Editor’s note: As the crowds descend upon us

If you’re still in town and reading this week’s newspaper it may be too late for you to escape. Semana Santa begins on Friday when schools let out and the children are released for a two-week holiday. Families from across Mexico, as well as Easter/Spring breakers from Canada and the USA will be swarming the beaches around the bay and in Riviera Nayarit.
It’s a noisy, hectic time with parties and fireworks competing with church bells and rockets to see who can be the loudest. There was a time you needed to stock up on food, alcohol and cash from the ATM but with recent development/expansions, you’re probably okay to find the basics around town. That said, keep your tank full, and a few pesos in your wallet, just in case.
There’s not much you can do about the noise, except appreciate the enthusiasm that these visitors have in enjoying everything this slice of paradise offers. If nothing else now is an important time to collar and tag your pets. The loud noises and excessive traffic can cause pets to get lost easily. Do them a favor and make it easier to find their way home to you.
A few years ago I thought it would be a good idea to clean up the park behind colonia Las Gaviotas that is also home to the CANICA clubhouse (where children with cancer and their families can meet for support) and in conjunction with local businesses and charities host a fundraiser – that plan has unfortunately gone completely sideways but reemerged as GraffitiFest. This weekend, Saturday and Sunday there will be tons of local graffiti artists/muralists on hand creating new fresh artwork, as well as classes for children, live music and some other coordinated events. Admission is free. Pop over if you’re interested in seeing how they make their magic happen. Info on this week’s Events page.

For those of you in the know, AJ has a full page detailing his latest exploits. It’s a thing of beauty. Hilarious but disturbing. Infuriating but insightful. Just stop what you’re doing and go read it now, I’ll wait.

Was I right?!

Something’s have come up for me so I’m out of town for a week or so. It was not intentional, I swear! Fingers crossed, I’ll be back next week. Until then, embrace the crowds. Go with the flow. Buy some earplugs.

Safe travels,