Editor’s Note: Semana Santa Week 2

How is your Semana Santa going? I had to head out of town so I missed the first week of festivities but I’ll be back in time for week two. I’m actually writing this from my seat on my IPhone stuck on the runway at LAX. (I’m nothing if not dedicated.)
Looks like the city of Vallarta has set up some live music events along the malecon over the weekend. The schedule is in the back pages of this week’s Tribune. We also have the Azteca Folkloric Dance Festival coming up the following week as well as the Tennis Open and a few other large scale events in May including Restaurant ‘Week’ and Pride.
Columnists Cindy, Christie and Marcia have filled us in this week on other events happening around the bay. You can find their columns with just a few flips of the page.
Lots of disturbing news coming out of Boca de Tomatlán. If you’re tuned into environmental issues around the bay – you might want to take a look at some of the news reports coming out concerning Rio Horcones and the Mismaloya River.
On a more positive note the new sewage treatment plant in Sayulita has been up and running for a little more than a week and by all reports of those who live and visit that battered little town, things are working great. I’m hoping we will have a report on Sayulita for you next week.
This week we share with you the bloom of the first Vallarta Magnolia. If you’re not familiar with the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, they’re doing amazing things in the conservation of our natural environment. Support them how ever best you can.
Enjoy the crowds and the noise because what else can you do?! Time is finite. Don’t waste it complaining.
Safe travels,
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