Etzatlán Sets World Record With The World’s Largest Fabric Pavilion

– The pavilion measures 2,832.98 square meters and weighs 824.80 kg
– The tissue was manual and 8 months were invested, that is, 24,744 hours
– The pavilion was hung at a height of 3.74 meters, in four main streets of the town

On october 2020 thanks to the effort and manual skills of 199 women and one man, the municipality of Etzatlán, Jalisco, broke the Guinness record for the largest weaving pavilion in the world, which now stands at 2,832.98 square meters.
This world certificate joins the rest of the world records that Jalisco has obtained, which positions the state within the best tourist destinations in the country and in the world. To make the pavilion, 200 residents of Jalisco spent 8 months weaving the pieces by hand, which translates into 24,744 hours. The final work weighs 824.80 kilos, was assembled in 16 hours, and was created with 8,248 hexagonal folders, made with raffia of different colors, of the commercial type, that is, of synthetic fiber.
Among the multiple requirements that the organizers had to meet, the distance in which the pavilion should be hung stands out, which in this case was at a height greater than 3.74 meters.
According to information from the municipality, the main objective of obtaining the world record is to publicize and attract tourism to Etzatlán, a municipality located in the heart of the Valleys Zone of the state. That is why the project was supported by the municipality and the municipal president Mario Camarena.
The original idea came a couple of years ago from Mrs. María Concepción Siordia Godínez, known as “Paloma Ron”, who lives in a corner of the town and came up with knitting with yarn to cover the trees outside her house. She and her daughter Lorena Ron later imagined that they could create a craft in honor of the Lord of Mercy, to whom the festivities are dedicated each October.
The municipality also reported that it was difficult for them to register with the Guinness World Records office because a similar record already existed: the largest blanket, the largest number of largest tissue figures, among others. The third attempt was that a special category was opened for Etzatlán.
Samuel Díaz and Eduardo Ron also participated in the project, who from the beginning contributed in the organization, expenses and facilities for the placement of this pavilion in the streets of the town.
The work was placed along four blocks from the municipal seat: Av. Juárez, between Mercado and Colón streets, and Escobedo street, between Morelos and Independencia streets,
Source: Government of the State Jalisco Etzatlán world record woven pavilion

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