Editor’s Note: Happy Mother’s Day

This Friday is Mother’s Day and the country will shut down (well, not officially) to celebrate mothers. Restaurants will offer special menus, shops will have special sales and probably the most ‘different’ experience, at least for me is the celebration in the school where all the mothers are invited to a ceremony that usually includes refreshments, awards and gifts as well as presentations put on by all our darling little angels. If you’re a mom that’s new to Mexico – it’s important to note that this is a BIG DEAL and you should not show up in yoga pants with your hair in a messy bun.
There is also a tradition of hiring a mariachi group to come to the window outside your mother’s bedroom and serenade her. I’ve only seen it once in my eight years here and it was in a small village in the mountains, but let me tell you, my kid knows its not a good idea to wake me up at sunrise with a mariachi band, or anytime really. A better idea would be to invite me to the fireworks festival on the Malecon happening at 10:30pm. That I can be awake for!
In addition to Mother’s Day on Friday we have a huge number of events happening not just this weekend but through out the month. Check the events calendar on the back pages for a ton of great events taking place in Vallarta as well as in the Riviera Nayarit.

Safe travels and Happy Mother’s Day,


In memory of my mother.
By Gala Milne

Open up and wait a sec,
the sun will warm this tiny speck
of dusty wing so spotted, flecked…
Patience now inside us kept.

Swift and smart you zip away
to soil or nectar this way,
camas, oak in delight sway,
oh! divine me to your hideaway!

Where biscuits from the oven rise
blueberries grow to match your eyes
Where quince are plump and black bear spies
and Love is firm – no compromise.

Yes, this is the place for you and me.
Where mountain high meets lush valley.
Mosses, slime molds, glory be
the light that lifts for Moralea.