Editor’s Note: A Week of Recovery

I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s festivities. The fireworks on Saturday were spectacular and seemingly lasted forever. Just ask my dogs.

Later, at about 3am I stepped outside of my house and the entire city was humming with parties, like a busy hive of Banda and rockets. Thankfully none of them were too close to my place.

This week should turn out to be fairly uneventful as life gets back to normal for the next month until the snowbirds begin their return. I always love the first sighting at Costco. It makes me proud to call Vallarta home and to share it with such a dedicated species that returns, year after year.

Plenty of restaurants, bars and theaters remain open offering live music and entertainment all week long. They would appreciate your support during these slower weeks. You can read about all the times and dates in our calendar here on the back pages or online at www. vallartatribune.com and even enter your own events to be shared with the readers of the Tribune.

We have a couple of new writers coming on board over the next few weeks. Starting with Aldo Rocha who will be writing about technology here in Mexico. This week he discusses Google Home which has recently arrived in the country and May make your life easier or infinitely more complicated. It’s tough to decide.

It’s a tight week, so I’ll cut it short.

Support local, tip generously, and say “sin popote, por favor,” when you order your next drink.

Safe travels,


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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.