Editor’s Note: Hotdogs, Whales and Crocodiles, Oh My!

November is Movember – which is a cute way of saying Men’s Health Month. UroVallarta is hosting a Men’s Health Fair this weekend on November 10 from 1pm-6pm at their new clinics on Francisco Villa. Pamela Thompson also has a line up of events over the month that you are all invited to attend. Check out her column this week – and remember to RSVP as spaces fill quickly.

Most of the seasonal events have started or will be this weekend including all the farmer’s markets, the free Malecon tours and more. The events section of the paper has grown by another two pages because there is just too much going on! I don’t have enough space to list it all, so you’ll have to flip through the pages or check the listings online where you can browse at your leisure. Sign-up for our weekly emails and we will send you a calendar of upcoming events and a handy list of hotels that offer day passes.

As the editor of this paper, I can’t play favourites, much, but I have to say this weeks column by AJ Freeman on the ‘lowly hotdog’ had me smiling throughout. We welcome back Marcella Castellanos who has recently launched a new YouTube channel with friendly and informative videos on life in Mexico. This week she learns about the recent increase in crocodile encounters and what might be causing this disruption in their natural rhythm. (Hint: It has to do with over-development.) Please give her a read and check out her YouTube channel. A few more follows and she’ll be able to give it a much easier to type custom URL (!!).   

We are indeed blessed to have such a great crew of contributors who share their local wisdom with all of us. If you enjoy an article – feel free to reach out to them directly and let them know you appreciate the time they took to share with you this week. (I can assure you, none do it for the money!)

I’m hesitant to say this ‘out loud’ but I am wearing pants again, and that has to be a strong indicator that the weather has cooled. I also slept under a blanket this week. I feel like the seasons have shifted. Or, not unlike the groundhog, I’ve now jinxed us with 6 more weeks of summer. We shall see. With the cooler weather, the humpback whales will start to return, in fact, a dive boat saw a couple in the past week out on the south tip of the bay – it won’t be long now. If you haven’t been whale watching, I strongly recommend getting out on the water to witness this spectacle of life. If you’re looking for a private sailboat charter for you and 9 of your closest friends (8, if you include me) – send Rick Taylor of Rock Star Sailor a message (facebook.com/RockStarSailor). He will show you a time that memories are made of. I also recommend Chica Locca (chicaloccatours.com) for a super fun time with a great crew and lots of water toys. If you’re on a budget, head to the pier in Vallarta’s Old Town and catch a panga to Yelapa. The trip takes approx. 45 minutes each way and often you’ll see whales, dolphins, and turtles. Return fare is 350 pesos. Plus you’ll have the day to explore one of the sweetest villages in the whole country – and that’s no hyperbole. Get a slice of coconut cream pie from the Yelapa Pie Lady and thank me later.

I’m under the wire for completing the upcoming first edition of the Best of Banderas Bay Guide, so alas, I can only recommend things for others to do while I slave away over a hot laptop. But soon, I’ll be there with you, magazine in hand.

Please leave your resorts, support the local businesses and tip generously.

Safe travels,