Enrique Alfaro recognizes the artisan tradition with the Jalisco Award for Indigenous Crafts and Art

In the two contests, a total sum of 600 thousand pesos in prizes was awarded to 40 winners.

The calls for support to artisans who have been affected by COVID-19 are valid until October 30.

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, presented the Jalisco Handicraft Award and the 2020 Indigenous Art Award, which seeks to promote the recovery and preservation of traditional handicrafts in the state, in addition to announcing an investment of $ 15 million to renew the Institute.

“Artisans and artisans are our pride, the image of our entity in the country and the world is why today we announce an investment of 15 million pesos to renovate the Jalisco Handicraft Institute, we want it to become a center of exhibitions at the height of our state. In the midst of budget cuts we have spent more than 3,500 million pesos to face the health crisis, I hope we understand that each of the support, each peso that is being contributed today to recognize talent and to support those who need it most is money of the people of Jalisco which we defend with dignity and seriousness ”, indicated the president.

Accompanied by the recognition, the 40 winners of both awards received economic incentives of up to 40 thousand pesos, depending on the category, from a joint bag of 600 thousand pesos in prizes.

In this sixth edition of the Jalisco Handicraft Award, 165 artisans from all over the state participated in 10 categories.

The Jalisco Handicraft Award was presented to the Master José Ángel Santos, originally from Tonalá, who participated with “Aquedades and Nahuales Triptych”, a set of three dry-cut pieces, made in the traditional burnishing technique, work for which it was made creditor to a prize of 40 thousand pesos.

In addition, 10 first places were awarded in different categories; as well as 10 second places and six prizes for young artisans, in total 400 thousand pesos were distributed.

This fifth edition of the Indigenous Art 2020 contest had the participation of 61 contestants; the winner was Manolo Castro Montoya, from the Mezquitic municipality, with his work “El nahual”, a piece made with figures of yarn and wood, for which he received a prize of 40 thousand pesos.

In this contest, the first three places of the four available categories were also awarded, to deliver a total bag of 200 thousand pesos.

In addition to recognizing the Jalisco talent and stimulating creativity with the development of new proposals, the Government of Jalisco works to reactivate the economy of the families of artisans affected by the crisis derived from COVID-19.

Jalisco Plan for Economic Reactivation has two calls designed especially for this sector, which are Reactiva Artesanal, which has a bag of 15 million pesos and with which 178 artisans have been supported, which adds up to a total of 13 million 241 thousand 713 pesos, so far; and Reinicia Artesanas y Artesanos, which has a bag of 10 million pesos, registering as of today a thousand beneficiaries, of which 500 are Wixárika artisans from the north.

With Reactiva Artesanal we seek to support micro and small companies in the sector so that through the development of projects they can maintain and generate new jobs in this economic reactivation, and with Reinicia Artesanas y Artesanos we seek to support self-employment so that artisans who do not They have an established company, but they make this activity their source of income, they can continue working on creations that give Jalisco identity and tradition.

Artisans interested in receiving support from any of these programs must register before October 30, the complete calls can be consulted at the site http://reactivacioneconomica.jalisco.gob.mx/