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This week at El Foco we shared in Sergio Haro’s experience at a workshop in Mexico City called the Soul of Money, presented by Lynne Twist.
Rather than “quick-fixes” for fundraising, the Soul of Money suggests that we change our relationship to money and fundraising. Fundraising must be intrinsically aligned with the mission and vision of the organization in order to inspire rather than manipulate people into contributing to a cause. It proposes that a good fundraiser creates social investors rather than donors and creates a more fulfilling relationship for both the patron and the organization.
We also discussed the three myths of scarcity,
1) There is never enough,
2) More is better
3) That’s just the way it is.
How many of us buy into these myths in our personal lives?


  1. The Christian Bible tells us that if you give a person a fish, he will have a fish that day, but if you teach the person how to fish, the person can have fish every day. Also two persons are better than one.

    This relates to modern society that the higher the education, and the greater the skills, the higher is the person up the social ladder. Also, a married couple has a better chance economically , than would two single people. A single mother with a girl, will have a better chance economically than a single woman with a boy.

    Thus it would seem that morality has much to do in maintaining the family unit, and a strong family unit will make a community more prosperous.

    The myths cited actually relate to the size of government. With a smaller government, there is more resources and money remaining for the people. As government gets larger, a larger amount of resources and money are required by the government, and the people are poorer with the lesser remaining resources and money.

    A lesson I had in the third grade civics class in San Francisco, our teacher said that in America, a free enterprise Capitalistic system, we were free to have anything we wanted, as long as we worked for it; and if we did not want to work, we could be Hobos and live in a Hobo Camp.

    With big government, this is not possible, for there are taxes to shift the earnings of the workers to the non-workers. This system is socialism, and works until the money of the workers is all gone. In a small community , neighbor knows neighbor, and neighbor helps neighbor. In these communities, there is generally the church that provides for the poor, with support from the community.

  2. Walking on the beach of Banderas Bay three weeks ago, a beach vendor I have known for over 20 years, said “Our new president is not very smart. He is raising the taxes and has sent me a tax bill to pay, and I have not sold any merchandise in the past two months!”

    Yes, the new president of Mexico has said that the government requires more tax money to grow the government. He has met several times with the U.S. president who also has said that our government also needs additional taxes to grow the government. In both examples, the people have less money as the government takes more of the peoples money.

    Lessons learned: Joblessness and dysfunctional government go hand in hand

    The Zapatista community in the State of Chiapas have realized that centralized government power brings more violence and poverty to society by siphoning of the wealth of the public for the elite at the top , and have isolated themselves from the influence of government. It is called self sufficiency and sovereign lifestyle
    where there is no need for state interference to avoid corrupt and unchecked federal power at the expense of individual liberty.

    In the US, there are a number of counties in California that have voted to separate from California, which include several from Oregon. Also there are a number of states that have voted to separate from the federal union (government).

    In the past nine years, there have been over 70,000 Mexican people killed in the government war on drugs. Many Mexican states, towns and cities are no longer safe for families and children. Governments kill more of its citizens than wars, natural disasters and disease combined.

    Communist China – 49-78 million
    Nazi Germany – 12 million
    Communist Soviet Union – 7 million
    Republic of Iraq – 600,000
    United States of America – millions of American Indians

    The Father of America, Gen/President George Washington, did not believe in political parties (Tea Party?) I am a political atheist , belong to no political party, vote for political independents , and do not comply with unconstitutional laws, and vote against giving the state money and power.

    In my years as a jury member, most of the time as Jury Forman, I have enraged Judges and the City, when the jury utilized the peoples jury (common) law to protect the defendant from state and court tyranny. Freedom requires eternal villigance (sp?) , coupled with an excellent education (in law) !

  3. On the Internet I found an article regarding the Mexican Government’s concern about Mexico becoming the most obese country, and had just overtaken the U.S. Thus the Mexican government has decided to add a VAT (tax) on certain foods and drinks that the government has decided are causing obesity, for example, soft drinks, ice cream , candy, etc. All in the guise of bringing additional tax money into the government treasury.

    During my just passed two weeks vacation in Puerto Vallarta, I conducted a little experiment on weight gain during my happy, fun-in-the-sun , and care-free days roaming around the beaches and Central. I made a list of all that I ate during my vacation, and how much it changed my weight. My apartment there has a kitchen

    Before leaving San Francisco, I checked my weight on our new digital scale, that stops on my weight. 166.66 pounds.

    Next I listed my food purchase via the market receipts.

    4 quarts of ice cream ; Vanilla, coconut , mango, and strawberry
    3 pint jars of marmalade; Blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry
    2 large slices of flan
    1 half pint of rice pudding
    3 quart packages of all fruit purple grape juice
    3 packages of multigrain sliced bread
    3 dozen eggs
    2 packages of white cheese cut in squares
    2 quarter pound packages of sweet cream butter
    13 large baking potatoes
    6 ripe orange colored oranges
    9 yellow delicious apples
    9 red delicious apples
    5 pint plastic containers of hot cooked beef
    2 pint plastic containers of cooked Spanish rice
    3 half sections of cantaloupe
    1 gallon plastic bottles of water (Provided by the hotel)
    2 quart plastic bottles of water (provided by one of the venders)

    There was no bar bill involved, and I did not use the two free drink coupon provided by the hotel.

    When I got back to San Francisco, I weighed myself – 166.4 pounds.

    Conclusion: the diet provided above does not contribute to obesity. Also the oranges purchased in Mexico were very stringy, so I reduced the number purchased on vacation this year.

    You can figure out the menus .
    Breakfast: three poached eggs and butter on toast, and juice
    Lunch: Hard boiled egg or marmalade sandwiches, juice and apples
    Dinner: Baked potato, with butter, cheese, and beef, juice, flan, or ice cream.
    Snacks during the day and after the show: Ice cream cheese , or apples

    Total cost : not much! And watched the news while cooking, eating, and cleaning up. My bachelor days began when I was 15, and I don’t mind cooking when I have to come alone on vacation.

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