Editor’s Note: Extreme Mountain Bikers Vs. Drag Queens in Stilettos

From flying down the hill in Centro on a mountain bike, and then shooting into the air doing flips and spins to flying down the hill in Zona Romantica on 6″ stilettos and hopefully not doing flips and spins in the air, we have a ton of excitement coming up this week. If you haven’t heard me say so… Really, May is the BEST month to visit Vallarta.
We have the world’s best professional beach soccer players (apparently that’s a thing) here competing for a place in the World Championships. We have some of the world’s best extreme mountain bikers coming here to hurtle themselves down the streets of Centro, and we have some of the world’s best Drag Queens (local and international) in town for Pride, which kicks off on Sunday and goes all week. So if you didn’t have plans, now you do! Also, the weather is pretty perfect this time of year too.
Last week I was taken out by some cold/flu bug, so I, unfortunately, missed the big fireworks festival but wow, if the photos on social media are anything to go by – that was a spectacular event. I did, however, see a related follow-up post about the amount of debris washing ashore from this event, which is seriously disappointing.
Fireworks for me are troublesome. Culturally they’re a big part of celebrations here in Mexico – and seeing the traditional Castillo, or Toro fireworks is hugely entertaining, but I can’t say I love the noise pollution, or just the pollution- pollution and not only do they scare away birds, bats but also dogs (and cats presumably) suffer as well. It would be nice if there were a happy middle ground – silent, garbageless fireworks – now that I could get behind.
For Mother’s Day I was treated to a mini-vacay. We rented a ridiculously gorgeous oceanview villa just outside Miramar in Nayarit. Only about 2 hours north of Vallarta, this new development is offering villa stays for about 2400 pesos a night. I didn’t really know what to expect so I was blown away when I opened the patio doors to an infinity pool, heated (!!) Jacuzzi and sweeping ocean views down to a totally undeveloped beach cove. So much so I forgot to wear sunscreen and have now aged myself an extra 10 years. True story I had an appointment with my dermatologist this morning, and she gave me a talking to about sun exposure. But really, with a pool like that, it’s basically the law that you have to float around all day. What could I do?
I’m hesitant to share the specifics on this place with all of you because there are few secret locations left on this coastline and I’m planning on booking this place out weekly… But if you are looking for a romantic or family getaway (sleeps 14 and pets are welcome) with great amenities and a spectacular beachfront location, message me, and I’ll send you a link to the property.
And while I have your attention, we are about 4 weeks away from the rains. I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook organizing beach, street, and river clean-ups. Usually, the municipality sends teams out to help clean up the garbage that has settled in the dry river beds and hopefully we’ll see that soon, but in the meantime, if you get a chance to clean up garbage in areas that might otherwise be ignored, please do! It’s essential that this plastic and Styrofoam, in particular, doesn’t get washed out to sea.
That’s it for me this week. Perhaps I’ll see you at the Vallarta Down event, or the beach soccer event or even the OPC Garden Party and of course along the route for the Pride Parade!

Safe travels,