle, especially in a foreign country. I left home at 15 to get away from my family. I had two jobs, that supported me through my high school years. My middle school (junior high) sweetheart, when we got engaged, moved me into here parents home for a year until we got married. Instead of saving money as she had planned, I had to provide financial support for her family – so they could better take care of her.

      When we got married after one year of engagement, had a girl, and purchased a new house, my father told her that she was too good for me , told me that I spoiled my two children; my office co-workers told me that I spoiled my wife, and did not want their wives to meet her; my wife told me that she was smarter than me, and after many years of marriage, she said the other day that if we had married other partners, today she would marry me.

      Challenges such as these, are what builds character. My faults are that I think that men are cruel, and that mothers are the miracles of creation – you may take this as me being girl crazy. That has always been true. What saved me was meeting my wife at 12 years of age, marrying her at 19, and protecting and spoiling her and my three daughters ever since.

      Personally , although I like Puerto Vallarta, and at one time planned to purchase a condo and move there, I do not think that Mexico is economically stable and safe enough to live there full time – compared to my home city of San Francisco, and country of America.

    43. Lunches that children may actually eat; never repeating the same lunch ever; and insuring proper nutrition at school?

      The most important meal of the day is when one breaks fast at breakfast. This meal wakes up your metabolism and gets it running, and the glucose to the brain and muscles energizes them.

      I can still remember the lunches my mother prepared for me in a colored tin lunchbox with a glass lined thermos bottle. During WWII, everything was rationed. So it was peanut butter and jelly sandwichs , and a thermos full of fruit juice. I remember my mother saying that it must have been the fresh fruit juice that kept me from getting sick, or having a cold.

      High school and on my own, it was a bag lunch of a peanut butter and jam sandwich , and an apple. The 55 years of my careerint an office, I was asked why I ate an apple at the work and lunch breaks, instead of coffee. I never got sick, they noticed, and soon many of my co-workers brought apples.

      I was often asked why I always brought my lunch in a paper bag ( by this time it was natural nutty peanut butter, and sugar free natural jam that I alternated often, and whole wheat bread) and did not go out for lunch at the local restaurant ? I would say, “How do you suppose I paid for my summer home and vacations to Puerto Vallarta?” At business lunches at the restaurant, I ate a salad , in order not to fall asleep back at the office, like those who went out to the restaurant.

      My boss once asked me how I could stay awake during his meetings while he was falling asleep; and thanked me for keeping him on track of the agenda? I said to him: “Because I am the person I want to be!”

    44. It is said that some 98 percent of all species that have ever existed on Earth are already extinct, or are thought to be extinct, as some species that were thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago, have been discovered to be still living , or seen in a cave pictograph of a Sauropod dinosaur sketched by an early man some 5,000 years ago in Peru; and the ball shaped watery cells found by NASA floating around in the atmosphere that range from a baseball size to some 12 foot in diameter thathave splashed on the side of satellites and airplanes that have been grown in the NASA labs, and now are proven to be a life form ; or the rods video taped by a Mexican explorer that were up to 20 feet long with fins that swim extremely fast in the atmosphere, water, and through physical objects. A movie was made of this discovery in a cave in Mexico. Then there are the bright orbs that emerge out of the ground in cemeteries , which are similar to the bright colored orbs video taped making crop circles in England. I would imagine almost anything could be made via DNA , RNA and the ribosomes. There have even been reports by NASA employees of sentient space ships that seemed to be alive as they responded to touch. But then – only some 6 percent of all humans that have ever lived are alive today.

    45. Moralea, do I detect that you are related to the editor, and possibly the person who was photographed with Madeline in the world’s largest Molcajete, a few issues back? Or else the recent arrival mentioned in Madeline’s recent editor Notes?

      Either case, you penned an interesting article about the making of the wool blankets in Oaxaca. Every time I have been in Puerto Vallarta it has been too hot to use a wool blanket, and the hotel where we stay often only provides a thin sheet on the bed. They are not necessary in San Francisco either as our central heating system is seldom used. When it gets too hot, we just open the window, and the cool fog drifts in.

      Reading your article, my thoughts turned to the hammered tree bark, table coverings made in Colombia, and in Africa. The several I have collected each has a different design in bright colors, which I understand has a different meaning and story and use. Although they are fairly strong , flexible and durable, I nevertheless keep them in a glass covered picture frame that I can hang up on the wall, since I understand that some of the Colombia tree bark, table coverings are worth over $20,000 due to the time and skill necessary in making them, the next generation no longer makes them.

      I am amazed at the different uses people can make of the parts of animals, plants and trees. I have a necklace, bracelet and earrings made of the snails eye covering over the shell opening of snails that are found in Tahiti and the Samoan Islands, that looks just like the human eye. I also have black coral from both Tahiti and Banderas Bay in PV.

    46. Hi Frank,
      Yes, I’m Madeline’s mom, a frequent visitor to her home in Mexico. I love this country and am thankful we can explore it together.
      I’m glad you appreciated the article, we had a fabulous time learning about the traditional rug making process. These are rugs that you walk on, or hang on your wall, but not generally to be used as blankets, they would be extremely heavy!
      It sounds as if you live an exciting life, traveling the world. It is a great privilege to be able to see different cultures and their arts and crafts, your pieces sound amazing!
      Thanks again for responding to the article, it’s rewarding to know that someone reads and enjoys them!

    47. I have an extremely jaded opinion regarding this article. Call it a minority report if you will. As a U.S. Citizen born prior to WWII, and experienced how the war effected American and the rest of the world, I would say, today, I would not want to be born in this age!

      America, during the majority of my life, was a Constitutional, rule – of – law Republic with a free Capitalistic free enterprise economic system. A system that was able to build up Europe after being victorious in the war. Our economy and consumerism provided work for many of the nations around the world.

      Our schools, then, educated me to be economically successful, both in my own businesses, and working for other corporations. The Puritan work ethic instilled in us by our culture, in the schools, on the sport field, and in the office, helped make the U.S. an economic powerhouse.

      Today America is a failing country, with a failing population, and a mixed-up culture. Students cannot graduate from high school, or college, and cannot find jobs. The men and women do not want to marry , or, if they do, many fathers do not or cannot support their families, or children There are record suicides in the homes, schools, businesses, and in the military.

      Today, in America, four out of five adults are on some form of government welfare. The homeless roam the sidewalks begging for food and money, and the streets and neighborhoods are run by gangs, or are abandoned.. As the American Sleeping Prophet Eager Casey once said “The best time to have been born was in 1936”, for it would allow some 76 years to live before the starting of the big Earth disasters, following the end of the Maya Calendar cycle ending on December 20, 2012.

      The United Nations Agenda 21 is for borderless countries, one worldwide culture , religion, language, race and government. The problem with the Homo sapien race, is that there has been only one race of the many races that has survived, and that one is destroying the environment and the human genome.

    48. Moralea,

      Nice to meet you via the Internet. Blankets? What was I thinking? I have been to Puerto Vallarta so many times and approached by the beach vendors selling blankets, also in the stores. But not rugs. My bad on this one. However I have a number of American Indian blankets in my collection, that can be used as throw rugs. Exactly, when does a woven blanket become a woven rug?

      Dictionary: Rug , piece of thick fabric used as floor covering, as distinguished from carpet that covers the entire floor. British term: lap Rope. Slang: Toupee.

      Blanket: A large piece of cloth used for warmth, as a bed covering. .Anything used as or resembling a blanket.

      Indians wove heavy blankets and covered the floor where they slept, as they did not use beds in ancient times. I see why my mind switched blanket with rug.

      Most of my travels have been to PV, and to Vancouver Island and British Columbia, in Canada. Most of my collections have been brought to me from archaeologists and other world travelers that sell at our local flea market.

      From Canada I have a seven foot Canadian wood Totem Pole with the thunderbird on top with out stretched wings, plus three baby Harry Mammoth teeth, and a small amount of their long hair and short fuzzy down.

    49. I have always thought with the exchange rate of the Mexican peso and the U.S. dollar at todays 12 to 13 to one exchange rate, and with the Mexican coins in the similar size as the penny , nickel , dime, quarter and new copper dollar coins still in circulation – and is likely true for some of the Canadian coins – bringing home th Mexican coins was quite thrifty.

      My favorite was the aluminum 1985 Mexican peso coin that was accepted by the parking meters in San Francisco, as a U.S. quarter. Americans went to the banks in Puerto Vallarta to obtain rolls of the coins until the U.S. complained , and the game was mostly over, since the U.S. parking meters made changes that would not accept them.

      Also the old Mexican 10 centavo piece was the same size as the U.S. dime. And the new two color metal 1 peso is the same size as the U.S. nickel. The new copper colored U.S . 1 dollar coin is one inch in diameter. I wonder if new 20 peso piece is the same one inch in diameter? I will check it out this October in PV., or if I find one on the streets of San Francisco beforehand.

      Looking in my box of coins found on the streets of San Francisco , is a a I, 2, and 5 peso coin. The 10 peso coin found last year, as before noted, was used for the bus getting from the PV airport to the Canto del Sol timeshare resort. If I go again to Canada, I have some of those coins in my box. Also if I should go to Europe.

    50. My response here is actually in response to Cat’s article on Fun on the Riviera Nayarit – “Have you had your Bananas today?”

      The extensive and excellent article on Bananas , made me think of science article relating to bananas in the 1900s in the San Francisco Chronicle by Kay Davidson, the assistant science editor. The article related to the checking of the large cargo containers entering the San Francisco Bay for nuclear bombs. Whenever a shipment of bananas came into the bay, the radiation detectors would alarm. Subsequently X-ray or other detectors had to be used because of the radioactive Potassium 40 in the bananas.

      Potassium 39 is the seventh most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, and is used in chemical compounds in soaps, glass, and matches.

      Radioactive potassium 40 is found in the Earth’s center, resulting in the inner Earth being hotter than the Sun’s surface. It is also a major part of the center of the small planet Pluto, providing the heat to melt the ice covered planet to have a liquid 60 mile deep ocean, some 60 miles below the planet surface.

      Since the chemical element potassium, K , is only number 19 in the list of over 116 elements, the question is why potassium is found on the center of the Earth and Pluto? Likely due to the fissional particles from the decay of uranium autonomic number 92 ; Or from the 1940 atmospheric atomic bomb tests.

      Therefor, bananas, today, may not be the healthy fruit as mentioned in this article. Although the U.S. government and Japanese government discounts the danger of radiation regarding human health, it is a fact that cancer rates in the human population have increased since the 1940s atmospheric atomic bomb tests, and the nuclear reactor disasters in Russia , Japan, and in the U.S.

      Myself, I no longer eat bananas, or take x-rays. And limit my air travel to once a year coming to Puerto Vallarta; and staying out of the radioactive rain across America.

    51. Hi Madeline,

      Your editorial subject was a boy, and butterflies. As a boy I saw swarms of Monarch butterflies at the parks in San Francisco. The past number of years, I have seen but one at a time in my front and back yards. This year, several weeks ago, I saw one male Monarch butterfly – It is the female that has all the spots on their wings, the males mostly solid black.

      Regarding your boy ( apparently the man of the house?) hard work builds character. I do not ever remember not working as a boy, since I did not receive an allowance. Yes a monetary award for good grades, and a coin under my pillow for lost teeth.

      My hobbies were my early source of spending money, like breeding and selling tropical fish from tanks on my bedroom wall. Newspaper route at 7 years old. Summer Lemonade stands at 8 & 9, Then paying jobs in the middle and high school ( yes I had to get up at 3:30 am in the morning to work 4 hours before going to high school). Left home on my own at 15, Engineering job at PG&E at 18, And founded my own Professional Corporation at 39.

      Same with my three daughter. They worked paying jobs at a printers shop during summer vacations, the phone company and a jewelry store for their spending money since they did not get an allowance. Like their mom and dad, school was very important, and top grades were expected.

      My 4 grandsons, the oldest just turned 26, have mostly never had jobs, and when they obtained one, it did not last long. Although we had to take then in, they have not developed character, and are lazy. It is all about cars, and crashing them. My daughters were not permitted to drive our cars, and had to get a job to purchase their own.

      Today they are all with children, and live in $1 million homes.

      School and learning are lifetime requirements, and must be undertaken with maximum focus and accomplishment. Strive to be the best in class, in all you do, as a minimum. This is how to develop character, and get all that you want in life .

    52. Concord grapes have always been my favorite for fresh eating or grape juice. Both the older seeded, or the newer seedless . The purple skins are somewhat tough, but are better for you. As in most fruits and tubers, the healthiest part is in the skins. Drink it fresh before it turns to vinegar. Drinking fresh grape juice and driving go together. The best vinegar for you and the stomach is the organic apple cider vinegar. Drink a small glass of apple cider vinegar straight or with water for a healthy stomach – and a longer life. I like the baked potato skins, and not the inner part, same as the orange pulp and not the juice.
      It works fine in our family, my wife gets the mashed potato and I get the skins, she gets the orange juice, and I get the pulp. I eat the whole grape , she peals the skins off and throws them away. And she sometimes complains about my perfect health, especially when we have to pay for our yearly health check-ups. I am told that I am wasting my money on mine..

    53. What I am reading here is: “Power-to-the-people” by decentralizing portions of the central government to the state governments, and hence to the people.

      The central government cannot take on the entire burden of the people, like in, “Ask not what the government can do for you – but what you can do for your country”.

      The first step is an educated populace. This is being accomplished by better schools and educational opportunities for the people. It is also being done by the number of highly educated and skilled foreign nationals moving to live full time in Mexico.

      The next thing is to increase the production of low cost electrical energy in all parts of Mexico, for all people; for they are the producers and consumers and engine of the national economy.

      Mexico has chosen the energy policy of solar electrical generation as distributed generation . The safest and most economical way is with the salt tower, and the encircled mirror reflectors. During the day the salt is liquefied by the sunlight reflected off the mirrors, and the liquefied salt heats water for steam to power the steam electric generators both day and night.

      In early America, large federal dams were constructed to provide drinking water, and hydroelectric power to the cities and farms of the U.S. An example is San Francisco, where the Hetch Hetchi water and hydroelectric system provided water and power to develop the city into one of the most beautiful and famous in America.

      Today the San Francisco Bay Area has one of the highest percentages of College and University graduates in America; plus Silicon Valley and UC Berkeley .

    54. Gee . . . I do not know? What I read in this article seems to depend on the consumer spending in the U.S. for Mexican products – vehicles. Much of the construction in both the U.S. and Mexico are due to expensive large government improvement projects. Except for the wealthy class in Mexico, it seems that most of the rest of the population are relatively poor, and dependent on charities.

      The hotel construction in Puerto Vallarta has been extensive, but where will all the travelers to come from to fill the rooms much of the year? In the U.S., four out of five adults are collecting some form of government subsidies and are on the edge of poverty. Over 60 million adults are on food stamps, and most jobs that have remained these past five years of the Obama administration, are being mostly changed to part time or sub-contractor positions to avoid the Obamacare tax.

      How can the world count on America for the economic growth when there is a $17 trillion dollar government defect , plus another some $200 trillion unfunded benefit worker packages. Same with the states, counties and towns.

      Regarding visiting Mexico, air travel has become such a problem because of security, that many vacationers will travel by cruise ship. Resort areas are dependent on their arrival. With all the trouble with the cruse ships, many travelers now avoid them. Plus ports like Puerto Vallarta are being bypassed due to the drug violence.

      Whit I have been hearing from the local merchants in PV, is without the cruse ships, there are few customers visiting their shops. When the visitors walk through their shops, few are buying. The economy in Mexico has been bad in the past – and I do not see it getting any better in the future.

      Like the song that goes like it is ; “All the good time have past and gone”, I find that this is the case in both San Francisco and in Puerto Vallarta, and likely most places everywhere else. War, conflict, migration and cultural changes are negative forces.

      In spite of this, let us hope that the tomorrows will be better days like we have experienced in the best of times.

    55. I am a recycler. I pick up bottles everyday when I walk my dogs. Our first stop is the bins on Calle Nicargua just off the beach and adjacent to the Hotel Buenaventura. The problem in PV is getting the locals interested in recycling. The attitude is just to throw something down as “someone else will pick it up”. There has to be a cultural change in order to educated the public. There is more than one reason to recycle. The basic Vallartan just doesn´t get the picture that THE INDUSTRY IN PV IS TOURISM and tourists don´t want to see garbage in the streets and parks. The city Aseo Publico can only do so much. The persons involved in this recycling venture here need to get the work out about what can be produced from recycled plastic A few years ago a number of us met to try to tackle this problem, but the interest shortly died. A local businessman who got a degree in engineering, I believe, gave a presentation on what plastic bottles can be turned into, such as a brick that looks a lot like a regular brick, but lasts a helluva lot longer. BUT the word has to get out.

    56. With the law passing the legislature for teacher tests, unqualified instructors can be weeded out , provided or required to obtain teaching credentials in order to continue teaching in the classroom. Also, the government will be able to be involved in the hiring of new teachers instead of the practice of friends or family members being given the vacated teaching job.. Nothing I have read refers to home instruction. Is it legal in Mexico? In Germany former German President Adolph Hitler had a law passed in the 1930s that requires all children to be schooled in government schools. When they are discovered, the police went to the home to take the home schooled children away from the parents.
      With the prior government administration change of the Mexican National law where a person is no longer guilty until proved innocent, I hope that Jalisco and Nayarit state no longer follows the old law . The American tourists needs to know this for before the national law was changed, an American citizen could be arrested and thrown into jail, and would not get out until the American Embassy was contacted to have them released.

    57. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – San Francisco. I have lived all my life in one of the best parts of town, in a big three story house built for entertaining , with the dance floor, servants entrance and all those things. The old San Francisco was a great place to be and enjoy the old town. Today due to commercialism and the crowds , we avoid much of the city and events.

      I have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta for over 30 years. The old city was great. The new growth, and crowds, not so. Why did we choose PV over Cancun and Acapulco ? Because it was not built by the government as a tourist attraction. Now that PV has caught up with the resort model, it has lost it uniqueness, and has taken on many of the bad ways of San Francisco.

      The magic and innocence has mostly gone, and today one could stay at home and see and hear the Mexican people and foreign tourists on the streets of San Francisco. The low season at the end of September and beginning of October has been our favorite in PV, for the pools, beaches and old town areas are quiet and peaceful.

      Perhaps we are out growing Puerto Vallarta and the hassle of traveling there may not be worth it any longer. However , we still have our timeshare until 2019 to find out. Perhaps the ride from the airport south to our timeshare, will continue becoming like the ride down the main street of Vas Vegas, Nevada. Gambling clubs and all.

    58. Just as a market has a buyer and seller, there are markets, sellers and buyers. The one common thing is money. Everyone that earns money, spends it in different ways, and on different things.

      The joy of being a buyer, is when all the necessities in life have been met – a house and household items, food and clothing – and the kids out of school and married.

      Traveling and collecting go hand in hand. I remember our first purchase when all the essential purchases were met, and the kids out of the home. We wanted this for the longest time – a grandfather clock. What a joyous feeling purchasing it new at half price. Well we have two of them now, and quite a collection of old clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches.

      To make the story short, last Sunday I went to the big flea market in San Francisco. Like our editor Madeline, I like things old. Several of the purchases were several centuries old. A hand carved red amber tea pot in the shape of an alpine strawberry, about seven inches long, with a small strawberry on the lid, and near the handle. It was from an estate sale in the capitol city of China, and the square raised date stamp on the underside was over 100 years old because the seller could not read markings when over 100 years old.

      Also from china, were two amber beaded necklaces of 18 and 22 one inch long beads of Balkan half butterscotch and half clear in color, in the shape of the Buddha on one, and the four faces of the Buddha on the other,

      Of course this made it necessary to purchase another display cabinet from the antique store due to the amount of amber crowded in my existing display case.

      Well that was not all. For I found and purchased two hand full of the early American Disney, Marvel and DC comic books from the 1930s – 60s where the published cover l prices were 10 cents , 12 cents, 15 cents and 20 cents.

      When one considers a copy of the June 1938 Action Comics issue No.1 of superman recently sold for $1.4 million, old comic books can be valuable. Unfortunately my issue No.1 of this comic book is a 50th anniversary issue printed in the UK that sold for 50 cents in the U.S. and 70 cents in Canada. My October 1963 DC National Comics issue of “Superboy” cost 12 cents then. Ok, so I did pay only 50 cents for it but do not know its worth. But then, it was purchased at a flea market with no fixed price..

      However, as Madeline said, older is better..

    59. An investment of $1 million in equipment, with 110 inmates working on a sorter belt, and a grinder to produce sheet flak material. Wonder how much the inmates earn per hour?

      There is another way to turn the plastic bottles, etc. into oil, which can then be cracked to produce gasoline, and the other fuel oils. The cooker heats the plastic material into a liquid , and then to a gas which is cooled by bubbling it in cold water to condense it as oil.

      During WWII, Adolph Hitler’s scientist’s came up with the chemistry to produce oil, but I do not think they used plastic that was made from oil, but likely carbon ,water, heat and pressure.

    60. A map showing the location of the Co-op Market would be fantastic. We just bought a place in Nuevo Vallarta but we are just there on weekends, so I have no idea where these places are. I’d love to go!

    61. Perhaps some of the visitors to PV have similar stories to tell. My lodging at the Plaza Pelicanos timeshare resort , is on the ground floor looking out on the beach and Bay of Banderas. From my living room and bedroom sliding glass windows, I look upon the rock pier jutting out into the bay in front of my rooms. The pier is rather new, as it was not there when we first occupied our lodging.

      Eating breakfast on the porch. I noticed that divers were bobbing up and down in the water, as fishermen were fishing off the rock pier. Going down on the beach, I waited until one of the divers came up on the beach and asked him what he was filing his floating bucket with. Oysters. Right off the beach. I was asked if I wanted to purchase a glass jar full of shelled oysters for $5.00.

      Remembering my youth when my father brought home clams , oysters, mussels and Abalone, and would put then in the sink to soak them for days in oatmeal to let them clean themselves out before eating, I asked him why he did not do the same thing before shelling.? He had never heard of the practice, and would check it out.

      Just think. From my resort hotel room, one can go diving right off the shore and the rock pier and catch a breakfast of large oysters. What other surprises does PV have to offer? Well, I have two black coral plants attached to a rock base that was found on the beaches of Banderas Bay.

      The most beautiful larger black coral plant is quite valuable because most of its black shoots have been carved in in the images of a swordfish , porpoise , octopus , squid, seahorse, and other type fish. Actually it is difficult to identify them all since there are so many eyes staring at you from the base and fingers.

      The collector that sold it to me at the flea market, was in dire need of rent money. He later admitted to me that he had found out that the carving was quite valuable, and regretted selling it. He said that he usually got the better of the deals, but that this was is worst mistake. The piece of black coral could have have come from Tahiti , which are very difficult to obtain now because of all the diving for coral for the tourists had depleted the black coral reefs.

      In California, it is the Abalone that are mostly disappeared due to the divers.

    62. I am surprised that an American preschool coordinator and teacher did not have more to say about the subject. I remember my pre school days in San Francisco during WWII as walking up my street during the day by myself and playing in the sand and bushes in the vacant lots over the hill. Pretty wild and independent , but this is what I remember , and I knew the war was hell, because of the food rationing, In kindergarten which sure was fun, I remember the painting on the tripod easel with the chalk water paint in the milk cartons , used after we drank the milk from them , and the long round handle brushes. No I did become a painter even after taking several classes in the College of Marin. It must have been too late.

      However I remember my 17 year old granddaughter before she went to preschool. She was diagnosed as autistic, and went to a special school. I knew that something was wrong when our whole family was on vacation , as she sat in the corner watching me read a post graduate book on neutrinos, those particles emanated from the sun. The thick book contained mostly mathematical equations, charts and grafts.

      She was barely walking then, but when she saw me set the book down, and leave the room, she retrieved it and sat back in the corner. I watched her open the book page by page, pull the page up to her face, and stare at it.

      Today Laura is in the San Ramon High School , in her 11th year, with mostly A grades, and captain of the schools Cheer Leaders. One day in middle school she told her mother she wanted to go to a regular school. When she got there she said to her mother, she wanted to be on the Deans list. She has been on it ever since. She wants to try out for most of the school activities. She has been a student spokesperson and leader in both the middle and high schools. Is it the student, or is it the teachers?

    63. Visitors on vacation to Puerto Vallarta, do not plan on getting ill. Especially when they have traveled alone. In all the three decades that I had traveled to PV and stayed at the Canto del Sol , I never had a medical problem requiring a doctor. For several days and nights several years ago, I had an excruciating pain in my right side of my abdomen . not used to ever getting sick, I tried to ignore it.

      Unable to take it any longer two days later, I called the hotel information operator to see if they had a nurse on their staff. I was advised to see the Pharmacy located across the street. He knew exactly what the problem was after looking at me and listening to my words of distress.

      A two boxes of pills, one a pain killer and the seconds an antibiotic. With the pain gone, and a good nights sleep, I recovered in a couple of days. It is a good idea when staying in Mexico to locate the local Pharmacy and get to know them on a first name basis. You never know. I could have saved myself several days of grief during my three week vacation.

      Like my son-in-laws who came to PV with us, who liked the Mexican beer, but the beer did not like them. They have been unwilling to come back with us..

    64. I love Puerto Vallarta! I live in around The Edmonton, Alberta Canada area.. Just booked our Trip in December for PV this will be our 3rd time back there, I have other options to travel to other areas but I keep finding myself picking Puerto Vallarta.. Love the people and the City! Would love to one day be there for 6 months of the year! It will Happen (:

    65. Loretta and I visited the Museum in Mexico City in the late 1970s. There was the giant Olmec head in front of the Museum, and a large sign near the door informing us that a recent robbery had taken many of the artifacts that had been displayed. Many years later I purchased a large heavy book with glossy colored pictures taken in the Museum prior to the robbery. Oh well, better later than never.

      Regarding NAFTA, U.S. Presidential candidate Ross Perot said that passing NAFTA would result in a big swishing sound as all the jobs moved south. Ross was correct, the jobs are all gone.

      Solar cells will not power Mexico or America. America was powered with electricity by large dams and hydro facilities. Without the dams for water and flood control, a nation cannot have a large viable population. In America it is now dams or fish. Looks like the fish may win as America goes down to suit the environmentalists.

      Already all our forests are burning due to the actions of the environmentalists. The world cannot support humanity and wildlife. The results. Check out Mars. Have you seen it lately? All desert like is going the Earth.

    66. Economics is much like gravity – it moves to the lowest cost level. America today with high labor costs, a national debt of over $17 trillion and rising, taxes going up to pay for it, Obamacare, a nation with 104 nuclear power plants facing climate change and end of their useful lives, and a population with some half of third world people, the wealthy are moving to third world countries with a low national debt, taxes, labor costs and few ecological disasters – Say Viva La Mexico!.

      Also Mexico will not be going to war with any nation. One problem with the Mexican climate is that it is sunny most of the year. With its tropical jungles, the climate seems to be getting warmer as Earth is entering a new tropical age. Which means that the poor will be traveling to the cooler northern climates. With the age of robots upon us, the promise of America back in the 1950s that the future will be without work as robots will be doing most of the work for us..

    67. Madeline,

      Put me on record that I agree with your son regarding beans. I refuse to eat them since my experience with them during my youth and WWII.

      America was rationing everything needed for the world war effort. Food was scarce. People were thin then . My father would go hunting and fishing down the coast of San Francisco for feeding the family. He hunted with the farmers who owned the hunting and fishing land. They grew beans.

      My dad brought them home by the gunny sack full. Full of the chaff and they had to be picked out and separated . That was my job in the first and second grade when I got home from school. Pick out the beans and place them in jars. I hated beans, and when I left home at 15, I never had to eat another one. OH I love Mexican food, but I order “Sin Frejoles ” . People sometimes ask what I do eat.

      Your son will like this one. As a boy I was taught to eat fried animal brains, fish eye soup, squid, eel, liver, and other animal parts, sandwiches made with raw hamburger, raw white onion, and Limburger cheese (good though!)..

      Marriage changed my diet since Loretta cooked. When I requested she shop for animal brains and cook it for dinner, she did. But when they began cooking, she ran out of the house in disdain. Also with raw hamburger and roast beef.

      Working two jobs and going to school required eating super foods to stay healthy. Besides the food supplements, it amounted to medium rare cocked steaks (often for breakfast, lunch and dinner), baked potatos , steamed vegetables and toss green salads. Also all kinds of fish and shellfish, fruits and fruit juices . And , yes, ice cream and fruit pies – oh my! Apparently good for a blood type of B minus.

      I am in perfect health today, with the proper weight for my height, proper blood pressure, and all the other health measurments, and no aches and pains. Walk between twenty and thirty long blocks each day. See, I do not need the beans.

      I think I will make Loretta and me milkshakes now since the weather has made to house so warm inside.

    68. It has been some years now , but there was a club in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, that only purchased used items at stores like the Good Will , to save the ecology and avoid paying sales taxes. Of course there were certain things they had to purchase new , such as tooth paste and brushes, and women’s hygiene items, and food items, which were purchased in bulk. The mission statement of the club was to see how little they purchased new, and how much used items they could recycle.

      Although I did not participate in this club, I had a different plan in my younger days when raising a family of young children. I realized that I could improve my families standard of living in either , or a combination of two ways.

      I could double my earned income by working, or I could double the purchases of necessities by buying at half price. Doubling my working wages would be difficult, and require working harder or longer, however, purchasing the necessities at half price would put me ahead faster due to paying less taxes.

      So thrift stores, and the city flea market that did not charge taxes, and priced items below wholesale prices, and supermarket and large department stores price loss leaders were first on my list. Soon, I was purchasing most of my necessities at half price and less, and reducing my sales taxes.

      At the Goodwill stores that resale donated items from residents, or retail stores, were receiving much gold jewelry. I purchased a 14K 1/20 gold necklace at one of their stores for $10.99 US, and went three doors up the street to my jeweler for an appraisal. The necklace was appraised to be over ten years old, made in Italy, and valued at $135. This was at the time when gold was valued at around $850 an ounce. I was advised that the Goodwill store sold their jewelry at a very low price.

      Needless to say, I visited the store quite often over the next year, especially on their senior discount on Sunday, until I had pursed some 5 pounds of various types of gold jewelry in 10K to 18 K, but mostly in 14K. Mostly in yellow gold, but some in white gold. When the price kept going up to $1,900 an ounce, I had long stopped purchasing jewelry . When I began my purchases, the Internet said that 14K 1/20 giod jewelry was worth $45 US per ounce.

    69. For what it is worth, the reason we first came to Puerto Vallarta in the late 1970s was the words in our RCI book of member resorts, “The John Newcomb Tennis Club”. My wife Loretta and I were tennis pros, and since our Mountain Retreat timeshare in California had been built from scratch around the tennis courts of the Sequoia Woods Tennis and Golf Club, where I was the tennis pro, Loretta said that she wanted to visit Puerto Vallarta and the John Newton Tennis Club.

      The Club at the Canto del Sol Timeshare resort provided all the tennis we wanted. But times changed and the John Newcomb franchise left, and later we retired from tennis and closed our business. Our October date was chosen due to the only time in the year we could get away from our tournament and teaching program in CA & NEV.

      So today we come down for the piece and quite during the off summer season in PV. For us, the fewer the people the better. However this is not the purpose of the PV Engage Mexico Conferences. The growth of the area is not in our favor, as the old PV suited is fine, even much better than with all of today’s troubles and problems.

    70. Correction on above. The $45 is per gram, not ounce. There are approximately 28 grams to the once depending on which weight measurement one uses. At $45,00 US per gram , an ounce would be 45 X 28 = $1,260 when the rate of one ounce was around $850 , Although around $1,450 today , remember it went up to over $1,900 and is projected to rise to $3,200 in two years. Most of the current donated gold jewelry today at my local Goodwill store is priced from some $75 to $850 US. Quite a change in just several years. Regarding micro molecular gold is quite different from gold dust. Optically it is colored white. Chemically ? Regarding micro molecular silver, it looks white also, but not silvery, and chemically it is different. It is easer to make than with gold. A process can combine 45 silver atoms encaged in a lattice of sulfur atoms. I understand that the ancient astronauts came to Earth to make white micro molecular gold for its special properties. However I cannot find an explanation on how it is done, or exactly what are the properties except optically.. Can anyone help?

    71. Monday September 16 is a National Holiday in Mexico for celebrating Mexico’s Independence from Spain? I have seen nothing to date in the San Francisco newspapers, Perhaps in Sunday’s calendar of events section.

      Actually the only thing regarding the millions of undocumented Hispanics in California, was the bill on the Governors desk providing drivers licenses for them. It will be a form of independence for Mexican drivers. The distribution of Hispanics in California is around 50 percent of the population, and perhaps more in the San Francisco schools.

      Already the great state of Texas, has petitioned to remove itself from the Union of the United States, and a dozen of California counties also with perhaps some Oregon’s counties, have voted to be separate state from California. No bloodshed, just determined voters.

    72. Viva Mexico! This is exciting new for our industry here and we all felt the pains of many false news stories in the last years. We at, Paradise Village Group anticipate positive results in the real estate market this year introducing many to their dream
      home! We love El Tigre where we live now and look forward to a prosperous future.
      Vive Mexico!

    73. Behind this new national tax reform, must hide the United Nations Agency 21 agenda , which ultimately aspires for equality among persons and countries, one currency, military, religion, and nations without borders.

      I remember several rears ago on one of the town jungle tours in PV, asking about all the new public housing projects being built back from the hotel and beach area. I was informed that they were for the retired workers we see at the hotels who get social security. A Mexican had to work so many units before they could receive social security, and the other Mexicans who had not worked sufficient time, were mostly living on the small farm plots with older buildings.

      In California, I paid into Social Security for some 55 years, and have collected my social security payments for some 14 years. My wife receives half the amount I receive. Today there is some two working persons supporting each retired person in the social security system. Congress has said that in around 12 years or less, the fund will be empty. Then what? Will the government up the taxes, or sell of government land to continue payment?

      It is said that government social security is a pyramid scheme, where the earlyist receivers will get more than they put in, and the later ones will get less, or none. So be careful what you ask for and what the government gives you. It usually means higher taxes of the few for the many This is democracy in action, which works until it runs out of the other person’s money.

    74. When an educated and highly skilled American has spent over 30 years vacationing for three or more weeks in various cities in Mexico, and has been very successful in San Francisco California, one of the areas that contains the highest percentage of University graduates in America, he cannot be fooled by political posturing

      One of the first things I was taught in the lower grades in my civics class, is the big lie that governments tell to their electors, to control them. I have observed Mexico very carefully during the times I have visited the many cities and places. I have played tennis with and against the people, I have made friends often, shopped in their stores, and purchased their paintings and other products. And listened to their stores on a similar subject that seems to vary from each person.

      In San Francisco, they live all around my home. Attend the public schools, work in the companies, and have many of the shops, and have served in America’s armed forces to obtain a short cut to citizenship. Perhaps the most telling thing about Mexicans in America’s public schools, is the high percentage that do not graduate, obtain higher grades above only the blacks. And the number that join gangs.

      I would have to say that as a culture, they are not ready for self governing, such as in a democracy – actually in the U.S., a Constitutional Representative Republic. Many of the founding fathers of the United States were lawyers, made and understood the law. Andvknew that if only some 5 percent of the people disobeyed a law, it could not be enforced, and would be useless.

      For Mexicans to learn to read and speak English, a language of over 1 million words, and understand the U.S. Constitution, is something that not all the majority of American citizens can do. To have social, business , and occupational skills are important, but alone are not sufficient to be in charge of electing your government leaders. You must also be able to know and understand the law, and judge your peers in the jury panel in court.

      A pretty big task for one who gets poor grades in school, and does not graduate, or get a steady job. And for a man , husband and father, to stand by his wife and children in their support and up bringing of their children. The family is the backbone of any country. When a country relies on its foreign visitors to supply charity to feed and cloth the people , and volunteer their labor in building their schools, it has a government that is not doing it’s job of providing for it’s peoples security, safety, and jobs. You will notice that the government officials have provided for their security and safety.

    75. I cannot imagine celebrating independence with any country if the law was I was guilty until I could prove my innocence. This is the old Napoleonic Code where the Emperor ruled the land of his subjects.

      I know that the Mexican government changed this Code over 6 years ago, but many Mexican States like Jalisco, Nayarit and others still cling to the old Code. The description of government tyranny is when the people fear the government, and freedom for the people when the government fears the people.

      Former U.S. President Bill Clinton disarmed the military on U.S. bases because he feared a rebellion by the military, which he hated. Today there are many rapes, killings and suicide on these bases. Woe into the American that does not protect his home and family with a gun and rifle. If a burglar or thief believes that the owner has a gun, the burglar will not enter the home.

      In America we have armed police protecting the cities, and armed security officers guarding the banks and businesses. The military are not permitted to protect the cities, for they are there as part of the federal government to protect the country from foreign invasion. Like the 40 plus million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

      Gun free zones are safe places for criminals who have guns and knives. Freedom of the people is when the Constitution guarantees the individuals freedom to have a gun for sport, hunting, or protection.

    76. One very nice thing I have noticed regarding the Bay Of Banderas water, in lSeptember – October, it is very warm around the shores in front of the resort hotels. One can take a dip and swim during the day and most of the night in bathtub temperature water. This is true for also for the pool water. If you like a cool to cold pool water, early in the morning is a good time, or after a heavy downpour. Myself, I like the pool when it is raining, and if the lightning gets close, I retreat to the portion of the pool under the Palapa (At the Canto del Sol). Actually , my spot poolside for the past 30 plus years has been on a decliner chair under the Palapa for the shade, with a good book. Unfortunately , this will be my last year at the Canto del Sol. Yep, my timeshare contract will be over, and I will miss it dearly, but not the maintenance fees. However , I can be found next door at the Plaza Pelicanos on a decliner chair on the ground floor of the beach front high-rise, where there is shade in the morning , of course , with a book. After so many years teaching and playing tennis on sun drenched courts, my San Francisco fog tenderized and bleached skin can handle just so much of the direct hot sun.

    77. With many stores in PV closed during August and September, the cruse ship traffic will not do much for them. Then there is the flea market at the marina where the cruse ships dock. I spend time there when I arrive during the last week of September, talking to my friends who tend the shops . The story has been, as we sit on chairs under a tree between the open shops, that , yes there are cruise ships arriving , however few of the passengers visit our shops.

      The story is , the shops they visit are the ones that the chartered busses take them to in town, or at a timeshare resort. The receiving resorts and jewelry stores will have welcoming beverages waiting for them. But the shop owners say, they look, but purchase little . Last two years at the Joyas Finas Sunecon jewelry store at Morelos 593 , downtown, where I purchase my 24K gold pieces, I had to wait some time for visiting couples who were making big purchases of jewelry, and asking for the receipt to recover the 15 percent tax added.

      One finds much Tasco silver merchandise in the downtown stores, but not a lot of gold. The Mexico Tasco silver mines at one time was the worlds largest supplier , and the gold mines located up the Cuale River, used to send the gold down the river in boats that delivered it to ships waiting at the Bay of Banderas.

      Today not many residents of Puerto Vallarta can afford to buy gold jewelry, and even silver. One store owner at the downtown flea market said last year, that he can no longer afford to purchase silver jewelry to sell in his store, and that he would be selling only tee-shirts. You can always be sure of making a shop owner happy with a purchase, and a friend if you purchase year after year.

    78. From my front window at the Plaza Pelicanos timeshare apartment on the Las Glorias Beach in PV, I can see the cruse ships enter and exit Banderas Bay, I have watched as many as three in the bay at one time. From the Jacuzzi atop the 9 story high-rise building, I can watch the ships docking and undocking at the marina.

      I have never gone on a big modern cruise ship, for it is not my style to be coopped up with a lot of people, and rushing on and off a boat of some 2,000 – 4,000 persons. The recent sinking, fires and sicknesses on these boats have convinced me I have made the right decision to vacation in PV on the beach. However today, there are large discounts on reservations available. Our friends in our folk dance club go on many cruises when the price is right.

      Actually, when the award winning movie Titanic came out, I did not go to see it. I did not wish to see an unsinkable ship , sink on its maiden voyage. I reckon that I had been a design engineer, machinist and perfectionist for two long to accept such an unnecessary failure and disaster .

    79. Enjoying the evening better than ever grilling our delicious dinner outside with warm breezes after a nice rain. The only thing that could have made our evening better would be our family here to enjoy with us.

    80. Awesome idea Todd! Getting children involved can only build positive reinforcement! Bravo to you for teaching by example!

    81. I have to confess that this presentation sounds a lot like the timeshare presentations we went to in Puerto Vallarta, some 30 years ago. We have used our timeshares every year during this time, one ran out last year, one this year, and the third in six years. We were advised that we could rent out the years that we could not attend, or request the resort to do this for us. How does the resort rent out your unit when the occupancy rate at the resort ranges from some 80 percent at high season, and some 10-15 percent at low season?

      Most of the young people we met in the early years, we only saw for a couple of years. They either sold, traded, or abandoned. Today there is a tremendous overbuilding in Puerto Vallarta. The expectations are for a prosperous world and many foreign visitors. But our experience has been, due to a shortage of these foreign visitors, busloads of Mexican families are bussed in for three day stays at the resorts we stay at.

      Regarding retirement, we looked at purchasing an apartment near our tennis club resort. Looking back, we are glad that we did not. The earthquakes, tropical storms, a hurricane that destroyed one of our timeshare apartments , poor Mexican economy, and a cultural war between the government and the drug cartels and gambling Moffia to control the country, I would think that a safer and more stable country would be a better choice.

      There are many retired people moving to Puerto Vallarta. Best to talk with them. Perhaps the place they left was not as good as Puerto Vallarta, or their circumstance there – no family, etc. Leaving one’s homeland, language and culture is not an easy thing to do, unless one cannot survive there.

    82. Even in the darkest night, there is a ray of light. With roads closed, power out, lack of food drinking water, the damage to 2/3 rds of Mexico must hamper or shut down the drug cartels and their operations. Also the gambling casinos.

      However as has been said regarding the Bay of Banderas, the city of Puerto Vallarta has been spared from much of the storm and flooding. I am expecting dry and sunny weather when I return to PV on Saturday 28. Last year the big rain storm hit PV on the Friday, by Saturday afternoon when I arrived, all was dry, including the three weeks of my stay.

      I am concerned this year due to the line up of the planet Saturn and Earth, which has resulted in much havoc in countries around the planet, especially in the state of Colorado, USA , where thousands of homes have been washed away. Then there is the increased large earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. My home San Francisco has been dry all summer, with the usual night and morning fog.

      But I will be bringing my raincoat and umbrella with me again this time to PV, for the rainy season is not yet over, and many a time I have gotten caught in a evening rain storm where it was sunny when I went to dinner or the supermarket, only to find a heavy rain when leaving the building.

    83. The latest report from the United Nations on global warming is that with the increased atmospheric CO2 (carbon dioxide) less sunlight is reaching the surface of our planet, and thus there has actually been global cooling since 1997. Yes, some 36 of 38 climate predictions by major scientists , have been groosly inaccurate . Since most persons are short on their level of Vitamin D3 due to wearing clothing or having dark skin, a sun block will further reduce your vitamin D3 level. It is safer for many to build up a tan before spending much time outdoors. After a time in the sun, it is best to apply Aloa vera gell to the exposed skin it night of after coming in from the outdoors on sunny days. Many reports are that the sunscreen lotions are dangerous for your skin. The sunscreens are a problem for the pool and hot tub filters.

    84. I feel privileged to be responding to an article written by the newspaper editor, and writer of an article that was written as the editor of a travel magazine, for that magazine – both related to Mexico.

      Not being sure who the young lady is in the accompanying picture, I will be careful with my thoughts here. What I have noticed in the past several years in Puerto Vallarta, as stores selling Mexican products have closed, they are being replaced with spas and ladies providing massages . Around my timeshare resort, and along the Malecon , most shops have young ladies sitting outside the shop asking if you want a massage.

      My wife Loretta has always looked forward to having a massage during our annual vacations in PV. In the early years, at the tennis facilities at the Canto Del Sol Timeshare Hotel, when the tennis facilities was a franchise of the Australian world class player John Newcomb , their masseuse came by a small boat from Yelapa upon appointment.

      As a former tennis professional, I understand the benefits of the sauna and hot tub, and after a day of teaching and playing at the resorts where I was the pro, the heat did much to relieve the tension and muscle stiffness and soreness. My policy was no aerobic or stretching exercises on the court, or massages off the court. I knew of the problems of these exercises on the body, and of the various skin issues of many people. Warm ups consisted of court movement and balancing exercises .

      Wellness depends upon what you put into ones body, in the form of pure water and foods.

      Actually these issues also relate to body piercing like in vaccinations, and surgery , which I had always avoided.

      So one could understand my surprise when the evening prior to a tennis tournament, feeling flu like symptoms coming on, I stopped by a spa to rent their hot tub for an hour to help sweat a fever off. A young woman approached me in the lobby and asked which woman I wanted ? I replied that I was not interested in having a woman, but only use of their hot tub.

      To that I was told that there was already a couple in the hot tub, but the sauna was available, but first I had to have a massage. I do not arouse around woman besides my wife, and the lady soon saw that it was futile , and directed me to the sauna.

      To the surprise of all, the next day my fever was gone , and the tennis tournament and play was a success even though Loretta had not attended due to a performance with her band that had been scheduled on the same weekend. The life of the tennis pro is not always what most people would believe.

    85. Business stories of lost deals, fame and fortune – are legend. One that I was told of many years ago at the Malecon by the spray can painter and artist Juan M. and brothers from Mexico City, involved a similar business deal, that ended in a somewhat different way. Many of the details I may not know.

      The story was that a man from Florida wanted to provide a show of Juan’s paintings. All of his works were purchased (or consigned ) for the show. The show never happened due to a hurricane just prior to the show opening.

      Another deal that got away. Usually when a deal sounds too good to be true … it is!
      With Juan, the deal was the one he had with the government for his space at the Malecon opposite the beach and facing the stage area for many years. When I talked to him last October, he said: “Frank, if I do not get to keep a space at the Malecon , I will not be here next year. I will have to go back to Canada.

    86. Dear Madeline ,

      With your trip away from Puerto Vallarta, it would seem that the Mexico weather shed quite a tear for your absence – but mostly spared our lovely Puerto Vallarta. As I write this response to your letter, it is raining on my window in San Francisco, the first rain since spring, as California has been in a draught over the past several years, and the forest fires have been huge.

      Walking over to the Gold Store, that is having a Antique and Collection Fair, with appraisers to give values and offers to purchase your items, I notice that the rain has stopped, and the beggars are back on the streets of our shopping area.

      The appraiser (like on Antique Roadshow) looks at the rectangular blue amber pendant capped in Mexican sterling silver I purchased at a jewelry store on L.L,. Vallarta street some eight years ago, checks his computer, and comes up with $50. The same as I purchased it for. I asked him if he had ever seen clear sky blue amber before, and he said yes,

      Next, appraising two Asian carved dark yellow amber snuff bottles that I had purchased around the same time at the public Flea Market in San Francisco for $6-8 dollars each, he said $1,400 and $1,800 .It seems that the Asians are purchasing and bringing back their treasures to Asia, while the Mexicans are still trying to sell theirs.

      The appraiser mentioned that there is not a great market for amber, but collectors will pay a lot for special pieces for their collections, as noted on the Internet prices. Much of the value in amber is in the old amber carvings. Such as the two carved amber bead necklaces that were valued between $500 and $1,000 each. My cost at the S.F. Flea Market four weeks ago, $100 each.

      Eight more days and I will be back in PV and meet with my friends, and listen to their stories of happenings there this past year. Also with the friends that I have made since leaving last year.

    87. We are excited about this Event. Please contact me if you need any help setting up in advance. We have worked on may events in the past so we are experienced working together in these areas. My cell phone number is: (322) 174-3743

    88. We truly are blessed to have endless beach walks together here listening to the ocean sounds, birds and the colorful flowers. We share these articles with many friends that are booking trips to this beautiful place we call home.

    89. Not being able to be in Puerto Vallarta this November , I would be looking forward to reading about Madeline’s topic and presentation in a future issue of the Vallarta Tribune.

      Social media aps seems to be an important thing for members of my family as they spend much time with their I-Phones, and I-Pads, etc. One of my concerns is with the American government , business, and persons, accumulating data from social medium users.

      It was the fax machines that undid the former Soviet Union, and today it is the social media that seems to be taking away the individual privacy. Today with delivered mail, it is necessary to shred unwanted mail before placing in the garbage cans to avoid people gaining information when they search through them.

      Your flat screen TV and monitors are being provided with cameras that can be turned on remotely to watch you. And your I-phones are not private anymore. Even your delivered mail from the post office is being scanned by the government, so be sure to use security envelopes. Myself, I use a land line, and do not have a cellphone.

      You may not have heard the story where the children in a remote African village were provided with free laptops, and were given no instruction. Soon most of the children had figured out how to use them to communicate with the others, and one especially bright boy discovered that it was provided with a camera, and figured out how to use it.

      Chimps have been provided I-phones with special aps that allow them to communicate with other chimps. Its scary !

    90. Please send me a list of possible community aid groups with which I might be able to volunteer during my stay in Bucerias. I will be in Bucerias for 3 weeks, beginning February 10, 2014.

      Thank you.

    91. Are you going to be able to decrease the crime and drugs in correlation to the amount of rooms being added? Many people do not go the Mexico any more because of all the deaths and crime due to drugs being so blatant. How are you going to improve so people feel more at ease going to Mexico?

    92. Dear Madeline,

      When I steped off the ground and entered the airplane to Puerto Vallarta Saturday September 28, the last thing in my mind was wet laundry, but the burned up objects that fell from the sky above the San Francisco Bay Area durning my ride to the airport.

      Once the United Airlines airplane took off, my thoughts moved on to my meeting with you, plus while looking out the windows high in the sky, the U.S. astronauts aboard the Appallo space missions to the Moon, back in the 1960s.

      When the eagle landed on the tarp of the Puerto Vallarta Airport, and I stepped off on to Mexican soil, my first step was a step for American shoppers, and a giant leap for the Mexican economy.

      The first shop I stepped into at the large flea market alongside the Cuale river, the woman attending the store said that she remembers my from last two years when I had purchases 9 sky blue amber pendants. She also said that people had come into her shop asking for blue amber that they had read about in the free English newspapers.

      Not having any blue amber in her inventory, I went into another shop in the market several shops away and found a sky blood red at sunset amber pendant containing a small scorpian, with stinger tail curved back, and claws outstreatched. Almoat better and more beautiful than blue amber.

      Next at the Marina flea market, at the shop 69, the young lady in attendance said she had blue amber pendants,so of course I purchased all five of them, in heart shapes, round and rectangular, all clad on the sides in Mexiann sterling silver, open on the back, and containing 24 million year old life in Mexico. One an ant with six spider like legs, the others with some incects, and plant material.

      So, the eagle has landed, and already, there two very happy Mexican shop owners, which is very good for the Puerto Vallarta economy.

    93. I hope that dear “Romantico Puerto Vallarta”has not been forgotten in all these wonderful projects.

    94. After travelling to Mexico on 4 occasions I’ve come to adore Mexico & am very concerned about Mexico’s goals with this spending spree. By spending close to $ 9 billion on hotels, resorts, etc, isn’t this like hosting a party at your house, but blowing money on balloons, banners, signs, flowers, etc, rather than concentrating on why people want to come to your party in the first place? Spend the money on the food, music, better housing & clothes for the party’s hosts. Spend the money on improving what you have, because those are reasons why people come to begin with. Keep in mind that travellers from the US, Canada, Spain etc, already live in crowded cities with hotels, restaurants, fancy airports, etc etc. We don’t want more of that, nor would we want to travel somewhere if that country has decided to embark on a campaign to grow for the sake of growing. We already grapple with that issue on a daily basis and our society is trying to find a better, saner path that is involves living harmoniously with the environment, not bulldozing it for more buildings and more glitz and glam. Thanks for reading. Tengo buen dia. Have a great day!

    95. Madeline,

      I cannot remember back my mother telling me to learn to amuse myself, however, I can my wife Loretta telling our three daughters that they have to learn to amuse themselves and stop asking her every minute to amuse them.

      In your other post regarding your seven places in Puerto Vallartqa where you spend time yourself, and your request your readers to suggest seven also, the following are my seven:

      1) Dinning. Food is on everyones plate , three times a day. There are so many great places to eat in PV that the list is ever changing. Our concern in the U.S. is the ingredences that chefs and growers put in our food, that when we dine out, it usually is a serve yourself resteruant that we go to to pickout what we feel safe with.

      2) Tennis. As a tennis pro, tennis is always on my mind whether professionsly or for fun. Since my best stroke is my serve, I use it to win my serving gane with four serves. The most consectitive serves in a match has been nine. Heck, the opponent often gets lucky.

      3) Shopping. Shopping until you drop is the call of the avid shopper. The hot sunny days in PV and walking on the cobble stones and uneven sidewalks, will make most shoppers soon feel that they will drop. I go until I can find my treasure – in the four days that I have been here, includes six blue amber pendants, fiive in red, and two in honney colored amber.

      4) Water. Somewhere back in a prior life I must have been an acqatic animal, for I am drawn into water. The pool, the bay, the river, the jacuzzi, and house shower; but the most by the bubbleing brook and waterfalls, for ther invigorating negative ions.

      5) Reading. Good books are the food for the soul . Set me down by the pool with the Vallarta Tribune or a good book, and I am a happy vacationer. Todays book is the Books of Enoch and Noah. Noah saved the animals from the great flood, and Enoch was one of the three prophets that left Earth in a firey rocket , and never come back to Earth. Where did Ecnoh, St. John and Eliza go – to the Moon ???

      6) Meeting people. I spend my three weeks each year in PV meeting people. I think that I have gone into most shops in town and talked to the shop owners and staff, the venders on the beachs, and around the pool. I learn so much, and find many great people,

      7) The stage shows. Perhaps this has been my personal favorite since I can remember. It began in the circuses of old… the ladies on the trapeses, and now the ladies dancing on the stage. OK, so I am girl watchinhg. Also around the pool. But I have to admit that the creator and the fashion designers got something right!

    96. Starbucks is very popular in San Francisco, my home town. Personaly there is nothing that they offier that I would consume, however my wife thinks that Starbucks is great. Her health is such as she is mostly home bound, and I have to walk over daily to get her a grande latte. I notice the homeless in the store purchasing the high priced brue and using their restrooms, but then the city pays for their healthcare, lodging and an ATM account. The government for their foodstamps and free cellphones, It`s not actually any of my business, but can you not see where this is going. Wellfare payments are going to support unhealthy options that result in addictions and dependacy. This also is the source of the drug money that grows the drug trade and drug cartels. If people had to work for their support, the drug trade would fall flat.

    97. New laws are costly to inforce, and often the fines for not following them can be a negative revenue producer for the state, when the people do not have money or sustainable jobs.

      In California the law is for everyone who drives a car, must have insurance , or sufficient funds in the bank to cover any liability. Also to have a valid drivers license.
      Most undocument imagrents have neither. Almost 40 million across the U.S. If Mexicans working in the U.S. cannot afford auto insurance , how will it be affordable in Mexico?

      Perhaps Mexico will have to build additional jails or prisions like has California as they pass more costly laws with penalities for non-compliance, Without a sustainable workforce and income, the law may become unenforcable as is usually the case when over five percent of the people do not comply,

    98. Governments that do not know or understand the past,are doomed to repeat the great mistakes governments have made in the past. Regarding the Mexican governemnt`s three year plan to develop the tourist industry instead of developing the infrastructure and lives of the Mexican population, I remind them of ancient Ejypt. Ther Egyptian Kings encouraged trade with the seafaring Phenesians. The Phenesians first traded and copied the Egyptian art, and then concored Egypt.

      When a country instead of developing their people and the natural resources, and brings foreign people into their country to see how week and poor the people and country are, they will see that they will be able to take over the country.

      Take thre U.S. for example. The government has borrowed some $22 trillion dollars from many countries and our retirees. The major loaner is China , who has realised that the loaned money can never be paid back, so has demanded the the tresuary bills

    99. Sorry folks, it is a Mexican computer problem ,and the above repluy is the forth try, and was sent incomplete during my composing the reply.

      Completing the last sentance:

      so has demanded the tressuary bills it holds be replaced with sucessful American businesses and properties, such as mining operations.

      There are many ways to take over a country other than by force. They include economically, politically, uncontrolled immigration , destablising the money, by drug cartels, disarming the population, and failing to educate and train the people

      So to the Mexican government, be careful what you ask for, because if history is any indication, you might just get it!

    100. A letter to the editor of mine , to the San Francisco Examiner , relating to this subject of giving, said: “Charity begins at home, and until one can provide for their family, they should not be expected to give for the support of others. This responsibility in the United States, due to the tax free status of the church, should be born by the church”.

      “In a moral society, adults should not have children until the can support them, and the men who abandom their children and wives, should be penalized by the court, so that society need not be expected to cover for their defencies”.

      An adult is not responsible for their adult children, and what ever is given by them to the adult child is a gift. As it stands today with some 7 billion people living, some 200 million die each day from starvation. The family breakdown, lack of education and opportunities , coupled with diminishing resources, is part of the problem. The other his political graft, and a lazy people.

    101. Mexico in space??? With all the people’s problems feeding themselves, lack of jobs and increased taxes so the government will have more to spend of things as space research, etc, I wonder if this is not misplaced priorities. The venders on the beach in Puerto Vallarta are saying that the new president does not seem to be very smart, for he is passing many new taxes, and for the past several months when they have made few sales, they have received a sizeable tax bill from government.
      Perhaps the wealthy Mexicans can ticket for a ride in space by the new private space companies in the U.S., but even the U.S. government has reduced NASA missions in space due to lack of money.

      1. What a piddly response. Fortunately for the rest of us Mexicans, it is an important matter, and a bunch of negative people will NOT stop us.

        We certainly do NOT need your permission to enter into the space industry.

        KUDOS to Mexico. Well done.

    102. With Google Earth, Mars and the Moon, pictures taken by NASA via satalite, and space fly-bys, people of the world via the Internet can conduct their own inner and outer outer space programs. Below are seven wonders of our solar system that may be viewed if you are interested,

      1) The Earth Lay Line ancient power grid. Mostly seen on Google Earth by the line of above groung pyramids, etc.

      2) The Mars Underground Transport Tube, a reinforced glass or plastic tube that may be seen where exposed by soil erosion. Best viewed on the Internet from NASA photographs.

      3) The ollow inner Moon of Mars – Phobos. View on the internet.

      4) The Massive Moon Constructions. Viewed on Google Moon or the Internet NASA photos.

      5) The Spaceship Airport located on the Moon. Same as above.

      6) The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The most massive artifical structure on Earth. See on Google Earth

      7) The Human Genome. Engineered some 200,000 years ago acording to modern genetic engineers. Check this out on the Internet.

      Also you may checkout on Google Earth in Southern Africa, a 10,000 square mile area ancient, 200,000 to 3 million year old power plant, consisting of some 22,000 circular buildings and walled passage ways, connected by roads between these buildings and some 2,000 gold mines.

      Good space searching to you. You will enjoy as I have.

    103. How about that dinner get-to-gether we agreed to back in May, at Captain John’s Fish Shack in Centro PV? I will be leaving PV this Saturday, and there is not much time remaining. Last week I visited the Tribune printing shop and the former school house you work at , that was built by my neighboor Steven Bruno with the PV Rotary Club back in 1989, but apparently missed you.
      Since you have changed your residence, you may find another place to eat closer to you a better choice. If you will give me a location, time and day. I will meet you there. Although I know you are very busy with the Vallarta Tribune, and would not feel bad if you cannot have dinner with me to talk about the Vallarta Tribune and Puerto Vallarta. I have gathered so much information from the busineses and friends this past week.

    104. With a Mexican poor population where free food is being given out, people will do most anything to feed their families. Rob a bank, a store, or another person …even steal turtle eggs and the turtles for food.

      New regulations require additional law enforcment. Will the city or state provide the enforcement, or as stated, volunteers will patrole the beaches at night ?

      Remember what is hapening in Africa where the poachers are killing or taking the animals for proffit. This is happening even when the park rangers are armed with rifles.

    105. Free use National Highway systems make countries strong militarly and economically. The completion in 1955 by U.S. President Dwight David Eisenhower of the free use National Interstate Highway in the U/S., was marked by the most prosperious citizenary in American history. Now that the highways require repairing and the Federal Government has no money, the country is in financial difficulty, the government has been shutdown, and the state highways in most part are not far behind. Thus much of the highway system is being sold off to become toll roads.

      The form of government is critical to the wealth and health of the people. The states with Republican governors are doing well, while those with Democratic governors are not.

      The Geneva 1600 AD Bible spoke of a Republican Government, then in 1611, King James changed it beause he felt it to be a challange to his power. In the new form , he removed reference to a Republican form of government. The U.S. founding fathers were influenced by their Geveva Bibles.

      In the Book Enock, no longer in the Bible, he said to kill all kings and people who took the land by their hand

    106. Collecting American Indian pottery, bowls, woven baskets, arrow heads, beaded pouches,and Kachina ceramonial dolls, are some of my favorite collections. Living in San Francisco, a melting pot of many cultures, and world travelers, I often find and purchase these Indian artifacts at the Alameny Flea Market, the close-by Bayshore Collective Store, and ocassionaly at the local Goodwill Store, where these things have been either donated , obtained from auction, purchased from estate and gararge sales, or sold directly on the resident two free weekend sales by owners who wish to part with them.

    107. We have loved Mexico since our first trip to Cancun in 1997. We booked at least a 10-day stay every opportunity we had for many years and then visited the Pacific side of Mexico, beautiful Puerto Vallarta!
      Since 2007, we have owned a small condominium here and now live here full time since January of 2013.
      This Article was very informative and truly we understand what it is to love our home.
      Thanks for Sharing your Story Hana.
      Hope we cross paths one day!

    108. Any diet for reducing and improving one’s health should start by determing your blood type, and a good book on the influence of the ecology and foods of our ancestors on the development of the type A, B, AB and O blood. Blood types determine matabilism,allergies, food toxins and the condition of our immune system in handling the food types.

      In general without such information, and due to GMO foods such as corn and soybeans, plus the problems with wheat , and milk lactose in adults, in a reducing diet these foods, plus pasta , should be avoided. Also artificial sugars, since our trillions of body cells each have 48 chronosomes, which have connecting latices of sugar molecules.

      The GMC foods have added plant genes that manufacture toxions to preditators, and when formed in the foods we eat,cause restriction of vitamins and emzines. This and the loss of vitamins of up to 50% in GMO crops, will have an adverse effect on the body.

      Then there is the hormons in the water supply, plus the discarded medacines. I have distilled my drinking water for the past some 25 years. And don’t forget that thhe poisonour Seran Gas’s major part is sodium flouride, the same as is put in the toothpast and water supply.

      And then comes exercise. I walk some 20-30 long blocks daily, and avoid yusing the car for short distances. Isave on gas, but have to purchase shoos more often.

      Other sugers to avoid come in the beer and other acholol drinks. plus pasta.

    109. I am one of the foreign vacationers over the last week of September and the first week of October in Puerto Vallarta who enjoyed many of the things appreciated by the locals, while I stayed at the Canto del Sol and Plaza Pelicanos Resorts.

      I always got a seat on the shady side of the local busses.

      Swimming in the large pool at the Canto del Sol, I had the whole pool to myself much of the time. Also on much of the beach when walking early in the morning. In just four days, I collected some four pounds of colored and clear polished glass, which I graded and took home to San Francisco some three pounds.

      Funny, over the past some 30 years I found little polished glass on the beach there. This year almost a pound a day. Seems that the locals have not done much beach combing this past year. Didn’t find much shells, although one day last year I found and took home a quart plastic tub full, which filled the surface of a large diameter glass plate displayed on the dining room table.

      And prices. Vendors practically pleaded with me to purchase something in order that they would have food money. I found them overly generous with their prices, this off summer season. And the weather… it was wonderful.

    110. That’s a good article you guys copied and printed everyone’s been wondering, the only thing and is important is this highway going to have toll roads?
      Could you imagine cutting time from Vallarta to Guadalajara from 51/2 hrs to 31/2 hrs by auto bus!! no more getting tired! and the scenery shoule be pretty good although it’s very hard to beat the coastal route!!

    111. Hi Madeline,

      Crocodiles with jaws wide open in front of you is one thing, but a poisonous sea snake with it’s fangs sticking out while swimming around your body is another.

      For years I enjoyed body surfing in the Bay of Banderas off the beach in front of the Cato del Sol Timeshare Resort – until I looked down in the water and saw this large snake swimming around my waist . Not knowing that it was poisonous, still in shock, I slowly moved to the shore and exited the water.

      Learning that the snake was likely poisonous , I have since refrained from swimming in the bay waters. I wonder if your readers have had similar experiences?

      Regarding the crocodiles you were faced with, I have often wondered if they frequented the bay waters where I see so many persons wading in the water along the beaches. I assumed since to no signs were posted warning of the crocodiles along the beaches, it as safe.

      My only experience with crocodiles was in Florida along the road on the way to Disney World, where you could park the car alongside the road and see the crocodiles on the water shore looking at you eye to eye..

      Then there are the Land Crabs you wrote about in your Editors Notes back in in July. I found several sections of small dried crab legs on the beach during my recent vacation in PV. I took them home with me to display them with the three silver clad red amber pendants that each contained one small crab leg. The color of the legs in amber were of a red color, while the dried crab legs from the beach were a light tan with darker brown strips … like as being camouflaged. I have yet to find a similar example in amber on the Interned. It would seem that not much has changed in miniature crabs over 24 million years. Which make for an amazing discovery.

    112. Regarding the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, a recent study of ice core samples in the Greenland’s glacier that goes back to 1950, show that the level of CO2 increased until 1979, and then went down to a level below 1950, Reasons given included the addition of the catalytic converter on cars, and cleaner fuels used in industry. Regarding atmospheric CO2 and forests, pictures from satellites following forest fires, show that the surrounding forests turn greener due to additional growth. Forests the world over are dying due to the low level of CO2 in the atmosphere. In greenhouses, growers increase the CO2 level to increase plant growth. Thus reductions in CO2 atmospheric levels, will result in reductions of food production. Further reductions have already occurred with the development of GMO food crops

    113. I have to admit that I am somewhat confused by your article Leza, that began with vanity (worthlessness) and pride (arrogance) , and ended with a beleaguered immune system, and a 97 pound weakling, when it should have been about “Self Motivation for Lifetime Learning”.

      In church I was schooled that sickness was not real but temporal (Mind) , and my body was my Temple. Our immune system when the body was provided for and protected, could resist sickness. Thus the success of pleciboe’s (? sp) ability to cure.

      Consequently I could work 12 hour days six and seven days a week for years without taking even one hour off sick. Even spent some three weeks vacation with my wife for over 30 years in Puerto Vallarta without either of us getting Montezuma’s revenge. Same with my three daughters during their K-12 school years, who seldom if ever got sick.

      You are basically who you think you are … the key here is “self worth”. Since the Gods of the Christian Bible tell us that ” We are all Gods”, I have always set my goals at the top, and I am known for a successful life and career. The big bite out of my ego is the taxes I pay, for my success, from being the best in everything I do.

      In Stephen Hawkin’s science book ” A Brief History of Time” , he wrote that he was told in Harvard by classmates “If you have to study to pass, you are no good!”

    114. The Christian Bible tells us that if you give a person a fish, he will have a fish that day, but if you teach the person how to fish, the person can have fish every day. Also two persons are better than one.

      This relates to modern society that the higher the education, and the greater the skills, the higher is the person up the social ladder. Also, a married couple has a better chance economically , than would two single people. A single mother with a girl, will have a better chance economically than a single woman with a boy.

      Thus it would seem that morality has much to do in maintaining the family unit, and a strong family unit will make a community more prosperous.

      The myths cited actually relate to the size of government. With a smaller government, there is more resources and money remaining for the people. As government gets larger, a larger amount of resources and money are required by the government, and the people are poorer with the lesser remaining resources and money.

      A lesson I had in the third grade civics class in San Francisco, our teacher said that in America, a free enterprise Capitalistic system, we were free to have anything we wanted, as long as we worked for it; and if we did not want to work, we could be Hobos and live in a Hobo Camp.

      With big government, this is not possible, for there are taxes to shift the earnings of the workers to the non-workers. This system is socialism, and works until the money of the workers is all gone. In a small community , neighbor knows neighbor, and neighbor helps neighbor. In these communities, there is generally the church that provides for the poor, with support from the community.

    115. Walking on the beach of Banderas Bay three weeks ago, a beach vendor I have known for over 20 years, said “Our new president is not very smart. He is raising the taxes and has sent me a tax bill to pay, and I have not sold any merchandise in the past two months!”

      Yes, the new president of Mexico has said that the government requires more tax money to grow the government. He has met several times with the U.S. president who also has said that our government also needs additional taxes to grow the government. In both examples, the people have less money as the government takes more of the peoples money.

      Lessons learned: Joblessness and dysfunctional government go hand in hand

      The Zapatista community in the State of Chiapas have realized that centralized government power brings more violence and poverty to society by siphoning of the wealth of the public for the elite at the top , and have isolated themselves from the influence of government. It is called self sufficiency and sovereign lifestyle
      where there is no need for state interference to avoid corrupt and unchecked federal power at the expense of individual liberty.

      In the US, there are a number of counties in California that have voted to separate from California, which include several from Oregon. Also there are a number of states that have voted to separate from the federal union (government).

      In the past nine years, there have been over 70,000 Mexican people killed in the government war on drugs. Many Mexican states, towns and cities are no longer safe for families and children. Governments kill more of its citizens than wars, natural disasters and disease combined.

      Communist China – 49-78 million
      Nazi Germany – 12 million
      Communist Soviet Union – 7 million
      Republic of Iraq – 600,000
      United States of America – millions of American Indians

      The Father of America, Gen/President George Washington, did not believe in political parties (Tea Party?) I am a political atheist , belong to no political party, vote for political independents , and do not comply with unconstitutional laws, and vote against giving the state money and power.

      In my years as a jury member, most of the time as Jury Forman, I have enraged Judges and the City, when the jury utilized the peoples jury (common) law to protect the defendant from state and court tyranny. Freedom requires eternal villigance (sp?) , coupled with an excellent education (in law) !

    116. This is fantastic! Thank you for what you are doing. Puerto Vallarta Garden Club endeavors to extend the beautification accomplished so far on Basilio Badillo, Olas Altas, etc, to all the colonias in the city. We extend our hand to leaders such as you who are stepping up to make Puerto Vallarta a more beautiful place for our visitors and residents alike.

    117. HI Moralea,

      I mentioned earlier on how few butterflies I have seen around my home in San Francisco, CA, this past year. However, I now report that during my recent two week vacation in Puerto Vallarta, I do not remember seeing one butterfly.

      But what I did read and see, was the Internet report and picture of a couple in Ohio spotting a black thunderbird in a field, and when it took off and opened its some 45 foot wingspan, larger than a small airplane, it wobbled as it attempted to gain speed and altitude for flight.

      That actual picture of a black thunderbird was taken in a museum hung up in a vertical position with its tail down and wings spread, and with a man standing alongside the bird. It was over twice the man’s height.

      I mentioned this occurrence that happened in Ohio during the first week of my vacation this year in PV, because I have not seen one of these huge birds gliding high in the sky over Puerto Vallarta for the past 20 some years.

      Whether this is due to the higher activity at the newer PV airport, climate or weather change, is a mystery . In the early years of my travels to Mexico, I was told by the Mexican recreation director at the Canto del Sol Timeshare Resort, that these large birds slept perched on trees in the Jungle at night, and during the day, just glided high in the sky without landing.

      In Canada there are many stories of the Thunderbirds, and are shown on the carved totem wood log tree poles . I have two large and four small totem poles , a tall one from Canada, and the other tall one from Indonesia. So the thunderbird must have been wide spread at one time.

      Do you have any interesting information regarding this, for information is scarce as sometime butterflies seem to be. My dictionary says that the thunderbird is a mythology of certain N. American Indians , an enormous bird, that produces thunder, lightning, and rain.

      Why… this could be the cause of all the thunder , lightning and rain produced in the jungle behind Puerto Vallarta.

      PS: I also have two fur seal skinned face masks from either Alaska or Canada. I acquired them both from my local flea market, from persons that were quite old, and looked like Indians from the far north. One actually apologized to me that the sealskin face mask was very old and somewhat warn. Amazing , I purchased them both for only $5.00 each, whereas I expected them to be worth hundreds of dollars each.

    118. This article regarding staff when property is purchased, answers questions I had back in the early 1980s when on a stopover in Mexico City on our way to Puerto Vallarta. On a bus tour of the city and the pyramids , we were shown the houses of the well to do in Mexico City. I inquired of the bus driver what were the two wings of the large central building used for? I was informant that they were the servants quarters.

      I could not imagine this , for each wing of the building were larger than my three story residence in San Francisco. My home was custom built by my grandparents in 1927, and when completed, occupied two pages of pictures in the leading San Francisco newspaper, pictures of the elegant detached custom built home.

      When I later moved my wife and children into the home, my wife insisted that we remove the servants entrance, and make the downstairs dance floor, into a grandmothers apartment. Although we have had up to 40-50 dinner gusts in our home, we either have had pot luck dinners, or we have done the cooking and cleaning when it was for family occasions like Christmas and thanksgiving.

      I have always done the gardening, even when my grandparents were alive, and when I moved back in, I usually do most of the the gardening, outside painting and roof re-tarring and graveling. We would not think of having servants doing the work in our home, except for contractors that do the speciality work that we cannot do ourselves.

      America’s culture is not about elitism, and paying for others to do the work we can do ourselves. Of course, with the present diversity and influx of immigration, that is all changing. I find that it is better to be innocent until proved guilty, than guilty until I can prove innocence. The old Napoleonic Code may have been good for the Emperor, but is not good for free sovereign citizens.

      I realize that in Mexico, the government will provide a job for all who ask, but in America, we must create new businesses or obtain the education and skills in order to find the job we want.

    119. If wishes were fishes, we would fry and eat them. The wishes represent renewable electric power, and the fishes are the conventional electric power. The truth is, conventional electric generation has grown a world population of over 7 billion people, and it will take conventional electric generation to sustain a growing world population.

      That said, what we are talking about here is the storage of electricity for use at times of maximum load conditions, when generated during minimum load conditions. This would permit the maximum use of our electric generating facilities.

      Renewable electric generation is only available when the sun shines , the wind blows, or there is water in the hydro electric forebay dams, or sufficient river flow.

      Thus the use of SmartMeters on residential and industrial electric supply lines. This permits the utility power supply lines to take electricity from private electric generation sources such as rooftop solar cells, charging electric car batteries, and electric wind turbines.

      Due to power loss in transmission and distribution lines, distributed electric generation is preferred (local electric generation at the load centers). Electricity can be stored in batteries, electric coils, heated liquid sodium containers, or pumped water storage.

      Eventually all electricity will be rationed, or regulated by cost of time of day use. Utilities do not want to build solar stations, or wind farms (cannot afford to build and maintain them), and leave them up the customers.

    120. Dear Todd,

      Thanks so much for your leadership,, I enjoyed reading this story and your efforts will surely help to inspire many people


    121. On the Internet I found an article regarding the Mexican Government’s concern about Mexico becoming the most obese country, and had just overtaken the U.S. Thus the Mexican government has decided to add a VAT (tax) on certain foods and drinks that the government has decided are causing obesity, for example, soft drinks, ice cream , candy, etc. All in the guise of bringing additional tax money into the government treasury.

      During my just passed two weeks vacation in Puerto Vallarta, I conducted a little experiment on weight gain during my happy, fun-in-the-sun , and care-free days roaming around the beaches and Central. I made a list of all that I ate during my vacation, and how much it changed my weight. My apartment there has a kitchen

      Before leaving San Francisco, I checked my weight on our new digital scale, that stops on my weight. 166.66 pounds.

      Next I listed my food purchase via the market receipts.

      4 quarts of ice cream ; Vanilla, coconut , mango, and strawberry
      3 pint jars of marmalade; Blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry
      2 large slices of flan
      1 half pint of rice pudding
      3 quart packages of all fruit purple grape juice
      3 packages of multigrain sliced bread
      3 dozen eggs
      2 packages of white cheese cut in squares
      2 quarter pound packages of sweet cream butter
      13 large baking potatoes
      6 ripe orange colored oranges
      9 yellow delicious apples
      9 red delicious apples
      5 pint plastic containers of hot cooked beef
      2 pint plastic containers of cooked Spanish rice
      3 half sections of cantaloupe
      1 gallon plastic bottles of water (Provided by the hotel)
      2 quart plastic bottles of water (provided by one of the venders)

      There was no bar bill involved, and I did not use the two free drink coupon provided by the hotel.

      When I got back to San Francisco, I weighed myself – 166.4 pounds.

      Conclusion: the diet provided above does not contribute to obesity. Also the oranges purchased in Mexico were very stringy, so I reduced the number purchased on vacation this year.

      You can figure out the menus .
      Breakfast: three poached eggs and butter on toast, and juice
      Lunch: Hard boiled egg or marmalade sandwiches, juice and apples
      Dinner: Baked potato, with butter, cheese, and beef, juice, flan, or ice cream.
      Snacks during the day and after the show: Ice cream cheese , or apples

      Total cost : not much! And watched the news while cooking, eating, and cleaning up. My bachelor days began when I was 15, and I don’t mind cooking when I have to come alone on vacation.

    122. Beleaguered immune system or not, you are still one of the most creative, imaginative, compassionate, understanding teachers that I know, next to your father, of course. Not only that, but you have his sense of humor as well. I know how seriously you take your commitment to your students and their welfare, and I have seen you remain cheerful and engaged with your students while suffering from severe allergies. I will pray that our God (singular) of the Bible will heal and strengthen you, because He did not say, as some suppose, that we are gods, but we are His children if we walk in faith, and He is with us always, even in our distress. Thank you for the usual witty discourse. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    123. Mr. Norton…I may not be too bright, but your comments are really hard to follow in a rational manner. In plain English, what are you trying to say?

      1. Dear I.m.menno, and Betty W.,

        I cannot defend or debate the reason why the ancient texts relate to the 12 main gods of old, and the many demi-gods. Or why when King James rewrote the Geneva Bible in 1611, he missed removing one of the words of reference to Gods, along with removing all the references to reincarnation, that 78 percent of the U.S. believe in. But logic would tell me if we are all Gods children, we should be perfect , and without sickness. I can account for only some dozens, of the 15,000 names for God. And those dozen names relate to the fallen angels.

        One has to wonder just why, if science is correct that our genome goes back some 200,000 years, without doctors, hospitals and modern medicine, how our ancestors manage to survive for us to be here today. There are some people that live in high mountainous lands, that live long lives without sickness, just as there are all the species of animals, fish, and birds that are healthy today in the wild, who’s species goes back hundreds of millions of years.

        Teaching and providing examples to our children , are what parents are suppose to do. Good teachers, successful teachers, are those who provide good examples to their students. I have been a successful Tennis Professional who has taught and mentored tennis professionals. I have taught in the San Francisco and Oakland public schools to Middle School (Junior High) and High School students. I attained the position as the Senior Electrical Engineer for Quality Assurance for an International Energy Supply Company, where one of my responsibilities was to mentor their Professional Engineers.

        I was even asked to become a teacher, as an adult, in my church, that I only attended as a pre-teenager. The Church was Christian Scientist Ninth Church. There was where I learned that God is in all of us as love , truth, and without sickness, since sickness and matter are only temporal , and not real – and is just a manifestation of energy, as I also learned in the lectures given by U.C. Berkeley in atomic and nuclear physics.

        I am sure that Leza Warkentin is a good teacher, an excellent teacher, and loved by the students , parents and faculty . The highlight as a teacher and mentor , is when another teacher , student or person being mentored, asks you … “Are you a genius ?”

    124. WOW, ties that can explode! Likely safer than the dry ice bombs that have been exploded at the San Francisco International Airport in California – The airport baggage employee, when caught , said it was just a joke. But exploding ties – who knows?

      And the cotton fabric – most of the cotton grown worldwide is harvested from GMO cotton plants. Best to purchase the old cotton fabric clothing from the used clothing shops, or take care of the pre GMO cotton clothing you have had for years.

      My experience in thirty plus years vacationing in PV was to drink lots of water during the heat of the day, stay in the shade, or in the Central shops during the middle of the day, and yes, eat a lot of ice cream .

      Do Mexicans still take siestas today?

      My wife Loretta had a plan for playing tennis on very hot days – she placed a small plastic sealable bag of ice under her tennis hat, which she wore with the tennis visor to block the sun from her eyes. Of course a tie might do for a man, but not a woman.

    125. It is reported that the former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln said: “Governments should not take from the workers to give to the non-workers”. This was before the federal income taxes where levied on working Americans, half of whom pay no income taxes today.

      Mr. Lincoln and the other fathers of the U.S., studied the Geneva Bible , that was replaced by the King James version because it preached a Republican form of government. In the book of Enoch the Prophet, Enoch preached reincarnation, death to kings, and persons who took land with their hands. Enoch was one of three that left Earth in a rocket ship , and never returned.

      Moses was given the ten commandments on the mountain. The tenth Commandment was ‘Thou shall not covet anything that is thy neighbors ‘ and number eight, ‘Thou shall not steal’.

      The Prophet Enoch preached of the ‘Lord of Spirits’, who would judge you in heaven, and determined if your spirit was worthy of bring reincarnated. The determination was , if your life followed his Ten Commandments. I wonder how this relates to the human rights people claim, that are paid for by the hand of thy neighbors?

      Today, like the U.S. Constitution, where the majority benefit by the taxes born by others, folks will tell you that both of these laws no longer apply today, and need to be revised.

      My grandmother who raised me in her home in my early years, left me her home, and her spirit did not leave for some fifteen years. My wife and children remember her walking around the house, opening and closing doors, and the smell at night of the cold cream she always put on her face at night.

      My wife also remembers five prior lives, two of which we were married. I wonder on judgment day, will my spirit be given another chance to reincarnate? I know my wife’s spirit will! Will people today say, that this is also a human right?

    126. We, my wife and I are looking for a modern house/condo to rent for the winter months, probably 5 months. We like the idea of renting near the ocean and/or new location of the market. Not sure if this is where we inquire, but if anyone knows of a modern unit/house that is available, we are very good renters. Must be reasonable, thank you for your time.


    127. Dear Editor,

      In my recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta, my first contact at the PV Airport was a prior week copy of the Vallarta Tribune; there was a current copy at the check-in counter of the Canto del Sol Timeshare Resort, also at the check-in area of the Plaza Pelicano Timeshare Resort; and at Yesa Jewelry on L.L. Vallarta at Central, where I was able to obtain four prior weeks copy of the Vallarta Tribune, that I took home to San Francisco for my scrapbook.. This was impressive for any newspaper!

      My second stop at the Airport was to step outside and catch a blue and white bus to my resort. Traveling alone, and with two carry-on suitcases, I was able to by-pass any inconveniences getting to my lodging. Leaving two weeks later, I caught the bus to the airport, and walked the overpass to the United check-in area.

      After reading all summer long on the Internet Vallarta Tribune website of rain, rain and more rain, my 14 days in PV were hot, dry and sunny – thank you.

      Money I had saved bringing carry-ons and using the blue and white busses for the two weeks, was available to purchase collectables from friends in PV who look forward to my arrival each year in their shops – again, thank you all.

    128. It is interesting to learn from this important article, the reference to the foreigner, in donating funds, and supplying their labor for schools repairs, and teaching the children, even though they may not speak Spanish.

      When my family first visited Puerto Vallarta over 30 years ago, the Mexican government said to the foreigners , do not give handouts to the little Mexican Indians that come down from the hills with their babies looking for handouts from the foreigners. We were told that the government provides food, housing , medical and educational services, and thus they are already being taken care of.

      Those were the days when Mexico was the worlds greatest exporter of silver , and a major exporter of oil. Today these commodity exports have fallen dramatically, and tourism has become an important source of the Mexican economy. Actually resources in all countries today are in short supply, and thus tourism has become an important source of income for many counties.

      The economy of my home city San Francisco depends on foreigners also who visit our beautiful city. A recent survey taken downtown at the Union Square, found that tourists are far less likely to give to panhandlers. However, they are curious why in America there are so many chronic homeless people begging on the streets?

      As an annual foreigner to Puerto Vallarta, the Mexican government charges me a tourism and departure tax on my airline ticket, and a 16% VAT on many of my purchases, including my lodging. Actually the U.S. government does the same thing, so I pay taxes twice. Both the U.S. and Mexican governments have and are raising taxes to increase government funds.

      Democratic countries where industry is nationalised have this problem, where the people believe in human rights – Housing, food, education, and medical programs. Non-democratic countries like the U.S. (a Representative Constitutional Republic) that economically are free Enterprise Capitalistic economies, do not have huge government debts, and have to depend on foreigners or foreign governments for loans that create large national debts, until they begin operating like a democracy.

      Your new Mexican President is trying to open Mexico to Free Enterprise and Capitalism , to improve a declining economy as the number of citizens increase, and resources decline.

      What was also found in the recent survey at Union Square, was the donations given to panhandlers were from predominantly working-class Bay Area residents younger than age 45.

      1. Good day Frank and thank you very much for your comment, as open communication is the hallmark of a true civilization.

        Your sharing of your history with Puerto Vallarta is so valuable, as without our history, we have no future. I understand that the government, at that time, wished not to encourage begging, but rather to encourage fruitful employment; hence their stance and phrasing.

        Agreed, that if begging is encouraged, by offering a small amount of whatever, that it shall flourish, hence a verification of the previous Mexican government edict to ask not to initiate it. As per your clear verification of its’ effects in San Francisco, their words were profound and correct.

        Our goal, with our foundation Our Children:Their Future, is absolutely not about handouts, but quite the opposite; to provide these children/our children with the tools to be able to succeed in the world, outside of Puerto Vallarta, and even outside of Mexico; as we live in an interconnected world with the persons with tools in Mexico can provide solutions in every other country.

        Our 5 year plan is to have healthy nutrition, each day, for each student; to allow the students to achieve their individual best; to have each family be proud of their children due to their accomplishments; to allow the school to have economic independence to allow them to pursue the goals that they know are in the best interests of their children.

        These may sound like grand ideas, and they are, but will be accomplished with my forcible and unrelenting desire to allow 200 families to be proud of their children.

        Thank you again for your comment and we look forward to your inclusion in our incredible opportunity.


        Todd Bates.

    129. Dear Leza,

      Thank you for sharing your letter and comments to your son on his ninth birthday. With three daughters, I never had the experience of raising a son, just girls that were raised to be independent .I have seen how my daughters struggled in raising my four grandsons, and in fact, I am glad , finely , that my three children were girls.

      Remembering my youth, it was my dad that had the most influence on me before I left home on my own at fifteen. I met my wife of 58 years when I was twelve years old. At nine, and in the fourth grade, I had already discovered girls, rode my bicycle on the hills of San Francisco, and played softball on the street in front of my home with the neighbor boys.

      My dad had taught me by this time to hunt and fish, and had gotten me two paying jobs. First I learned to shoot a rifle and hunt rabbits. Then to fish in a 16 foot skiff with an outboard motor where we went out to a reef some twelve miles out in the Pacific ocean , from the pier. I was strong and got into lots of fights at school. But I was completely confused about girls until I was eighteen.

      The boys I played softball out on the street with, thought that they new more about girls than I did. So I asked Mary, a girl down the street , about our age to show us what she/it looked like. The next day Mary told us that her mother said that she was not to play with us again. Yes , the boys were only partly right.

    130. Surf fishing was my favorite form of fishing in my teens and twenties , when the striped bass left the San Francisco Bay and delta, to migrate down the San Francisco Pacific Ocean beaches, with their cold water and strong undertow.

      With a 10 to 14 foot long surf rod, and a conventional spool casting reel, I would in my bathing suit, wade out into the breakers and cast my heavy pyramid led sinker with two hooks baited with a sardine section, and wait. Wait for the grinding feel of the striped bass teeth against the metal hook.

      When I was sure that it was not a pesty crab stealing my bait, I would wait until the rasping felling subsided, and then jerk the tip of the fiberglass rod back to set the hook. What followed was fighting a 30-40 pound four foot long striped bass against the large breakers. When it was in close enough, I would wade into the surf and slide my hand under its gill, and haul the flopping striped bass up on the beach.

      For a young teenager, I was delighted to see the many adult fishermen all up and down the beach look with distain on how far a young boy could cast the sinker and baited hooks out beyond the breakers. Not many would venture into and beyond the breakers to cast that far out. Track, soccer, wrestling and unloading the big trailers of 100 pound sacks at the produce market, had made my body very strong.

      In the early days, my grandfather would drive us out to the Ocean Beach in sight of the famous Cliff House and lands end. I would have to cast his line out for him, because of his age. After I got married I would take my wife out to see the action. By ten I not longer wore a bathing suit and waded into the water, because the cold Pacific Ocean water , and the stiff ocean breeze seemed to be so much colder, and I wore a sweater and a heavy jacket. Loretta would mostly sit in the car, for the best time to fish was as the sun would hit the water.

      OH, there is no substitute for youth. I am so glad that I did not hold back when I was a youth. For today, most of the fish and striped bas have long gone, and few surfers are seen fishing anymore.

    131. This entry into our beautiful city gives off a very bad impression to new visitors and is the only place in Vallarta where you did not experience the warmth of its locals. Would like to see this revamped. After 20 yrs we know how to navigate the aggressive people trying to sell a time share but those who don’t get a negative first impression.

    132. In San Francisco, it is estimated there are today some 150,000 pet dogs, and likely twice that number of cats. Also dozens of wild coyotes in the large Golden Gate Park, and other parks in the city, that have walked from Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge, and thus there are leash laws to protect dogs who enter the parks.

      Quite a number of the city feral cats belong to a neighbor two doors up our street, where they have a wooden cathouse at the bottom of their stairs, and six or more tin plates are seen along their walkway, or under their car on rainy days.

      It used to be a problem when watering my backyard, for the water directed to my berry bushes, would move when it sheltered a new litter of kittens. The city finally fixed all the cats, but yesterday, I saw a young black and white cat with a letter of kittens in her womb at my neighbors driveway. OH WELL, here we go again.

    133. I cannot remember in San Francisco when the doorbell rang from persons representing a food drive, asking for non-perishables – however last week there were two graduate political science students, both young men asking for funds to feed children in Africa.

      The U.S. Government provides free food stamps to close to 50 percent of the population and donates food to other countries; San Francisco has free food banks and kitchens, and the homeless beg on the sidewalks for money to purchase a meal. However if you purchase a meal for them, they will refuse it, for they want the money for drugs and liquor.

      Better to teach how to fish, than to give a fish. But that seems to great a task for many persons, such as graduating from High School .

    134. Political and human equality will be found when men can bare children and woman can fertilize the human eggs with sperm. That said, the U.S. has approached this problem by the solution of same bathrooms for males and females, and women in the armed fighting forces, to equalize the causalities between men and women.

      If there were political equity in science, math, inventions, IQs, longevity and sports, etc., then I could understand requlating an equal number of men and women in politics. But since there are a larger number of women due to their living longer than men, and avoiding military duty, I do not see how there could be political rights in a democratic vote .

      This is likely the reason in America’s voting for its president and commander in Chief, voters vote for members of the Electorial College, who in turn vote for the president, who then selects his or her cabinet.

      In the scheme proposed by the Mexico to insure that half of the candidates for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies are half women, if a citizen of Mexico, I do not think that I would vote. I would want the best candidates to run even if they were all women, or men. Same with the military. However, I would not want women or children to subjected to fighting against men in a war.

    135. I am not surprised that the city did not water the 3,000 donated Bougainvilleas plants more than once, because maintenance is not something that government does well. Just look at the condition of the roads and street lighting in PV..

      I have Bougainvilleas in my front yard in San Francisco. When they are in full bloom, everyone walking up the street stops and admires them. However, they require regular watering, pruning, and the flower petals blow all over the street, sidewalk, and up my stairs.

      In San Francisco green front yards used to be required. Then the city put in free trees along the space between the sidewalk and curb, and left it up to the house owners to take care of them. Along the shopping area, the shop owners are required to take care of them.

      The leaves are always a problem, and the property owners are expected to sweep them up. We had two trees in front of our house as long as I can remember. They were kept small with regular pruning to prevent them from taking over the sidewalk and street. Their roots required the sidewalk to be replaced at least once.

      When the U.S. Mail delivery truck knocked down one tree , it was not replaced. My wife took an electric saw to the second one, and now we do not have to sweep up the leaves , prune or water. The space is filled in with bricks to avoid pulling the weeds, etc.

      The city street light now lights our house and driveway at night.

    136. Latest survey in the U.S is that one in five Americans die from smoking, and it shortens smokers life on average by 10 years. Above San Francisco CA, it is said is a layer of tobacco smoke.

      One’s life is the greatest gift one can receive. Our species is some 20,000 years old, and according the America Sleeping Prophet Egar Casey, the best time for one of our species to have been born was 1936. My wife and I nailed it.

      Of all the members of our species that have ever lived, some 6 percent are alive today. But so many of the 6 percent around the world live in poverty, and some 20 million die of starvation each day. What a waste of a human life.

      The American Indians who brought us tobacco and corn, only smoked at special ceremonial events, and then, only one puff. At one time the corn cob pipe was used by European Americans.

    137. Hi Cat,

      Interesting article and summary on the Day of the Dead. I an surprised that it did not include reference to the ‘The Navigator’, the Mayan ruler Hanab Pakal II, and the Tombstone of the Sarcophagus in the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palneque .

      There he was represented in his journey into the underworld, as the Maya believed in three worlds, the sky or upper world, the world of the living on the intermediate level, and the world of the dead, or the underworld.

      In the biblical books of Enoch and Noah , both demi-god and Prophets, it describes the underworld consisting of tall mountains and three deep valleys, where the Lord of Spirits sends the spirits sinners and are set apart in great pain until the great day of judgement , each in accordance to their wrongdoing.

      Also there is the American Navajo reservation ceremony of ridding the evil spirits, where the medicine man builds fires in two great pits set a quarter mile apart. The family members form a circle and the medicine man enters the circle with a tray filled with hot ashes to see into the world where the evil existed.

      Taking the tray of ash to the second fire, it would be thrown into the fire, where looking to the south, thousands of souls of the dead trapped in the earth, would rise out of the ground and rush towards him, as the medicine man would cast them back in the ground. I have a picture of the thousands of souls, that shows many bright colored orbs within a clouds of smoke.

      I also have a digital picture taken at the Colma (Near San Francisco) Cemetery where a friend was laying on the ground at his grandfathers grave, and talking to him, where an orb came out of the ground and floated away. Neither my friend or his wife saw the orb that showed up in the six pictures taken. Today my friend went back to his grandfathers grave with a sound recorder, and when he spoke to his grandfather, the return voice said “Go away!”, or “Get away”.

      This indicates that the spirit never dies, but is waiting for judgement , and a chance to see and hear from family member. Interesting – both my mother, father, my younger sister remains are kept at this cemetery. When my friend e-mailed me two of the pictures mentioned above, and I took a picture off my computer screen ,
      looking at the picture on my digital camera, there was a second orb in the shape of a hand with an extended finger pointing to my friend.

      I wonder what the message to me meant ?

    138. The San Francisco Bay Guardian weekly free newspaper published a “Death Issue” in celebration of Mexico’s “Dia de Los Muertos” , entitled “Let’s talk about death”, where they gave the life expectancy of Americans: For a woman the life expectancy is 81.1 years in the U.S., but 3.2 more years for women in San Francisco; 76.3 years for men, and 2.6 years longer for men in San Francisco.

      I wonder how this compares for men and women in Puerto Vallarta, and Canada -for all the expats in PV?

      The annual death rate per 100,000 residents in the U.S is 704.6 (Record low rate in 2011) ; In California 638.8; and in San Francisco 601. And, 76.16% of the people believe in life after death.

      And in the daily free parent company, The San Francisco Examiner, the front page headline was “Will too many revelers kill Day of the Dead ?”; and the article “Day of the Dead lost in translation?” Where somber Mission event’s neighbors fear influx of rowdy celebrants, where some attendees behave as if the festival is a combination of Halloween and Carnaval .

      For myself- I celebrate each day that I am alive, which is over 28,134 and counting.

    139. I came in from my San Francisco backyard yesterday with a bucket full of three kinds of apples. Weeks earlier it was several kinds of summer pears. The winter pears are not yet ripe. Earlier the boysenberries were harvested, as were the quince, blackberries and elderberries. No blueberries yet on the young bushes, nor apricots on the Black Apricot tree this year due to the weather. My two remaining avocado trees are also having a pollination problems likely due to one of the trees I planted from seed in my youth when my grandfather showed me how to sprout a seed by sticking three toothpicks in its side and putting it on a glass of water. I have gotten a few avocados off the tree before, but it is very tall . However the Medlar tree is full of fruit (Medlars are an early apple fruit that grows inside out, that is, the seeds are on the outside. When full sized, they are picked and are allowed to ripen – blet- in a paper bag. The fruit is then like eating spiced apple sauce . A favorite of the ancient Romans. The beets, Swiss chard and strawberries in the small greenhouse are finished for the year, and the tomato plants still have fruits ripening, and additional flowers.

      In my youth in San Francisco , during WWII, my dad taught me farming in another back yard where we also had chickens, ducks , Canada geese, and rabbits. The geese were great watch dogs for they made noise when anyone came near.

      Since I normally eat an apple a day, at the food supermarket in PV, I purchase red and yellow delicious apples that were imported from the U.S. I wish that they imported their oranges also from the U.S., for the yellow and green oranges were very stringy this year and left strings in my teeth whenever I ate them, which was not as much as I have in past years there.

    140. Let us hope the Mexican government will follow up on requiring GMO labeling on processed foods that may contain other GMO foods – which today are in almost all processed foods. It will be expensive to provide GMO labeling, plus the testing. The best thing is to only buy whole foods and prepare them yourself in the kitchen.

      Yes, corn was first discovered and hybridized by the ancient Maya who cross pollinized the various selected verities of corn. The ancient Egyptians may have combined the genomes of different verities of animal species, and transgenically combined the genomes to form a new species.

      But it was in the human genome that was transgenically combined with the fallen angels of the bible when they came to Earth to take the Earth women as wives. However , it was the International Genome Depository that has determined the 741 genes in the human genome, that are not cataloged in any other genome found on Earth.

      They also found that the human genome has some 4 percent of Neanderthal genes , some 8 percent of Dennisovan genes , both which are a verity of humans. Also some 8 percent of the human genome consists of viral genes.

      So the obvious question is, when were the genomes of living creatures on Earth, not infected with, or genetically modified with another species genome ? It is known , and used by genetic engineers that the vector virus can infect a person, take one or more genes out of the hosts chromosome , and infect another person or animal, and insert the taken gene in the new hosts’ chromosome.

      This may happen between two people that share their lives together, where over time, each person is changing the other person’s genome. You can see it in married couples where over time they begin to resemble each other in greater detail.

      The problem with the GOM foods, is that the new gene added, may have a profound effect on the genome, as one gene has many effects on the expression of the genome. And once it is there, how can it be removed when most food crops are pollinized through the wind, or by insects?

    141. Timeshare owners who vacation in Puerto Vallarta, beside paying the up front cost of the 25 year contract which is usually thousands of U.S dollars, there is the yearly maintenance fee, and then there is a 15% VAT on the daily cost of your lodging. With all the taxes one pays to enter and leave Mexico plus the U.S. on the plane ticket, also the VAT on many of your purchases made by credit card, a low cost vacation winds up costing more than planned for.

      As one vendor on the beach said, “our new president is not very smart, for he is adding new taxes and increasing the existing taxes on us”. Many of the young store clerks said that if you do not live with your parents, you cannot afford to live in Puerto Vallarta, for it is a vacation city.

      Why, I remember in the early years in PV it was a very affordable place to vacation and shop. As time went by the costs of tipping and everything else went up, just like in the vacation city of San Francisco, where I live. The only families that can afford to live in SF there are those who live in or have inherited their parents home. Actually that is not necessarily true – for unless your home is covered by Prop.13 that limited the city property tax since 1972, most cannot afford to pay the property tax.

      San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live in the U.S. One either has to be wealthy, or be poor. The middle class has mostly been pushed out. I assume that that is the same in Puerto Vallarta also.

    142. A further comment on my recent vacation in PV, in two weeks of pounding the pavement on foot, I found only one coin on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. A small silver colored metal centavo at a bus stop. When I arrived back in San Francisco I went on my usual post retirement walk along my shopping district to get a copy of the daily San Francisco Examiner, and found a small silver dime.

      Actually each following day I have found pennies, dimes and quarters … up to nineteen coins a day. You might say that the streets are lined with metal coins – or that they are practically valueless.

      However , here is something of value I have just learned. A mechanical engineer ,writer and author who has traveled the world to measure the ancient stone pyramids, discovered while climbing up the stair of the giant stepped pyramid to the east of Mexico City, that the stair step risers are 12 inches, instead of the 7 inches for a man or woman of 5-6 foot height – these step risers were made for a person over 9 foot tall.

      From this and similar measurements made worldwide, he has deduced that stepped pyramids were built by the giants, and for the giants gold operations, and shaped as a tribute to the collection of placer gold from the rivers and streams with a stepped sluice box. I have also walked up and down the Mexico City stepped pyramid, and did not notice the difference either going up or down. Both the mechanical engineer and my wife did, for they both went down the steps sitting down, while I was able to go down without support standing up.

      Bones of these giants were found in a blocked cave entrance to a bone pile, next to the U.S. border, that had skeletons of people up to 11 foot tall..

    143. Yes it has been snowing in the Sierra Mountains of California, and at our summer home in the small town of Arnold, at 4,000 foot elevation, and surrounded by the Stanaslaus National Forest, that is across the street from our little two acres. Winter has arrived early this year.

      Before we built our house, we used to camp out on the property in January and February back in the 1960s before the winters got colder. Then we might see a dusting of snow over Christmas, but after we built our house in the 1970s, we got over 6 foot of snow on the deck that covered up the sliding glass doors. This was at a time when there was talk of an oncoming little ice age.

      Sleeping on a hammock tied between two trees, as the wife and daughters slept in our Volkswagon Camper bus before the house was built, I awoke one night from the hammock swaying. I could barely see the large deer nudging at the hammock.

      I remained still until it satisfied its curiosity , me knowing that it was not a brown bear that roams these woods looking for food. During the day I was surrounded by a cloud of flying ladybugs traveling down from the snow in the high country where they hatched from eggs left on the trees before the snow came. They were on the way to the central valley where they would stay during the spring and summer until the hot air up drafts carried them high up in the sky and transported them back to the high country, where this cycle repeated each year.

      Back in San Francisco, we are experiencing our Indian Summer, with warn to hot days, and some fog but no rain – and the average temperature year around is some 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Most years we do not have to turn on our central heating furnace, or the air circulation system in the summer.

    144. Regarding the ancient builders of the pyramids, the mechanical engineer mentioned above said that when he searched in the U.S Congressional records, information provided about them included that they had an IQ level of some 1,200 . In the U.S. today, the average for an adult is an IQ of 100. The highest on record in America is an IQ of around 260 (?) by the American newspaper columnist Marilyn von Savant who’s column is “Ask Marilyn”.

      Another notable is the former U.S. President Bill Clinton with an IQ of 186.

      These super smart giants were looking for monatomic gold (ions?). Gold that was white in color, and had different properties than the yellow gold. I cannot find this in my encyclopedia of science & technology, but have purchased jewelry in yellow, rose, green and white gold. They are a mixture of gold, silver and copper in different proportions .

      So, what did the ancient giants use the white monatomic gold for? Gold with different qualities, is white, and can be separated physically into separate individual atoms ? The 6,000 year old Sumerian clay cuneiform tablets indicated to locate them in the upper atmosphere to protect the atmosphere of their home planet from loosing heat, since their atmosphere was heated from heat coming form inside their planet.

      Could this by why both the Vatican and the U.S. Government have built observatories at the South Pole to look for this planet ?

    145. Dear Madeline ,

      I’m surprised, but we all thank you for your second sentence above. We will all take a rain check towards our next reply to you.

      And as to your second to last sentence and request for an invitation for dinner, I will be back in town next year on the week of October 4th. Pick an evening, and the location of your choice. We could also attend the stage show at my Hotel, the Plaza Pelicanos, which starts at 9:30 pm.

      One of the shows during my just past vacation on the evening of October 10th, featured a dance group of 8 that left for an engagement at Paris France, following their performance. It was spectacular. The women that is – the men were ok.

    146. I am only talking about Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta.
      we have a very good airport and good roads,and we certainly have enough hotel rooms,if they are filled then the economy here will be just fine. Do something about the car-rental business.It is redicules to pay $ 10.00 for a car per day and be charged $ 40.00 for insurance,that is a rip-off anyway you look at it.
      this is still Mexico,and I am sorry that they allowed high-rises,soon it will look like Miami and you don’t want that in Mexico.
      I remember when there were people from England-Germany -Holland- and France.
      Now it is mostly Canadien and American and many of those are retiring here,which is wonderful. Improve the infrastructure by going to solar power in a big way since electricity is
      horrendously expensive and sunshine is abundant !

    147. I went to El Tuito this past Sunday expecting to find a farmer’s market. All that was there in the main plaza were a few people selling used clothing. I don’t know if it is that way every Sunday but on November 10, 2013 that is the way it was. I was disappointed as I had brought a friend. There really isn’t anything to see or do in El
      Tuito other than a few restaurants and look at the square. It could be a cool space but there aren’t enough tourists to support anything. The locals are probably fine with that. Machi, who used to be in Puerto Vallarta, is there and has a bar on one corner of the square. His micheladas were great.

      1. That’s too bad. Hopefully they will come up with some creative ways to draw more people to town for a visit. It’s a great drive regardless.

    148. I am a freelance writer who has an article on the recent months I have spent volunteering at Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza, the local orphanage…. Can you please tell me if you accept unsolicited submissions for consideration, and if so to whom I might send my article…?

      Greatly appreaciated,

    149. Can you publish on this section, the ways you have to add numbers on the front of a phone number when calling long distance inside Mexico or calling from cell to landline and vice versa. Thanks

      1. Hi Suzanne,
        We publish a Calling in Mexico ‘blurb’ each week. Usually found on page 2 but occasionally it will be in the back of the paper. It outlines how to call various types of phones from within Mexico. Hopefully you find it helpful. Personally I have it cut out and posted on the fridge. Best, MM

    150. Anyone who has traveled to Puerto Vallarta over 30 years ago with the early primitive airport and dirt roads from the airport to the hotels and the Malecon, might think more about the new additions to the PV airport, and the roads leading to town.

      I remember flying to PV then from San Francisco upon Mexicana Airlines, indirectly via Mexico City with 6 hour layover, and landing on the PV Airport tarp and walking over to the terminal. Then there was the ride by taxi on the worst awful road full of muddy puddles to our hotel.

      One had the same bad ride back to the airport when leaving, and before boarding your airplane when they opened the terminal doors, running out to the plane for a seat because they were not pre assigned, and often there were more tickets sold than there were seats.

      Then back at the hotel, you were warned not to drink the water from the faucets, which often ran brown. And when shopping at the markets for food, the vegetables and fruits , etc., looked like that thrown in the garbage back home. Consequently we brought a separate big suitcase full of food for three weeks of cooking,with us from home for the longest time until the food in PV looked safe to eat.

      The timeshare salesmen were sometimes a good thing. Most all the boat and car trips we have taken were paid for by gifts provided us for taking time share presentations. They also included dinners to some great restaurants. However today, with so many new hotels being built, there are so many timeshare salespersons, that they have become quite a problem staying away from them.

      And, many a time when you signed up for a trip, it included a stop at a hotel for a timeshare presentation, or the taxi took you to a restaurant that offered him a kickback, even when you had asked to be taken to another restaurant .

      So overall, today in Puerto Vallarta, is not so bad when one considers to old days.

    151. Love this article!! And really hope others visiting this Beautiful city, can just bring a little something to give someone less fortunate! Merry Christmas&A happy New Year!!

    152. I can attest to the pizza at Los Muertos Brewing Co – ¡Es muy bien! However, the people at Los Muertos offer many other tasty dishes as well. My fave is the Gringa Loca Salad – yummy!

    153. Aha ! The website is again up and working for me.

      Regarding the Vallarta Tribune – the bigger the better.

      Regarding Vancouver, Canada, Loretta and I visited there in 1962 as part of our trip to the Seattle Worlds Fair. The seafood dinner at the wharf was great., but the sidewalks were mostly empty after 5:00PM. Looking down the main street, we only saw one shop light on, and it was a Drug Store, where we went to look at the magazine rack and talk to someone..

      Moving … I hate moving ! I have lived in my house most all my life. Moved back and forth many times when my parents were having marital problems, My grand parents mostly raised me and my sister. I moved out when my parents got back together, and moved back in when I inherited the house when my grandparents passed on. It was terrible, and then she did not leave her house for some 15 years. People who visited asked what were those noises, who was walking up the stairs, and closing the upstairs door?

      Loretta in order to get her out of her house, remodeled most of the house, removing walls, changing the kitchen, back door and bathroom location, upstairs toilet room and bathroom into one, etc. My daughter’s friends did not want to come into the house because it was haunted.

      Now that it is completed and the construction loans are all paid off, now is not the time to move again … or ever.

      Don’t want to move again. There is two much I have accumulated , and I do not think that I could afford a bigger house and location than this.

    154. For all of you that do not believe in haunted houses nor ghosts, let me say that my wife Loretta’s house, inherited from her mother, also has a ghost of an elder man who may have lived there before the house was purchased. My daughter and her three sons live there and have seen him walking around on a number of occasions. Also have visitors. My home in the California Sierra mountains does not have a ghost , apparently because we had it built, and no one who has lived there has died.

      To explain this one may go to the Vaishnava cosmology of India where the Vedic Cycles may be likened to the Maya Calendar Cycles, and the belief of the three worlds. Ancient India believed also in the three worlds, one the physical plane, the second the spiritual plane, and the third the conscious plane. Their 14 mavantara periods each lasting 300 million years , that approximate the periods between major mass extinctions on Earth. Thus the oldest the human species can be is 300 million years.

      The conscious plane is the highest plane and is responsible for the spirit and material planes. Ghosts represent a deceased person’s conscious state, that has yet to break away from the material state. Some say that is also the state where our conscious goes when we are asleep .

    155. I share many of those memories, but not from as far back. My wife and I “discovered” Puerto Vallarta in 1995, and of course we took those tours of the city and the jungle, too. What an eye-opening experience it was to see PV as more than just a fantastic tourist destination with gorgeous beaches.

      It’s been many years, now, since we had lunch at El Eden or Chino’s Paradise. Although we visit every January, maybe we need to see Puerto Vallarta “for the first time” once again.

      Thanks for the memories!

    156. Hi Lois,

      I remember taking the same ride to Mismayloa back in the early 1980s, and walking out off the South point to the stone building ruins, and seeing the pigs. Also the fish from the pathway, as one looked down into the deep water. Thinking that I should have brought along my fishing gear . Yes , that was my first sighting of a long sea snake as it weaved back and forth in the clear water. I also watched the young men diving for lobsters.

      I also remember traveling there after the big hotels were built on the North side of the beach. After loosing in the finals of a pro money tournament , one of the loosing pros invited me down to play a match of singles on the courts where he was the tennis pro.

      He must have been half my age, but I took him on. It was strange, for I was a doubles player since I took up tennis late in life, and was used to playing in the cool foggy weather of San Francisco.

      When the clouds were overhead blocking the hot sun, I would win . When the sun came out from behind the clouds and it got hot again, I would loose. In Puerto Vallarta the sun is mostly always out most every day of the year. Satisfied that he had won a match with me, the pro (do not remember his name) showed me around the resort, for he was extremely happy.

      I guess it is good to make someone happy, but not when playing a fellow tennis pro.

      I went back to Mismayloa some years later after the big earthquake damaged the hotel facilities to see the damage. By that time my friend the pro was no longer there, and I had retired from tennis.

    157. Hi Leza,

      I am amazed how soon young puppies can be toilet trained, taught commands, and as adults can , depending on the breed, learn to recognize up to some 900 English words. And that they have such a short lifetime compared to people. A Chimpanzee , can, with an appropriate apt , be taught to communicate with an iPad with other Chimps. Also to aim and fire a multi clip riffle

      Spare the rod, and spoil the child. In China, and in America, a Chinese student will on average, out perform a white, brown, and black student in school. Because of my training by my parents, and expectations, I was able to master many of my classes prior to the completion of the course, and out perform the Chinese students..

      The subject of your article is teaching pre school children. Before you assume the school instruction of these children, they should have learned at home from their parents, the basic elements of speech, , counting, and their alphabet .Parents who want their children to be successful in life, must start teaching their babies even before they are born.

      Learning is a lifetime pursuit, and must begin at a very early age to be ahead of the group. This is the culture of the Chinese parent , and why their children are so successful in the schools. I can still remember in Kindergarten , there was no preschool back during WWII, learning to paint with water colors with a brush on a paper a frame easel .

      By the first grade, the boys were learning capitalism in the school yard with glass marbles, with fabricated cigar boxes cut with open doors that players could shoot marbles into from a distance to win marbles. I filled a five gallon glass jar in the first and second grades. My first paying job by the second grade was a 100 paper , after school paper route, on the hills between my home and the school four blocks away, which I walked myself to school every day.

      My children and grandchildren mostly have done better than me and my wife. Especially the girls, even one with autism. What I learned from my parents, I taught to my children, and they in turn taught to their children. In the K-12 junior and high school, two of the grandchildren are earning money referring after school soccer games and saving money for their first car. I earned and purchased my first car by the age of fifteen from working paying jobs.

      It is difficult to hold back a determined to succeed student, but many parents and teachers are quite successful..

    158. I read in my morning SF Examiner newspaper, “Achievement gap remains for state Latino students “. It starts off : “As Hispanic population grows, education stats continue to lag behind”.

      In California 53% of the states 6 million school children are Hispanic. Just 33% of Hispanic students are proficient at reading in third grade, and by high school 1 in 4 Hispanic 10th graders cannot pass the high school math exit exam.

      Nationally Latino enrollment is presently 1 out of 4 students, and White students account for just 52 % of first graders. Many Hispanic students are children of Mexican immigrants who did not complete high school, and cannot provide academic support to their children.

      Educators are aware that some students learn by hearing and seeing, some by physically doing, and some a combination of both. However, today, science is aware of over 40 different senses in our bodies, and not just the commonly known five.

      This opens a new world of learning and understanding. It also opens our eyes to children who remember prior lives, as do our most inventive people who bring with them the knowledge of their past lives. Take Nicola Tesla, “The Man out of time”, who invented the AC electrical grid with his some 1,000 patients. Then there is Einstein and relativity ; Watson’s discovery of the DNA double helix; Neils Bohr’s Quantum Mechanics and the structure of the atom.

      The children and students have much to teach us adults, because they arrive with all their many senses in an active mode. I have learned much from my wife, especially after marriage, due to her sharing her memory of five past lives, two of which we were also married, and the existence of past greater civilizations where she lived. My oldest daughter also remembers one of these past lives where we were her parents also.

    159. Wow, what a wonderful read. So much information and it sounds just so inviting. Early this evening my teenage daughter call out to me, ” mom did you know it is negative 9 outside?” So just to read about your adventurers makes me feel as if I was there.
      I know having eight adopted/Foster children living at home, my chance of ever seeing the beauty of your area for myself is somewhat slim! I enjoyed seeing through your experience.
      Thanks and enjoy!

    160. The truth is that Mexico is a small country, and one that is teaching their students and businesses the international language “English”. With two years of Spanish in high school and some 35 years visiting Mexico, I never have spoken Spanish.

      Once China enters Mexico and makes investments in new businesses, they will be bringing their own workers from China, because they do not have sufficient jobs in China for all their workers. then soon, Mexican students and business will be learning Mandarin .

      Look at in Africa and other countries. U.S. Soma is another example. Mandarin is also being taught in the U.S., due to all the businesses and property being purchased in exchange for the U.S. treasury bonds purchases by China. Most big houses in America are being purchased by Chinese with cash. There are several houses on my block that have been so purchased, and in years they have not moved in.

      They have so much money to invest, that they just buy and leave the property vacant. Much of the officials in San Francisco are Asian, and Asians are moving into all the good areas in the city. Chinese products fill the stores, as they have for some time in Mexico.

      Consider the number of Chinese with advanced educational degrees. Even in the U.S., they as a group represent the upper level of academic achievement in schools here.. Be careful what you ask for, for you will be surprised what you will get, and you may not like it.

    161. I read where the Mexican government has passed a law that all merchants who sell merchandize of any amount must make an invoice of the sale and forward it to the government. This will mean that each foreign travelers will be required to validate all declarations of purchases made in Mexico for tax purposes before entering their home destination. This is suppose to help stop the drug trade, as is the money laundering by limiting the daily and weekly amount that can be exchanged at the banks.

      Myself, most of my purchases are made at the numerous flea markets where prices are not posted but are set by an offer, counter offer, and an acceptance. Haggling – that is!

      Unfortunately, the true value of most things are not known at the time of purchase, so haggling is one way of determining an items real value – what a person would pay. I wonder how the required invoice will effect the amount that a purchaser will pay, and how much the seller will sell and item?

      Back home in San Francisco, I have purchased a great deal of ancient Asian carved amber, as snuff bottles, teapots, beaded necklaces , statues and figurines that came from China, and Manchuria . I have paid very little for them.

      I had them appraised at the SF Gold Buyer by John Whitworth of Affiliated Auctions for a lot of money. Two small carved amber snuff bottles were valued at $1,400 and $1,700 US each. I paid less than $15 each.

      At one of the flea market dealers in PV, he had a small carved turtle for $1,500 US.

    162. I do believe, We do not get health coverage while we are in Mexico as stated in this article headliner, but we do not lose our Medical Status in Canada.
      Can any one add or confirm?

      1. No you do not get health coverage from the provincial medical system while in Mexico – you would need extended travelers insurance for that. But the rules with each province differ, so it is best to check with the appropriate agency before coming to Mexico.

    163. What a great addition to field guides as it is indeed difficult to find the resources to identify Mexico’s rich biodiversity. Butterflies and Moths next?

    164. A newly discovered concept involving the mind is “Grounded Cognition “, or the tricking of the mind to think it is doing something that it is not, and thru heightened connectivity of the brain associated with receptivity for language as well for the primary sensory motor regulation of the brain neurons.

      This may involve protagonist where one associates with the main character of a novel or drams, and the effect can linger on for some five days.

      Consider one who is wrapped up in day dreaming , video games, or even pornography . In my early tennis teaching days back in the 1970s, I used this effect by suggesting to my working students that if they did not have time to practice on the tennis court during the week, they could still condition their tennis strokes by imagining then in their mind , and without any physical motion, they could perfect their strokes. Even doing this as they performed the physical stroke during a game.

      Grounded cognation may be the answer when a person comes out of a coma, and speaks an unfamiliar foreign language ,have a different personality; or wake up after dreaming and have a new idea for a new invention or science; or even remember a prior life.

    165. I thought this was a very relevant article written by Leza. I am just confused…what relevancy is there in the comments that follow??

    166. We all hope for the vey best in 2014. But some of us , like in 2013, think the same problems that made all the predictions for 2013 too high will be with us in 2014.. Since the world economy is fueled by the U.S, economy, and the U.S. Congress cannot stop borrowing money, plus Obamacare ( the medical insurance disaster) is being released on the American public beginning 2014, I am not looking for anything good happening in 2014. Also the dreadful weather of 2103 which will likely continue in 2014, my only hope is for good weather in Puerto Vallarta when I vacation there the last week in September and the first week of October in 2014..

      The weather gods were most helpful in 2013 when I spent 14 days of beautiful rainless days in the pool and on the beach.

    167. Kathy, your mission and purpose is inspiring, and a credit to you. Until you have experienced a medical problem, you do not understand that the human body is not perfect … in his image and likeness .

      As a youth I thought that I was perfect and invincible. That was until I begin having migraine headaches at the engineering office around 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The office Chief Draftsman would come by my drafting table and suggest that I go home, for I was doubled over with stomach pains.

      My doctor told me that I was working two hard with two jobs, and going to engineering school, and with wife and children, and that I had to quit my job , or else I would die!

      I asked the doctor to review my diet for that must be my problem. I was answered by the doctor saying that he did not have a patient with a better diet. Today I know that doctors are not taught nutrition , so I , like you, studied all about natural foods and herbal medicines, etc.

      Yes, I cured myself, and went on to work even harder on the same career that lasted 55 years until I became a senior electrical engineer handling multi million dollar projects. My example inspired many of my friends who told me that I made a difference in their lives.

      One young woman, who went to high school with my daughter, and often came into our home after school, had asked if I was her brother, and was interested. She told me this some 20 years later, and I asked how did I make a difference in her life?

      She said when she saw how young I looked, and saw the large built in cabinet where I stored my food supplements, vitamin and mineral tablets, her health made a big improved when she began following my example. Actually it is not so much what you do that is so important, It is what you don’t do that really counts.

    168. My new years resolution is not to make new years resolutions, but to take of any situations before they become unmanageable threats to my health, my relationships, and economic stability.

      Movement and standing are critical to the body. I crawled as an infant, ran and jumped as a preteen, sprinted as a teenager, stood up much of my working life, and walked 20-30 long blocks daily when retired.

      The best from of overall bodily exercise is thought to be slow to fast walking, which can be done at most ages. Walking in place can warm the muscles up prior to running or jogging and tennis. Best to not stretch cold mussels for you may heart them or tear a ligament.

      Protein foods go with heavy work and exercises, and proper shoes go with healthy feet. I have played, taught tennis to amateurs and pros for over 15 years, and have participated on varsity track and soccer.

    169. Regarding solar power in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta , a lesson and example may be found in Hawaii that has the greatest concentration of solar cells in the U.S. So many people had solar cells installed on their roofs, that the power lines connection to the electric grid can no longer carry the electric load, and new installations are not being allowed by the utility, until it is decided who will pay for the costly line upgrades.

      Meanwhile all the utility ratepayers will be billed for the expense. If too many ratepayers use solar cells, the utilities may not have sufficient income from electicity sales to upgrade their generation to provide for the load during the nighttime and during storms.

      Also, the manufacture of the solar cells uses a lot of conventional electrical generation and release of CO2, that it often takes a new installation up to five years to offset the CO2 released. A new solar cell installation costing up to $30,000 U.S. is a very expensive investment if it is not allowed to be connected to the power grid.

    170. Step up to the new world of parenting: the iPad ! Children as young as three months old are said to be able to learn and use them. Says that it is able to rewire their brains for the electronic age. Parents no longer have to play card or board games or set them in front of the TV or video player.

      My 18 year granddaughter in high school and received an iPad a year ago, and now has over 100,000 followers.

      Tales abound about families around the Christmas tree and dinner table looking into and texting on their iPods to family members and friends. The U.S. government has been giving free iPads to K-12 students to get them associated with the digital wireless technologies.

      The government may have been too late, for in America not very many women plan on marrying because of the children problem, where the men do not want to support families, or children that will be staying with the family until middle age.

      Just look at the Christmas Present drives for less fortunate children advertised in the U.S. and Mexico. Also the food drives for the hungry and homeless in both countries. In the U.S., the theft of cellphones and iPads on public streets and public transportation to be sold in the Asian countries, has been very successful at redistribution of the peoples wealth.

      Yes, I remember in my childhood days my mother reading to me and playing cards with my sister and I. But in those days the streets were safer, and I spent most of the time outdoors playing cops and robbers , cowboys and Indians ,or riding my flexie ( four wheel flat scooter) and bicycle. There was no or few TVs in those days.

    171. When I was a young school boy in San Francisco, CA, I was taught that the meaning of the word Mexico was – The land of many Indians. The exhibition here is The Maya. And follows the ending of the fifth cycle of The Maya calendar. Which, evidently, was not the end of the world – for nothing happened.

      History tells us that the Olmec were the first great civilization in Mexico. And established the jade trade routs from the jungles behind Puerto Vallarta to Guatemala. The Maya followed after the Olmec , and around 900AD, left Mexico for Guatemala , and the U.S. via the Mississippi River valley, and into the state of Georgia.

      Here they merged with the Creek American Indians. Meanwhile, the Mexican Aztec Indians in what is now Mexico City, were defeated by the Spanish invaders.

      Today Mexico has been invaded internally by the drug cartels, and the Mexican government has been fighting an apparent loosing battle over the past seven years. Partly because some of the Mexican military joined with the drug cartels.

      One has to wonder why, when a people are disarmed like are the Mexican people, why the military cannot declare marshal law and defeat the drug cartels ? The first foreign war fought by the then new U.S government was against the Barbary Coast Muslim Pirates overseas.

      Why cannot the Mexican military win a fight against the internal drug cartels? Why has there been over 80,000 Mexicans killed during the past two administrations? Where is the greatness of the Mexican Indians and its varied culture?

      My wife Loretta’s mother came from Mississippi. She was part Choctaw and Creek Indian, and Loretta’s father is part Cherokee, and she has spent years studying her European and American Indian ancestry, and collecting old pictures published in books of the American Indian tribes, etc.

      After vacationing with me for 25 years in the varies cities in Mexico, and most of the time in Puerto Vallarta, she has declined to come back to Puerto Vallarta over the past seven years because she feels it is no longer safe.

    172. For an English newspaper in Puerto Vallarta, , the picture of Julie and daughter is charming, however, only a few of the Spanish words were understood by me.

      Apparently Julie does not write in Spanish, as our editor Madeline apparently does not speak in Spanish, but Canadian English. Perhaps this is an exercise in seeing how many words in Spanish the readership understands. I failed with a D+ . I however truly tried!

    173. Julie, thank you for your wonderful post. This I can comprendo.

      As a child in America, my sister and I found Christmas to be the most wonderful Holiday of the year, followed by birthdays and Easter. So did my children and grandchildren.

      My wife who was born in Texas was not so fortunate. Born on the wrong side of the train tracks, she was not so fortunate. A doll one year at Christmas , and a bicycle at a birthday.

      At three years of age in Texas, she took out a library card and became an avid book reader. Her family brought her to San Francisco in a military troop transport train when she was 8 years old, and when 12 years old in Junior High school located in an expensive neighborhood , we met .

      I found out later that when she began school in San Francisco, she had only two dresses and no coat. The school principal purchased a coat and dress for her. During the year of our engagement in 1954, I proved money for her parents to provide properly for her. At 19 we married.

      Her two jobs, one as the private secretary for the Regional Manager of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company , and later as Manager of the commercial division of Colwell Banker Real Estate Company, were cases of starting at the very bottom, and in a very short time, going to the top. It took me some 53 years in my career to go from the bottom to the very top in engineering..

      The lesion here is that you can give a person a fish, or you can teach the person how to fish. It is important that teaching a person to fish is all about getting a job. Both my wife and I were well schooled and very mature when we looked for jobs..

      In Puerto Vallarta, the Vallarta Tribune has posted the financial responsibilities of an homeowner for providing for a domestic housekeeper or a residential handyman. In San Francisco, Mexican handymen come by our house all the time for short time home jobs, like gardening, painting, etc.

      At many of the Building Material Supply Stores, they line up for cash paying jobs. Perhaps the PV city officials could provide a better way for people who require charity, to work. In the past, I understand that the government would provide a job to anyone who asked. What has changed?.

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    175. Hi:
      Don’t know if you can help, but I am a Canadian tourist, I took a taxie to Bucerias on Saturday January 11, 2014 while vacationing in Riveria Nayarite from January 8-15, 2014.
      While in Bucerias I saw 3 dogs – 1 black dog, 1 brown dog and a little white and black dog who appeared to have given birth and whose nipples were hanging. They were roaming the streets looking for food and water. It broke my heart and I was not able to follow them. I left some food on the street where I returned to catch a taxie back to Riveria Nayarite.
      Is there any help out there for these poor abandoned/strary animals. I tried to google “humane socieity in Bucerias” but to no available.

      Can you direct me to where I might find some help for these dogs. I am back in Canada, and I would like to help in some way.

      I await your reply.

    176. When buying parsley or cilantro ask for ‘un mano’ – a handful, I live solo, so for me it’s usually ‘un medio mano’ (I use the same measure in the Semilla stores)
      Also no need for me to buy a whole bunch of celery, to go bad in the ‘fridge, when all I need is three stalks, so that’s what I take and pay for.
      Avocados are behind the counter, for a ripe one, ask for ‘para hoy’, ripe tomorrow – ‘para mañana’

    177. It is understandible why this situation has arisen as it has become a city overrun by dogs and cats that some people want to save so that they can continue to disturb and disrupt the vacations that people come here to enjoy.. We have had irresponsible pet owners renting a Condo in our usually enjoyable neighbourhood that have a small dog that is left out on the balcony and barks continusally for hours non stop all hours of the night and day.. The owners of the dog have been talked to and refuse to do anything about their dogs barking. Other tenants have moved out due to this problem.. Now I hope that the Association now adopts the no pet policy after these disrespectfull tenants move out… I do understand that all pet owners are not like this and do have respect for others and take measures to control their pets but as it shows to much of the opposite…

    178. Thanks for your article! I ate here a few nights ago – I chose the apple salad, the shrimp and the bananas flambé. The dessert was the best I have ever eaten! The waiter came out with a flaming pan and cooked it right in front of us! A beautiful process and a delicious end to a fabulous dining experience.

    179. Is less new condos and resorts being built as less people are coming to this location for vacations for various reasons.
      Prices are very high.
      Fear factor.
      The town has lost it´s old Mexico charm that people loved.
      It has sadly become another Cancun. One is enough!

      What this town REALLY needs is a park. A large park where we can spend our days picnicking and taking our children and animals.

      Less ugly buildings.
      Make this town people friendly by giving back to the people by building a park.

      It is obvious people do not like what this location has become in the past 10 years.

    180. Does anybody remember when exactly the first “pick and shovel” work began on the second tunnel, and when it first “opened for business” (with the temporary lights and no fans, and before the rainstorms washed the mountain down on it forcing its closing)? I’m having a debate over this with a friend. He remembers it as taking over two years, and I think it took less than one. Help settle this debate please!?!

    181. Finally the City is getting around to “completing” the new dock. If any of you can recall this street work was all supposed to have been completed when the new dock was built. Also why did they schedule the work to produce the maximum amount of disruption right in the middle of the high tourist season?
      And through it all the “spin doctors” at the City make themselves out as heros! And the strangest thing is people actually believe them.

    182. I worked with Rick and got to know him and loved him and all his stories of his travels and adventures. I am truly saddened to hear of his passing and wish his family the very best during this very difficult time.

    183. If you have the website or the Email of Ollinmexica or of Heriberto Saucedo or of Cristel Reimink, could you please inform me?

      I come from Montréal, Québec (Canada)

      Many thanks.

    184. Luna Rumba has a show at The Paradise Community Center
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    186. The facts are on the internet to do your own research. There is NO need to speculate or debate the facts. The geological records have been researched and conclusions published and peer reviewed. Enjoy your Google search.

    187. What a Beautiful expression of life here in PV. We moved here full time from Las Vegas NV. So many of our friends & family still cannot understand how we could move to “Such a dangerous place”. I have sent numerous articles about the safety etc.. This is the next piece I will send. Thanks for such poetry.

    188. This can definitely be a challenge as we’ve all seen over the years. As you mention, having a smaller dog certainly can help. You offer some other helpful advice that readers should be sure to reference.

    189. To my opinion, based in Puerto Vallarta, we do not need more room or more highrises. We need more sophistication in urban planning, a city downtown with style, ambiance and sitting facilities, more greening of spaces, more signage and wayfinding to help tourists use this very efficient and dynamic bus system that we have here, help people find destinations and discover the country, more soft technology for energy producing. Also, better streets and water infrastructures in the “Colonias”. Mind you, life around the bay is exceptional I’d say, close to paradise.

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      I therefore invite you to visit Hellmuth’s site. Thank you so much for the most interesting article. Huguette

      1. Hola Huguette, Thank you for your message. I love the area around Mascota and the next time I am through that way I will definately let you know and stop by to see your late husbands paintings.
        Abrazos, Madeline

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    196. Lois’s series of articles almost fill the void we feel when we have to leave P.V. to come back home. We are grateful to the Vallarta Tribune for bringing them to us.
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      Que Pasa should close their restaurant, HORRIBLE! terrible.

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      She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

    205. I have been in PV for 14 years. The River Cafe will take advantage and over charge whenever possible.

    206. While my retirement is still one month away, I’m looking forward to moving to Puerto Vallarta September 1, 2014. My husband and I have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta for almost 20 years and during this time we have made so many dear friends and have enjoyed the excellent weather, beautiful scenery, fresh fruit and fish, the music, the excellent cuisine . . . but most of all we love the Mexican culture! I’m always amazed by the number of ‘Buenos Dias’ greetings or the friendly smiles we receive each day from people we don’t know and it is contagious! You want to smile all day long! After all, you are truly in Paradise! I want to thank the people of Puerto Vallarta for making us feel so welcomed and safe! I look forward to making Puerto Vallarta our forever home!!

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      What is happening to our once sleepy fishing village?

    244. Regarding the change of deportations since 2009, many if not most Americans do not believe much of anything we the people are told by the government , especially since the government has mostly run out of money, or it is in extremely short supply. America has long term immigration laws, but they are not being enforced. Since our culture and language are being changed, we the people are beginning to wonder if America should adopt the immigration laws of Mexico. Without a secure border, there cannot be a country.

      With all the children that have crossed our southern border these past few years, school districts are talking about bankruptcy , and are threating legal action against the federal government for the cost of these new immigrates . Walking down my shopping district I see Mexican indigenous women pushing a stroller with their Mexican infants, or without stroller carrying them in their arms. It is like walking down the downtown streets of Puerto Vallarta during the September summer low season.

      There should be a great change after the 2016 presidential election should a Republican candidate win. Especially if Republicans retake the senate majority. The U.S Constitution was framed as a Republican government, and not a Democracy, such as was the Christian Bible, but that also was changed when the bible was changed by King James. The King did not like the portion from Enock – seventh generation from Noah – for a Republican government where he wrote … kill all kings and men who take the land from the people with their hands.

    245. What Vallarta needs is a major upgrade in infrastructure. Roads, sewage treatment , ecologigical garbage recycling, are just a few of theses needs. There are hotels and high rises that sit empty. Los Muertos does not need another beach club. How about a replacement for Rizo’s? We desperately need a market south of the Cuale

    246. My perception of Puerto Vallarta on our September vacation from San Francisco CA over the past some 35 years has been that it is the best time of the year. We have also vacationed in PV in December February and June , but all around , the mid September to late September dates have been the best for us. Few people in the pool, on the beach, in the stores, and on the Malecon. Also everything cost less.I remember in the early years what it was like at work in foggy San Francisco , in the engineering department with open windows, but no air conditioning. Before leaving for PV , the sweat on my bare arms would cause the paper on my drafting table to stick to them whenever lifted or moved my arms. But oh … when we arrived in PV the temperature was wonderful … except on the tennis court when our hands and arm sweated so much that holding on the to tennis racket was a problem. However, after some years of vacationing there, sweating no longer was a problem. I remember in PV some years ago, there was a heat wave that lasted over a week with each day over 100 Deg. F. The Mexicans in the downtown shopping areas , complained on how hot it was, but me – from cool and foggy San Francisco – shopped for hours without very a sweat. But of course I knew that my body maintained a temperature of 98.6 Deg. F. , and the higher temperature felt was just a perception. I knew to keep thinking that I was walking on a cold glacier of ice, and soon I actually felt a little cold.

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    254. Its 35 years for both of us during September in Puerto Vallarta. In the past years we used to get huge thunderstorms many evenings … I mean like all night … and often the lightning bolt would hit the lightning rod above our 10th floor apartment at our timeshare. Of course, often the power went out, but we always brought flashlights with us.

      My wife Loretta often would stay up much of the night watching the lightning flashes through the wall to wall sliding door windows on two sides of the living room. For some reason, there have been few of those all-nighters over the past seven years. But the rain … yes. With the rain comes full rivers and large volume waterfalls. And best of all, the pool and bay waters are warm for swimming all day and night except after a heavy rainfall.

      This year my arrival in PV will be later a week later on September 30, and my fingers are crossed for some sunny weather, like the past two years. But what the heck, it is advertised that there are 300 sunny days a year in Puerto Vallarta, same as it is in my foggy home in San Francisco.

    255. Interesting , informative, and makes me think I was born at the right time and place – San Francisco during WWII. Reported prior in the Vallarta Tribune was that in Mexico there are some 27 different types of corn, and today the Mexican government has banned planting of any GMO corn.

      Most interesting about the Mexican diet is that the oldest person in the world lives at Municipio Guadalajara , is 127 years old, and her secret of longevity is eating chocolate, sleeping a lot , and not getting married; and has 73 great grandchildren and 55 great-great grandchildren.

      Actually I really wish that I was born August 31,1887 in Mexico … and still had the opportunity to sleep and eat a lot. And if married, I would likely be on my second or third wife by now.

    256. In the early years of the United States, most everyone farmed; even the members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. During WWII in San Francisco … we had a backyard victory garden during the time of war stamps when everything was regulated … which we raised Canadian geese, chickens and rabbits. My father taught me gardening, taking care of food animals, hunting and fishing at an very young age.

      All through my adult life I have had gardens that where I have grown berries, and most of the dwarf fruit trees. In San Francisco, Daly City, and a two acre plot in the Sierra Mountains , covering three different growing zones. Being an organic gardener , I never spray them, but do heavy mulching and combine a number of different types of fruit trees and berry bushes and vines. They seem happy when I talk to them as I spray water on them either in the morning or in the evening when the weather is hot.

      The main benefit for me, is inside … watching the trees and berry blossom, watching the bees pollenate the blossoms, and watch the fruit and berries develop, and eating them right off the tree, bush or vine. The main problem is the droughts in California and water shortages, and sometimes lack of winter chilling.

    257. Judge not … or be judged; this thought went through my mind as I read this article. Also the number of off leash dogs and feral cats in my San Francisco neighborhood. And the thought : PEACEANIMALS , and what religious belief does to the gender identity of its members.

      The law in San Francisco regarding cats and dogs is that they cannot be owned, but the owners are just custodians of their animals – and this also applies to children and their mothers, for as the “sons and daughters of man”, one cannot own one another, or apparently the wild and domesticated animals as pets.

      I am appalled that a pet owner/custodian will revere his pet, and cast off his children and wife. San Francisco is full of cast off women and children which the city of San Francisco must feed and provide lodging … while on the sidewalks of my shopping center, there are a stream , mostly of women, who walk expensive show type dogs to the animal salons for a shampoo and a fur trimming session.

      Am I missing something here?

    258. I learned a lot from this excellent article. One question not asked nor answered is regarding ownership of the beach. In California beaches are not private property, and the land/lot owner affronting the beach must provide or not prevent public access to the beach, which is government owned.

      It was my understanding from prior articles in the Vallarta Tribune that some beaches may be privately owned, and portions of the beach may be open to the public … as is/was the beach to the south of the Canto del Sol Timeshare Hotel before the addition of the New Amber Resort Hotel.

      Since the beach in front of the Canto Del Sol Hotel is roped off at the high water line for the exclusive use of the hotel guists, it would seem that the Mexican Government owns the beach up to the high water mark. With so called climate change, and the increasing movement of the continents, there may be increased loss of beaches in the not too far off future.

      What say you?

    259. Loretta and I had a stopover in Mexico City on the way home, I think it was from Puerto Vallarta, or perhaps it was the time we went to Acapulco back in the late 1900s. We were most impressed with the large pyramid pushing up in the middle of a street intersection, and all the leaning buildings. However we did not see the canals or the boats … too bad. However we had time to take a bus out to the Aztec pyramids east of town, and also see the houses where the wealthy live in the city. The servants housing on either side of the main house were as big or larger than our custom built three story home in San Francisco. Very impressive.

      However we settled for our annual three week vacation in the small town and fishing village of Puerto Vallarta , and take the boat rides out along Banderas Bay. We have experienced some large earthquakes in PV, but nothing like what happened in Mexico City during the big one back in the 1900s. Pictures on TV shown in San Francisco looked like the bombed out cities in Germany during WWII..

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    261. As a taxpaying American citizen I am wondering who will be paying for this education program in Los Angles by Mexican government representatives for the Mexican adult immigrants?

      The U.S. Constitution does not give the federal government control over public education in the U.S., as it is among the responsibilities of the states, and when home schooled , the parent . The federal control of the countries education is like the government control of religion, and both are ways a government can control the people. Not permitted under the Constitution.

      Muiticulturalism is the goal of the federal government, as seen in their policy to eliminate all white neighborhoods, and schools.

      That said, the U.S. government is involved in making many unconstitutional laws, and has politicalized the Supreme Court. Neighborhood property taxes are used to pay for building neighborhood public schools , paying teachers and school administration. Corporations, grants and churches also build and run many schools .

      The U.S. government has announced that the U.S. Military must accept undocumented immigrants. This is what the ancient Roman Empire did, and when the empire was attacked, the Roman army fled as Rome was sacked and burned to the ground.

      As a sovereign U.S. citizen, I have just one vote, but what is happening in the federal government, especially over the past six years, I do not approve. Mexico protects its borders, so it is a country. The United States is not protecting its southern border, or enforcing the long standing immigration laws, and thus the U.S. is in jeopardy of becoming a none country … and so, Americans are purchasing rifles and stocking up in ammunition , such as the vigilantes did in Mexico against the drug cartels, to protect their families and property, and eventually their country..

    262. When our children were young we couldn’t afford to go anywhere. Trips to the grocery store and friends’ houses entailed a huge amount of stuff too. I remember the stroller I had. It weighed a ton and took up half of the trunk. Things are much easier now.

    263. As I read your Editor’s notes, it is raining in Vancouver, Canada. No , I am not there now, but back in 1962 I was and the weather was bright and sunny, thank you. Reading “‘ The Power of Chocolate ” by the certified Health and Wellness Coach Marcella Castellanous, which starts by asking who doesn’t have a love affair with chocolate, perhaps she must not be thinking of pet dogs that will die if they consume more than a small amount. But then Emperor Moctezuma II consumed more than 60 portions of whipped chocolate each day, while the nobles of his court consumed some 2,000 daily.

      Myself … I never touch chocolate for health reasons, however I can remember in my youth drinking chocolate milk after a long bike ride to rid myself of pains in my chest.

      Health wise , the “sweating” of the chocolate as it ferments in separating the thick pulp from the seeds, produces alcohol ; and the beans contain Alkaloids, Caffeine , Threobromine , Theophylline, Anandamide, and Phenethylamine . Many persons avoid certain of these items.

      Then there was the giant study in America which lists the most dangerous drugs in decending order of damage to health and well being … and guess what? Yes number one on the list was alcohol. It may not kill as fast as the second on the list, but of all the drugs listed that people take, it has the worst overall effect on the person and the people around them.

      Poisons like alcohol and Caffeine ( both carcogenic) and other substances are produced in fruits , seeds and vegetation to ward off or attract animals to aid in their seed distribution, or prevent them from being eaten.

      Good shopping till you drop in Vancouver, and hurry back.

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    266. In the protection of our God given rights to life, liberty, and the persuit of happyness, the American Founding Fathers gave us (which includes the Mexican immigrants) a government and Constitrution that required freedom and equality for all, and a federal agency , that could not borrow, but had to have a balanced budget each year, that it could not spend more than it took in.

      They knew when governments imposed income taxes on the working earnings of the people, thee people could not grow theiror even save some of their wealth because the income taxs would be spent by the government, and the prople would become like indentured servants.

      Today Americans are burdened by federak income taxes, which if they do not pay, they could loose their home and possessions. So today America is insolvent to the tune of some $22 trillion dollars, and the income taxes will be going up evermore to pay for the federal borrowing.

      Mexico seems to be on the same train track and will eventually reach a similar location, as are the people who borrow more that they can ever hope to repay. Let us hope that Mexico can learn a lesson from America`s mistake, whereas Americans and businesses are fleeing their country for safer countries to continue a guarenteed right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happyness.

    267. I feel your pain! The world has a garbage problem but when it impacts your small
      part it is especially galling. Leading by example is all we can do sometimes. I clean my street constantly and when the garbage bin at the end gets truly awful from marauding dogs and horses, I hire the cleanup crew. If we all just kept our corners clean it would sure help. Good work!

    268. I think the president has great ideas when it comes to the UN. I also feel a change in the telecommunications industry has long been needed in Mexico where internet speed publicly lags way behind its neighbors to the North and competion is a good thing. I don’t agree with his approach to the petroleum industry however- I think a nations natural resources are best capitalized on by the country itself to help pay for infrastructure and the common good of its citizens- I think that one Mexico already had right.

    269. We all live within the ruins of an ancient structure, whos vast size has has rendered invisible until the advent of Google Earth and the satillite systems of many nations. W

    270. We all live within the ruins of an ancient structure, whos vast size has has rendered invisible until the advent of Google Earth and the satillite systems of many nations. With these, man has found that the surface of the earth is marked with traces of a gigantic work of prehistoric engineering … the remains of natural forces involving the use of polar magnetism together with the torsion fields related to rotating solar spheres.

      In world today … nations have devised an United Nations among nations, mostly financed by the United States, to form a structure that will unify all nations and peoples of earth.

      Today Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has announced an historic step for Mexico … that it will again take part in the U.N. Peace Keeping Missions. However, he is calling for more changes to the U.N. and more equatable geographical representation within the U.N. Security Council. Myself, I think there should be a more equatable payment to the U.N. by participating members.

      Mexico has some 111 million people, China and India some 1.4 billion , the U.S. some 311 million, and are among the U.N. Security Council members, all of which have nuclear weapons. Mexico should first contain the Mexican Drug Cartels that have and are controlling much of the country, and killing tens of thousands of their countrymen over the past seven years.

      The larger and more powerful a country becomes, the less power the people have. … this includes organizations like the United Nations. Some would say that there are greater money savings from one large country than many small countries, but in truth, it is in the quality of the people who govern the U.N. . what country would want to send their best and brightest people to the U.N. when these people are needed at home to guide their own country.

      Thus the U.N. can be seen as a third rate organization that is attempting to control all nations and people on the planet. Think of the ancient gigantic work of prehistoric engineering that covers the earth … that is no more.

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    272. I recently read an article questioning why is the United States breeding stupidity. It basically was about the government environmental laws. One item was about the plastic trash buildup in the middle of oceans and lakes … basically, where did all the plastic go. Since most of it cannot be found, did it sink to the bottom of the ocean and lakes, or did the fish eat it. After all , it was the early plant life that evolved to make the first plastics. And we eat plant life. So do fish.

      Then there was the thing about atmospheric carbon dioxide gas that has little effect on earths global warming, which is due to the changing upper jet stream air currents, and ocean water currents.

      And, then it included Mankinds , yes also you women, inability to pickup their messes after them. Y

    273. I recently read an article questioning why is the United States breeding stupidity. It basically was about the government environmental laws. One item was about the plastic trash buildup in the middle of oceans and lakes … basically, where did all the plastic go. Since most of it cannot be found, did it sink to the bottom of the ocean and lakes, or did the fish eat it. After all , it was the early plant life that evolved to make the first plastics. And we eat plant life. So do fish.

      Then there was the thing about atmospheric carbon dioxide gas that has little effect on earths global warming, which is due to the changing upper jet stream air currents, and ocean water currents.

      And, then it included Mankinds , yes also you women, inability to pickup their messes after them. You remember your mother reminding you to pick up after you, and finally picking your clots up and putting then away. S

    274. I recently read an article questioning why is the United States breeding stupidity. It basically was about the government environmental laws. One item was about the plastic trash buildup in the middle of oceans and lakes … basically, where did all the plastic go. Since most of it cannot be found, did it sink to the bottom of the ocean and lakes, or did the fish eat it. After all , it was the early plant life that evolved to make the first plastics. And we eat plant life. So do fish.

      Then there was the thing about atmospheric carbon dioxide gas that has little effect on earths global warming, which is due to the changing upper jet stream air currents, and ocean water currents.

      And, then it included Mankinds , yes also you women, inability to pickup their messes after them. You remember your mother reminding you to pick up after you, and finally having her picking your clothes up and putting then away. Some of us when adults do not pick up after us, make messes , that another volunteer must do the picking up for us … time to go pick up something.

      PS. This Mexican computer is actually more stupid than I for it will not allow me to bring up a question mark, and keeps giving me the message that what I have typed is a duplicate of what I already wrote and posts my comment before it is completed. Ho well , this is Mexico … and it is time to go and pick up after myself.

    275. It was reported in the United States eastern part of the country on radar, a large dark cloud was observed on the screen, which turned out to be a massive group of flying Monarch butterflies. That was the good news, the bad news is that much of the milkweed growing areas have been up rooted for growing pot. Unfortunately parts of Mexico are legalizing the use of pot. Is the Mexican government also growing stupidity among the Mexicans people.

      Our seasons in the U.S. are also a month early this year, which is bad for the Monarch butterflies since they may be migrating to a location where the milkweed has not matured for them to breed and feed on. Due to their short lifespan and long migratory route, they must mate and breed several times to complete their migration, and the milkweed must be ready for them when they arrive at each destination.

    276. Just heard the sad news about Stephen Clay.. He was a dear friend and a great boss to me and my wife when we lived in Los Angelos. Although we lost contact with him when we moved to NY, We will never forget his wonderful smile & great attitude towards life. He gave me so many awesome memories and I am blessed to have known him. From Schvinky to Binky I say THANK YOU… & RIP STEVE!

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    279. Madeline,

      I adore your cheerful and wonderful picture above, but who is your friend making the victory sign to the side of you. Ferries in BC … we have them in San Francisco , and I guess in Mexico also. Actually my wife Loretta and I took the BC Ferries between Vancouver and Victoria back in 1962. I loved all the cold and ice in June and stayed on the outside , however not my wife, she stayed inside and bundled up during the whole trip.

      It is now October, and 2014. Regarding global warming and climate change, how cold was it outside, and the amount of ice in the water. It pays to check out what governments are telling us today about the environment.

    280. I have followed Marsha s column and evaluations of the various stage shows in Puerto Vallarta, and once in PV on vacation, I had the opportunity of attending the Latino Dancers at the Plaza Pelicanos Resort with her… per my invitation. I was impressed with her knowledge and perception of the art and performance skills of the seven dancers, three women and four men. Two of which , one man and one women, who stood out above the others.

      Also of her knowledge of the arts in general. I also learned of her love for fried potatoes and tomato ketchup. It is an experience to sit with her through a stage performance, or at dinner. TRY IT IF YOU CAN.

    281. Regarding migratory birds, some who fly around the globe, there is a new menace to their welfare and existence. It is the new solar generation tower that are being build in greater numbers around the world.

      In the California desert, one such tower was discontinued after the experience with other towers in California that were causing birds to explode. Birds flying through the bright light between the mirrors to the fluid holding tank at the top of the tower, either by being burned to crisp, set on fire, or having their wings burnt sufficient that they could not fly.

      The one discontinued would have taken some 500 acres, cost over a billion dollars U.S., supplied power for 140,000 homes, and cost double the amount of biofueled electric generation. The 500 acres would have been devoid of any creatures that would otherwise have used the habitat of that space prior.

      So in the largest scale, even turning off a light, lowering the thermostat of your air conditioning, or temperature of your water heater… may in the long run, be beneficial to protecting those migrating birds.

    282. Thanks so much for this info and the website. Very helpful. We have been coming to Vallarta for years. Marilyn

    283. Interesting story of events.
      I live in Nuevo – and would like to help out although my Spanish (Espanol) is very very minimal but I have a car to get Nena- to her necessary appointments.
      I will email Madalina right now to see if we can communicate together.
      Hope I can be of some help.
      Best wishes,

    284. Perhaps America is different from the countries making up the rest of the world? Perhaps that is why over 50 percent of the worlds wealth has been produced in America. In the 3rd grade our teacher told us that in America, our free enterprise Capitalistic economic system could provide us anything we wanted … as long as we worked for it. On the other hand if , you were unwilling to work, you would have nothing, and would live in a hobo camp.

      To get ahead in this system, successful people work up to 16 hours a day. However working smart , but not hard … takes a good education. Students at the top of their classes, are the persons sought after by businesses. However , success involves continues learning through education … actually continuous education never stops.

      Getting ahead in America is usually done by starting a business. Learning how to run a profitable business. Learning to select productive employees, and training them.

      Unfortunately in America today, over half of working age people, do not have jobs. Over half of students do not graduate, and often drop out of school by the eighth grade. They live with their parents, if they are still around, until they are some 40 years old, or the parents are dead and gone.

      None profits are not capitalism. Profits are the rewards for running a business. To take earnings from workers to give to none workers is a form of slavery, which has been outlawed in America. However it is socialism. Socialism in America has contributed to the national borrowing debt of some $22 trillion dollars. This is a debt that can never be repaid … making America insolvent.

      People should be asking what they can do for their country, and not what their country can do for them. And what the world be like if there was no America?

    285. Holding two thoughts in mind at the same time , or multitasking, has been shown to reduce your mental IQ during these operations. This may be the reason for an IQ decline among people in the world today. Single mindedness of old … had people doing things that cannot be done today. Check the quality of modern items that were also made centuries ago. The older they are, the better they have been made.
      Regarding the stock market, only the balanced funds that purchase stocks across the Dow Jones industrial stocks are safe for most investors. The Big money stock purchasers have developed high speed internet connections where when they see your purchase order, they can buy and sell it to you at a higher price.
      Real estate has made more millionaires than most any other investment. My grandparents lost most of their money made from silver mining , in a stock market crash. However a custom made house in San Francisco built in 1924 for $14,000 , at the high of the housing market in 2008 was worth some $2.5 million, and today in 2014 some $2.0 million, and is rising in double digits today.

    286. During my recent early October two week vacation in PV, I met a number of persons that had to redirect their vacation plans from Los Cabos to Puerto Vallarta. The weather during these two weeks was almost perfect in PV, and the beaches were almost the same as last year, due to the avoidance of hurricanes that do not enter the Bay of Banderas. These new visitors will do much to spread the word that Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest places to vacation on the Mexico Pacific Riviera at this time of year. As some might say: “God is on our side!”

    287. It would be wonderful if everyone had what is noted as the United Nations standard for living conditions. Yes, all 7.5 billion people, including the 10 million rural Mexican people. It is like if wishes were fished, we could fry them and eat them.

      However, it was estimated some years ago, that some 9 billion animals are butchered every day just to feed the worlds population. Forests are cut down, the environment is altered, and the ground is mined for the raw materials required. Since we have altered our environment in building towns and cities, roads and water service, there is a resulting global climate change ongoing.

      Perhaps the United Nations should determine the maximum living standards for people that would limit the further destruction of the global environment, and with a growing world population would result in a increasing reduction of living standards for all people.

      This does not sound so good does it ?; since only some 2 percent of the planets land mass is suitable for building sustainable living conditions. Also, the planets climate zones from the equator to the poles, are fourteen north and south. Also seven vertically depending on elevation. Some 75 % of the planet surface is water, and parts of the landmass is covered with ice.

      It would appear with so many insolvent (broke) countries, who will be supplying the money and labor ? The task is so big that just writing this is giving me a headache. Perhaps people should be rewarded by the level of their labor , instead of just giving each what the U.N. has decided.

      Regarding civil liberties, and civil rights, lets look back to the Spanish Conquistadors who came to Mesoamerica and destroyed the native Mexican civilizations with their diseases, and took the native populations wealth back to Spain.

      In short, native rural populations need to be left alone to provide for themselves, and not forced to change by the U.N. or local and national governments, that want to increase their powers and tax base. Lets live and let live.

    288. I have not used a taxi in Puerto Vallarta for many years; why should I when the bus is 7.5 pesos, and they are almost everywhere, or at last are very numerous. Taxies from the airport are more expensive. We used to use them when we brought large luggage. After taking the trip to PV for 36 years, I have reduced my luggage to two carryons. No longer do I have to pay the airline for large suitcase, or wait in the baggage lines at the two airports. No lost luggage either. Actually the hotels with all inclusive, and great entertainment most every night; and the hotels are safer to be at night.

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    290. In trying to get my mind around this article, I am confronted with the Mexico Constitution that lists the two classes of citizens : The human citizens, and the sub-human indigenous mostly uneducated Indians. The U.S. Constitution used to classify the African slaves as second class citizens in a similar manner .

      Thus the founder and Director of the 17 employee Pro DSCO organization is attempting to protect these Mexican indigenous Indians by promoting and defending economic , social and cultural rights under the new Federal Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in Mexico.

      Because the Mexican Federal Government is involved in a 7 plus year internal war against the drug cartels, where over 90,000 Mexican people have been killed, and many states and local areas are still under the drug cartel control, with the ranks of the government , military and local police infiltrated by members of the drug cartel members, I can understand the problems that the employees of Pro DSCO must be having.

      Perhaps they should be appealing to the United Nations Agency 21 laws to get support of the International community to deal with the Mexico Federal Government. Much of the use of the land that is being taken away from the indigenous population is for supplying natural resources to China, via the drug cartels.

    291. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the
      post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

    292. Being a Guinness record holder, or a country with the most Guinness records, even when it consists of making mariachi music with the most musicians with their instruments all in tune … may not compare to the 10,000 engineers, scientists and technicians with their computers that flew astronauts to the Moon so 12 men could walk on the dust covered surface.

      For myself, however , the coveted Guinness record would be the person with the highest IQ … say 1,000 to 2,000 , so that I could understand the universe, before-life, present-life, and after-life.

      For humanity, it would be the persons who could accomplish the greatest achievements by their own intelligence and skills. My solo amazing accomplishments were documented in the 1980s in the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals , Who’s Who in World Tennis, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in Science and Industry … and even , perhaps , in the website archives of the Vallarta Tribune English newspaper.

      After my age of retirement, I discovered the most unique substance in the Universe … and on Earth, that could preserve DNA and the cellular structure of viruses, yeast, bacteria, animals and insects since they first came into existence some 300 million years ago. It is perhaps the only thing that modern science has not duplicated, and remains in the domain of the natural laws , ecology and time.

      The substance is amber, the amberized remains of tree resin, the immune system, and remains alive after the tree has died. We know this because a beer brewery in California brews its beer with yeast from a 45 million year old piece of amber.

      What would you do … if you had an IQ of well over the average American of 100 !?

    293. I have no problem with the definition as described in this article as it agrees with current dictionaries. However I was taught that in genetics, altruism or altruistic relates to the affinity of closely related individuals to band together, such as siblings, mothers and daughters, and fathers and sons; basically the family bonding.

      In todays world , with stepmothers and stepfathers, and half brothers and sisters, altruism has been turned on its head. Such as in the mixed races. The current problem with racism, mixed race marriages, mixed race breeds, marriage seems to be on the decline, and existing marriages are falling apart.

      An extreme example of altruistic repulsion, is when certain individuals come together , and every cell in their bodies are in a form of shock …
      to the point of a sick feeling in the stomach. Another from of altruism is when people of the same positive or negative blood type are attracted to each other.

      This has happened with my parents, my wife’s parents, each of our three daughters with their husbands, where all of us have RH – blood factor. The percentage of RH – blood in the case of our parent’s time was some 2 percent of the population, by me and my wife’s time , some 12 percent, and by my daughters time , some 20 percent.

      If a RH- and a RH + couple had a baby, the first infant would be alright, but the second and subsequent would not survive, unless the doctor gave a medicine to the mother to negate the different blood factors by suppressing the different RH factors..

      The RH+ factor blood has a protein coating on the red blood cells, while the RH – does not. So if a RH – mother has a fetus with a RH+ blood factor, her immune system will attack the RH + blood cells and destroy them during the second and subsequent pregnancy..

    294. Earnest Hemmingway holds a special place in my home my painting gallery , for at the top of the stairs is hung a painting of Hemmingway by the American painter Waldo Pierce 1884-1970 , who painted a full frontal view of his fishing partner at his home studio in Arizona, some two years before Hemmingway committed suicide with a shotgun in 1961, and some 5 years after Hemmingway received a Nobel Prize in literature in 1954.

      This unframed painting was purchased in the San Francisco flea marked from a relative that had cleaned out the house attic in San Francisco. On the back of the painting was Hemmingway’s signature, and the penciled writing of a birthday letter to his niece , that was later sent to her, and later sold at action in another relatives home in Marin County.

      Hemmingway never liked this painting of himself because it made him look old and frail, so it was never framed , displayed or sold before. An earlier paintin of Hemmingway by Waldo Pierce entitled “Kid Balzac” is located in the Earnest Hemmingway Research Room, in the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library located at Columbia Point, Boston Massachusetts. The painting was donated by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1980, from the Onassis painting collection.

      A virtual tour of the Hemmingway Research Room may be made via . I have a Certificate of Authority in 2004 from Mark Winter of Fine Art & Antique Appraiser of Orlando Beach Florida , the location of the annual Earnest Hemmingway Festival .

    295. I really enjoyed your piece on Steve McQueen. I love stories that are so geniune and leave you feeling warm. He is such an iconic actor it’s fun, you just never know who you might meet one day.

    296. A caution to cat lovers … your cat may be making you crazy from parasites excreted in their feces called Taxoplasma gondii, or T, gondii . Because it causes Taxoplasomosis in pregnant women, and when infected , can transmit the disease to the fetus resulting in severe brain damage and death.

      The latent parasite may be changing a persons response to frightening situations by tweaking the connections between our neurons , resulting in car crashes and schizophrenia . It may be killing as many people as malaria, or at least a million persons each year.

      An example in dogs is the rabies virus that stirs the dog into a rage while simultaneously migrating from its nervous system to the dogs salvia. Other similar parasites and viruses may be found in other animals also.

    297. I am quite familiar with the construction and operation of wind farms as I was a PG&E Co. Utility engineer in California, who was involved in the retrofitting of a NASA 2,000 KW wind turbine back in the 1980s. The multi-million dollar wind turbine was soon blown up because it was situated on top of a small mountain, and was uneconomical, as it required so much maintenance … such as does a helicopter, and can be quite noisy..

      Wind farms located in migratory bird paths will kill many birds. In California they also kill the protected eagles. The slaughter of so many birds will attract all kinds of rodents and feral cats..

      Another killer of birds are cats and which also can become an ecological disaster. With the increasing number of cats cared for by the an rapidly expanding population, many bird species are rapidly disappearing.

    298. Global warming , climate change and the carbon tax based on human cause is just political correctness for greater control and taxing of the working people; and like yearly seasonal changes, is not in the domain of humanity nor of governments.

      Some 90 percent of all the mass of living organisms on Earth are in the bacteria, that fill the sky, on all objects on the surface of our sphere, within all 7.5 billion people, and down to some 5 miles deep in the Earth.

      Science has underestimated the amount of carbon dioxide taken in by the trees and other vegetation for food by some 17 percent, as evidenced by the total amount of food in carbon dioxide required for healthy forests, plants and grasses.

      The present outgassing of methane gas on a global scale is evidence that the tipping point has been reached of the ending of the past ice age, and that the mass migration of species that has always occurred at this time is underway.

      Many countries have massive deserts, and California is one state in the U.S. that is experiencing massive water shortages due to ground water being pumped out of the underground aquifer to a point of depletion to make up for the low amount of annual rainfall that is required for agriculture.

      Mexico is in the same water crises position that started in the 1920s after the Mexican Revolution … from agriculturalists that built canal networks , dam projects and underwater pumps to distribute and maximize access to water and facilitate an expansion of the people.

      The same thing happened to the Maya civilization by 900 AD, forcing them to move north into the U.S. state of Georgia , along the Mississippi River valley ..

    299. How do the changes in the Zona Romantica affect long-time businesses in the area, such as the hotel, Playa Los Arcos, and the bars/shops/restaurants nearby? It would be a shame to lose those wonderful, long-time establishments. I hope this is not another take-over by outsiders who do not understand Puerto Vallarta.

    300. I have come across a possible additional form of altruism . It is between a human being and an inhuman being. The other night millions of radio listeners over some 500 networks worldwide, were informed that there is a race of genetically altered off Earth people that look like a typical beautiful or handsome person, that are being introduced into society, with the likely reason of replacing us.

      How can you identify these persons. Since they do not know of their birthdate, or how old they are, they should be easy to identify, except they have the mental power over our minds to avoid detection . They however require money, since they have been told that they cannot steal food or other necessities, and must pay for them to avoid detection.

      These inhuman persons my have some relation to the millions of people that go missing every year without a trace. In the U.S. National Parks, there are many missing persons every year. Yosemite National Park is the major site where people just disappear. Children and adults have ventured away from a campsite , and not found for an extended time, many miles away on a mountain peak, dead with no shoes or clothing.

      The Bible and most all ancient texts talk about the falling angels and the sky people. Enock, St. Paul and Elisha … all prophets , were said to have gone to heaven in fire belching rocket ship , never returned , and did not die.

    301. I found this article to be very interesting and informative: “walking” roots ; masters of adaption and survival; root “snorkels” sticking out of the soil to breath; and salt secreting glands. It sounds more like some form of an animal than a tree.

      However trees were on Earth long before animals. And people walk, breath , have salt secreting glands, and are masters of adaption. They also talk, and can see sunlight. So can trees. Leaves will turn to face the sunlight, and Burch trees can communicate with Burch trees further down the stream when attacked by beetles , and fungus, and permit the other trees respond in advance to protect themselves.

      As an advent gardener , I always speak to my plants and trees, and they seem to respond in positive ways. I thought about this as I went to a local nursery once, and asked the person in charge if plants talk to him, and he said “Yes of course they do”. So there is the secrete of having a green thumb when it comes to growing plants.

    302. Hey There. I found your weblog using msn. This is an extremely neatly written article.

      I will be sure to bookmark it and return to learn more of your helpful information. Thanks for the post.
      I will certainly return.

    303. What happens in Puerto Vallarta does not stay in Puerto Vallarta … it is now all over the Internet on the websites of the Vallarta Tribune and the PV Mirror City paper, fifty two weeks of the year. Actually on their website you can get and read the latest happenings before the paper copies are distributed to the dropout points in town.

      Of course memories go along with everything experienced and purchased in PV, and brought home in the plane, cruise ship or by car; but not forgotten until next year, but to be enjoyed the year around, and the years ahead.

      How many of you have brought home a small bottle of the beach sand from the front of your PV resort hotel, a piece of amber found on the beach, or the small colored pieces of polished glass, a black coral plant that was pushed off it’s rock mooring, the sea shells, or perhaps the small 3/16″ cube shaped piece of glass/diamond found sparkling among the pebbles on the beach ? Well I have.

      I even remember my first vacation shopping experience in Mexico of a wooden model of boat in a glass bottle some 36 years ago. It actually cost me fifty or 75 cents U.S. The next year it cost $1 U.S. My how times have changed.

    304. The spirits of loved one will often visit you at home or when important occasions occur. The spirit of my grandmother who insisted we never sell house that my grand parents had built in 1924, and left to us, and after death, her spirit never left for some 15 years. My wife’s departed mother, even today, will visit her daughter’s bedroom by the door and climb into her bed, and after some time, climbing over her , and exit the bedroom door. Or else the mother’s spirit will approach the bed, push against my wife’s backside, and gently pat her on the backside to get her to move over.

      Often the sounds of these spirits of the departed are heard walking up the stairs, opening and closing doors, or the smell of the cold cream used, or even becoming visable. When twelve years old, I heard the spirit of my grandfather? say in a loud voice in an empty junior high school hallway shortly after I had seen and confronted my wife to be for the first time “She will be your wife!” Married seven years later.

      I have never liked funerals , grave sites, or hospitals of the sick and dying. Even after some seven years apprenticed at a flower shop where I arranged and delivered flowers for funerals and at churches. I was amazed how long I could hold my breath when delivering flowers inside a hospital.

      These life experiences have demonstrated to me that life does not end with death, but a return to the spirit world from which we came … many times before.

    305. If the owners do not want to make repairs maybe PCC CAN THROW a fund raiser, and then have the work done themselves.

    306. One of my timeshare contracts after 35 years has timed out. I was promised that as time went by, and the cost of the apartment would go up, my rate per year would stay low. Of course it did, except the weeks maintenance rates went up, and up, and up … and the cost of airfare and everything else went up also.

      However this year and next year the price at the Resort Hotel was much less for this year, since last year, I went to the timeshare breakfast presentation for a four nights and five days all exclusive certificate for only $385 US. This I received at the presentation this year for a same deal for next year, plus a free jungle trip to Eden .

      This is a lot less than I paid for a weeks maintenance fee for the large apartment with three bath rooms, two master bedrooms, kitchen and living room. I came alone and the poolside room without kitchen was fine for me. Perhaps I will take another breakfast presentation again next year. The maintenance fee must be paid by the first of the year , and the $385 when I check-in.

      Looking back, I could have saved some money by purchasing a default, but on the whole, I had the apartment I wanted , on the week I wanted. Would I have done it if I knew what I know now? Perhaps not, however I enjoyed every week I attended, and likely would not have gone back to PV all these years if I had not purchased the timeshare contract.

      Just wondering what I would have spent the money I would have saved by not purchasing the timeshare contract !? The memories were worth a whole lot more than the money.

    307. I live in the village of Mismaloya and would like to see a weekly fishing report i think it would help the locals out and vistitors alike.

    308. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thank you, However I am
      having difficulties with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why
      I can’t join it. Is there anybody getting the same RSS issues?
      Anybody who knows the solution can you kindly respond?

    309. This impressive report paints a “rosy” picture of the U.S. and Mexico trade and economic relations at a time of sever drought in both the U.S. and Mexico.

      The rose is the flower of love, both in yellow (friendship) and red (love). I assume the two named patented Mexican roses are in the color red. After being apprenticed over some 5 years in a local flower shop , and a long time grower of roses in my garden, my two favorite roses are The pink/yellow Peace Rose, and the red/orange Tropicana Rose, both older patented roses with many awards.

      My neighbors are amazed at the 6 to 8 inch across flowers, that change in colors as they mature, and after when the peddles begin to fall off, they are collected and placed in a flat glass tray to dry out so that they can be enjoyed for a longer time. Some are also pressed in books for future enjoyment.

      Most of the flower growing nurseries in the San Francisco suburbs have been replaced with housing developments, and are replace with flowers imported from other countries … that perhaps do not have water problems as we do here, as much of the California central valley croplands are without water.

    310. The shale gas and oil development in America can be first seen at the gas pump with lower prices per gallon, now under $4 ($3.39 in SF last fill-up).

      Also, the United States has become the worlds largest exporter of oil once again as the barrel of oil has dropped to some $80 with the reduction of oil use and an over supply … placing Russia’s and other oil dependent exporter economies in jeopardy , especially Russia’s military budget, and Saudi Arabia’s terrorist funding budget.

      Oil and coal has been what has propelled the world’s human population to over 7.5 billion, and with the rest of the world striving for the standard of living in America, oil and coal will continue to be needed to supply the world’s energy needs. However like Mexico, Saudi Arabia is increasing its use of solar cells for electrical energy, as it’s oil reserves are diminishing.

      Meanwhile as China continues to complete a new coal powered electric generating plant every week, their economy is/has passed the U.S. economy. They do not seem to be concerned with the pollution being released into the atmosphere and water supply, for as the Chinese reach a certain level of wealth, they pack-up and move to the U.S. to enjoy the clean and healthy atmosphere plus a higher standard of living for their families.

      I know, for my block , neighborhood and city, are all seeing new Chinese families moving in, as the cost of everything is going up.

    311. On point, Mr. Avery!

      We will all suffer in the meltdown, but some more than others.

      – A long term expat in San Miguel de Allende

    312. Reading this article in a Mexican newspaper … and no reference to the United States, it took me some reading to realize the article was not about Mexico, but the U.S. The apparent reason for the upswing in the stock market, is the $7 trillion that Obama has borrowed to dump into the economy to make everyone feel good and think that the economy is growing. Actually it has grown some 0.0 percent since Obama, while China’s economy has grown between 6 and 12 percent each year. Since the wealthy people and businesses are moving out of the country, who will be paying off the some $22 trillion borrowed debt?

      Between Obama and Hillary Clinton … who do not believe that private businesses create jobs, but just the government, the countrie’s slide down the hill is getting steeper.
      When the bubbles burst, the words of America’s Founding Fathers will come to pass. For government of our Constitutional Republic not to spend more that it takes in each year. Due to underfunding of employees retirement liabilities, towns, cities, counties, states and the federal agency are all insolvent to the tune of over $200 trillion , more than the total in the treasuries of all the world’s governments. Governments are obtaining their cash flow by taking money out of private banking accounts by the IRS, and the police are stopping drivers, and taking the money they have in their purses and billfolds.

      Investment advisors are recommending that U.S. citizens convert their money into gold and store it in their homes. The age of the U.S. oil dollar is about over as China, India and Russia have abandoned the U.S. dollar for purchasing oil.

      It’s not over until it is over.

    313. You probably do not want to listen to me , for I am a man who has been married for 59 years, and still remember my marriage vows “until death do us part:”, and for the woman “To love, honor and obey”.

      Now the meat of my message: Countries that have major diversification of cultures, languages and religions … are finding that it does not work well, and are turning away from any further expansion. My wife and I courted almost exclusively for seven years before marriage. Because we came from different economic ,religions (different Christian churches ) backgrounds, We were both advised by parents and grandparents not to marry at 19 .

      I was told by wife that our children would not be taken to my church (Christian Science) . We married in a non-denominational church (such were our three daughters ) and shortly after stopped going to church at all. We are together most all the time, except for work, and talk for hours at a time since we both speak American English, and do not speak another language.

      Communication , common cultures , race, and experiences are very important in a successful marriage and of raising children. In fact it is important in raising grandchildren we have eight, who have lived under our roof for much of their lives. I selected my wife to be at the age of twelve, and we are still together .

      So perhaps I may have had something of importance to have said. As my mother-in-law said to my wife shortly after our marriage before we adjusted to living together … “You made your bed so now you have to sleep in it !” My father told my wife after she had two children, that she was too good for me. I have worked hard to be worthy.

    314. Aa interesting and informative article. Vanilla has been the favorite ice cream flavor in America as long as I can remember. It is also used in cream soda. Since most vanilla flavorings are artificial, we purchase vanilla bean ice cream, and no longer consume vanilla cream soda.. We used to purchase natural vanilla flavoring during our annual vacations in Puerto Vallarta to bring home, until it was hard to find and usually was artificial in spite of what the label said. The misses likes vanilla in her hot chocolate and I in my ice cream. Time to bring it back in Mexico.

    315. Perhaps omitted, is that Mexico has outlawed GMO corn to be grown. Mexico especially because the corn was developed by the Maya and other tribes of Mexico. The article , I believe it was in the Vallarta Tribune last year, said that there are some 17 different types of corn found in Mexico. Also besides bees, there are many other pollinizing insects, butterflies and birds, although some only pollinize certain plants and flowers. .And do not forget the wind.

    316. Cruise ships are good for the merchants of Puerto Vallarta, however maybe not so good for passengers. A recent report regarding the healthcare aboard the ship relates that the cruise company is not responsible because they have contracted for a doctor to be aboard the ship … who is responsible. It is like the Timeshare hotels that also take no responsibility, and if one calls the hotel desk, they are likely to be referred to a pharmacy. Worse with the cruse ship company, if you have a complaint, you will likely have to make it to the company headquarters in some foreign country, which they likely require you to go to the city of their headquarters. Best for one to check this out before signing up on a cruise, for there have been a number of cruise ship accidents as of late, and mass sickness aboard ships.

    317. After leaving the tourist city of Puerto Vallarta By -The -Bay with my newly found treasures at flea markets and other various shopping areas, I returned to my home tourist city By-The – Bay San Francisco just in time to watch the baseball World Series, which of course the San Francisco Giants won for the third time in the past five years, this time in seven games.

      Under drought conditions this past three plus years and under water rationing, unlike Puerto Vallarta in the Summertime although it was sunny during my two weeks, San Francisco put on a massive noontime parade on October 31 down Market Street to the Civic Center with some 4,500 pounds of confetti, and of course … it was the one day it rained.

      But a little bit of Mexico was involved in the Giants win, for their third baseman who caught the last fly ball that won them the championship, Pablo Sandoval – the Panda – was obtained by the Giants from the Oaxaca Warriors , a baseball team in Oaxaca , Mexico.

    318. So sorry to read Joel that you do not like the San Francisco Giants professional and World Champion baseball team. They have nearly equaled the San Francisco 49ers football Super Bowl trophies. Fortunately or unfortunately … the Giants have become an every other year team. Won the World Series in four games in 2000, by five games in 2002, and by seven games in 2014. So do not bet on them to win again in 2015, wait another year.

      In San Francisco, everybody watched the seven games; and hundred of thousands of cheering fans showed up at the Giant parade on Halloween afternoon ; and millions from around the world. There was so much confetti dropping down from the high rise buildings on Market street the parade route. that between the rain , wind and confetti, it looked like a hurricane. I do not know how the cheering fans could be counted, for they could hardly been seen at timed during the numerous rain showers.

      Rain may stop baseball play, but it does not a parade. The announcer said that the crowd seemed to be double two years ago where some million persons attended. My wife Loretta disapproves of my watching the professional sports games, but this year she was watching all the games (and telling all about the Giants) especially to see if she could see our three grandsons at the games at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Their other grandmother sells tickets for the Giants and 49er games and gets them free tickets to the games in S.F.

      By the way … all time Giant baseball great Willie Mays lives just up the street from us, and has a Bronze statue of himself in front of the AT&T Baseball Park.

    319. Liza, this is an interesting self assessment of yourself on Halloween and your boys 10 birthday. It got me thinking of when I was 10 years old and on Halloween in San Francisco.

      Actually it could be about my father, myself, sister, my children and grandchildren when they were 10 years old and how they celebrated Halloween, for most of us at that age were living in my present residence, and all went trick-or -treating in the neighborhood. Back then, there were not so many children that came from all around the city and across the bay to trick-or-treat. This year we ran out of the two giant size bags of candy bars by 8:00 pm. My oldest grandson handed out most of the candy this year, just as he did at 10 and later, when he got back from trick-or-treating with his mother.

      At 10 years of age, I was in the 4th or 5th grade in the grammar school just up the street. Same as my dad, sister, 3 daughters , and one of my grandsons. However the difference was, 10 was just two years before I meet and selected my wife to be in Junior High School. My dad, sister three daughters who went to the same Junior High School … were not in such a rush to either select a lifetime partner , or even think of marriage.

      I have to agree, and am likely a good example, of the good old times of growing up in a family, that stays together, or is always supportive of siblings, children and parents. Always consider the example a parent provides for their children and grandchildren to be extremely important in their development.. .

    320. Madeline,

      This Editor’s Note brings back memories of a picture in my childhood scrapbook that my grandmother lovenly made and left for me, of my picture in my cowboy outfit sitting on a donkey. This picture is some seventy five years old, and of course I do not remember sitting on a donkey in San Francisco … however here was someone like Juan who was making his living in San Francisco by taking the donkey into the neighborhoods to attract children and their mothers.

      I do , I think, remember the monkey and organ grinder who also went around the neighborhoods to have pictures taken of them for a fee. Today likely the city does not allow either to be in the city or neighborhoods, unless associated with a circus. My , how times have changed. It seems that these working people have been replaced with panhandlers who sit and stand on most streets in the shopping areas asking for money..

    321. Hi Marsha,

      Hope nobody really thinks you are actually going to break your legs , and understands that it is an old vaudeville saying that they are going out on stage to wow the audience by providing the best performance they can … and not breaking their legs by falling off the stage.

      Writers on the other hand will say racking one’s brain to remember or think of something to compose a successful book, stage play,newspsper column, etc. … and not actually stretching their brain in a difficult or painful situation like in meeting a deadline.

      Nice reporting on Del Shores’ acting in the Red Room.

    322. That is a great article! I am not among the cheapasses here, but I’m glad you wrote this. Hopefully, a word to the wise is sufficient. Thank you.

    323. Well said. The best thing we can do with those ‘pesos that mean more to a street performer, photo opportunist, or squeegee guy’ is flaunt it, not be afraid to smile and meet their eyes and smile some more….then perhaps those who choose not to give, (and do not wish a good day), will see how beautiful it is to share. You are right, no lectures are needed, for that would change who you are, who I am, who others are, simply by example – not flaunting, but not hiding our smiles for having made a connection. Anything else would increase negativity in narrow-but able to grow-minds. Don’t have 10 pesos? Give 5. Have given away so many 5’s you’re uncomfortable? Give 2. Give wishes, eye contact, smiles. Only lectures are prohibited.

    324. The Day of the Dead and afterlife may take on a different meaning before the Ebola epidemic is over. Modern travel , after all, brought the AIDS epidemic into the world from Africa, where millions of people have already died. Many nations have already banned people who come from those African nations affected Ebola into their country, and already U.S. hospitals are preparing in case it should become a problem in the country.
      Ebola also comes from Africa , and has been found to be a similar virus to the AIDS virus, and is also killed by the same drugs. But like all viruses, they enter the cell and may insert themselves into the host genome. So, survivors never get rid of the virus, as demonstrated by the human genome consisting of some 8 percent of viral DNA. It has been over 50 years since the first AIDS patient, and today millions are being affected. Lets hope the same thing does not happen with Ebola.
      Remember what happened to the Puerto Vallarta economy when it was reported that there were cases of the swine flu some years ago.

    325. I applaud the organizers of the La Cruz Market, and all the people that keep it going. In America we talk about free enterprise and the ability to create a business that helps to sustain ourselves. In most cases today it is at the flea and produce markets such as the La Cruz Market.

      In San Francisco, venders require a payment to use a defined area, and must have a license from the city, and pay taxes … except for one day each year where one can have a garage like sale. How do the venders at the La Cruz market deal with the Mexican government 16 percent tax and receipt for each sale?

    326. We took a trip to the Rainbow organic foods store in San Francisco to purchase Turlock powder , Oregano and Coconut oil , and looking through the shelves … I came across powdered cocoa with a description of its processing, which was similar to one of my earlier comments to the Vallarta Tribune.. Now this got me to be thinking about your road trip to Aztlan, and the Aztec birthplace , your story that I had read in the morning.

      As another story goes; The Aztec Emperor Montezuma II (1502-1520 ) – who lived on an island in the middle of a lake, which is now Mexico City, was reported to have stirred his coca with an amber spoon. The carved red amber spoon in my collection turned to be a scepter (ceremonial staff) , and not a spoon. However it is short enough to be used as a spoon.

      Amber in various cultures have been used in carved cups, bowls, and teapot like creamers. My collection has two quart sized carved red brown amber creamers from a goat farm in Mongolia that are over one hundred years old, and four pint sized creamers of butterscotch colored bulkan amber from China … or possibly also from Mongolia.

      So … there may be more to the story of Montezuma II and his amber spoon.

    327. The question is, who was the Aztec Emperor Montezuma II and the Maya Ruler Hanab Pakal II the astronaut found in the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque ?

      One place to look is found on where you will find the NASA astronaut video of two female astronauts inside their spaceship on the Moon, covered with wax and over 1.5 billion years old, not dead and not alive, that had travelled across the galaxy and met their end when their space ship was damaged from objects that breached the ships hull.

      One of the interesting things learned from this by NASA , since the spaceship as long as Manhattan Island in the U.S. was covered in gold … that although the worlds money supply is valued in gold, and because gold is only formed in the collision of two stars, and this contains no carbon, nor isotopes , it is the most common metal in the universe. NASA pictures of the Moon and Mars show vast fields of gold covering their surfaces. These gold fields also can be seen on Google Moon.

      So… there is also more to the story of gold.

    328. The gold gilded ark starship mentioned above was found filled with unusual plants and animals and may have been one of a number of ships for seeding life in our solar system . The properties of gold have been demonstrated in the U.S. NASA Moon landing program as gilding on the viewing windows on the astronauts space helmets that reflect the bright light away from the astronauts eyes and face, but let them see what is on the outside. It is like a two sided mirror. Since gold is inert, does not stain or tarnish, and is eliminated from the body , it is safe and its luster as in a bright surface gilding of a starship, will keep it cooler when it travels across the galaxy and refuels its engines in the proximity of a sun/star, as seen in the NASA videos taken during solar eclipses. They can also be seen at night through a night viewing scope/glasses … which has become very popular at many UFO conventions, where groups of attendees have gone up on a mountain top to get away from the glare of city lights, and watched the maneuvers of many crafts at the same time. Business have been formed to provide these tours.

    329. It has been many years since I was a young boy who’s dad got him a pet dog … and over the past many years I have no idea how much it costs to have and take care of a dog.

      We have today SmartPhones, SmartMeters , and now there is SmartCollars for poor pooches to heal. The smart collar is studded with wireless sensors that monitor the vital signs of man’s best friend and alerts the owner/custodian as soon as the dog starts feeling under the weather.

      The device was developed by PetPace in Burlington , Massachusetts; keeps track of temperature, pulse and respiration as well as activity patterns and the number of calories burned. Software while the dog plays , sleeps and eats, compares this information with other breed-specific data.

      If the dog’s statistics deviate in any way, that indicates a possible problem, an alert is sent to the owner’s smartphone and to the vet. COST: $150 plus $15 per month for the monitoring service. I wonder if this service is available for a child?

    330. 1.500,000,000 billion years old and not alive nor dead , coated with wax … sounds like amber that is found on the east coast of the U.S. that is over 340,000,000 million years old , and it was not until some 320,000,000 million years that bugs and insects were being found inside the amber. And , yeast found in 40,000,000 million year old amber was activated to brew beer in the town of Gerneyville along the Russian River in California … one of my teenage hangouts .

      Beeswax is another item used for preserving DNA and tissue. Beeswax is mixed with an organic tree glue to produce the qualities and appearance of amber in Tibet , the autonomous region of SW China consisting of Mongolic people. On top of my computer cabinet is a large ancient Tibetan ceremonial fertility or marriage bonnet covered with 3″ convex and 1/2 inch round red and blue turquoise beads and 3″ convex amber colored flattened shaped beeswax beads, with two smaller and thicker beeswax beads on the top.

      The Egyptians also used amber to mummify and preserve their rulers for their journey into the afterlife. Submersion in oil was used in Babylonia and Russia to display their dead leaders. So now you know the rest of the story … and why I collect and study amber.

    331. Leza, you have heard of global warming and climate change. When the first English settlers arrived on the east coast of America, the winters were cold and snow covered. The New settlers would have starved if the local native (Indians) had not provided food for them. History gives America the November month (27th this year) where the food provided was likely not turkeys, but fish , herbs , nuts and dried meats. .
      This year there has been snow storms on the U.S. east coast that began in October, a month earlier than in past years. The Question is … is the climate changing back to like it was during the first thanksgiving day in the New World?

    332. What!? No La Palapa? No Red Cabbage? No Barcelona Tapas?

      I’ve been to Cafe des Artistes and the service was as snooty as if being in Paris!

    333. I have again found the NASA video of the UFO drawing energy from the Sun.

      This website will lead you to a number of such videos. Basically what was videoed from the NASA Heliosphere Observatory is a extremely large spherical lens to concentrate sunlight on a small photovoltaic panel which can be up to 99 percent more efficient than a typical flat panel. In my opinion it also looks like the multi-laser ignition project at the Livermore Radiation Lab. in CA … to start a nuclear fusion reaction . i

      One of the NASA videos shows a spaceship pulling such a spherical lens across the planet Venus. This pretty much proves that a class II advanced civilization that can harness the energy of the sun is existent , and lends credibility to the spaceship on the Moon with the two alien women pilots found in the cockpit.

      I am familiar with the examiner organization, for I am in contact with the San Francisco editor, and have a dozen letter posts on their editorial page so far this year. This mornings post can be found on http://www.sfexaminer/ , which regards synthetic turf being approved in the recent election for use in the Golden Gate Park soccer field, the field I played soccer on for my high school varsity soccer team … where we lost the championship game three years in a row. I have had as many as some fifty letters posted in one year.

    334. It would appear that San Francisco has a similar problem with pet animals as does Puerto Vallarta. . The difference , perhaps, is that San Francisco with only 47 square miles in area, has a dog population of well over 70,000 . The animal care center will pick up a stray animal, such as a cat, skunk, raccoon , coyote or sick dog if called … but if on your property and requires trapping, the cost is rather high.

      In San Francisco dogs are kept like one would keep children. Walk down a street in the shopping section of town, one sees a line of dogs on and off leash walking beside their owners. Often with a small plastic bag for picking up dog poop. Some dog owners will look at horror at their dogs mess on the sidewalk, and quickly walk away. When one walks down the sidewalk, one should be looking to avoid the dog poop , also when working in one’s front garden, even if you do not have a dog.

      When I seen the homeless also doing their poop or urination on a public area as do the dogs, I think of my youngest daughter when she was walking but still in diapers. When her two older sisters wanted to go out and play, and their mother was busy on the house interior, the oldest was asked to watch the youngest.

      One day the oldest come home and said that the youngest had pooped on the neighbors steps , as she would pull up her diaper and do her business. My wife went down the street with some paper towels and sponge to clean up the mess, and only saw a wet spot. The two old sisters that live there were sitting in a car parked by the curb and when my wife asked what had happed, she was told that the neighbors dog from across the street had ate it.

      Such is the city dog leash law in San Francisco, where it is ignored by many owners, and you seldom see kids playing on the streets anymore. I remember when I was walking and out of diapers and not yet in school, being allowed to go out and play in our neighborhood, because it was safe, and there were few dogs in the neighborhood.

    335. Interesting … I had read on the Internet that the Mexican government had cancelled the awarded contract with China, for a chance for a second bidder . I also read something about the President’s $3 million dollar mansion residence was registered in the name of a foreign corporation. Something fishy here !?

      Hope it is not like the eastern span of the San Francisco – Oakland bay bridge, also made by a Chinese Company with took some 20 years to open after an earthquake made unsafe the bridge section it replaces. Even after it opened this year, they have found so many defective welds and rusting bolt rods that they estimate another $120 million dollars to repair . And then the design by Chinese engineers is said by the University of California Chief Civil Engineer, will not survive the next major earthquake expected anytime soon on the earthquake faults on the Oakland side of the bridge. Yes, the bridge cost was some $6 billion dollars, and billions of dollars over budget.

      The California Central Valley high sped rail train from Bakersfield to Sacramento
      voted on by the California voters, has been changed so much from the original measure that private funding has not been found, and the Governor is taking funds from other projects to get the first rails installed on a short section. There was an early estimate that when operating, the state of California would have to subsidize each ticket sold by some $100 .

      The Governor looks upon this high-speed rail as his legacy of his four terms in office. If it ever gets built …. with the extreme drought in the state, and people moving because of job losses to the farm belt in California. Already some cities are trucking in water to bath , cook and drink.

    336. Interesting … heretofore World Fairs were held to bring nations together to introduce the cultures of the various countries to at attendees. Similar to the Olympic games. I guess that they have become too political with terrorist acts during the Fairs and Olympics.

      Another reason could be the multi-culturalism existing in and taking over countries. The EU has decided that milt–culturalism is not working for them and are trying to turn it around to favor their own cultures.

      In the United States there are some 186 different languages spoken, some 68 in the public school system , and thus there are isolated factions developing in different areas. A number of states want to drop out of the union, and states wanting to split up in 2 or more states. Besides racial division, there exists language division, and now sexual division such as same sex and opposite sex marriages.

      In England it was reported that a woman married her poodle dog. I hope that it does not happen in Mexico.

    337. Joel,
      The Vallarta Tribune is a local newspaper for English speaking residents, plus the vast number of first time and long time visitors, many of whom may be interested in local sports. There must be a number of local amateur and school sports teams in Puerto Vallarta and River Nayarit that would be overjoyed to read about their names and game scores in a local newspaper. Even some of the amateur tennis tournaments at the many tennis clubs at the resorts. Perhaps even the club tennis pros would like to be interviewed, or the coaches of the school sport teams.

      I recommend to all those that I have addressed above, to contact you with school game results, league standings or championships .It is one way to promote your readership, and to develop the participation and following of school and business sport activities.

      To whit … I have a story to tell. During my career at the Pacific Gas & Electric Utility in California, and as the Vice President of the Employees Association section in San Francisco, I decided to take up tennis. As a Board Member of the San Francisco Park and Recreation Industrial Division with access to the city park and recreation tennis courts, I organized a company tennis team. I went to the Tennis Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, then Howard Carr, who wrote in the Green Sporting pages, and explained the tennis program that I was planning to organize by playing other industrial companies.

      In addition to the world professional tennis tournaments, he wrote about our company tennis tournaments, and listed our tournament results along with the world professional tennis tournament results. Soon he was bringing his daughter to play in our tennis tournaments.

      Running some 22 tennis tournaments yearly in San Francisco and the top tennis clubs as far away as Los Vegas and Palm Springs , soon our tournament results were printed on top of and before the International Professional tournaments . One day Howard was called into his Editor and Chief office who asked why a company tennis tournament results were given preference to the professionals, and received write ups prior to each tournament ? Of course I was a good organizer , and always provided timely copy to the editor, even calling in the tournament results from Las Vegas , and our players would see their names in the San Francisco Examiner at their Hotel room door the next morning.

      So that is my story. I ran some 186 tennis tournaments at PG&E, and the PG&E Employees Association was noted as the best company employees association in America.

    338. Actually, I am very surprised to see a picture like this in a Mexican newspaper .In all the years I have vacationed in Mexican cities, mostly Puerto Vallarta, I have seen maybe one young Mexican woman on the streets that looked me in the eye walking down the street. One exception was some years ago when I walked into a department store in the central section of downtown Puerto Vallarta, and she was at an information desk as I walked into the store. I remember thinking, wow, she actually not only looked me in the eye, but also smiled at me.

      What is it? multi-culturalism , a reduction of religious morals, loss of family values, or are some women desperate? I courted my wife for six years before I ever saw her body like the women in the picture. She never wore a bikini bathing suit , always a one piece with a skirt. I am not prudish, and enjoyed the centerfold of Playboy Magazine, and was impressed that none of them had the figure and looks of my wife … in my opinion.

      But at my age today, I was pleased to see the picture in this article, and perhaps wished a little that I could have been there to see all those women and experienced the event.. Shame on me!

    339. My husband and I had the pleasure of having a tour of Casa Kimberly by Don Gallery. He had many wonderful stories to tell if Liz and Richard, their guests, the fights and plate throwing across the bridge, the secret gate used by guests to avoid the Paparazzi. While there, he called Liz to wish her a Happy Birthday.

      It was a memory we will never forget. He was a charming man and will be missed.

    340. I am not the oldest person alive so I cannot give my reasons for my longevity, but I am cuckoo for coconut oil that I wipe on my face and arms every morning and night … which may be the reason for people saying that I am younger than I actually am.

      Another thing that I am nutty about is the use of high grade peanut oil for a mouthwash after brushing my teeth to protect my gums from the tooth brushing, and any soreness from getting seeds or other things under my gum line. The peanut oil will also stop the pain from a toothache.

    341. Reading between the lines of this good will article regarding giving needy children toys for Christmas, it highlights the perspective of the homo sapiens species , just one of the billions of species that have ever existed, as being at the very top of the evolutionary race.

      That being said, I know of no other species that either needs, or gives charity to its own kind. I was brought up and schooled in the United States to be self sufficient (like all the other species on Earth) and if charity is needed, it belongs in the home.

      The United States was founded on self sufficiency, following a difficult revolutionary war against the Word’s Super power … Great Briton. Our new nation’s call to the people was “No work – No eat”. This call is now becoming a call from certain U.S. states regarding the growing welfare receivers that has engulfed some 50 percent of our population.

      Then there is Christmas and gift giving that is a practice of Christians. In America there is no national religion due to the separation of church and state, and so, many public schools and organizations have banned the word Christmas, and began calling it a religious holiday .

      In the some 36 years that I have vacationed in Mexico, I have been impressed on the very few beggars on the streets, and a government that has said to the visitors that come to Mexico, “Do not give to the beggars on the street since Government will give jobs to all that request them, and regarding the poor native women who bring their child with them to beg for food, the government provides for them”.

      As for the hard working merchants who work to support themselves and their families, many of whom I have had the pleasure of talking with each time I visit Puerto Vallarta, I take my business to them. Each year I spend many hundreds of dollars in their shops in return business, as I have been taught to reward good friendship, service and value.

    342. I am not sure that I understand the difference between tourists and the wildlife and ecology related to the cleaning up. Are the tourists going to be any safer, the wildlife any better off … or are the hotels just going to change the size and type of light bulbs?

      I would think that safety is the most important issue here and in Mexico. How will this make the residents and visitors any safer?

    343. Obviously these rosy forecasts were made before the President went to the United Nations meeting and the riots broke out in Mexico regarding the 42 students that were arrested by the police and turned over to a drug cartel which killed them and burned their bodies. Now the people are burning one of the Presidents national palaces, government buildings and cars.

      The Mexican people are obviously more interested in good governance and their personal safety that for their president to launch himself on the world stage regarding a descedited global warming issue where not one prediction to date has come true, and Mexico’s involvement in space travel.

      The people should watch out for and be aware of government when they raise federal taxes that will harm peoples jobs, and raise the prices of everything.

    344. During my September 31 thru October 13 vacation in Puerto Vallarta, I had several occasions to meet and spend time visiting with Marcia, at which time I heard stories regarding the play … and our get-togethers interrupted by her demanding rehearsal schedule .

      It was nice to hear your account of Marcia’s performance and contribution to the successful play.

      Although I have not performed as an actor in a stage play, I have performed on a number of stages with my guitar, and once sang on a live radio music program. I remember all those years I had to practice as I learned to play my guitar, and the semesters at a local college for voice training, plus the time memorizing all the songs that I sang.

      Good job Marcia !

    345. Watch out as China’s dragon reaches out with its claws into the banking system in Mexico. The claws will eventually sink into every area in Mexico and begin to pull the resources back to the China mainland.

      I thought it good news when the Mexican government cancelled the contract with China for the high speed rail train out of Mexico City. The Chinese won the contract for building the new section of the San Francisco Oakland Bay bridge in California, which took over 20 years to design, build and open at a way over budget cost of some $6.1 billion.

      Open only one year, there is a repair bill of over $100 million to replace rusting bolts and cracking welds. There is also a concern that the design will not withstand the next major earthquake … that destroyed the one that was replaced.

    346. Reporting from my garden in San Francisco : I have seen only one Monarch butterfly in my garden again this year. Whereas during my youth back in 1943 in the parks of San Francisco … they literally covered the asphalt paths in the hot sun.

    347. Hi, do you know if there are vans that go from PV to San Sebastián del Oeste? I’m looking for an option to go there, since I don’t have a car. Thank you!

    348. Madeline,

      I was so happy to receive your e-mail when I got home to San Francisco from Puerto Vallarta which said that that you were sorry to have missed me as you would liked to have spent some time in meeting with me when I was in PV … well, again, there is always next year at the same tine.

      Although I am not a resident of PV, however I have a short story regarding a famous world top woman singles tennis player … Billie Jean King. I met her at the home of Daisy Casals, cousin of Rosemary Casals, Billie Jeans woman’s doubles partner – following a Virginia Slims Professional Tennis Tournament. where Billie Jean had just won the women’s singles and doubles. She was also number one in women’s doubles with Rosemary Casals.

      Billie Jean was sitting on the kitchen sink with a room full of people when I walked in, and introduced myself. I asked why she was sitting on the kitchen sink when greeting people, and her answer was that her legs hurt her so much, that she was unable to stand or walk around .

      Billie and Rose attended one of my tennis tournaments to take pictures of some of our players for publicity of their company Tennis America, one of the locations of a number of our amateur tennis tournaments at Lake Tahoe. The evening that Billie and Rosemary were scheduled to fly to Florida to play Chris Everett the next day in another Virginia Slims Professional Tennis Tournament, Daisy , Billie, Rosemary , Loretta and I went bowling at one of the blowing alleys where I was running a bowling tournament .

      I will never forget looking back from the bowling lanes to see the crowd of people watching Billie and Rose bowling with us. I had the pleasure of visiting Billie Jean and husband Larry King in their home in Watergate on the Oakland side of the Bay, when they were in town and not off on another tennis tournament .

    349. (Cont’d from above)

      I should have given a date to my post above. It was a time during the late 1960s into the early 1970s.

      The date is critical for you see the Casals were from a wealthy family in San Salvador. One weekend Daisy invited me to the residence of her Father, or perhaps grandfather, Pablo Casals. When I was introduced to Pablo … I was asked if I played pool, and would I like to play a game. Since I also had a pool table in my downstairs social hall at home , and I agreed to play him.

      I was ask to break, and when breaking, not one ball went into a hole. Pablo Casals proceeded to run the table, and I never got another shot in that game. In looking back, Daisy was sweet on me and Pablo was testing me and my skills. I never did well in pool, but I made my name in tennis.

    350. I would assume that the Purr Project Ranch is not for bird watchers and lovers. Outdoor cats are deadly on the bird populations , many species of which are facing extinction.

      1. I think maintaining habitat for the birds and other wildlife is a much bigger challenge than the outdoor cats. at least these outdoor cats are being fed so they are not required to kill in order to survive. I very much appreciate there being a place for these poor cats. even though I hear spay/neuter is the law in Mexico, it is obviously not enforced. I have been told the “Mexican way” is to” just chase unwanted animals away”. I have met many kind-hearted Mexicans who don’t agree with this philosophy but as everywhere, the number of unwanted pets far exceeds the number of available homes. I think we need to applaud everyone who takes action to help instead of criticizing.

    351. I am looking forward to hearing what people say about the column and answering any questions they may have.

    352. Puerto Vallarta has many timeshare resorts with tennis courts, tennis clubs, and tennis pros shops. This must be attractive to vacationers who are looking for tennis , pool and beach actives. These were to us when we looked through the RCI book for tennis in Mexico back in the late 1970s. What caught our eye was the John Newcomb Tennis Club at the Canto Del Sol Timeshare Resort right on the beach of Banderas Bay. The courts and tennis club are still there , however the John Newcomb franchise name is long gone.

      The September/October time of year is hot and rainy, and the four indoor courts are playable morning, noon and night. We have played many social tournaments there , and I a few tournaments arranged for the pros where each pro puts up a some pesos, and it is winner take all.

      Some unusual tennis tournaments that I have conducted and played in can be summarized as follows. At 8,000 foot high in the California Bear Valley Resort near Ebbits Pass, located high in the Sierra Mountains. The air is so thin up there than without a lot of topspin, the ball will not come down within the court baseline, but will likely hit the back fence

      Then there was the tournament at Heavenly Valley near Lake Tahoe where it began snowing near the end of the tournament held over Memorial Day Weekend. Once the show began to fall, everything went silent. We continued playing when the snow only fell to some 12 inches from the warn court surface and disappeared , but once the court surface became cold, the snow began covering it over … as we finished our match, and tournament.

      Then there was the tournament at the Furnace Creek Resort in early July, the hottest , and the lowest elevation in the United States. However this was a spinoff side tournament as we finished the tournament at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas , just a few days before. If you can imagine tossing up your ball to serve and the ball is lost in the flashing lights at night from the hotel signs seen on the hotel and on down the strip.

      I guess your are right, tennis players are a crazy lot when they choose the locations to play tennis. All you have to ask is: “Anyone for tennis ?” , and they are ready to play.

    353. Likely most cannot go back in time a find wealthy parents, all we can do is spend all our money before we go where our parents have gone before us.

      In the U.S. today, there are two separate economies : the stock market, and the rest of the economy. The stock marked is fueled by the Federal Reserve printing more money and giving it to the banks, and the rest of the economy of the working people, that have lost their jobs , or their jobs have become part time.

      The stock market is now only for the super rich who have a hyper speed Internet to capture and sell stocks before the rest of the investors. Although the Feds have clamped down on this practice, if you want to sell your stocks when the market is crashing, you likely cannot get your broker on the phone. If you buy and sell over the interned, likely there will be a faster Internet connection, where a buyer will see your order, and buy or short the stock before your order goes through ..

    354. Liza … get real! The 7.1 billion people now on the planet were born and mostly raised by their mothers; this amounts to only from an estimated 6 to 20 percent of all people who have ever lived.

      My wife has birthed three girls, raised them to where they were successfully married, partly raised her four grandsons , and now even her middle daughter who divorced and is living under our roof with her four boys; and Loretta even now talks about not being able to have another baby, and regrets that her eight grandchildren are not married to provide her with a great grand child to hold and enjoy.

      Our daughters were self reliant when they were going to the public schools. Only Lynn our oldest was picked on … and her mother told her to grab a bullies finger and bend it backwards, until the boy dropped to the ground. Lynn came home from school one day and said to her mother : “It worked, it worked!”

      Lisa our youngest daughter some six years younger than Lynn, would pick a fight with the older boys, and their mothers would phone Loretta to complain. On one case, Loretta told the boys mother : “Why your son is two years older than my daughter Lisa”.

      Lisa just got stronger and more determined and then one day when her teenage girl friend and her went to the drive-in hamburger restaurant, and Lisa went inside to make the purchase for the two of them, when she came back to the car , three girls in a convertible car parked alongside were picking on her friend. Lisa went after the three with her fists, and one of the girls pulled a knife, and Lisa knocked her down., and the three girls fled in their car.

      Now Lisa is married to a big man with a black belt in karate . They had a fight at home and Lisa punched him out with one punch.

      Even today, with Loretta at 78 and mostly bed bound, she is expected by the extended family to take care of everything just like when they were growing up at home. There is no doubt about it … woman is superior to man. What about me? I am just the provider for the family.

    355. Madeline … you rightly deserve all the things you give thanks for this Thanksgiving Day, and for all the work you have given this past year plus as Editor of the Vallarta Tribune … your readers give you thanks also.

      The Thanksgiving Day Holiday in the U.S. is a time families get together in remembrance of the English Puritans who founded the Plymouth Colony in 1620 and came up against the cold winter like the east coast is experiencing today, and without the skills necessary for survival in the new world, the friendly Indians brought them food, and taught then the skills necessary to provide for themselves.

      Perhaps the people of the world should be giving thanks that the English Puritans survived to found and develop America, and the freedoms that our form of government has provided to all that come to America to live and work, and others who share in our bounty.

      I of course have lived in America all my life, and each day give thanks that I was born in San Francisco, CA with its temperate climate and weather. Most of all being born in 1936 and grew up at a time that I was not drafted into the military, met my wife, graduated in school with honors, and had a 55 year steady working career.

      How amazing all this this is when one considers that the United States has only existed for 238 years , the planet for 4.5 billion years, and the universe some 13-7 billion years. Then consider that there only some 311 million people presently living in the United States out of some 7.1 billion population world wide.

      So on Thanksgiving Day my family will gather for dinner at my oldest daughter’s home, in San Ramon, in a large home on top of the hill overlooking the valley . If only the English Puritans could have imagined how their dinner of thanks would be shared by so many in the year 2014.

      1. Heidi, I apologize for the delay. The Birria stand I speak of is on Avenida Los Torres behind Macroplaza on the corner beside the church. Sold out by 2pm everyday. Totally worth driving across the city for.

    356. One of the joys of travel in Puerto Vallarta has been the accessibility , frequency, and low cost of the bus transportation in getting around town. What I see coming is a less frequent , more crowded and higher cost of transportation, both bus and taxi.

      San Francisco CA has gone through the same evolution in its bus and taxi service. The government run Muni bus service are operated by unionized city workers, and strikes and demanded wage and benefit package increases are frequent. The taxi service is controlled by the unions to maximize the pay to the drivers, which provides high cost, dirty cabs, poor service , long waits for pickup, and mostly foreign drivers that do not know their way around town.

      To overcome the city burecucracy,personal cabs owned by the drivers and called by aps has taken between 20 and 60 percent of the business from the regular taxi business – depending on season and time of day. This has resulted in many additional cabs available and at a lower cost. These individually owned cars are fairlynew, clean , the drivers courteous, and experienced with the city streets.

      I am familiar about this since my daughter and her three sons have been operating their own taxi service at the times they wish to work.

      I can see what the Mexican authorities are trying to do … increase the revenue that goes into the city treasury with higher fares, and greater traffic fine revenue. As the old song goes “All the good times are past and gone, all the good times are over”. Might as well just stay home.

    357. This is just plain crazy! Experience with this sort of thing in the U.S. has found that the suicide rate goes up with the rate of sex change operations. It is like a mass suicide at the governments expense. Regarding human rights , civil rights, or whatever one calls it ….isn’t the marriage partner entitled to know the biological gender of a proposed spouse , girlfriend or boyfriend? What about the rights of the parents of the two people involved, do not the parents have the civil or human rights to expect the continuation of their family line through the children expected from their adult children? I can see the day when sex becomes such a bad thing that parents will have test tube babies that have had their two sex chromosomes removed from the egg and or sperm, and babies without any sexual identity. .

    358. The U.S. has also replaced analog TV with digital TV transmission. It requires a converter to continue to use your analog TV set. I am not much of a TV watcher, however, I have noticed that the TV reception in both the U.S. and Mexico is not good, for all to often the picture is distorted by the pixils being displayed across the screen or the picture being chopped up. Also the sound of music is not good because of the notes being chopped off so much. I watch AM radio for the complete sound. Besides, the 60 cycle ac current is bad enough for what it does to your brain (the brain works at around 7 cycles per second , same as does the Earth’s magnetic field), but digital with the sharp and rapid chopping of the signal is far worse for what it does to your brain and neuron system. .

    359. Wow, the last statistic is a whopper …. almost half the population in Mexico live in poverty, per the 2010 census. No wonder there is so much drug cartel activity in Mexico to a point where they control much of the country.

      However I am impressed on the number of 14 year olds , and younger, that go to school and work , even though most Mexican students may leave school by the age of 15 (Per an article in the Vallarta Tribune ). There is one element of the workforce in America that is not reported in the employment rate … is the high acreage of garden non-commercial farming that goes on in the country.

      During WWII in San Francisco, my father started me working on a paying job that took me over 6 hours a week in the second grade. Even before that, after school and on weekends, I had to work in the basement separating beans from the other material in the sacks from the farms and place them in glass bottles. I also participated in the caring for the rabbits, chickens , ducks and Canadian geese in the backyard. It was a time of food rationing during World War II.

      However, I would assume that this was better than living in poverty. Today In the U.S. , there are a high percentage (50% ?) of workable persons without jobs and permanently on welfare and food stamps. What will all the illegals in the U.S. do when given working permits and drivers licenses by the president?

    360. I remember visiting the 30 year old Marina Vallarta twice in the more than 35 years that I have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, which is the same number of years that I have visited Acapulco now over 30 years ago. I liked staying at the Acapulco Plaza best of all, and the giant water slide downtown, and watching the hotel attendants raking the beach sand so smooth every morning … however, I understand that Acapulco has been left to deteriorate to the point that few tourists visit there anymore. It is so sad for it was such a wonderful place to vacation.

      I had planned to visit Marina Vallarta again this year, but just under two weeks vacation this year, I didn’t find time . I still remember the last time Loretta and I went to a timeshare presentation there in a just completed and opened high rise hotel. I remember Loretta saying to the timeshare sales person that she would not like to stay there because if there were an earthquake, people could not get out of such a tall building.

      Physic or other, the very next day there was a 7.5 earthquake that lasted for some 5 minutes, and people could not get down the stairs, and with the elevators shut down, people jumped out of the windows. There were body bags everywhere. At our timeshare hotel at the Canto del Sol, people were sitting on the sidewalk curbs after the earthquake crying in fear.

      When the quake ended, I looked out our fifth story window over the tennis courts, and the light poles were waving back and forth, which continued for some minutes. Perhaps the memory of the earthquake and all of those people, is the reason for not going to visit the Marina Vallarta this year.

    361. My wife did not have much help from her mother, and because my mother was deceased , there could be none from there. However my wife was a very smart person, after being brought up in Texas oil fields, with never a Christmas nor presents, and no birthday parties nor presents there either. Her three girls were to have all that she did not.

      When they learned to walk. she made pretty dresses and placed ribbons in their hair, and marched then along our shopping area. She would rent a park picknic bench and area to have outdoor birthday parties for her girls that included their daughters friends. Every child that attended the parties received a gift.

      Our home was always open for their friends to come over, and there was always freshly baked cooking on the kitchen table available for them. My daughters always knew that here would be a something they liked to eat for them in the refrigerator, when they got home from school … including their mother who would be there waiting for them..

      When they got older and had made friends with boys, we purchased a large pool table and placed it in the downstairs social hall. We may not have liked all the boys , or the noise, but it was safer to have them in our home than our girls in someone else’s home.

      Today some 40 years later, my daughters still have many of the same friends made in the public grade schools. They still attend their parties with their husbands and children. Loretta says … thank God that she did not have boys.

    362. Gracias may be the way of saying grace by the oldest living woman in the world at this time, however she reported on her 127 th birthday … in the same state as Puerto Vallarta … that she liked chocolate, sleeping a lot, and never marrying.

      I use the words Thank You a lot to and for services and kindness offered. However I do not say grace to an imagined God. He who is helped by the imagined one , is actually helped by themselves.

      Happiness is a state of mind by the barer. As stated by the joke of the boy in a room full of horse manure, who was asked why he was playing in a room full of horse manure? His happy answer was, that he knew that there was a pony in there somewhere.

      People are happy because they have a profession or job that they like to do, hobbies they feel good about, and a good wife or woman that looks after their needs. It takes a woman for a male to be a man.

      I worked at my main profession for some 55 years before retirement, and I was introduced at the job planning meetings as a person who really loves his job. However health is something that our genes and body take care of as long as we do not undermine our bodies and brain are built to do. It is not what you do , but mostly what you don’t due that maintains one’s health.

      Consider how much our health and lifespans are shortened by: 1) Sodomy; 2) hard drugs ;3) consuming alcohol ;3) smoking tobacco , etc; 4) consuming carbonated beverages ; 5) not drinking sufficient pure water especially before going to sleep at night ; 6) not maintaining a balanced diet ; 7) not getting sufficient sleep, with a balance of rest and exercise ; and 8) performing risky acts or working at a dangerous profession.

      One may say Grace at the thanksgiving dinner with family and friends , but overeating the heavy meal … has often resulted in an unexpected heart attack, or a case of severe indigestion. And do not drink and drive!

    363. I think that this is quite amazing that all this organization occurred without automobiles, without any technology ie. internet, cell phones, or phones of any kind, and without mail service.

    364. In the 1970s and until today, the Muralists are very active in the U.S. And now they are referred to as the public taggers. With their colored marking pens, and with paint brushes they make murals on public and private buildings and almost anywhere there is a surface that can be reached … on highway overpasses , fences, sidewalks … and worse of all, on your residence.

      Many of the public school buildings have been approved for large murals to identify the students that attend a particular school. I personally do not like them on public buildings, as I do not like the large billboard signs , nor painting the sides of the streetcars and buses for advertizng income into the city treasury..

      But worse of all, the city has passed a city ordinance that these tags (murals) must be removed from residential houses within 30 or less days, or the resident will be fined, as the city will remove it for them. Perhaps the ending of the Muralist Painting movement in Mexico was a good thing, and it transferred to the U.S. with the immigration movement into the U.S. by the Mexican people who , what , liked the mural painting movement?

    365. Land, territorial, hunting and gathering areas are fundamental requirements of all animals and humans in order for them to survive and grow their families. Wars are being fought all the time for control of these necessary assets.

      So necessary is this feature of life, that the United States Constitution guarantees individual property rights. However today, if the property owner does not pay their property taxes, or keep up the property, the local authorities can legally take and auction it off.

      In the early years of the U.S. only property owners could vote, and only white men could own property. Today anyone can own property, and the property is so encumbered by association restrictions , city , county, state , and federal government laws and taxes, plus the United Nations Agenda 21 , the use and enjoyment of private property is greatly restricted and very costly.

      Since most of the population in the world today are illiterate and impoverished , the land and property is restricted to the ownership of a few. Even in America, the wealthiest of Nations, over 50 percent of the people are receiving welfare of some kind, and the poorest are living in public housing. If the wealthiest country in perhaps history has its poor, what chance does the rest of the worlds population have? It is said that if all the wealth in the world were divided up evenly between all the people, it soon would return to the same few people.

      Slavery still exists in some 30 countries, and likely it will spread to more sometime soon. It is said that the people who get ahead in life, are the ones that work some 16 hours daily. To reduce that time to 8 hours daily, there must be a husband and wife team . Survival on Earth does require a family unit of one man and one woman, plus a large working family.

    366. A voice the color of amber … I have never heard this one before, but then I have a heart the color of blood red amber; hair the color of brown amber, eyes the color of blue amber , skin the color of white amber, and envy the color of green amber for those who are enjoying life in Puerto Vallarta. Sounds like the colors of amber are pretty special especially when it is Mayan amber mined in Chiapas, cad in Mexican silver mined in Taxco, and winds up in my King Louis the 14th display cabinet in my living room in San Francisco.

      Another excellent piece you have penned Marcia.

    367. Yes, there is a rest of the story regarding the American Thanksgiving Day Holiday … that has not been recorded in much of the history books, for whatever reason.

      The story begins with the King of England requiring all of his subjects to give their allegiance to the King and become member of the state church and religion, or else leave the kingdom, or be killed.

      A group of British subjects left for Holland, and after some time, a group of around forty left for the New World, and a new life. When they arrived, the weather was very bad and cold. Since there was no houses, stores or roads or services , most of them stayed on the boat. After the first winter, a number had died. including the wife of the leader.

      In the spring the Indians taught the colonists how to plant corn and obtain other foods. The group decide that each person should work at growing the food crops, and whatever amount they grew, was theirs to do as they needed. When there was a surplus of food , they decided to share it with the native Indians.

      This was the first thanksgiving … which became the motto of the community and the early thirteen colonies … No work, No eat. Today the Nations motto is “In God we Trust”.

    368. No American Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without sharing the traditional prayer . One that may be shared again this year by many will be given as follows:

      Heavenly father, we thank you for this food , and to remember the hungry;

      We thank you for our health, and to remember the sick;

      We thank you for our friends , and to remember the friendless;

      We thank you for our freedom., and to remember the enslaved;

      May these remembrances stir us to service, that your gifts to us may be used for others.


    369. Marcia,

      You have not heard me sing in concert or over the radio , but only listen to my talking voice over dinner … which some might say is as smooth as honey , honey.

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      stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always interesting to read
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      their sites.

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      thanks for providing these kinds of information.

    372. No matter how many ways you twist this sheet … it does not read quite right! Why would Mexico be pleased by the deportation of Mexican National criminals back to Mexico?!?

      Why would the U.S. want to keep Mexicans and other South American Nationals in the country when they are poorly educated and mostly unskilled when they came into the States, and families who bore children here are unable to educate those children at home on American culture and English, and thus the students do so poorly in the pubic schools , and mostly drop out by the eighth grade.

      Of course those immigrants that entered the U.S. per our quota system, learned English and passed their immigration test are most welcome in America. Yes American needs low paid workers in construction and maintenance of the infrastructure that is dire need of upgrade. and increased capacity,

      It would seem while these illegals continue to enter over the southern border and collect welfare, wealthy Americans are leaving the U.S. to countries that enforce their Rule-of- Law and borders.

    373. Whether it is called Prospera: Opportunities:, Democracy ; Socialism; or Communism, government policies reduce personal initiative by way of high taxes and big government red tape as is happening in Mexico today. Personal initiative is increased by free enterprise Capitalism, limited government , laws and taxes … and the rule of law. Wealth is also increased.

      Remember those days of yesteryear when the United States was the world Super Power, and created over half of all the world’s wealth ? Well those days are gone, for today over half of adults are on welfare of some form, and people on welfare often receive more from welfare than they can make on wages … and the federal treasury has had to borrow over $22 trillion U.S. dollars.

      America was the worlds largest loaner of funds, and now it is the world’s greatest debtor. Yes, the U.S. Constitution was changed from a balanced budget federal government to one where the people could be taxed and money could be printed and spent, and repaid back at some other time. Now off the gold and silver standards, paper money is merely an IOU by the Federal Reserve.

      Printing money without an equal growth in value, results in inflation and lowers value of ones savings. Business creates productive jobs, and government jobs only created more limits on your personal freedoms. America was likely the first time that the people experienced real freedom as sovereign citizens, and not subjects of a leader. Perhaps today in practice … this is no longer true in America.

    374. The study of the various Gods of the many civilizations since the beginning of recorded history is an interesting subject. Earlier civilizions ans people had many Gods as does society today … with the many religions practiced in the many countries today.

      In the early 1930s in America , in the golden age of comic books, the first alien superhuman comic character Superman was created and published in 1938. Today an Action No. 1 Superman (10 cent) comic books has sold at auction for $3.2 Million U.S. dollars, $2.1 M, several for $1 M, and one found in a wall of a house under renovation for $700,000.

      This open the door for a flood of comic books based on the various Gods. Which brought in the silver, bronze , copper and modern ages of comic books. Todays Gods are represented in the various religious bibles.

      When religion is discussed, I always ask what a religion and their God has done for them. For me, my God picked out my wife to be when we were 12 years old, with a loud voice “She will be your wife!” before I even knew her name. My God has saved my life on a number of occasions in impossible situations, and given me nearly perfect health naturally. Even my wife Loretta has remarked that I have been very luck in life.

      Church? Well I did have a church service for my marriage, but never went back.

    375. I wonder why Chile is inspired by a somewhat failed state? Yes I know, it is because Mexico is following the United Nations Agenda 21 that is a program that aims to make all countries and peoples equal in education , standard of living, health insurance and almost in religion. The U.S. as I remember vetoed the United Nations Resolution for one world religion : Islam.

      When it comes to world equality, the worlds fresh drinking water is some 40 present short of what is necessary for human consumption, and in San Francisco CA USA, the water that is piped down to San Francisco from the snow melt in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is being augmented in San Francisco by some 10 percent well water that is not safe to drink, but when diluted by the 90 percent pure mountain water … is acceptable. Many of the worlds population presently drink dirty river and street runoff water.

      Then there is the majority of the worlds population that live in poverty, and the number that die daily of starvation. With the reduction of resources, how will the sharing of these resources bode for the few who have a surplus ?

      If Agenda 21 comes to pass, like the American and Mexican Presidents seem dedicated to happen, will everyone get the same standard of living as everyone else independent of jobs? And will the indigenous Mexican nationals be subjected to the same toxins as are the well to do; the same laws; the same religion and language?

    376. Hi again Moralena, your writing about your favorite ice cream prompted me to go to my freezer and get some of my favorite flavored ice cream … maple macadamia mash-up (dry roasted macadamia nuts in maple super premium ice cream).

      Of course the brand is called “de lish” , and was created by Trace Adkins, and distributed and manufactured by Walgreen Co. Not a plug for Puerto Vallarta, but for those living in or visiting the U.S.. Folks can say they read about it in the Vallarta Tribune , a free weekly English newspaper in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

    377. I remember Mexicana Airlines when we first began our yearly vacations from San Francisco to Mexico. It was the lower cost airline which offered Mexican music, food and Mexican senorita airplane attendants … however there were no direct flights , and soon we paid the higher ticket price for a direct flight on the higher rated Alaska Airlines. Soon Mexicana Airlines was gone, and later tried to come back, but was unable.

      I would agree that workers on Mexican airline companies should be worried about their jobs for international flights. I believe the workers on most American company airlines are unionized, and receive higher pay and benefits. American Capitalism is difficult to compete against since the higher pay and benefits draw more productive, better skilled and higher educated employees.

    378. There is nothing said in this article whether the new environmentally friendly taxi’s will be electric, gas, or hybrids ? An electric powered car would be like driving around with your cellphone on. If the car size are compacts, then like before , the car will not carry much luggage in their trunks, nor more than four passengers.

      In the early days of riding a taxi from the airport, the cars were big. They were soon replaced with compact gas powered cars that required large groups to take two taxis. Later the Vans were available at the airport.

      Of course … the price of taxis are going up. However I have in the years of late learned to take two carryon bags since the airline companies started charging for luggage. It is like the shops in San Francisco that are required to charge 10 cents for each bag required for your purchase … and most people either bring theirs, or carry the items in their hands. Really!

      With just two carry-on bags , it is easy for me to take one of those blue and white gas powered buses from the airport to my hotel. Actually, I have not had to take a taxi for years.

    379. Joel,

      I hated these random thoughts … for they were not upbeat and did not follow the Lord’s commandment to love thy neighbor . However in America the word HATE is associated with political correctness, in a Christian Nation who’s motto is “In God we Trust”. I also felt bad when the Dallas Cowboy football team would win over the San Francisco 49ers football team. However being a good sport, I accepted that in those games the 49ers were out played, and perhaps deserved to have lost, or that God was on the Cowboys’ side.

      Sounds like you lost some money betting against the Cowboys at some time. I never bet money, and thus have nothing to loose. It is only a game. And most of the players are paid millions, have children , and beautiful wives or girlfriends . Now that is something I could hate if I was not so lucky!

    380. This article has wondered all over the place. First regarding the U.S. quantitative easing that was to bail out the insolvent banks that were too large to let fail … by printing money by the federal reserve. It did not work since the real solution was to let those banks fail; so there were several more quantitative easing required to save the banks. Now when these banks finally fail, the depression will be much greater. At the same time , the U.S. borrowed debt is now over $22 trillion dollars, the middle class is mostly gone, over 50 percent of the adults capable of working are on government welfare in some form, and the retired member of our society receive no dividends on their saved money.

      Regarding the United Nations Amnesty International, it is fostering racial rage over the world. The U.S. before 1924, permitted immigration into the United States , however it became so great that the vast numbers were not being absorbed into the American society and neighborhoods , so congress stopped all immigration between 1924 and 1968. Illegal immigration into the United States over our southern border is nothing more than a foreign invasion, and should be treated the same as does Mexico with foreigners who pass over their border illegally.

      The United Nations was formed to maintain the borders and laws of each sovereign country, and not to change them. The United Nations needs to be changed to do what it was chartered to do. The US pays the most for its operating expense, and for many years refused to pay anything. Myself personally, I would remove the U.S. from the organization, and send their headquarters out of the country.

      All nations and countries are financially under water and short of resources, and have worn out infrastructures. Thus, they do not need increased populations, but stable or less . America was unique, and when we get the illegals out of our country, it once again can be !

    381. People who work 16 hours a day do not practice yoga, they are billionaires who have contributed wealth to society. The term “man up” relates to persons who continually test themselves to perform at their maximum. Life is a journey of placing yourself in the pecking order of humanity. Few in each generation can contribute more to society that they take, and it take those that can that contribute to the continuance of their species. Today, there are more species on Earth than have been counted, yet over some 99 percent of all species that have ever existed have gone extinct. Some of the top contributors to life, family , jobs and country, do their best and most productive work when they are asleep. The entire body and mind are at their strongest when they are at maximum working state.

      Unfortunately, the majority of society takes the easy way out, and prefers to play and be at rest. The body has developed to stand on their feet, and walk around the planet with the changing seasons and global weather changes. We developed the ability of swift running to avoid predators , and get game. Today, many do not want to walk so they drive or take a taxi. At 78 today, I walk some 20-30, and sometimes 40 blocks each day … which is the time I do my best thinking. At this rate I may live to be one hundred, and by that time have painted my three houses and tar and graveled their roofs for the third time.

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    383. Recent books Dark Winter and Cold Sun make reference to our Sun Hibernating now during a solar minimum and the beginning of another solar cooling Bicentennial cycle of some 206 years, that has already begun and will be at a maximum in the year 2030 … and is part of a 30 year cooling spell.

      Reference is made to the resulting disappearance of bees and butterflies, and many crops that require a warmer climate and a shorter winter season. Also in the mix is greater earthquakes and storms.

      The author is John L Casey , a national space policy advisor to the White House and Congress, space shuttle engineer, consultant to NASA Headquarters and the President. What he is talking about is similar to the Dalton Minimum (Little Ice Age) , and this present global cooling began over a decade ago.

      If true, then Puerto Vallarta will be a much warmer place to be during this 30 year cooling cycle than in Canada and the northern and eastern portions of the United States.

    384. This speaks much for the Mexican government’s displeasure with the U.S. deporting so many illegal immigrants crossing over the southern U.S. border, and U.S. border states sending their National Guard troops to guard the border against people entering the U.S. illegally. The Republican house majority is attempting to un-fund any Obama amnesty for these undocumented immigrants (over 11 million ) , and after the first of the year, the Republicans will have majority in both houses of congress.

      Mexican immigrants take jobs away from U.S. citizens, and also obtain welfare as they send money to their families in Mexico. Today, some 40 percent of Americans of working age do not have jobs, and many jobs pay les than welfare, and thus they will not accept work. With the minimum hourly wage laws in effect, businesses are replacing workers with robots.

      In San Jose CA, the police just bulldozed one of the largest homeless encampments in the U.S. . In our shopping district two blocks from our home, one of the best districts in San Francisco, the street is often lined with homeless beggars asking for food. I have not experienced this in all my years vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, where the streets are much cleaner than in San Francisco.

    385. There is a reason that the United States and other countries that accept Pride are loosing populations as countries that do not allow such practices are increasing. The United States does not have the birth rate to sustain its population, nor does Russia. The Muslim countries where men can have four wives are increasing their populations rapidly and are migrating to all the countries that have Pride in-order to replace their culture within the existing countries without war …. thus the religion of peace. Pride has other consequences relating to health and longevity. They are another culture that cannot sustain themselves. Both the U.S. and Mexico populations have a double whammy, while Russia has outlawed Pride.

    386. For Americans traveling to Mexico this and next year, and perhaps for years to come … will cost less in Mexico due to the rapid decline in the Peso. The rapid decline in the coat of a barrel of oil ( believed to decline to $50 is ravishing the economies of many countries. Russia is on the verge of economic collapse . The U.S. due to fracking, is now considered to have the largest oil reserve of the oil producing countries. Thus the American greenback is rising, and America’s oil exports are increasing. To balance Mexico’s economy, it is counting on increasing the import of American dollars from Mexican immigrants into the U.S. who send billions of dollars back to the Mexican banks. Meanwhile the cost of a gallon of gasoline in some U.S. states has gone down to under $2.00 a gallon from over $4.00 a gallon.

    387. This is what the U.S. banks did before the housing bubble broke and because the banks were too large to fail, the U.S. government had to bail them out. The U.S. banks are doing this again because of the large interest rates these consumer loans have … while the prior borrowers are refinancing at the lower interest rates.

    388. Canada has only 30 million people while the U.S. has 320 million people and Mexico some 110 million ? A countries wealth depends on a growing and skilled workforce, and not an increase in the welfare population.

      America’s wealth is declining due to a population with a birth rate that does not keep up with the death rate. Canada is loosing many of its people to the southern countries due to the extreme cold climate that is getting colder.

      Why would Canada want Mexican immigrants from a hot tropical climate, especially when there are two classes of Mexicans in their Constitution. Same with the U.S. since the Latin Americans are filling the U.S. public schools with low performing students that drop out of school, and workers that do not , or are unwilling to learn English.

      Canada is also learning as has the United Kingdom and the U.S. that multiculturalism does not work . Immigrants flood in and maintain their language and culture. All the while the United Nations is calling for the elimination of country borders, and letting people migrate as they will.

      The time of hunter gathers has long gone.

    389. It is interesting that 74 of all the new Internet spaces are educational. Much of my post K-12 schooling was either over TV on college lecture series on Atomic and Nuclear Physics, a 6 month program by the University of California Berkeley back in 1956 , or by correspondence in Electrical Engineering, Modern Business, American Law and Procedure, and Computer Science.

      Today it has been demonstrated that e-books read over the Internet and on notebooks do not have the ability for readers to remember or understand as much of what they have read … compared with a paper book that they hold in hand, and can easily mark and review back and forth. This may not be so with the electronic spoken books.

      I firmly believe that brick and mortar schools are obsolete due to the cost of building and running the schools, and the time lost in traveling from home to school. My advanced education with the correspondence schools was that I could study while riding the streetcar from work and back home, and by reaching the office two hours early I could spend that time studying in quiet and take the written examinations , while at night and at home, the wife and children were a distraction.

      Also my department head was impressed to see me in the morning when he came in to the office an hour early and saw me at my desk very busy. He use to say good morning to me when he arrived. It also was an important step in the company paying for my educational program that was important to my line of work, and I advanced faster than the other employees.

    390. The United States (13 original states ) was founded in 1776, some years after the first colonists on the Mayflower anchored in the harbor to form the first colony. Each person was assigned a plot of ground to farm, and were told that those who do not work … do not eat. Of course the native Indians taught them how to plant and grow corn, etc.

      Today the world is full of people who do not work, and beg to be fed. In America some 40 percent of adults are on government food stamps. Worldwide , millions of people starve to death daily. Slavery is not condoned by the United Nations, yet people who work are required to feed the poor who do not work.

      One conclusion that could be made is that government causes people not to work. It happen in the former Communist Soviet Union, where the people promised to work, and the government promised to pay them. The government did/could not pay, and the people refused to work. The result, the Soviet Union collapsed.

      Perhaps if people were required to work before getting fed, the hard workers would not have to work so hard and long hours to support a government to feed the hungry that do not work. Just a thought.

    391. I agree with the majority of the American citizens who disagree with President Obama’s handling of the border control, the illegal immigrant situation and the present Presidential decree on any amnesty for illegals within the 50 American states. His sworn duty is to uphold the U.S. Constitution , and not make new laws. There are a number of lawsuits against the President , the worst involves the 25th Constitutional amendment regarding his sanity and ability to function as president.

      One of the tests is: does he look upon himself as above the law, and thus does not follow the law, and makes laws that the executive branch is not empowered under the Constitution to do ?

      Many have called for impeachment, but that is a sticky proposition, since Obama has never been properly vented as eligible to be president, and if shown to be ineligible, if impeached, all the laws and presidential decrees that he has made over the past almost seven years … would be null and void.

      For example: he has fired many of the Nations top military generals for not agreeing with is duty as Commander and Chief, and has spent some $7 trillion in his function of President.

      Members of his own political party are avoiding him, and many are leaving the administration. I personally would like to see him expelled and sent back to Kenya, where the Kenya government has acknowledged that he is a Kenya citizen . I cannot get much worse..

      The U.S. immigration laws should be made as strict as Mexico’s immigration laws in-order for the U.S. to keep its English language and culture.

    392. This is the worst website I’ve TRIED to use in a long time. It is so awful, I can’t be bothered to look at this paper. I have just wasted 15 minutes TRYING to find the prior week’s issue. It is beyond frustrating, trying to deal with your paper.

    393. Is Puerto Vallarta safe … or is it not? The U.S. travel authorities have issued a warning to Americans that Puerto Vallarta is included on the list of unsafe places to travel. The 100,000 plus people killed by the drug cartels over the past seven years out of a population of some 110 million may be a small percentage . However some of then have been killed in Puerto Vallarta, and in the state of Jalisco. The state of Jalisco has their own drug cartel; the Mexican Mofia operates in Puerto Vallarta … which are associated with the gambling casinos, and likely most of the prostitution and women massage studios located near the many Hotels.

      Although my family and I have been safe during our vacations these past 36 years, what I have seen, heard, and read, would cause many to have second thoughts about their safety. A number of years ago, when I arrived at my Hotel one Sunday afternoon, I was informed that a Canadian drug runner in hiding was shot in the head in the Strip show hose across the street in the morning. And the a few years later, I read that five people were killed in the next town up from Puerto Vallarta. And then there was the bus trip from my hotel to the Malcone that was interrupted and turned around due to the attempted killing of the Chief of Police when his car was blown up with an hand grenade. The next day there was talk of a woman that was shot on a party boat out on the bay.

      Yes I have been threatened , however I have friends in Puerto Vallarta that are looking out for me. The Hotels are looking out for us also with their security systems in operation which include the plastic identifying wrist bands, attended entry into the hotel and grounds that require identification prior to entry , and safes within each apartment or room.

      This was never the case 36 years ago. All hotel and grounds were open and mostly unsupervised , and guests were informed that each hotel welcomed you to visit their facilities and use their pools. It was a time when my family would go pool hopping to experience the different swimming pools. If you wanted to place your valuables in a safe, you went to the Managers office to have it placed in the Hotel safe.

      Notice today all the requests for food and money for the poor; all the abandoned dogs and cats (same thing is happening in the U.S. today) ? This was not the case 36 years ago. The government fed, housed and educated the people, especially around the tourist areas. Today the Mexican government is militarizing the local police , same as is happening in the U.S.

      Today when you go through the airport security, do you feel concern for your privacy ? Do they take some of your personal articles? Well none of this happened in the early years of our travels to Mexico. The whole world is an unsafe place … get used to it.

    394. Frank Norton, you are a real ray of sunshine. Enjoy your bunker. BTW ‘mafia’.

      You wanna get shot? Try being Black in America while walking down the street.

      Never had a problem here, but when I was down here for three months (now, six months), 4 people were shot in my town of 90K.

      Enough with this paranoid shite.

    395. Enlightenment is the English word for when a person receives the “Ha-Ha !” moment (flash) of understanding the true nature of our spiritual existence; or the moment of a new understanding of a part of physical existence.

      Perhaps the one person with the greatest enlightenment may be the oldest living person in the world, living in the Mexican State of Jalisco , THE 127 year old woman, who said that one of her reasons for her long life … is that she likes sleeps a lot.

      In the sleeping state our spirit is free to roam away from our physical body. Most of all the major understandings of the natural laws were made in the sleeping state. Even Albert Einstein said that this was where in a dream he came to understand Relativity … the same happened with others with Quantum Mechanics and the shape of our DNA double helix chromosomes .

      The Ha-Ha moment teaches us that we are all part of the godhead, and life in its totality is the God that people of understanding warship and give thanks to. The other identifying names of God besides life, are love, truth , compassion, empathy, and beauty .

      As a part of the Godhead, we, each of us, are responsible for the creation of the heavens and earth. Consequently, we individually are responsible for our existence, in an everlasting spirit form, for no information in our universe is ever lost.

      The father of mankind gave to us the 10 Commandments. It is his word and command to us. Perhaps we should learn more from the oldest living person on Earth today … the most enlightened one!.

    396. Therefore : all life is one, all living things are fully alive, and all living things are alive in the same way.

      How is this possible? There is but one DNA molecule in the universe. In it’s most elementary energy form … is a torsion wave . The curled chromosomes act like a transceiver in a cellphone , sending out and receiving these torsion fields … generally generated buy rotating masses … and transmit this DNA form instantly around the Universe., which is the key, or model for all DNA, which can be found in interstellar space, and on matter masses.

      This system of one DNA molecule precludes evolution. Life desired mind forces are utilized to switch on and off individual gene characteristics as required of each living organism for survival. In this way, each individual can be and become the person they want to be. Yes , we are shape shifters. Charles Darwin called it “the origin of the species” , or as the competing theory said : “The acquiring of desired characteristics”.

      Now you know that people all over the universe are alike. Non-terrestrial people can be walking among us and not be noticed … and likely are.

      Now you know the rest of the story.

    397. It has been some time now since the passing of Elvis Presley , but I seem to remember that at the time of his singing career, Elvis was considered the best and was called the King. His records were at the top of the record charts, and even today many of this former song recordings are still selling well.

    398. Hߋla,
      Seguramente es lla primera ocasion quе he visitado el blog y
      tengo que comentaг que me resulta interesante y posiblemente me tendras mas veces por
      estos lares.

    399. I am almost reluctant to comment on this one , but I will , for you see, my wife has said to me that we have lived two other lives together as man and wife.

      There are several religions that believe that their Divine Leaders have incarnated from past lives, and will reincarnate to other Devine Leadersin their next lives. No… my wife has not said that I am a divine husband, however she does keep returning.

      There are a number of researchers that have written books on the Divine Leaders that were Jesus. Could this be the burial chamber of such a person? When Jesus of the Bible was crucified and placed in a burial chamber, and arose, his dead body was never found.

      After all, there are three Prophets in the Bible who left Earth in a firry rocket ship and never returned. St. Paul, Enoch and Eliza. Who knows? What say you?

    400. The Canadian Edger Casey – The American Sleeping Prophet – Dr. Douglas James Cottrell , said that he was contacted by Casey’s spirit and told that he was responsible for helping people, but not to do too many readings for it would shorten his life, because to the reduced oxygen during his deep meditative trances.

      In a recent trance session conducted and broadcast over some 550 AM radio Network stations worldwide, and listened to by many millions, these predictions were made in answer to listener call-ins:

      1) Global climate change . The Earth is warming as it exits the past major ice age, and the melting ice will raise the oceans that will flood the sea coasts, and the survivors will be those who live inland on higher ground. Islands will disappear, and new shorelines will be established.

      2) Will there be a nuclear war in the immediate future ? No! The problems with the weather , earthquakes and volcanos are due to the violence between the human souls and the Earth Soul. Humans are responsible for the Earth trying to protect itself and eliminate the violence.

      3) Will the Sun activity take out the electric grid ? Yes, the solar activity cycles will eventually cause great damage to the human race and the Earth.

      4) Is there life on Mars? Yes, however it is presently limited to viruses, bacteria and other single cell organisms.

      5) What happened to the Malaysia Flight 370 airplane with the 238 passengers? The plane safely landed on a beach, and because the country involved is maintaining maximum secretacy due to the status of the passengers … Dr. Cottrell is unwilling to disclose the location.

      6) One caller was having problems with her fingers and want to know the best treatment to cure this. She was told in his trance that it was the case of her finger(s) being damaged, and the brain trying to correct the situation. Surgery to cut the finger ligaments to straighten out the finger would be a short term correction for the brain would attempt to correct the damages, and new surgery would be needed. The solution would be a Chinese ampuncturest inserting needles in the finger to stimulate the damaged nerves . .

      Since I listened to this radio program between 2:00 and 3:00 am in the morning , in the dark and in bed, half asleep, I may not have caught everything.

    401. In The U.S. at Christmas time there is snow and the song “I’ll be home for Christmas” sung by Bing Crosby, as families meet for the opening of the children’s gifts, and the dinner with the whole family seated around the dining room table, and the fire roaring in the fireplace.

      Christmas is selecting a tree from the Xmas tree lot, or traveling to the forest to cut one down … and trimming the tree . Then there is the Christmas shopping season where the stores and shopping centers are ablaze with colored lights, trimmed Christmas trees , music is played, a Santa Claus that children line up to sit on his lap to tell him what they want for Christmas.

      The materialistic thing about this time of the year is it is the time where the stores make most of their sales over the year. When our three daughter were young, we would purchase their toys at sales during the year, and stack them in the upper selves of the closet. Unbeknown to us , our daughters would get a chair to see what they would be getting for Christmas.

      Each item would be wrapped separately with colorful wrapping paper and colored ribbon to look attractive under the Christmas tree. At Christmas eve, or morning when the presents were handed out. paper and ribbons would be flying as I took motion pictures of all the merriment. After the girls went outside to play with heir friends and compare what they got, many of the toys would be returned to the closet to be handed out during the year.

      Take away the American Christmas, and you take away much of the children’s life that was special. This is what families do here. It may be called keeping up with the Jones’s , however it is how our culture maintains a competitive spirit , that sets America ahead of the rest of the world … and teaching each generation to work at doing and having more that their parents. Free enterprise Capitalism is what has made the United States the Superpower and most productive nation of all modern history .

      You do not see Americans going to another country to celebrate Christmas, unless they have come from another country where their family resides. When immigrating to America and bringing with them their culture, they may loose out on a wonderful children’s holiday, that keeps family’s together and provides many unforgettable memories … at least for me it has. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Santa is on his way. How can one ever forget this?

    402. This is a beautifully researched and written article which I can highly recommend! Thank you and please continue your informative and interesting postings. Sincerely, Laura

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    404. It is interesting that in the 36 years my family has vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, it has been only in the past several years that we have read about the Parque Nacional Park or even the Marieta Islands by name. So much for the government advertising regarding the Mexico National Park. We have never visited the Islands.

      Regarding the National Parks and fishing rivers in the United States , there are laws that permit the local American Indian fishing and hunting rights that have been theirs before the White Men and their laws came. However the U.S. Constitution dose not recognize two different levels of citizens such as the Mexico Constitution .

      Of course it was true following the American Indian wars, the Indians were placed on Reservations to separate their culture from the American Culture, however with schooling they were forced to accept the American culture before leaving the Reservations.

      Regarding the American National Parks and Forests, the Federal Government has never had the money to take care of them properly, and they now take up a large part of the U.S. landscape. When the Federal funds are wanting due to lack of funding by Congress, these facilities are closed to the public , camp grounds and roads, and left in disrepair.

      So begs the question, how well is the government protecting the Parque Nacional Park Islands , and other National Parks , Forests and rivers ?

    405. Let me see now … converting this forest and grass land to agriculture and livestock for food was a bad thing because of the increase in greenhouse gases. However because the increased CO2 gas has no effect in global warming due to human caused global warming (humans cause only some 2 percent of the of the annual output of CO2 worldwide ), the only effect will be less and more expensive food for a growing population.

      The 8.5 million hectors converted to forests will result in fewer jobs for Mexican farm workers. Already the newspapers in Puerto Vallarta are asking visitors to contribute to the charades to help feed the poor people without jobs . A report in the U.S. was the large number of acreage that is used in backyards in the growing of food.

      Another problem is the availability of fresh water for drinking. The trees soak up this water and evaporate it into the atmosphere. Perhaps more CO2 could be extracted from the atmosphere if every household in Mexico planted a front, back and side lawn. Rapidly growing grass consumes more CO2 than slow growing trees. However, the animal and plant life requires a higher level of CO2 in the atmosphere than it now contains. Ask any greenhouse plant grower how he increases the production of his greenhouse plants … he increases the CO2 level some 4 times that in the atmosphere.

      The plants on Earth mostly developed long time age when the CO2 level and atmospheric pressure at sea level was much higher. Today, there are many deserts, and the continents are no longer covered with forests. Also species are going extinct at a much larger rate than before. Mexico, wake up and smell the daisies .

    406. Books will also be available to purchase in Mc – Donald’s restaurants without the need to buy a Happy Meal.

      Like many other leading restaurants, Amura has a New Years Eve spectacular planned.
      February 21 — Maryville, Tennessee-headquartered restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday plans to
      open in Great Britain this year, reports the UK’s Times.

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    408. Listening to a top rated talk AM radio show in San Francisco, I heard the program host say that he took Spanish for over seven years, and to this day he cannot speak Spanish. He also said that he has two master degrees in physics. What is wrong with this picture?

      I took two years of Spanish in order to graduate from High School, and in the 36 years that I have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, I have also not spoken Spanish, or understand but very little. Spanish. What is going on here?

      I am sure that both of us in addition to having degrees in several advanced subjects, studied in the school world history classes the Spanish armada , and the Spanish conquistadors … and how they invaded Mesoamerica, destroyed the Maya and Aztec civilizations, and converted the people to the Spanish language and religion.

      Language is specific to a people and their culture, and folks who study ancient cultures and learn their languages , understand that the words meanings relate to a peoples culture. The modern Mexican culture is not fixed into the Mexican Indian cultures, but is a translation to word meanings of a conquerors language , culture., and religion.

      Thus in the U.S. culture of the white men who founded America , I have no use for the Japanese , German, Greek , Russian , Chinese or the Spanish languages. On the streets of my home city I hear these languages spoken daily, but I do not listen to them, nor purchase products from their countries.

      In Mexico, I do not speak Spanish, but listen to the Mexican people who now speak English. and purchase items made by the Mexican native people who mine and create the fabulous jewelry in silver and gold, and Mayan amber.
      Am I rewarded? Last year I purchased a blood red amber pendant capped in silver from Taxco, that contained a half inch complete scorpion.

      The Internet tells me that a complete 1/2 inch long complete 28 million scorpion in amber is valued at between $10,000 and #28,000 dollars. On the Internet there is a collectors collection of some 15 such items. One was in blood red amber enclosed in silver that looks just like mine.

      This year a I inch wide heart shaped silver pendant capping blue amber contains a 1/3 inch 28 million year old lizard, that may be worth even more. The Mexican people are a great people, and appreciate Americans who respect them. However, many of them learn English and pray in their native language and religion.

    409. Madeline.

      Thank You … as you are most deserving. I have learned much from your informative articles, such as the one on the State of Chiapas , where the author went into a Mayan church where the devoted sat on the dirt floor , crossed legs, and a small incense pot of amber burning in front of them. I wonder just what percentage of Mexicans actually pray in a Catholic Church, as I have not seen many attending service while I was in Puerto Vallarta. A number of my friends there have said that they would never go into a Catholic Church, and while they do mot believe in one god, they nevertheless believe in a creator.

      Christmas in America has somewhat turned from a religious holiday to one of gift giving and merriment . A survey conducted among the citizens here, less that 50 percent of the surveyed attends a church anymore. On our shopping corridor, the trees have led lights on the sidewalk trees, but there is no music anymore. Yes there was two Santa Clauses on the street near the toy stores, and a 6 inch thick layer of snow some 4 foot wide and some 30 foot long was provided alongside the toy store.

      Few houses in our neighborhood have outdoor Christmas lights or Christmas trees in their homes , like the 100% when I was a young boy. It would seem that much of the population are waiting for the arrival of the ancient Gods of the Old Testament returning to Earth. However they were not very nice to the people of Earth who sinned and broke the10 Commandments. I have a golden bracelet besides me with the ten engraved tablets .

      Those who have not sinned, please reply to this comment.

    410. I realize that Christmas in Mexico is a religious event to pay homage to your Lady of Guadalupe …. Virgin of Guadalupe , However in American dictionaries the word virgin relates to the Virgin Mary , Mother of Jesus, and Christmas to the birth of Jesus.

      I am a 20 th century born and careered sovereign man in the U.S. of America, not of the time of the Bible and its events, but however taught in my youth in the neighborhood Christian Science Sunday School , who never joined the Church, but was much later asked by the Head Church to become a teacher as a result of my testimonial given at the side my oldest adult daughter at a Wednesday Evening Church Testimonial Meeting at the 7th Christian Science Church, in San Francisco. My Testimonial was heard in all Christian Science Churches in America, their Reading Rooms and Old Folks Homes . It must have made quite an impression on the Church membership.

      I turned this invitation down because I have certain problems with the various translations and content of the current bible, and not with their Science & Health, Key to the Scriptures … by the Church founder Mary Baker Eddy.

      It relates to the Virgin Mary, her Virgin Mother, Jesus’s identity, and the identity of the various Gods and demigods. And I guess that this also includes the Virgin of Guadalupe .

      My dictionary also characterizes a virgin woman among other things as not touched by man. Thus the birthing woman who gave birth to the demigods from the Gods of Heaven written about in the Bible Old Testament , made Jesus with a mother also of a virgin birth more than just a demigod, but three quarters a God from heaven.

      Today genetics has shown us that the RH negative blood type came from the Gods from Heaven, the type AB blood that was also Jesus’s , plus some 232 genes in the human genome , that are not found in the International Gene Bank which includes the gene of all the other species on Earth. These 232 genes makes man different from all the other primate species that exist on Earth.

      These scientific facts are need to explain what that is written in the Bible means. The many books that have been removed from the Bible were removed because they described a non terrestrial explanation for Mankind other than a divine God. This is explained in the lost Book of Enoch.

    411. When I think of the Aztec , Maya , Olmec and other civilizations and people of Mexico, Amber comes to mind …. and the bright colors that the ambers from Chiapas are found from the mines. Even Russia, I think of the Amber Room, that was removed during WWII by the German military as one of the many important works of art they stole. Today the restored Amber Room in Russia is considered the 8th wonder of the world. I have pictures of the restored Amber Room obtained at the facility, but the amber in no way has the colors of the original. The red, and blood red colored amber is missing due to the rarity of red amber as only one piece in 200 pieces of amber recovered from the mines are red, and fewer are blood red.

      I wonder if in the Aztec exhibition … Montezuma II ‘s amber spoon that he used stir his coco with is among the artifacts shown, or the story told.. Although the amber was over 22 million years old, like the Aztecs, they didn’t survive the Europeans very well. But then then there is Montezuma’s revenge to those Europeans who come to Mexico today.

    412. Music and dance lessons given to young children cannot be over done for young and developing minds and bodies. The only such lessons given by my parents to my sister and I were ballet lessons . No … they did not offer them to me, but since my younger sister was receiving them, I insisted to be included. Boy did it pay off when I entered school sports in the upper grades , and after graduation, becoming a tennis professional teacher and player. Balance is so important in everyday life, whether in navigating stairs, running, or even walking around the house in older life. I also was one of the founding member of a folk dance club that had lasted for over 45 years when my wife’s health resulted in our dropping out.
      My wife in her youth was given piano lessons . She did not play the piano in her adult life, but became quite a guitar player , teacher and singer, of which she taught me some time after we married. Loretta formed a band and singing group, that have been on TV, Radio and on stage. She also gave a woman’s day concert in the San Francisco Golden Gate Park in San Francisco , at the stage located between the De Young Museum and the Steinheart Aquarium to a crowd of thousands of women .

    413. Women who still wear underwear ?!? I thought that the G string was in vogue. You know, from dippers to panties to G-string to pampers, etc.

      Regarding the fireworks shows , its a no-no-no for me. After seeing the war over Iraq skies when the U.S. forces bombed Saddam Hussein’s military forces back to the dark ages, like what happened in Germany during WWII, the fireworks display is not for me, nor for people with lung problems, children or all things that live in the sky.

    414. I have read on the Internet recently that of the over 300,000 cultivated plants only fewer than 300 are eatable. So be careful what you eat or use for medicine, or what infants and children put in their mouths.

    415. I have to admit that I am confused what this has to do with leadership in space exploration ? I am quite familiar with the workings of JPL and the people who work there via interviews with their scientists, rocket designers and astronauts and missions as provide evenings over Coast to coast AM radio for the past 25 some years. This is a new one on me.

    416. You know when a federal government forms one federal police force over all the 32 Mexican states, it is like what Adolph Hitler did in Nazi Germany. Of course in Mexico, the people are already disarmed.

      The political power in any country should come from the people, however in a country constitution where there are two classes of citizens, it becomes like a democracy where one group of people can terrorize the lesser group.

      Mexico is a failed third world country as it ranked the most corrupt among the OECD countries, and among the 31 countries of the Americas, only 10 ranked lower than Mexico. Government is not the solution, it is the problem. In America the states are divided up into counties with a sheriff , and the cities with the police. The sheriff is the main law officer in a county, and the Attorney General in the state.

      The federal attorney general is limited by the U.S. Constitution and the sovereign State constitutions. The U.S. military cannot be deployed in the individual states. Thus the people are sovereign over the federal government agency. It is the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution that gives each U.S. Citizen the right to have and bear arms , that guarantees the rest of the U.S. Constitution.

      I would not wish to live in Mexico … for in America, my locked doors protects the police from the guns in my home, and any other one that is unwelcome .

    417. Considering that a barrel of oil some decades ago was as low as $3 U.S., and today as low as $50 a barrel, you would think that the price of gasoline in Mexico would be similar to the U.S. where it has gone down from around $4 per gallon to as low as just under $2 per gallon, depending on location.

      The difference from the U.S. and Mexico is that in the U.S. the oil companies are privately owned competitive corporations, and in Mexico the oil company is owned by the government. With the price of the peso going down relative to the U.S. dollar, the price of the gallon of gasoline is going down for American visitors.

      In America, they say that the low cost of a barrel , which should stay low for some time, has made the purchase of an electric car much less desirable. Also that the Cheve-Volt has been determined to be the lest eco friendly of all the cars being manufactured.

      Personally , I would not want to ride in an electric car because of the electric motor EMF that is experienced inside the metal car body, such as is the microwave field experienced when a cellphone is used in a car. In San Francisco I like to ride the gasoline and desial buses, or if electric , as far removed from the electric motors as possible.

    418. Whatever is done or changed seems to effect food and jobs of people. How many animals are butchered daily to feed Earth’s population of some 7.4 billion persons? Some years ago when Earth’s population was some billions less, the number of animals was estimated around one billion daily.

      An American president once said: “The government is not the solution, it is the problem”. There are a high percentage of the populations in Mexico and the United States that are unable to feed themselves nor their families. In the U.S., some 40 percent of all adults are on food stamps. I know not what the number of adults in similar positions are in Mexico.

      Government have been unable to enforce many of their laws. Education of the few that break them in feeding themselves and their families is one means for getting the people involved to provide for the future of a species , or food species . Government cannot feed all of the people, and so some species are going to go extinct, and those people will have to move to another area and hunting or fishing ground.

      There is another net fishing problem in Ensenada Mexico off the Pacific coast where Mexican fishermen are netting the small tuna and holding them in pens until they are large enough to sell to China. So many small tuna are netted since many will die before they are large enough to sell, that the Pacific blue fin tuna are becoming depleted .

      The solution is to reduce the human population that needs to fish for the endangered fish. Since the world population is growing rapidly overall, like each African woman in Africa having 6 or 7 children, plus other countries with more than the 2.5 average to maintain a stable population, it would appear that the world people will all be of a dark skin color at some time.

    419. Thank you all for your interesting and informative free newspapers. Also the ability to be a small part of your Internet page and paper weekly issues.

      Actually I am very appreciative for the interaction between your Editor Madeline Milne and my comments … especially when in a former editorial she requested readers to suggest places for her to travel at interesting places in Jalisco , and report them in a future column.

      Well, I asked her to go the Chiapas and report on the amber trade and the amber mines there. Yes … a four page article on Chiapas was published over a year later, authored by another person , that was most informative in ways that I had not thought of. Over the past some 20 years, the Vallarta Tribune weekly newspaper has been a great read for me over the three weeks each year that I have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta.

      My scrapbook is filled with postings that I have had in the Tribune, along with a number of prior copied of the Tribune containing my letters to the Editor. One of the most interesting of an article by another was posted in the 12/29/11 issue entitled “Hell Explained” written and submitted be chemistry student Robert Brittingham. Explained.htm.

      Since the Tribune at that time did not show the Editor’s name, I have wondered who was the editor when this piece was published. It might be worthwhile to republish this piece in a future issue of the Tribune.

    420. It was the Giants third world series champion in 6 years. Second Sandoval did not get a better deal from Boston. The Giants offered the same amount. In Boston he can be a designated hitter.

    421. Terry,
      “It is a wonderful life” especially for one who has lived for 81 years (the new 61) and enjoys split pea soup (make mine brown Lentils with Spinach ) … also for me , those long daily walks ( just three years younger, I walk between 20 to 30 and sometimes 40 long city blocks daily, rain or shine).

      The new definition of life in science is that what is moving. A new 61 can do more than that. When I retired five years ago, after a 55 year career in engineering and multi-million dollar projects, I went back to physical work painting my houses and tar and graveling their roofs; manually with ladder , hand paint brushes , buckets of paint and liquid tar, and sacks of pea gravel on detached houses three stories high. Plus, the daily walks, researching on the Internet , and vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.

      There is nothing more healthy than retirement : one actually has free time on their hands.

      Fortunately , my wife of almost 60 years is still with me, and depends on me as her caretaker , and all the housework is on me. But what the hell … I am still young and in perfect health with many many miles to go ahead of me.

      Go tell this to your father !.

    422. As the price of a barrel of oil on the world market is continuing to go down and is now under $50 US per gallon , Saudi Arabia has announced that due to the rapidly declining demand for oil, the price will likely to continue declining for some time.

      In San Francisco, one newspaper headline said that with the drop in gasoline this past year, over 50 percent, shoppers are heading to the stores with money in their pockets saved from the lower gas prices, and that the stores will see larger sales figures this year.

      Those countries that depend on a high price of oil, over $100 per barrel, are , or will be , in a finical crises. Likely taxes for those countries will have to be raised to maintain their public projects, or to protect their economy.. A lot of the decline in the use of gasoline results from increase in electric vehicles, travel by bicycles, and more people walking.

    423. Terry, regarding you father not being old fashion regarding homosexuality, married priests, and woman priests, these beliefs go back further than the ancient priesthood and long before the modern Christian Bible. Perhaps over 200,000 to 450,000 years ago, as the story has been told over and over again by long gone civilizations.

      What the ancient Sumerian clay cuneiform tablets from Iraq have to say about these matters , is confirmed in the International Gene Bank, where some 232 genes found in the modern Homo sapiens sapiens genome , are not found in any other primate or other species.

      The 450,000 date was the arrival of the fallen angels or astronauts, and the 200,000 date was when one of their men impregnated a woman primate in a immaculate conception. Thus the woman was an earthling, and the male was a god. And thus women were not considered worthy of being of the priesthood, or a man who married a woman.

      Regarding homosexuality, the fallen angels considered a homosexual male to be a savage, and had to be converted by a prostitute woman, or be exiled into the wilds, away from civilization.

      Since this story is very ancient, the only proof are those 232 genes not found in any other species in the International Gene Bank. Savage then, today translates into a mental fault , as is the faith belief in one universal God. A possible human proof regarding homosexuality not being normal, is although there are many more pregnancies being male than female , many of these male fetuses do not reach term, and although there are more males born than females, by the time they reach puberty, the two sexes are mostly equal.

      Since a male cannot be a complete person without a female partner ( think family) males who believe that they are homosexuals, are depriving an equal number of women from being whole. Unfortunately, modern civilization has made the human genome unstable, unbalanced and somewhat insane, as the male Y chromosome is only some one-quarter its former size, and in older men may disappear completely as found in their immune system white blood cells.

      When I think of the animal cloning being done today, and mixing different species, and even races ,. one has to think of the primary sin of man.

    424. It’s hard to find well-informed peoplee in this pawrticular topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking
      about! Thanks

    425. How do you tell when you are in an electric bus, streetcar or electric car where the highest levels of the EMF are, when you cannot see where the electric drive are locate . Try to listen to a small transistor radio while riding . As you get near the electric motors that drive the wheels, you will hear nothing but static. Move away from the motors, and you can hear the broadcast. The transistor radio when tuned between stations, acts like a milligauss (EMF) meter . Anything more that 14 milgauss are not allowed in the U.S. outside of the property fence of an utility electric substation for protection of the public.

    426. One wonders with the barrel of oil down over 50 percent, and estimated to reach $45 US per barrel and staying there for some time, plus a gallon of gasoline in Colorado US at $1.76 US per gallon, there will be some large changes in the U.S. and world economies. With so many oil rigs being shut down, plus businesses closed and the loss of jobs, how can the stock market but go down ?,

      In California both the governor and the city of San Francisco are financing big expensive projects to be paid for with the cap-and trade of CO2 money. It is like the tobacco industry paying large court required funds into the states school system, where people are stopping smoking. Who knows just what the future will bring ?

    427. A recent report in the U.S. has said that in Mexico, the “Rule-of Law ” does not apply. Much of Mexico’s history, the law was that you were guilty as charged by the authorities, until you could prove your innocence … usually from a prison or jail cell. This was changed in the Mexican Constitution some years ago to follow America’s Constitution where a person accused was innocent until proved guilty, but was not imprisoned or jailed until they were proved guilty. Many or most of the 32 Mexican states have not followed the new constitution and still consider a person guilty as charged until proved innocent. Jalisco is one of those states where the governance feels that they are more important that the people.

      This is the case in most tribal countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries, and in ancient Mexico where the different tribal chiefs were the God leaders. The problem today is the continuing war between to monotheistic religions who are fighting for control of peoples souls, over a none existent imagined god , instead of the true god of the physical universe … the Sun, where all life originates from , as all the chemical elements were created there from hydrogen, and all energy as sunlight that allows live to exist.

      How acknowledged were the ancients. Today the Muslims are taking over Europe, Canada, the United States and Mexico. The CIA in America has said that ISIS have moved into Mexico to infiltrate the U.S via its southern border. The present U.S. President is like the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who replaced the Sun God RA and the many gods , with one God, which the people returned to when he died.

      It is and was a mistake by the modern conquers to replace the peoples beliefs, and that was why the U.S. Constitution has separation of state and religion. Present day America is moving away from any monotheistic religion, and Islam is killing people that won’t accept theirs. .

    428. Our friend had a flood in his condo when the tube on the toilet broke. We called the Mexican property manager and asked him if he had Wet Vac. He said I’ll be right over. He appeared and asked why we needed a wet back????

    429. Thanks for a marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you might be a great
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    430. Regarding giant people and the round cone shaped pyramid in Mexico that you visited Madeline and reported in the Vallarta Tribune, I have a picture of the Wikliffe Mounds in the U.S. state of Kentucky, and the skeletal remains from that round cone pyramid that used to be displayed in American Museums until around 1990. It shows part of the inner structure where the remains of people who were 6-7 foot tall, and of the 5 foot 4 inch people who were ruled by the giants who oversaw the construction of the mounds and earthworks.

      Native Americans left behind thousands of pyramid shaped and conical burial mounds, geometric earthworks , and artifacts depicting mysterious symbols that represent the earth and spaceships and saucer shaped craft. The natives believed that we have two souls , one is the life soul, and the other was the free soul, which travels out into the galaxy as part of its judgment , and return to the land of their ancestors.

      If the people wanted the soul to be reincarnated, the body would be buried in tombs inside the mounds. Since many if not most of these mounds have been destroyed, and the remains are no longer shown in Museums, the people in America know little about them. That was the reason of my question to you Madeline regarding the round cone shaped pyramid you visited in Mexico. You replied that it was orientated from down to up, and not as conventional pyramids with the corners lining up with certain star structures in the heavens.

    431. Repeat: Mexico is not a rule of law state. Think of Napoleonic Code applied to Napoleon’s conquests in Egypt , Spain and other countries.

      Do not drive when buzzed on Pot. In California there are road signs over freeways warning drivers. And of course, alcohol is listed number one of all the dangerous drugs.

      And … regarding the water out of the tap in Puerto Vallarta , you have two options : either add alcohol to it before drinking as did/do the Mayans, or else drink distilled water as I have done for over 35 years since vacationing in Mexico. In California , the San Francisco Hetch Hetchi water system is considered the best in the the United States as it comes directly from the snowpack high up on the Sierra mountains. Water is staff of life, but it is the strongest of solvents and can actually dissolve glass.

      Avoidance of tap water , bottled water and alcohol, your system will not have to work overtime in eliminating the poisonous parts of these fluids, and will not unnecessary sweat them out thru your skin . Just think, less body odors and sweat, and less need to change your clothing in hot weather so often, less showers, and less staining and washing of clothing and bedding in the Puerto Vallarta hot summers.,

    432. A safe trip to you Madeline in Texas, and a speedy return to the land of butterflies and beautiful women.

      You reminded me of a vacation to Puerto Vallarta where we arrived one week early, as were told at the hotel check in counter that we were not expected for another week. We had to contact RCI for an exchange week from our California Timeshare at Mountain Retreat in the Sierra Mountains. No problem, and it is always good to have a backup plan in case of situations like this. Saying four weeks instead of three caused us some problems at my work, and with our flight tickets a week later out of PV, but it was long ago and their were no problems with the airlines.

      Avoiding too much sunshine? I was a tennis teaching Pro and played in tennis tournaments for over 15 years and spent much of my time out on the tennis courts … plus I never used sun glasses. Recent reports are that women who spend all their time indoors out of the sun, get more skin cancer than those who spend entire days out in the sun. It has to do with the skin manufacturing vitamin D3. Most people are deficient in D3 for good health.

      Winter now in San Francisco, and I am getting a good suntan sitting on my on my front porch in sunny and warm weather … while in Vancouver Canada the populace are hearing loud explosions from the cracking ice due to the extreme cold.

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      knight in shining armor.

    434. An US Alabama state judge told a man who was suing to stop the state from ignoring a Federal judge that overturned the state constitution banning same sex marriages, said he would not allow same sex marriages in Alabama , nor recognize same sex marriages from other states, and wrote the state governor to do the same.

      The judge said that same sex marriage was not natural and against religious law, and that there was only two sexes. He said that to follow the Federal law would be to say that there was no state Constitutions , or states, and to ignore the 82 percent of the state voters who said no the same sex marriages, would be to say that the vote of the people had no meaning.

      This judge has got balls!

    435. I have just learned more about the giants of the past that not only have been found in many parts around the globe , but in Mexico. Also where they came from.

      First clue was from the NASA pictures taken from the International Space Station, of a moon like image photographed coming over the Earth’s, horizon … that was not the Moon. Second there are reports that it has been seen just after sunset as a blue-green or blue-gold haze just above the western horizon.

      Further reports that the object is planet X (Nibiru) the home planet of the Annunaki, or the Biblical fallen Angels , which were from 8-12 foot tall. The planet has a diameter of 29,000 miles , has water, land masses, and many volcanos , and is some 30 million miles away from Earth, and in an orbit between Earth and Venus.

      When it gets some 14,000 million miles from Earth its gravity and magnetic tails may grab the mid Atlantic rift and slide it up over the North pole of the core, moving the North magnetic pole over Brazil, causing additional extreme weather and planet warming.

    436. Not to be forgotten are the numerous flea markets and venders located at the Marina pier, and along the Cale River in the Puerto Vallarta downtown area. Plus there are the beach venders , each are the bread winners for their families. I have found some of the most remarkable jewelry at the flea markets that I would not have found in the higher class jewelry stores, and at a much lower price. I wondered about this and talked to a large store manager near the new downtown pier and was told that they did not sell colored amber any more because their customers thought it was artificial amber or had been colored and would not purchase it. Since then , the store has offered high priced artificial honey colored amber. However, most jewelry gem stones are artificially colored or grown today to compete with the higher priced natural gem stones. And artificial amber is offered to compete with the higher priced natural amber. It is buyer beware!

    437. Go Seahawks !?! What about the Patriots who have been picked by a most elaborate computer sports program to win by just a couple of points ? But then, the computer models for global warming highlighted the problem with garbage in and garbage out. And then the weather reports for 3 foot of snow in New York City where people were told to stay in their homes , the schools were shut down, businesses closed and the city spent some $100 million and all they got was 8 inches of snow, and the Mayor saying that it was better to be safe than sorry. Kind of like the U.N agenda 21 and taxing of CO2 gas.

      But really, whose side is God on anyway when it comes to a football game?

    438. Above it is 14 million miles and not 14,000 million miles. Earth’s orbit around the sun averages some 93 million miles from the sun. The late Zecharia Sitchin published and spent over 60 years researching for his some 14 books on the translation of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets on the Annunnaki astronauts that hybridized Homo erectus to form the first Adam. Many of these clay tablets can be found in Museums around the world. His work stands to be vindicated by planet X entering the solar system again after some 3,614 years.

    439. Madeline … I hope you did not bet you life on the Seahawks, like you may have in becoming an ExPat in Mexico , but then, all your Vallarta Tribune readers have won with you as Editor.

      I only make gentleman bets, and perhaps your Seahawks was also a ladies bet. It looks like the special game winning predicting computer program was a winner also.

    440. I just love articles that have a new word for nice things, and that I am not familiar with. Looking up the word cupocity , I took out my New World Dictionary of the American Language , second college edition , and by gosh, it was not there. Following the word cupid, and before cop of tea , was cupidity … which means strong desire , especially for wealth.; avarice ; greed.

      Which reminds me of the timeshare presentations everywhere in the city of Puerto Vallarta. Over our 36 years of vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, we have taken in many. Free lodging, dinners, jungle and boating trips, and last year an all inclusive five day and four nights at the timeshare resort for $380 US. . I will be back this year also on the same deal. Wow, six days of meals and beverages at great restaurants. This is much less than our prior maintenance fees.

      Plus a decade ago while bargaining with a store owner near the downtown Church over some Olmec jade tools with a high price tag, a time share man overheard our conversation with me in English and the Mexican shop owner speaking in Spanish?

      His offer was to purchase the six carved jade tools and offer then as the gift for taking a presentation at his resort. Yes !, greed was at work here. The next year I was able to purchase six more from the store owner at a much lower price. These tools were validated by the former curator of the Cale River Museum, as being from the Olmec .

    441. The best beach that I have found for watching people diving for oysters and large lobsters is on the Las Glorias Beach in front of the Plaza Pelicanos’s rock pier , which is actually located in front of my beach front apartment. The men and boys either float out on a rubber inner tube with net sack as they dive off the beach area between the rock piers for the oysters, or climb down the rocks of the piers into the water with snorkel and goggles and pull the lobsters with their bare hands from the rocks.

      The lobsters are very big and red, the oysters are also large. Regarding the oysters, if you purchase them , get them in the shell , for they can be cleaned internally in a pan of water with oatmeal over night .

      The beach area is good for finding oyster shells that have been discarded. I asked, but they said that they have not found any pearls. I have purchased in my home town San Francisco large oyster shells with many pearls attached to each one, which makes for an interesting display under my living room glass topped table.

    442. Things have definitely got worse for Mexico since this article was posted in September of 2013. Recent U.S. government posts question if Mexico is a failing country, that it is run by two governments , one of which is the drug cartels, which are controlling the new poppy fields , such as in Afghanistan where the peasants grow much of the worlds supply of opium . The U.S. is also concerned that ISS may be planning to enter over our southern border and expanding the Mexican drug cartels.

      Another concern is the Mexican government’s revenue to back up their advertised construction plans, and if their new taxes are actually expanding or contracting business.

    443. Hi Marcia,

      This is one of my favorite subjects , the obtaining of wellness in a polluted environment of modern medicine and technology.

      We are what we eat, drink and breath , and many disease are from what we don’t. That is … many of the diseases are the result not of organisms or our genes but of parathion poison or the lack of certain minerals in our diet.

      I have gone for much of my life without a doctors physical examination, medicine or vaccinations , and was considered by my employer due to my great health, allowed to work 12 hour days six and seven days a week, for years on engineering projects , because I never took one hour off for sickness.

      Yes … some people thought that I was odd, taking all those food supplements , even as a young man with a wife and three daughters. Loretta even had a carpenter build a floor to ceiling cabinet to store all the bottles of supplements .

      But I will tell you, when my daughters were in junior high and high school, more that one of her girl friends told them that they wanted to meet their brother, to which they replied …. that is my father, he just looks young.

      Many years later when one of those girls was married with children, she came up to me at a party given by my oldest daughter and said : “You have made an important difference in my life!” I asked how could I have made an important difference to her life, I hardly knew you. She said that watching me take all those supplement pills and avoiding all the things that other people are taking and eating … and looking so young and healthy, that she decided to do the same, and today she and her family are healthy.

      Today , now that Loretta’s health has been so impaired , she almost died while I was on vacation last year in Puerto Vallarta, she has been taking more supplement pills than I ever have. And has been talking to our three daughters and eight grandchildren why they are having so many health problems, especially our daughters ever since they got married and left home.

      This is rather a harsh statement, however , most medicines , including vaccinations are poisons to the body, and do more harm than good. Plus they are addictive, such as certain vaccinations must be taken in a long series of shots, or buster shots yearly. We have warned many of our close friends regarding doctors and taking medicines, but they ignored us, and they have long gone to their happy hunting grounds.

      Marcia, your readers should be interested in future reports on the meeting at the Fiesta Americana Hotel on alternative health care..

    444. The price of a barrel of oil incorrectly cited above as a gallon, has since gone down to below $45 per barrel. Price per gallon of gasoline have been reported in the U.S. under $2 . We purchased our last tankful at $2.30 per gallon for regular in Castro Valley, across the bay from San Francisco However there is a great difference of the price per gallon at the various gas stations. San Francisco gasoline prices are somewhat higher, and thus we seldom buy gasoline there. Property values are much higher and thus prices for everything are higher, including taxes.

    445. An effective marketing campaign takes time to develop.
      Time spent to create something special is always heartwarmingthis ultimately is the reason behind these cards charm.
      Take pictures that speak about your family
      and children differently.

    446. I am no expert here, however I am of a different mind. There is talk in the U.S. that Obama is planning for war with Russia over differences between the two Nations. Russia is in economic trouble due to all the economic restrictions placed on the country and their wealthy people.

      Then there is the problem with measles in the U.S. and other viral lung diseases effecting children in schools around the country, and the thought that they are arriving from Mexico with all the people arriving unchecked over the southern border. Did I mention the $45 and lower barrel of oil prices?

      Next is the feeling of the administration that Mexico is a failing country due to the problems around the President, his wife, the Mayor and his wife and other officials in the administration which include all the houses and buildings purchased in the trusts shielding the purchasers names.

      Then there is terrorism threatened against the U.S. by Muslim groups … some regarding taking down airplanes. I am prepared to vacation in Puerto Vallarta come the end of September . However , who knows what will be the situation when the time arrives this year.

    447. Polls in the U.S. among citizens places climate change at the bottom of the list of concerns . Number one is jobs, especially sustainable full time jobs with benefits. Minimum hourly wages are closing business in the U.S. . Worldwide , the availability of fresh drinking water is the greatest concern. The world fresh water is some 40 percent short what is required for public health. Food is another concern high on the list, for some 40 percent of Americans are on food stamps. Then there must be all the people migrating away from the war areas ongoing. Global warming is now known to be a hoax with temperature readings being reversed politically by scientists. Carbon dioxide does not result in global warming, it follows global warming. In the past some 40 million years the amount of oxygen and CO2 has remained the same, with an exchange of one oxygen molecule to one CO2 molecule. This has been verified from air bubbles in amber and results from respiration of living animals and vegetation. .

    448. Poco-o-poco! I find the best way to take on projects is do a little bit as the spirit moves you. Taking it on in a big junk either doesn’t happen or wears me out! YOU go girl! xx

    449. Wedding ideas!? Great thoughts on Saint Valentine’s Day … however weddings usually wait until the month of June.

      Well, from the city of Saint Francis, I extend to you my respect, love and friendship on this year’s Saint Valentine’s Day and always. If all men everywhere could do this to women everywhere, this perceived Man’s world would be a lot safer place for women who often are just in need of a sincere hug and assurance.

    450. I keep getting e-mails in my computer in basket from financial advisors of an impending U.S. stock correction of up to 50 percent, and advised to transfer my 401K funds into gold, so that it will be protected from federal taxes. Also that Obama has had passed a law where the feds could transfer my bank savings account into bank certificates , where they may not be available for taking the money out , or in limited amounts.

      Seems all countries are awash with deficit spending. How long can this continue?

    451. My husband and I have been staying in L Penita now for 3 years with our dog.

      She is 10/10 on the requirements to have a successful stay wherever we are. She is clean and well behaved and especially quite. We have trained her not to bark only if a strangers are in the complex.

      I know irresponsible pet owners have ruined it for those of us who are responsible.

      .we would like to rent something nice for about 6 weeks and want to stay close to PV.
      Thank you

    452. Madeline,

      It seems that your life has come together in Mexico’s little paradise. I feel the same, except for the some three years of living there, it has been 36 years of my vacationing there.

      What I like most of Puerto Vallarta is vacationing there for three weeks each year, in the same time of the year between summer and winter, after a summer of fog at home. I appreciate experiencing all the things that my home city – San Francisco – does not have. The hot summer weather, the tropical rain storms, thunder storms, and hurricanes.

      These are not my favorite things … but they are missing in San Francisco. All the rest I can find in my home city, but in a larger scale. Even the Latinos which make up 26 percent of our students, while only 13 percent are white. The adult population is closer to 40 percent , or it seemed like that when I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my drivers license . Long lines of Latinos, and strange, most of them spoke in Spanish, while in Puerto Vallarta they seem to speak English. Another thing I like about Puerto Vallarta.

      Also your editorials and Editor’s Notes, and you. San Francisco could use you, as we have many free and for pay newspapers in town.

    453. A report on the Internet regarding the price of a barrel of oil falling to as low as $10.00 US due to the cost of horizontal well drilling providing an extraction cost of from $10 to $20 dollars per barrel, and the oil producing countries increasing their oil production to make up for the lower price of oil that provides the money for their yearly budgetary needs, This results in an additional world supply of some 400,000 barrels each day … combined with a world reduction of oil use.

    454. Do I hear the United Nations Agenda 21 rearing it’s head, or are too many Mexican National workers leaving for the United States? There are some 22 million (perhaps 40 million ) undocumented migrants from across the southern U.S. border that are filling up our schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, welfare system and taking our jobs … and Obama is offering them social security and income tax refunds even if they have not earned sufficient money to pay federal income taxes.

      The American culture, language , religion and even laws are being changed by so many new people coming into the country. Even our President who does not like our country nor the Constitution is being stopped by the courts for making new laws and expanding others. During his six years in office he has increased the federal debt by over $7 trillion dollars and is trying to get even more people into the country, even Muslims , and other people from countries under siege by war.

      Actually , U.S. corporations are firing millions of highly paid and educated citizens so they can replace them with lower paid professionals from India who will work for less money. Also , the pay for many jobs has been going down for many years.

      I cannot leave the U.S. other than for vacations, because the U.S. is only one of a few countries that lets citizens keep guns for protection … for governments cannot protect the citizens, and if you are in mortal danger that requires immediate help, the police are five minutes away. Actually the guns are for protection from the police and government.

      As one sign advertised for sale says: “My doors are locked to protect the police from my guns”. Only in America.

    455. What … the wolfs are guarding the chicken coops !? Or the barn is being locked after the horse has been stolen.

      In the U.S. this is called : “A day late and a dollar short”. We have the same problem as Mexico in that all our elected officials are wealthy. We call them not the servants, but the “help”. Like in God help us. President Obama never had a real paying job, and when he entered elected office he was deeply in debt. But not to worry, for he is a multi-millionaire today.

      Our California Governor Brown is winding up his third term and planning to run for his fourth. His disclosed wealth is over $2 billion. Another Democrat that is spending our tax payers money like our president. It just makes sense to them that the laws they make and enforce are just for the people … and not them. Of course.

    456. As in the American western movies where the outlaw becomes the Sherriff.

      America got off to a great start over 239 years ago with it’s Declaration of Independence that said to the British King : “We hold these rights as self evident of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” .

      These words were taken from the constitution of the confederation of Iroquoian Indian tribes (5) that lived in W & E New York, and in adjacent Quebec and Ontario.

      A bronze statue of their goddess “Star Woman” was placed on the dome at the federal building in Washington DC, and was the Icon used by America until it became Uncle Sam for recruiting our boys for the great world war.

      The Iroquois believed that the Star Woman came down to Earth on the back of a giant turtle, who’s body covered the present continental United States ; the tail covering Mexico; the bottom left foot covering the Mexican west coast down to Caba San Lucus ; the bottom right foot covered Florida; the left top foot covers Alaska, and the head and top right foot covers Canada.

      The America Indians were involved in the development of the American superpower and winning two world wars, while in Mexico, it’s Mexican Indians are given second class citizenship in the Mexican Constitution, under the Spanish Mexicans, and now millions of these second class Mexican Nationals are coming to America , and many are being deported back to Mexico … over and over again, as they see the difference between the two countries.

    457. The Oscars won by the movie the Bird Man has caused an international incident. Both by an American Citizen and a Mexican National .

      Both incidences involved the number of Oscars won by Mexicans. When the American handed the Oscar trophy to the Mexican who had won for the best film director, the American’s statement mention the issuance of green cards, and the winning director commented on the ability of the Mexican President in directing Mexico, as well as he had directed the movie.. His remark included that the Mexicans deserved a better government.

      I did not watch the Oscars again this year, as I did not watch the Beauty Pageant for Miss Universe … due to the political nature both have become. I read enough of politics in the newspapers and on the Internet so satisfy my thirst for news, and when I watch a TV program, it has to be entertaining or informative.

      Thusly, most of the Oscar winning movies I have not seen, and when I want to see beautiful women, there is my wife and three daughters, and four granddaughters. Then, I might say, the beaches and swimming pools around Puerto Vallarta may be found with much eye candy.

    458. Actually the government should be spending more money in making people and business safe. There was a full page letter placed in a major Mexican newspaper by a group of businesses that the president and elected officials are not fulfilling their oath to support their duties of following the Constitution to make the country safe for people and businesses.

      The roads are blocked for commerce, corporate trucks are being hijacked ( over 250) and the merchandise stolen. Even worse, the number of valves illegally installed in the national gas pipelines has resulted in the loss of gasoline in the $1 billion plus amount.

      Will Mexico be shut down by the drug cartels??? Will the government react?? Will Mexico get another president ?

    459. I was surprised to read in the Vallarta Tribune that manana means not today, and not tomorrow. In my Mexican Phrase Book …. manana means tomorrow, and not no , or not today. or later. I like playing on words, and this was a good one.

    460. Hills , cars and a stick shift standard transmission brings back memories. I had just purchased a 2 year old 1949 Cheve Club Coup with a stick shift. My high school sweetheart wanted to learn to drive … we were both 16 or 17 years old. So in my new car, I showed her how to drive a stick shift, and when she got good in the large empty parking areas, she graduated to the open road. Later I had her drive to one of the steepest streets in San Francisco , California Street, we went up the hill. Near the top, the car in front of us stopped. Loretta froze, the clutch slipped while she shifted, the car rolled backwards into the car behind us. Yes my car had a dent in the rear fender. I did not feel bad, because when someone makes a mistake, you own them. Yes, we got married some three years later.

      Most of my/our cars have been stick shift. I like the manual transmissions since it gives you greater control, greater gas millage, and lower maintenance costs , and Loretta likes the automatics. With the stick shift, and during the days of high priced gasoline, Loretta would at the top of a hill, shift into neutral and coast down to save gas. You cannot do that with an automatic transmission. We no longer have cars with manual transmissions , all three are automatics. My two cars include a 1972 Lincoln Continental Sport Coupe, and a 1984 Cadillac Eldorado continental sport coupe., both with low millage as they were show cars.

      Happy trails to you … until you have to shift on hills !

    461. As English words are changing in their meaning, or obtaining additional meanings , or going out of use … I came across the English word “creed” and wonder if there is an equivalent Spanish word ? Creed : To attribute magic power to belief; a statement of belief , principals or opinions on any statement, such as in a religion.

      The word was used in a 1960 Dick Tracy comic book in relation to the FBI selecting agents or G-men into their ranks. Creed was one of the several attributes investigated to determine a candidate’s qualification . It made me wonder what were the Mexican requirements for being accepted into the Mexican government security forces ?

    462. Frequently I don’t examine write-up in sites, even so would like to declare that this write-up really urged everyone to try and do that! A person’s publishing preference continues to be stunned us. Many thanks, good article.

    463. The list of things mentioned above are limited to the time and date one is in Puerto Vallarta. There is summer heat and rain , winter’s dry and cooler weather, and the limited in between spring and fall seasons. Then there is the now, verses the prior less crowed and expensive decades in Puerto Vallarta … each providing a difference and surprising experience.

      Take some four decades ago when Puerto Vallarta was a small small fishing village, and the new resort hotels were separated from the living and shopping quarters of the Mexian Indians by the main road entering town from a small airport. Those were the days when a vacationer at the hotel zone was cautioned from mingling with the local Mexicans . Actually there were large signs located on their business buildings that visitors were not welcome to shop in these stores.

      The airport and main road of today, was not the small airport and unpaved road of earlier times. There was no Denney’s, McDonald’s, Costco or Sam’s. One rented a Jeep to take a road into the Jungle and was warned of the robbers on the roads. The bay boat rides were primitive and landed on beaches where there were no modern facilities like today. Often, one had to jump off of the boat near shore and wade to the beach, where you laid out your beach blanket, and hiked up to a primitive Mexican village where there were on doors or windows to block the view inside. This situation also prevailed in the downtown southern section of the Puerto Vallarta.

      I remember when walking up a small street, looking through a bedroom window and seeing a young woman dressing for perhaps what was a date.

      But most of all is what may be referred to as climate change. Yes … the big birds have migrated from the Jungle behind Puerto Vallarta to eastern United States, Canada and Alaska. These are the Thunderbirds, such as those seen on Alaskan , Canadian and Indonesian Indian wood totem poles, are black, and have a wingspan of between 20 and 40 foot wide. The look like an airplane in the sky.

      In the early years at PV, I would see then up in the sky way above the other birds. Like one sees the airliners crossing the sky bringing people into and leaving PV from the airport. Perhaps this what has scared them away, the high noise of the jet engines. An earlier recreation manager at our Resort told us that these birds roosted on the jungle tree tops during the night, and glided along high in the sky during the day.

      Yes, time and season changes everything..

    464. When I stopped by the printing shop for the Vallarta Tribune several years ago, and found one woman who spoke any English, I was informed that you spoke no Spanish, just Canadian English. Myself, I only speak American English, not Spanish, Canadian or British English.

      Now when I read your Editors Notes, is find some words that are not English , but Spanish, or Canadian English? Is this why so many English speaking persons , many highly educated and degreed, omit learning other languages? No put down intended, but just a question, for after taking Spanish in high school and vacationing in Mexico for over 36 years, I do not speak and mostly do not understand Spanish when spoken.

      This must be a dilemma for a Canadian who has moved to Mexico and is the Editor for an English newspaper, in a Mexican city. Multiculturesm has become quite a problem for countries all over the world where the a countries state language is not spoken or understood by a growing segment of the country, and safety and legal requirements are at risk.

      I have learned English words in many fields, however there are over one million American English words that have existed for some years now, and the number is increasing. Many or most of the persons in San Francisco speak in languages that I do not understand, and are noticed even more when they walk down the streets speaking loudly into a cellphone.

      In our schools in San Francisco there are some 68 different languages spoken by the parents of the students, and in the U.S. over 186 different languages. It is like having the Tower of Babel in our schools, city, states and country.

      Forgive me, however as much as my ear enjoys hearing foreign accents, I am a stickler on semantics , and listen intently to the words of others to understand them, and often must read between the lines, and hope that I understand what they are saying. Critical thinking becomes even a greater problem in a multicurtural society.

    465. Thousands of homeless dogs and cats in Puerto Vallarta ? Strange that I have not noticed stray dogs and cats during my years of vacationing there. However this is a dangerous situation for residents and visitors alike for these animals carry many viruses, parasites, ticks and worms, plus they reduce the bird populations. Wild dogs tend to hunt in packs and are dangerous around children and adults alike .
      Strange, I was not notified of this situation before.

    466. Active fun for me in Puerto Vallarta verses passive fun enjoying listening to a concert , watching a stage show or a TV program on the History or Discover channel, is the fun and excitement of treasure hunting in the shops … and once discovered, bargaining for the fair price of the article. Like the popular sport games in the 75 AD Roman Colosseum / Amphitheater played to a victory, in this case the number of pesos, each contestant is able to size up the relative cunning of the two participants, and look forward to another bout another day. I enjoy seeing their happy faces when I return the following year.

      In the earlier times … was playing in the money tennis tournaments with the club tennis pros.

      Then there is the beachcombing. Treasures such amber, black coral, sea polished colored glass, shells, and even what looks like a small square uncut diamond, likely ejected by one of the past erupting volcanos out in the bay.

      However what is not to be forgotten, is spending time and doing things with my wife of some 60 years. She is truly the funniest thing in my life. We enjoy in talking, discussing and debating things in science, medicine, music and tennis . My three grown daughters always asked why mom and dad were always arguing?

    467. You are talking of the best times , music and cars in the United States of America .
      It was a time following WWII, when America was rebuilding; the largest private electric and gas utility in America ( serving some 70 percent of California with the lowest electric rates in the Nation ) was rebuilding its electric and gas transmission and distribution infrastructure … I graduated from High School and was hired into the PG&E engineering department, and for 55 years until retirement , worked in construction, design , system standards and engineering; also got married, and had two of my thee daughters. It had to be the best of times for it was the time I purchased a brand new two story house in a new subdivision that had a high school at the end of the block, and a grammar school down one block and over one.

      Unless you have driven in a 1950s car, body by Fisher, stick shift, 8 cylinders, and made of steel , iron motor and chrome bumpers , and fueled with leaded gasoline, with the windows open and the analog radio playing all the hit pop songs of the day … perhaps you have probably really never lived like we did back then.

    468. In a free enterprise capitalistic economic system it is of course : “Byer Beware!” however that is how money is made and accumulated. It takes big money to build the worlds strongest and richest nation without conquering other countries and taking their wealth, such as Spain did to Mexico.

      Former President Ronald Reagan called it “Trickle down economics ” where things built and purchased by the rich, provide the jobs for the working citizens. In America, citizens have the choice of being a worker, manager, boss or owner of the company. If you cannot afford college, there is the Public Library, or you can get a job washing dishes or flipping hamburgers . Some of the biggest corporations were started in a persons garage. I guess it is now, behind one’s computer and working the Internet.

      But still reading and writing are necessary.

    469. The San Francisco newspapers have a sports page everyday of the week. In today’s paper the headlines say : “Cain returns for Giants”; “Curry , Warriors notch 50th win”; “Goodbye , Willis ?”: “Front -office turn out nothing new for 49ers”. and a few days ago: “Bumgarner hit hard by A’s in spring opener” and “Spring brings baseball’s return”.

    470. If wishes were fishes, we would all eat them all. The same would be said for pesos, for we would all have them . In todays New York Times newspaper business section, the Mexican peso was 15.6205 to the dollar. The Mexican Peso has not gone up in value to the U.S. dollar since my family first went to Mexico some 40 years ago. It was 400 pesos to the U.S. dollar then, and this number increased each year we returned to Mexico until the Government devalued the old peso to the new peso that had an exchange rate of one new peso to ten old pesos.

      From then until now, the peso has gone up in the number of pesos per dollar most every year we have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta. And so has the amount paid for our timeshare maintenance fee. Last September we received 10.9 or so pesos for each dollar …. what will it become this September?

      The value of a countries money is a function of the productivity and its increased output. A recent University study of the productivity of workers of each country, which tested math ability, critical thinking ability, the ability to follow instructions, skills and education, placed Japan and South Korea at the top, and Spain at the bottom. The United States and Mexico were somewhere in between .

      It reflects what the schools are teaching the students for achieving a good life. When they tested the new millennium 21st Century workers (2000 – 2015), and then compared them to the prior 20 Century millennium workers … they were worse, and that continued with each prior Century millennium workers.

      The problem is with the schools and teachers , for schools no longer teach that which is required by society to excel in their achievements. To teach that everyone is the same and deserves to be equal regardless of ability and effort, or to avoid out competing another because it will make them feel bad, or being none aggressive or not bullying, is good … is bad , and in societies that teach this , are poor performing countries.

      Consequently, America is a failing society and country, and its workers are becoming increasingly unemployed, and are being replaced with workers from other countries that have taught their students the importance of hard work and the importance of learning. The U.S. and Spain may be bad examples for the Mexican workers. I will see when I return to Puerto Vallarta in September if the dollar welcomes Mexico’s peso.

    471. You actually make it appear so easy along with your presentation but I to
      find this topic to be actually something that I feel I’d never understand.
      It sort of feels too complex and very large for me. I’m having a look forward to your
      subsequent post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

    472. Regarding not sure if the film actress Mae West and the political actress Sarah Palin should be used in the same sentence, both were great women with great accomplishments. Sarah Palin was a supervisor on a city council , the Mayor, the state Governor, and Republican candidate for President of the United States. This was good enough for me to vote for her as Vice President. Besides, she is beautiful in appearance and in spirit.

      I liked Tina Fay’s impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live TV. Tina is good looking also and a great personality. And I am not a fan of Jazz either.

    473. Regarding the spring breakers, we have enough youth … what we need is a fountain of smart. It is like they can tell if they are drunk if they can lie on the floor without holding on.

      Regarding awards and our Editor of the Vallarta Tribune, let us hear about your rewards as Editor, and for the MexiGo Magazine and all the ExPats brought to Puerto Vallarta from Canada over the years.

    474. This mornings sports article in the San Francisco Examiner “Sandoval should stick to baseball while with Sox”

      At the 2014 Giants’ World Series parade, he said, among other things, “I love being here and to be here for the rest of my career.” Last week , months after signing with the Red Sox for less money that the Giants offered, he basically said of San Francisco, “Hated it !” Dude went from lifelong local legend to Public Enemy No. 1 with a few thoughtless sentences . What a turd . Have another doughnut, jackass. Bad for Ball.

      The Giants to a man, showed class. Wouldn’t even dignity the clown’s comments with a response. Good for them. Good for Ball.

    475. It is definitely a very valuable piece of facts. Now i am contented that you just contributed this handy details here. Please continue being united states educated like this.. gemstones Appreciation for revealing.

    476. If you can remember the popular oldie but great song “I Got the Tigre by the Tail” … it must be like a free newspaper that is without any cost or payment to the reader, and free to all. Then there is the volunteer who offers their services for free. However for management, it is like having the Tigre’s claws into your operating budget. Another free from the government, is the mandated minimum wage laws that help to bring in additional taxes on income, that Mexico has just increased.

      The San Francisco Examiner is another free newspaper. I see that here is a large turnover of management and columnist. With the recent increase in minimum wages in the states, a lot of people are loosing their jobs and businesses. In San Francisco bookstores, restaurants and bars are closing or laying off workers. In Oakland across the bay, it is the childcare services that cannot afford the increased minimum wages. In Seattle Washington the large and long established restaurants that are closing in record numbers.

      Wages across America for the non-unionized private service worker are going down, and like the retired workers, these persons have to learn to live on less. Regarding the government services, they are calling for volunteer workers because government doesn’t have the money . This is not the time for asking for raises, but working to keep your jobs.

      It is like the cartoon during the Bill Clinton presidency where he had provided so many new jobs, the cartoon character said that of the millions of new jobs , he had six of them.

    477. I understand that the most popular boys name in the U.K. is Muhammad . Regarding the judicial system in the Western Hemisphere nation , are they suggesting it should be accepting Sherria Law? If so, the gay boys need to watch out for the Muslims will cut their heads off.

    478. Great advice. I take chewable vitamin C Acerola tablets containing lemon, orange and grapefruit bioflavonoids , rose hips, and rutin from the sophorae japonica linn flower, and use distilled water for drinking. Dr. Linnus Pauling received two Noble prizes for his research in vitamin C in high doses in the prevention and cure of cancer. Once you read the analysis of drinking water and what is in it , you do not want to drink it.

    479. Rain, rain, go away to San Francisco as we need it here. Fourth year of drought. Water rates and rationing going up. Some times we do not know how lucky we are until we have to do without .

      Regarding your informal surveying of the Vallarta Tribune readers and their reply that they really enjoy the crossword puzzle … likely has Allyna Vineberg , Editor of the PV Mirror City Paper and former Editor of the Vallarta Tribune, smiling because the Mirror has the crossword puzzle and Sudoku.

      Successful businesses will check competition for best of business models, to keep ahead of competition. Your survey did just that. Editor Vineberg likely keeps an eye on the Vallarta Tribune and others for best of trade ideas. I had suggested a cartoon strip , or a single political comic box on their Editorial page, relating to the Editorial , but she apparently was not interested. Here in San Francisco, most of the newspapers have them.

    480. Hi Moralea,

      An interesting thing that I have found out about butterflies may relate to their being intelligent designed rather than being evolved.

      This involves the Golden Ratio that is found in the design of the cosmos, in sea shells, and in the curl of some butterfly proboscis (feeding tube). It is the sap feeding butterflies that have proboscis that confirm to and closely resemble the Golden Ratio, and is a design trait and not an evolunary one. Here is why :

      The Golden Rule, also known as Phi , the Golden Mean, or the Devine Number, is the relationship between two irrational numbers which occurs organically throughout the universe. It begins as 1.61803 , and the Golden Ratio continues forever without repeating. It is like the Universe that is now understood to have no beginning nor ending , and just continues forever without repeating.

    481. When I read the title of this article I imagined that it might be to try to run across the pictured swinging bridge. For those who do not rum marathons, try walking across the swinging bridge, there are three of them, without loosing your balance or bouncing off the side without holding on. It is one of the great experiences that does not require paying a fare or giving a tip in Puerto Vallarta. If you have the means of taking a video picture walking across the bride, by all means do. The folks back home will enjoy watching you bouncing and staggering across.

    482. Since there was no sports article again in the Vallarta Tribune this week, let me add a sports item from the San Francisco Examiner Sports page on Sunday March 22 … regarding the third baseman the S.F. Giants obtained from the Oxaca Warriors baseball team several seasons ago. You might not know that the Panda left the Giants organization for a lesser salary because he was tired of the coach complaining at all the weight he was putting on between seasons and was required to do many pushups to strengthen his arms and shoulders .

      “Pablo Sandoval fired back at Aubrey Huff last week, making a nice game of Pot Meets Kettle. Both men looking incredible weak in the whole saga, but the Panda couldn’t resist, pointing out that he’s the one reaping the benefits of a massive contract while Huff is at home , his journeyman career haven come to an graceless close with two weird seasons with the Giants and an even weirder few months as a local talk-radio host .”

      “Can we we just ignore them both from now on and move on with our lives ? Yes we can. And will. Bad for ball.”

    483. Molly,

      So nice to hear you tell of your waves of sound on your soul. Mine , perhaps , is the sound of silence, so missing in this world of noise. Those sounds of thoughts on my mind; the sunbeams in the dawn and moonlight at dusk as they hit my eyes and face, or the sound of a swarm of thousands of ladybugs as they hatch from the snow banks in the high Sierra Mountains in California, and cross down the valley through my mountain home property, down to the central valley, only to be lifted up by the summer heat to be blown back inland to the mountains where they lay their eggs in the winter snow. Yes, there is the silence of falling snow , or in a summer afternoon when the colder mountain air comes falling down the valley and between the pine trees as the mountain air suddenly cools.

      Then there is the silence of my wife when she becomes angry at something I have said or done and glares at me. Her silence is devastating. Then there is the silence of the San Francisco fog as in enters the city and covers up everything, and looking out the window all one sees is fog. Open a window or the garage door, and in enters as a gray bloc of fog. Then there is the silence as the fog evaporates and the moisture of the water and due leaves the flowers and everything it has covered.

      Then finally, there is the sound of an empty wallet or money purse after the last dollar has been spent; or is it the sound of my silence described in these notes?

      If you have ever heard the thunderous sound of one of the giant earthquakes felt in Puerto Vallarta, or the thud of people who have jumped out of the high rise hotel building because they could not get down the stairs, or the sound of the damage to the buildings from a tropical storm or hurricane as it blows down whole buildings, or the sound of gun shots by the drug cartels , or the sound of a hand grenade that was thrown into the car of the Chief of Police in downtown PV , you would understand why silence provides peace to my soul.

    484. Terry,

      I hardly know what to think of this article ? Perhaps because my growing up was so different. I hardly remember the bathrooms in the homes of my youth. Or my mother making me do homework …. I think in my early days , homework was not given, and in high school, I did it in homeroom class. I never had much time for talking on the phone, or playing outside, just going hunting and fishing, for I got my first paying job in the second grade. I had one or two jobs at a time all through school.
      This of course allowed me to have a nice sporty car in high school , and the girl that I met in the 7th grade became my wife a year out of high school. However as kid , my dad taught me hunting and fishing at an early age. Also gardening in our Victory garden during WWII, where we raised rabbets, chickens, ducks and Canadian Geese. I guess I was a good catch for my wife of some 60 years.

    485. You know there is something funny about this. In America’s past government sterilized minority women and women in prison . Today government is aborting many fetuses , and it has been said that the black population is some 800,000 fewer today because of it. Is governments and animal owners the problem, or is it that we have lost our roots connected to the environment? Parents chaperon their daughters, perhaps dog owners should chaperon their pets. They say that what is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Perhaps this includes people and animals also.

    486. This is a most interesting article. I causes one to think about what the times were like back in the days these cities were built. If we look at the planet Venus , it is a planet with an atmosphere covered with a blanket of sulfur dioxide gas. There are other planets and moons in our solar system with atmospheres covered with a blanket of water or some gas.

      It has been suggested that the Earth before the Great Flood also had a blanket of water covering the atmosphere , similar at one time for Mars , making the environment one tropical world . Since then, there has been great climate changes that go from tropical to ice ages, mountains formed, and there is now some 14 growing season from the equator going out to the poles. Plus 7 growing seasons from sea level to the highest mountains. Think of this when you wonder if we are living in the best of times today.