Editor’s Note: Best of Banderas Bay voting has started.

We are extremely happy to announce that, after clearing a few minor technical hurdles, the 2nd edition of our Best of Banderas Bay voting has begun. You can find out more about it and cast your own vote here.

There are three surveys where you can vote for your favourite businesses, people and places in Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit and one survey for places that are not specific to a region. Once the voting is done (on January 12) we will tally the votes and have the new 2019 winners of the 2nd Annual Pata Salada Awards. If you are a business and wish to promote yourself during these next seven weeks, contact me and I’ll share various graphics materials with you that you can use to create posters, flyers, and social media promotions.

Last year we had over 4000 votes that we compiled and have put together for you in a new Best of Banderas Bay Guide magazine that we are in the process of publishing – it should be on the streets in about a week. For now, as we waiting for the production team you can view the magazine online here and download a PDF to use and share with your visiting guests. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out this exciting new product and get the website running smoothly.

The bay must be becoming more sophisticated. Good wine is flowing freely these days with the Uncork Mexico Tastings being a very popular event and this weekend we have the Vino Arena y Mar Wine Festival in Bucerias. It’s three evenings long and supports efforts to help the communities in Nayarit that were destroyed in last months hurricane. More info on the Events Calendar pages. There are lots of other events around the bay listed there and throughout the pages of this weeks newspaper including the wine tasting event at El Rio BBQ.

Also, don’t forget we continue another week of peregrinations through downtown Vallarta. It makes travel through centro slow (so be prepared) but it’s an excellent event to experience and one I highly recommend.

I’m out of time and space. So I’ll leave you here. Have an excellent week.

Safe travels,