Editor’s note: If you can’t beat them, head to Quimixto

Last week I was lamenting the need for patience and persistence in this country, this week I could carry the same tune, but I won’t. Just know that while I WANT to share all the events happening around the bay with you, I can’t. I have been foiled by technology and a culture that lives in the moment (and doesn’t promote their events until the day before.) Hopefully, we have our online calendar of events up and running this week, and we’ll have pages of great events for you to plan your days around. In the meantime, Bruce Howells continues to expand the Live Music calendar for us – and there is no shortage of great music happening around the bay.

If getting away is on your list of things to do, then I highly recommend you find your way to the pier either on Los Muertos beach or in Boca de Tomatlan and catch a panga to one of the more remote beaches along the south shore. I spent Sunday in Quimixto, a small fishing village just past the busier village of Las Animas, and was treated to a 10-minute show by two humpback whales just off the shore.

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Quimixto has about 80 families living along the river valley and includes 3-4 beachfront restaurants and a couple of places to stay. If you’re feeling energetic, there is a decent surf break out front, or you can hike up (or ride horses for hire) the river to an impressive waterfall about an hour away.

One note of caution – if you are departing from Boca, you can buy one-way or return fares (Fares range from 50-80 pesos each way per person). We bought a return fare and the boat didn’t return, until very late in the day. Had we not felt beholden to the return ticket, we could have jumped on any one of the many water taxis that passed by. I’m all for being stranded on a tropical beach, just not when I have to work the next morning.

By now hopefully, you’ve seen the Best of Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit Guide. This annual publication is a compilation of the results of our 2018 Reader’s Choice Awards. Because of the delays in printing we’ve decided to extend voting for the 2019 Awards until the end of the month. So if you haven’t had a chance to support your favourite businesses in Banderas Bay and north along Riviera Nayarit to San Pancho, you still have time. Check it out at www. vallartatribune.com/best-of-banderas-bay-riviera-nayarit-readers-choice-awards-2019. Winners will be announced in February, and the next ‘Best of’ guide will be put together for November 2019.

Plenty of great information in the pages of this week’s Tribune. Enjoy!

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