Editors Notes: Pool by day, theater by night

The dog days of summer are here, but if you’re like Marcia Blondin, you’re running around checking out all the live shows that we are blessed to have this summer. Or if you’re like me, you’re testing out all the resorts and pools looking for relief from the weather. Or best of both worlds, pool during the day and attend the theater at night.

So that’s why this week in addition to all the live music and events we are publishing, we now have a relatively comprehensive list of day passes you can purchase to use at the many resorts around Banderas Bay. You’ll need to download it off www.vallartatribune.com because it was too large to publish here.

If we’re missing your favorite resort – just send me an email, and I’ll update the list.

If you’re holding an event or performing around the bay – be sure to add your event to the online calendar at www.vallartatribune.com/eventos, and we’ll print it in the newspaper and share it through email with all our readers.

It seems the nearly daily rains are here again. It was inevitable and much needed, but the humidity and the flash floods are not something to take lightly.

If you’re out and about remember to drink lots of water – floating in a pool doesn’t count. From dehydration to kidney problems I’ve experienced the effects of not hydrating. Don’t take it for granted that those beers and margaritas (or Moscow Mules made with tequila…) are replenishing you – drink water. Lots of it.

The flash floods are particularly harmful because they carry debris into the spillways, rivers and the bay. Things like straws, plastic bottles and bags and styrofoam are especially bad. Please make an effort to pick up this trash if you see it around your property and put it somewhere it won’t end up in the water systems.

Lots of live events and music still continuing around the bay. Check out the calendar on the back pages to plan your week’s adventures. Me, I’m off to Barra de Navidad for some research and will report back next week!

Safe travels,


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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.

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