Enrique’s Glorieta Restaurant 15 Years and Going Strong

A pleasant vibe embraced us when my hubby and I visited Enrique‘s for a ‘date lunch’ recently. There is lovely background music, gorgeous murals on every wall and we were surrounded by delightful greenery under the pergola.


Enrique, with his wife, Emma, opened the original restaurant on the glorieta (circle where the cross is, just down from the only street light in La Cruz) in 2002 and moved a few steps closer to the marina in their current location in 2012.


Both passionate about cooking and creating meals Enrique and Emma share the kitchen to serve their clients. Enrique was born in Chacala moving to Bucerias at four years old.  Emma was born and grew up in La Cruz. They raised their family in San Pancho before moving back to La Cruz. Their son Jose, 23 and daughter, Monsarrath, 14 both help in the restaurant and the bar.

Enrique grew up working in restaurants; starting with training with his papa at their restaurant on the town square in Bucerias. The food was always simple and good. All species of fish, sauces and recipes created and handed down thru the family are what Enrique’s specializes in… and always lots and lots of food. Fun fact; Enrique’s sister is Rita from Masala restaurant in La Cruz.


High season brings guests from all over the world, mostly from Canada, USA and of course Mexico. Enrique’s favorite customer is Edd Bissell, a character who when you know him, you love him. As Edd can attest, their margaritas are amazing.


Enrique’s favourite house drink is the Margarita de Mango. The house specialties are the Rollo del Mar (roll of various seafood), the sopa de Marisca (fish soup) and aguacate relleno con camarones (avocado stuffed with shrimp). He loves serving the sampler plate, which is a combination of langosta (lobster), mussels, camarones (shrimp), fish and octopus.

Enrique likes to fish and hang out with family on the beach when he’s not working. He really likes music, too! Both he and Emma prefer the simple life. His brothers and sisters own at least four restaurants in Bucerias and La Cruz. I love that they all close the same day, Tuesday, and make that their family day to get together at each other’s homes, restaurants and on the beach. Every day but Tuesday they’re open 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.


Enrique says he wants everyone to know that his restaurant is the place for great flavor the; ‘Best spicing in the Bay!” They’re definitely achieving that goal, our guests told us the ceviche was filled with the freshest shrimp and so much food that they shared it for their lunch and it was delicious!


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