Editor’s note: Elections and Mangos

A historic moment took place on Sunday when Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was elected president of Mexico. For the first time since democratic elections began in Mexico, a third party candidate has virtually swept the polls across the country. There is much chatter about what all this means for the citizens of Mexico, but for now, we wait, as he doesn’t take office until December 1st.

Locally we welcome back re-elected mayor Arturo Davalos something that has never happened in Puerto Vallarta before.

In other news this week I was thrilled to see that the city of Vallarta has agreed to undertake a study in the gradual prohibition of plastic bags straws and water bottles, as well as improving the recycling options available in the city. This is a long overdue initiative and one that hopefully gets some traction. Other cities and towns in Mexico are making the same advancements. Queretaro city recently banned single-use plastic bags, and the businesses of Sayulita are actively working on changing how they use single-use plastic items. You will see that dozens of local bars and restaurants are now serving drinks without straws or using some biodegradable, reusable straw.  If you want to help, you can try saying “Sin Popote, por favor” (No straw, please) the next time you order a beverage.

This weekend we have the 2nd annual Mango Festival in Lazaro Cardenas Park. This fundraising event helps to support the Jay Sadler Project and the local Rotary Club, which in turn work with individual organizations to complete specific projects – most recently the Jay Sadler Project installed a kinder playscape at a small school in El Corral. If you’re a fan of mangos and giving back to the local communities, this is the event for you!

Plenty of other significant events happening. Hopefully, you’ve been following the updates to our event calendars. Please get out and support our local musicians and businesses through the summer season. If you’re hosting an event and want to be included in what is now the most extensive, most comprehensive events calendar in the bay – upload your listing to Vallartatribune.com/eventos, and we’ll make sure they get shared online and in print with all our readers.

That’s it for this week. Please remember to support local businesses, say no to straws and keep the plastic litter out of the rivers and the bay.

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