Electric Bikes as Eco-friendly Transportation

Anything that defies gravity is sure to catch my eye, so I clearly remember the first time I saw what I later identified as an electric bicycle or “e-bike.” I was walking along the Malecón and saw a heavyset police officer atop a bicycle coast up the bridge over the Río Cuale without a single pedal stroke. Something about the bicycle looked different and, as it turns out, I was looking at an earlier model e-bike donated by the Santa Barbara Police Force to their colleagues in their Sister City of Puerto Vallarta.
That was a few years ago and e-bikes are now becoming very popular. For many of us half of the point of riding a bicycle is the workout. But there are several reasons to consider the option of going electric: physical disabilities, current lack of conditioning (many of us are no longer in the shape we used to be!), or not wanting to work up a sweat on the way to an office or dinner date.
We’re not talking about an either/or decision. Almost all e-bikes still have pedals and gears to allow you to ride without electric assistance. Yet it can be liberating and reassuring to know that a battery supported boost of energy is available whenever you need it and for virtually as long as you need it so long as you keep everything charged up.
One of the most economic and nature friendly ways to go electric is to install a kit on your conventional bicycle. If you’re sufficiently mechanically-minded, you can probably find the right parts online and make the upgrade yourself. Otherwise, your neighborhood bicycle shop likely has staff with the knowledge and experience to take care of this for you for a reasonable price.
Are you an avid biker looking for an adventure this fall? Then mark your calendars for the weekend of November 16 and 17 for the annual Puerto Vallarta to San Sebastián Challenge—a 70 kilometer route climbing from our coast up to a Pueblo Mágico of nearly 1,500 meters (5,000 feet) in elevation.
Register today: www.aequilibriumbikes.com.mx. If you don’t feel quite in shape for that much of a climb, now just might be time to buy an e-bike or install a conversion kit!
Remember: keep Puerto Vallarta safe and friendly by always sharing the road with care and looking out for bicycles.