What a delightful production of “Cats” we saw last week at Incanto! The film was shot in London and produced by Andrew Lloyd Weber; wonderful to see again and to hear T.S. Eliot’s whimsical, fantastical words about cats. Thanks to Dennis Crow for enchanting an entire audience! This coming week, Thursday, September 12 at 4 pm (this is a time change from 7), the Summer Stock Series at Incanto takes a step away from musicals and presents Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones in “Driving Miss Daisy.” The trailer looked amazing, and, no, this is not a movie remake. This is a 2013 Australian live-production film. I would go just to listen to Jones’s voice. A report next week.
Dear Sandra Cesca and I went out for dinner again! (We will likely see each other only in passing all season long so we are enjoying each other’s company while we can!) We settled on Serranos on the edge of Parque Lazaro Cardenas and the Malecon. We both wanted something on the light side, so Fettuccini Alfredo with shrimp won. Wow. Their salads are lovely as is the service, always.
So much happening this weekend! El Dia del Charro with a parade you cannot miss on Saturday morning, the 14th; Sunday the 15th is the Grito, and Monday, the 16th is Independence Day and a National Holiday so hit the bank machines early and don’t forget the parade that day as well.
Tonight is a special “Heal the Planet” event in Parque Lazaro Cardenas. I wonder how many people will tear themselves away from their air-conditioned environments and stand with neighbors and friends and collectively send positive energy to help heal Mother Earth. To those who scoff at such things do remember a few years back when Hurricane Patricia was bound to hit Puerto Vallarta. The most brilliant meteorologists in the world had her tracked to the minute when she would smash us to bits – she was the largest ever. Facebook for days prior was nothing but prayers, comments; it seems everyone in the world knew at least one person who visited our beautiful city at least once in their lives. The wishes for our safety rolled in by the thousands, no one mentioned the new Prime Minister of Canada nor the U.S. President the FOCUS was on saving Vallarta. At a point south of us, Hurricane Patricia suddenly turned right and stopped. Wreaked havoc on a far smaller scale and we were spared. Why do you suppose that happened? It takes energy to move energy. We ARE energy, and we can do anything, and collectively? Clear a path, From Here.

Marcia Blondin

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  1. Ah yes we are energy, ever present, never ending. Thanks for the reminder that collectively we can create miracles.

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