Editor´s Note

In my defense I don’t even remember putting together last week’s paper. I don’t want to complain about my cold/flu anymore but honestly, I was so out of it last week I have only a vague recollection of being alive let alone editing a newspaper.
So for that I apologize for the myriad of errors that were throughout the paper.
Also, I have to note, Lois Ellison has been so kind to write the My Life in Vallarta column and I continuously forget to add her mugshot. If you know Lois, you know she is adorable and there is no excuse for me not to include her photo in the paper.
Not that I am resurfacing I am looking forward to getting out of the house and attending some of these great events we have upcoming.
There are some excellent live acts in town right now. The Palms, Boutique Theater, Act II and Paradise Stage are busy most evenings with song, dance and drama. We have a schedule of events listed in the back of the Tribune.
There are some big festivals coming up including the Taste of La Cruz on January 16th and the first Sayulita Film Festival that runs the 16-19th of January.
This week we have the first ‘Ballenarte’ Whale Festival in Puerto Vallarta from Jan. 8 – 13th. Events are taking place across the Bay. More details at whalephoto.org.
Apparently the Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior ship will be in town from the 11th to the 13th.
The boat will be open to the public and will present a photo exhibit along with two showings of the award winning documentary Un Salto de Vida (A Leap of Life).
More information at subetealbarco.org Always plenty to do in the Bay. Get out and enjoy your time here!
As always, I am happy to receive comments, corrections and cocktail invitations. All my best this week,

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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.