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What’s that saying?  “In like a lion out like a lamb”… not in Puerto Vallarta apparently. The light misting that we started out with did nothing except give me an afro and allow even more dirt to stick to my car. But now after a few consecutive nights of actual rain, I guess can safely assume I don’t need to water my (outdoor) plants anymore and I should set reminders to take in the laundry.

Rainy season in Puerto Vallarta brings with it many changes. The roads wash away, the waters get murky with sediment, the roof over your bed inevitably leaks but, it also brings with it the invigorating lushness of the jungle, the millions of sand crabs, the cooling breezes and of course I don’t need to wash my car every other day.

Summer in the Bay of Banderas is a beautiful time to be here. We still offer nearly all the same activities but the crowds are less. There are many wonderful deals at restaurants and resorts for the summer season. People are less busy and have more time to get together and reconnect. Exploring the mountains around the bay and visiting the many waterfalls in the area is once again an awe inspiring trek into tropical jungles.

There are a few precautions you should take in the rainy season though. Take the time to waterproof your home. Clear the drains of leaves and garbage to prevent (more) flooding. Also be aware of the moisture/humidity and how this can affect your clothing, carpets etc. Be sure to open cupboards to allow the air to circulate. A few precautions today will make for a worry free summer.

Next week we will begin our series of interviews with those of us that call Mexico home in the summer. If you would be interested in sharing your story with the readers of the Tribune, please send me an email. We can grab coffee, lunch, one of those margaritas at La Palapa…

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to support the many wonderful vendors at the farmers markets. Your support ensures that we continue to enjoy the wonderful (real!!) bagels, cheeses, organic peanut butters and more, year round.

Madeline Milne


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