Energy Reform Most Transcendental event for Mexico, Blair Says

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has praised Mexico’s moves to reform its energy sector as “the most significant political event” for the country which could develop its resources with the help of the United States and Canada.
Speaking to university students on Tuesday, Blair said that if Mexico took advantage of the shale gas revolution and developed renewable energy resources with these partners, it would be the most transforming event in energy since the founding of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto recently signed a law allowing private participation in Mexico’s energy sector, permitting foreign companies to explore and drill for Mexican oil and gas for the first time in 70 years.
Peña has also signed legislation overhauling the country’s education system and the finance sector. The former prime minister, who left politics in 2007 and now works as an advisor for companies in the energy and finance sectors, explained that the benefits from the reforms would not arrive overnight.
“These reforms will work, they will bring change, they were completely necessary, but it will take time for the benefits to be evident,” Blair said, adding that they had been well received by the international community.
While in Mexico, Blair will attend “Business Summit 2014,” which will be held in the central state of Queretaro from Oct. 26-28, and will be inaugurated by the Mexican president.

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  1. The shale gas and oil development in America can be first seen at the gas pump with lower prices per gallon, now under $4 ($3.39 in SF last fill-up).

    Also, the United States has become the worlds largest exporter of oil once again as the barrel of oil has dropped to some $80 with the reduction of oil use and an over supply … placing Russia’s and other oil dependent exporter economies in jeopardy , especially Russia’s military budget, and Saudi Arabia’s terrorist funding budget.

    Oil and coal has been what has propelled the world’s human population to over 7.5 billion, and with the rest of the world striving for the standard of living in America, oil and coal will continue to be needed to supply the world’s energy needs. However like Mexico, Saudi Arabia is increasing its use of solar cells for electrical energy, as it’s oil reserves are diminishing.

    Meanwhile as China continues to complete a new coal powered electric generating plant every week, their economy is/has passed the U.S. economy. They do not seem to be concerned with the pollution being released into the atmosphere and water supply, for as the Chinese reach a certain level of wealth, they pack-up and move to the U.S. to enjoy the clean and healthy atmosphere plus a higher standard of living for their families.

    I know, for my block , neighborhood and city, are all seeing new Chinese families moving in, as the cost of everything is going up.

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