Editor’s Note – Altruism Festival

As the last of the snowbirds fly home, it has become a much quieter city these past weeks. That didn’t stop many hundred residents and visitors alike to join in the festivities of the 9th Annual Altruism Festival held at the CasaMarriot this past Sunday.

What a treat to sample all these wonderful restaurants in support of many of the Bay’s most needy charities. It was great to put so many faces to names and to finally meet many of you. I have to say my absolute favourite was the Grilled Oyster with Bacon Foam from Café des Artistes, but in truth everything tasted wonderful and it was a buffet for the senses. Lucky me! I even won a couple of the raffle prizes! If you haven’t been to this event or you head home too early to enjoy it, please consider attending next year. It’s so well produced, the food is excellent, it’s for a good cause and really the weather isn’t so bad…

That said, it’s like the seasons shifted this week. The heat is beginning to sap some of my energy and the rising humidity is doing things to my hair that no stylist can control. As a matter of fact, I issue you a challenge – short of cutting it all off – how do you contain wildly curly hair in this humidity?

That would be a great column to for this newspaper – beauty tips in the heat. Some other column ideas we are fleshing out include a weekly interview with a local resident. If you have a story to tell about why you love the Puerto Vallarta area and Mexico in general, we would love to hear it. Maybe over 2 for 1 Mojitos and Green Papaya Salad at Joe Jacks Fish Shack? Just a suggestion…

We are also going to bring you a series of articles on great things to do and places to visit to Beat the Heat this summer. First stop – Mascota for some paddling around the lake and star-gazing then up to Guadalajara for 72 hours of shopping, festivities, more shopping and eating.

If you’ve got story ideas, comments on the new path the paper has taken, or just want to invite me out for cocktails – send me an email. Always look forward to meeting new friends.

Madeline Milne

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  1. Dear Madeline,

    Great to see the Vallarta Tribune back on the Internet. The last time for me was the October 17 -23, 2011 issue 758 when I got back to SF from my PV vacation.

    Another column? How about Letter to the Editor. I know of my letters in issues 758, 808,809 & 810. Your Editor’s Notes on May 20 , June 7 and Editorial on June 21 was interesting and informative.

    Regarding my reading the Vallarta Tribune, I have picked up copies at the Canto del Sol lobby the three weeks of my yearly vacations since the Vallarta Tribune began printing. Everyone I know in PV was amazed last year that my letters were in the paper all three weeks of my vacation. The Manager of the Canto del Sol was excited (impressed), as were the workers there; and the owner of Jimmy’s Jewelry store took a picture of the letter with his camera, as I have been a customer there for some 12 years or more.

    I am looking forward to my return to PV this September 28, and perhaps we can talk about your paper and my thoughts on PV at Joe Jacks Fish Shack – a favorite – as suggested.

    1. Great to have your comments Frank! We have had some glitches and lags but for the most part the site is back up and functioning much better than its previous incarnation. As the Tribune goes through all these changes I expect we will face a couple more challenges, but with support from avid readers, such as yourself, it makes the tribulations much more bearable. (Not unlike bearing the heat.)
      Please do let me know when you are in town next, I’d love to meet at Joe Jack’s.
      Enjoy your day, Madeline
      Editor, Vallarta Tribune.

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